Wednesday, 2020-08-05

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hyunsikyang__Hi tojuvone04:03
hyunsikyang__here is lunch time..kk04:03
hyunsikyang__Can I add you as a presenter?04:04
hyunsikyang__This presentation introduces the OpenStack Fenix Project and the OpenStack Tacker project and introduces plugins for rolling infrastructure maintenance/upgrade of VNF and Host.04:08
hyunsikyang__Using this plugin, VNF can have zero impact and even make its own rolling upgrade at the same.04:08
hyunsikyang__This is abstract04:08
tojuvonehyunsikyang__: Good morning, yes you can add me as co-presenter, thanks. I will be here from now, so we have time to finalize.04:33
hyunsikyang__Hi tojuvone, I made a draft version for CFP/04:56
hyunsikyang__Please look at it.04:56
tojuvoneThe abstract is quite short, but good Should the last caluse also have plugin in plural: Using these plugins. This mentions plugins in plural as there is plugin in Fenix and Tacker04:56
tojuvonehyunsikyang__: great, I will take a look  :)04:57
tojuvonethis plugins -> these plugins05:00
tojuvoneLast section 2 sections. Should we somehow state not just maintenance, but upgrade too? Somehow I think the major use case is the rolling upgrade.05:02
tojuvonein social summary and in what should attendees learn05:03
hyunsikyang__YEs. But at this time, we don't think about VNF rolling upgrade. but Host upgrade include to basic workflow fenix. I will change it.05:04
hyunsikyang__I remebered!05:06
tojuvoneok, so we have Tacker plugin for zero impact on VNF during infrastructure rolling upgrade05:06
hyunsikyang__in a social05:06
hyunsikyang__there is a limitation of the number of char.05:06
hyunsikyang__last one is 98..05:06
hyunsikyang__ok, so we have Tacker plugin for zero impact on VNF during infrastructure rolling upgrade --> title?05:07
hyunsikyang__or social?05:07
tojuvoneI just mean the use case we are mainly addressing05:07
hyunsikyang__This presentation introduces Tacker and Fenix project, and explain the plug-in for VNF/HOST Maintenance and rolling upgrade.05:08
hyunsikyang__this is 124.05:08
tojuvoneok... so need to reshape a bit05:08
hyunsikyang__I am trying05:08
tojuvonemaybe somehow get rid of the 3 first words..05:09
hyunsikyang__yes. It is good.05:10
tojuvoneUsing Tacker and Fenix projects to make rolling VNF/host upgrade and maintenance05:11
tojuvoneDetails about plugins and so in abstract, no need in social05:12
tojuvoneThere would still be space left in abstract, if there is any eye catching clause to be added.05:14
tojuvoneI also need to update my speaker bio, but that can be done anytime05:14
tojuvoneOtherwise I am good with what we have now :) And again thanks for your great efforts on all this05:16
hyunsikyang__or we can use High Availability.05:35
hyunsikyang__word of.05:35
tojuvoneMaybe we are ready, so just remember to submit within an hour :)05:41
hyunsikyang__I added more05:45
hyunsikyang__check it when you have a time.05:45
hyunsikyang__Let me start to submit it.05:45

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