Tuesday, 2019-09-24

openstackgerritTomi Juvonen proposed x/fenix master: Spesification to implement ETSI  https://review.opendev.org/68278804:21
tojuvoneI added presentation to unconference etherpad. It is to tell about Fenix, project update and future.04:24
tojuvoneSurely OIS PTG will state the final way forward. If get people joning to project, it might also have effect on this.04:25
tojuvoneI can say it has again been huge crowd in booth demo yesterday. Interest is high, but it would be nice to see that as new developers too04:27
tojuvonegtg and start the day here04:28
hyunsikyangI am seeing it now.05:22
hyunsikyangAnd I saw your name in OPNFV CLA WG05:38
hyunsikyangI also interested in there:(05:39
tojuvonehyunsikyang, Yes, would be great to have you here07:42
tojuvoneAlso yesterday the tour in chocolate factory and morning run in the zoo07:42
hyunsikyangGreat:) If I have a time I will join CLA WG meeeting:)08:15
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tojuvoneI have edited Fenix wiki page with ONS related material including live demo: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fenix11:52

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