Wednesday, 2020-07-01

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tojuvoneHi hyunsikyang, I am fine, couple of days until holiday. How are you?10:18
hyunsikyangI am preparing thesis for Ph.D kkk10:34
hyunsikyangI just want to say about fenix integration. we solved migration issues. but we are still struggle with own_actions. Actually, thoes thing is not scope of our blueprint.10:36
hyunsikyangbut we are try to do it cuz, it needs to show real demo.:)10:37
hyunsikyangHow was your vacation?:)10:47
tojuvoneGreat that you getting your thesis and the progrees with Fenix :) . Well, I kept winter holiday earlier painting my house and now starting holiday going all around Finland. We are nearly free from COVID19, so nice time here.11:12
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hyunsikyangOh, that's great to hear!12:14
hyunsikyangHave a nice holiday:)12:15
hyunsikyangwe can talk these things later!!kk12:15
tojuvoneLet's me know if you need something or if you would lkike some joint presentation in some coming event12:15
tojuvonewell, I will have these couple of days still. Just had some meetings and one release yesterday.12:17
hyunsikyangwhat meeting did you attend?12:26
hyunsikyangI don't want to disturb your holiday kk12:26
tojuvoneSo you mean to somehow predifene own_action (re-instantiate VM) for VNF. I guess the current Fenix workflow examples do not test that much while it should be supported. Anyhow it is not much to support as in case of own_action the VNF side has already done all needed actions to "move" vm/instance to other compute. All that Fenix workflow need to do is then update the VMs/instances it knows. Surely alos those etsi constraints need to be removed12:27
tojuvonefrom old vm/instance by VNFM and create again for new vm/instance when re-instantiating12:27
tojuvoneI have internal meetings and release12:28
hyunsikyangNow, our problem is that when we use own_action as a migration, tacker delete previous one and make new VM with new uuid. So  now we are stuggle with it.12:30
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tojuvoneyes and it is responsibility of the VNFM side to also then update the constraints to fenix (delete old and add new)12:33
hyunsikyangNow we are trying to update new Id in the fenix constraints.12:37
hyunsikyangSo, It means that when we create new VM, we are trying to pass the new id to fenix.12:39
hyunsikyangAnd we have one more problem.12:39
hyunsikyangDuring the procedure of Fenix, sometimes we can't create VM on the spcific node that we turned status from disable to enable. Even it is enable, sometimes, we can't deploy VM to that node.12:40
hyunsikyangSo, if we can udpate only new uuid to fenix, is it rightway?12:41
tojuvoneis this fenix workflow problem or Nova strugling to keep up VM placement.12:43
hyunsikyangwe are finding a reason now.12:44
tojuvonethis looks like a nova scheduler problem. I have had much of that whe doing many operations parallel in fenix to move VMs around. Nova just do not keep up, or some nova conf might need to be changed12:46
hyunsikyangis there any limitation that we can't deploy the VM at the control node?12:47
tojuvoneno, both in kubernetes and openstack you could do that. It just needs nova-compute service to run in controller. Surely Fenix workflows might get confuced as they might be designed to assume controller-node do not run compute service. Example wrokflows might not support12:49
hyunsikyangOK. we will test that part!12:53
hyunsikyangIt really help for us. :)12:53
tojuvoneFenix workflows choose by nova-service what node should be controller or compute. It can go mixed up if both services on same node. It would need a specific workflow or change the existing ones12:54
hyunsikyangok we will test it with only computenode!12:58
tojuvonegreat. hope it helps. You can sure always modify the fenix workflow or make new to comply to your use case. And surely let me know if I can help. Well, now only 2 days.13:00
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