Tuesday, 2019-09-17

tojuvonehyunsikyang, Hi, writing the Fenix ETSI spec. Proposing state PREPARE_MAINTENANCE and PLANNED_MAINTENANCE notification should now be for single instance, so it should map to a single VDU.10:12
hyunsikyangWhere can i see fenix etsi spec?10:14
tojuvoneI am just writing the initial version I can put in review then :)10:15
hyunsikyangETSI FEAT003? this one?10:16
tojuvoneYes, related to that10:16
tojuvoneChanges it should cause to Fenix10:16
tojuvoneI should have it in review this week10:17
tojuvoneAlso now started the very initial versions of OIS etherpads10:17
tojuvoneNext week Tuesday is also Fenix unconference session in ONS Europe10:18
hyunsikyangIf you finish it, I also want to see it:)10:18
hyunsikyangCan i see that session?10:19
tojuvoneTo tell about Fenix and to have at least this initial spec in review10:19
hyunsikyangI can't attend OIS at this time10:19
tojuvoneYes, haping to catch some new people and discussions in OIS10:20
tojuvonelooking if have the link to to ONS Europe unconference..10:20
tojuvoneWell, do nto know if there is more than this: https://wiki.lfnetworking.org/display/LN/Unconf+Schedule%2C+Sept+%271910:20
tojuvonehope it opens10:21
tojuvonebut just the slot for Fenix. No content on that page10:21
tojuvoneI need to make some etherpad10:21
tojuvoneso late with this stuff as been concentrated to the demo in ONS Europe. will share that later on10:22
tojuvoneHere should be latest state of FEAT03: https://nfvwiki.etsi.org/index.php?title=Feature_Tracking#FEAT03:_NFVI_software_modification10:26
tojuvoneDon't know if can open related links, but in case curious about ETSI side definitions.10:27
hyunsikyangI can see the FEAT0310:31
hyunsikyangbut I don't know where is the link for real doc kk10:31
hyunsikyangI will try to find it!10:31
tojuvonewell, if not published, they might be only ETSI internally available10:32
hyunsikyangmaybe I can see it. from 2017 we can see the draft version of spec too,10:33
hyunsikyangI will check it.10:33
tojuvonegreat :)10:34
hyunsikyangbasically, we can see draft here. https://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/Open/Drafts/12:18
hyunsikyangbut I can't see feat00312:18
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