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tojuvone#startmeeting Fenix05:00
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tojuvoneHi all, welcome to Fenix bi-weekly meeting05:00
tojuvoneWho do we have today?05:01
tojuvonehi, hyunsikyang; dangtrinhnt are you there?05:03
tojuvonewell, maybe we can start with the first topic05:05
tojuvoneif somebody comes later, can jump in05:05
tojuvone#topic status05:06
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tojuvoneOk, if I go a bit what I have been doing05:06
tojuvoneAlso it has been 4 weeks without meeting05:06
tojuvoneInstallation documentation is now done05:07
tojuvoneMostly ready, but further changes could be done to make configuration handling better05:07
tojuvoneoslo-config-generator could be used via tox to make conf files05:07
tojuvoneshould add etc directory for related files05:07
tojuvoneconfiguration handling could be changed in code something like in nova/nova/conf05:07
tojuvonenot a priority, but nice to have for full configuration file example with needed comments05:08
tojuvoneotherwise the landed changes should now have things needed to get FEnix running05:08
tojuvoneAlso DevStack plugin fixes done after the major work landed. some further work needed at least after coming security changes05:09
hyunsikyangthank you for your effort. I am trying to it ASAP05:10
tojuvonehyunsikyang, great, any other question on these?05:10
hyunsikyangActually, I didn't check about it yet. So, I will ask it after I checke it.05:11
tojuvonehyunsikyang, sure :)05:12
tojuvoneThen about some ongoing work..05:12
tojuvoneSecurity enhancements ongoing; a bigger effort05:12
tojuvoneWill have API impact if one have not used headers on API calls (token and so) that you need for security05:13
tojuvoneAs in any OpenStack API05:13
tojuvoneOne thing being done is to harmonize with OpenStack, meaning changing from Flask to WSGI05:14
tojuvoneworth to do at the same time as touching API anyhow05:15
hyunsikyangah.. it is not easy jobs..05:15
tojuvonehyunsikyang, yes.. a loooot of chgagnes05:15
tojuvoneadding context and handling to places05:15
tojuvonepolicy: admin / owner05:16
tojuvoneconfiguration needs more for this05:16
tojuvoneAlso further test cases, caching token and parameter validation05:16
tojuvoneLet's see how the API validation will even look like05:17
tojuvoneFenix is pluggable and it might show in validation05:17
tojuvonecurrently there is surely metadata05:18
tojuvoneso one can imagine thins keeps me busy for a while :)05:18
tojuvoneAny question on this?05:19
hyunsikyangpluggable is important. So, I think we can find a way to make it clearly from this scenario..05:19
hyunsikyangopenstack .. but, security is not easy whatever platform we think.05:20
tojuvoneYes. Also one can just do some validation what is currently there and if needed, can make validation more pluggable later05:21
tojuvoneAt least OpenStack is "old" and with good examples as other projects05:21
tojuvoneThis means while complicated, there is some help from what exists05:22
tojuvoneso let's see when get something up to review05:23
tojuvoneso I would still have one thing over my status05:24
tojuvonefor the above I might be working still next week05:24
tojuvonethen going for holiday05:24
hyunsikyangkkk good:)05:24
tojuvoneAfter that I should be doing this:05:24
tojuvoneONS Europe CFP done for: Resiliency closed loop; Telco self-healing and maintenance05:25
tojuvoneThis will show case memory failure causing self-healing for NUMA node and related VM05:25
tojuvoneFurther the host will be later maintained using Fenix to have it fixed.05:25
tojuvoneVMs will be moved to another host using the VNFM interaction.05:25
hyunsikyangas a view of me, we almost fixed bp.05:26
tojuvoneBuilding the demo with other company will take time05:26
tojuvoneso might have most my time in August05:26
hyunsikyangok. if you have a some event, please let me know.05:27
tojuvoneso that is for me05:28
tojuvonehyunsikyang, how does the Tacker work look like?05:28
hyunsikyanglast week in the tacker meeting, we fixed bp05:29
hyunsikyangso we will start code jobs,05:29
hyunsikyangbut, if we have a issue, we can change BP too. let's see!05:29
hyunsikyanganyway now bp is fixed!05:30
tojuvoneawesome, seems BP still needs one +2 to merge05:30
hyunsikyangyes. I think he left it. because it might be change later or not.05:31
tojuvoneAre you going to work on this or also other from Tacker team?05:31
tojuvoneyes, that is good approach05:31
hyunsikyangI and Jangwon work for this. not tacker team05:31
hyunsikyangwe are belong to takcer team05:32
tojuvoneBack in Nova some spec was merged early and after code landed, updated still with changed bits05:32
tojuvonebut thing can be done in different ways05:33
tojuvonegreat :)05:33
hyunsikyanggood. Actually, I can't see manyjobs which is related to fenix. I need to time see...kkk05:34
hyunsikyangfrom me, I am done, today:)05:35
tojuvoneyes and when I get there, I should build the CI05:35
hyunsikyanggreat. ah05:35
tojuvonenow planning first test cases to Fenix together with security05:35
hyunsikyanganyone work for kubernetes integration?05:35
tojuvoneThere is no chance to go there before we have these "basics" done05:36
tojuvone2 operators looking to try Fenix05:36
tojuvoneIt needs to be mature enough for OpenStack use case first05:37
hyunsikyangah. good.05:37
hyunsikyangI think so.05:37
tojuvoneAlso the ETSI difined interaction is more relevant still05:37
hyunsikyangwhere can i see that info?05:37
tojuvonelet's see, mostly there was the PTH etherpad05:38
tojuvonePTG etherpad05:38
hyunsikyangah are they update there?05:38
tojuvoneno update, trying to have these "basics" done first05:39
tojuvonelike security05:39
hyunsikyangah ok:)05:39
tojuvoneOne way or the other, that ETSI stuff will be very complex to handle05:40
tojuvoneMeaning tons of fun :)05:40
hyunsikyangkk yes. standard is..05:40
tojuvoneok, but maybe we are reaching end of status now05:41
hyunsikyangsure sure05:42
tojuvoneok.. I guess it will be for last topic then05:42
tojuvone#topic AoB05:42
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tojuvoneAnd still if topic if confusing it is: any other business05:43
hyunsikyangI don't have. now:)05:43
tojuvoneI have just small bits..05:43
tojuvoneSo there would be the OpenStack Vietnam 24th August, but currently seems I will not make it05:44
tojuvoneI will still try as would be great for the project to present it there05:44
hyunsikyangah were you planning to attend there?05:45
tojuvoneyes, but sadly it is not easy to convince internally05:45
tojuvonethen one other thing. As I will be on holiday most of July...05:46
hyunsikyangkkk good.05:46
tojuvoneNext meeting would be 29th July05:46
hyunsikyangwhere are you going for holiday05:47
hyunsikyangis it too personal?kkk05:47
tojuvoneI can surely tell :)05:47
tojuvoneI have summer cabbin here in Finland...05:47
tojuvoneweather is good, so being there with the family05:48
tojuvoneAnd just to have even more warm weather..05:48
hyunsikyangreally nice! I hope you have a great time with your family.05:48
tojuvoneVisiting Crete island for a week05:48
tojuvoneYes a bit mind of the work & relax :)05:49
tojuvoneok, but I have nothing further then05:50
hyunsikyangI want to tell you my thing, but, i am going to outside for attending seminar.05:51
hyunsikyangAbout my holiday.. kk05:51
hyunsikyangIf you have nothing more05:51
hyunsikyangI will go out now!:(05:51
tojuvonewell have a good seminar.05:52
hyunsikyangthnaks see ya05:52
tojuvonehyunsikyang, thanks for joining05:52
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