Thursday, 2015-12-03

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RichardRaseleyDoes this ( seem like the same issue reported here ( ?00:36
openstackLaunchpad bug 1476770 in python-glanceclient "_translate_from_glance fails with "AttributeError: id" in grenade" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Flavio Percoco (flaper87)00:36
RichardRaseleyI get that first error in the nova-api logs whenever I try to launch an instance with an image from glance or try to access the image details.00:37
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RichardRaseleyThough, I can successfully do an `openstack image list` and `openstack image show <image_id>` from the CLI and the later returns the ID property of the image without issue.00:38
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/glance: Move store config opt to glance_store section
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/glance: Add the Docker container format
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/glance: Remove version from setup.cfg
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openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/glance-specs: Image Import Refactor
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openstackgerritAtsushi SAKAI proposed openstack/python-glanceclient: Add docker to image_schema on glance v2 cli
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-glanceclient: Fix help for image-create
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openstackgerritKairat Kushaev proposed openstack/python-glanceclient: Support docker images in client
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openstackgerritKairat Kushaev proposed openstack/python-glanceclient: Run py34 env first when launching tests
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openstackgerritKairat Kushaev proposed openstack/glance: Run py34 env first when launching tests
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openstackgerritzhangsong proposed openstack/glance_store: Sheepdog: Change storelocation format
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openstackgerritDarja Shakhray proposed openstack/glance: Fix Glance doesn't catches UnicodeDecodeError exception
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kairatflaper87, ping11:40
kairatflaper87, I have a question. If I assigned bug to myself but someone applied the patch for this bug before me (without referencing to the bug)11:41
kairatflaper87, that's more proper, abandon my patch I assign the bug to the person who applied the patch11:42
kairat*what is11:42
buntingThats what i would probably do11:43
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kairatI think the same also11:43
kairatJust would like to know because I may be in the same situation if I apply the patch before other person=)11:45
buntingYeah probably comment mentioning the bug number11:46
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buntingkairat: ping11:57
kairatbunting, pong11:58
buntingI'm just trying to get my head around your 4th comment on
buntingjust a bit confused what you mean11:59
kairatI am wondering why you need to parse keystone auth address12:00
kairatIf you have auth_version in configs12:00
kairatI am not sure that it is right decision12:00
openstackLaunchpad bug 1507610 in glance_store "Keystone v3 incompatable with keystone v2" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Niall Bunting (niall-bunting)12:00
buntingIf they have the old type and change it to keystone v312:00
buntingit won't work12:01
buntingby old type i mean the url stored in the database12:01
kairathave you updated swift_store_auth_version?12:02
kairatto 3?12:02
kairatalthough it won't work12:02
kairatBecause it is hard-coded:)12:02
buntingin the configs?12:02
kairatBut why do we need to parse keystone auth address, why can't we initialize the version with swift_store_auth_version?12:03
kairatin glance-api.conf or conig reference file in case of swift+config12:03
buntingBecause if the database contains a url that is something like keystone:5000/v2 if you try to use auth version 3 it wont work12:04
buntingdue to keystone url changing from /v2.0/tokens to /v3/auth/tokens12:05
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kairatJust a second12:09
kairatbunting, I have a meeting, will be available in 1 hour12:10
kairatI have several questions about your case then:)12:10
kairatFirst question, should we update swift_url address if config and version in keystone url is different12:11
kairatinstead of parsing version from keystone url12:12
kairatbunting, ^12:12
buntingHmmn but what happens if this uses a diffrent keystone? from the one in the configs?12:16
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kairatSo if you updated config then glance_store need to use the new version12:18
flaper87kairat: yeah, that's what I would do12:19
kairatflaper87, thanks12:19
buntingSo we should just ignore the url in the database?12:20
kairatThat's the question12:20
kairatI don't mean url but keystone version in url12:20
buntingBecause we currently use it, that leads to this problem12:20
kairatit sounds like a question for meeting12:21
kairator letter to openstack-dev=)12:21
kairatI am in favor of this12:21
kairatBut there could be other opinions12:21
buntingYeah! I'll put it on the agenda for now12:22
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-glanceclient: Fix tests for image-create
openstackgerritNiall Bunting proposed openstack/glance_store: Make glance_store use the correct keystone version
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kairatkrotscheck, can I use wildcards or reg-exp for list of headers exposed/allowed?14:21
RichardRaseleyHello Glance team. Quick question to help me in orienting my troubleshooting. Does this ( ) error I am experiencing seem like a manifestation of this (  ) already reported bug? Running OpenStack Kilo from RDO packaging. Looking at PIP I have requests (2.8.1) and urllib3 (1.12) installed.14:23
openstackLaunchpad bug 1476770 in python-glanceclient "_translate_from_glance fails with "AttributeError: id" in grenade" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Flavio Percoco (flaper87)14:23
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nikhilRichardRaseley: apparently so (to me)14:33
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RichardRaseleynikhil : Thank you.14:34
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kairatbunting, I think you can write a letter to openstack-dev15:03
kairatIMO, it would be more effective than waiting a week for next meeting15:03
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buntingkairat: Yeah, i agree with you15:05
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flaper87bunting: kairat ++ for using the mailing list15:07
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openstackgerritKairat Kushaev proposed openstack/glance_store: Change approach to request storage url for multi-tenant store
kairatbunting, yes15:25
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buntingJust as i write this email do you mean that we would take the version off the end of the url?15:25
buntingand use the one in the config?15:25
kairatI mean we should use the value from config15:25
kairatAFAIK, it should be defined by deployer15:25
kairatBy default the value is 215:26
kairatThe problem is that the version in config and url could contradict15:26
kairatSo what should we do in this case15:26
kairatStick to config or15:26
kairatuse url15:26
kairatI think we need to stick to config15:27
buntingwell if we stick to config we can't use the full url15:27
kairatso we need to update it15:27
buntingif it is something like  swift:redacted@
kairatthat's one of option15:27
buntingthen we would need to change that to v315:27
kairatthe second option is yours15:27
buntingor else it would not work if there is a 3 in the config15:27
kairatbut why do we need config at all then15:27
kairatI think we need to choose the single approach15:28
buntingbecause the 'new' style is swift:ref/glance15:28
buntingit replaces the ref15:28
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kairatwhen ref is parsed the attribute value would be keystone auth address15:28
kairatso there should not be a problem15:29
buntingYeah in that case it uses all the values in the config15:29
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buntingkairat: I just don't have a clear picture in my head what values you propose to use15:31
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kairatok, we have swift_store_auth_version or auth_version in reference config file15:32
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kairatThat option defines what version need to be used as auth_version in swift15:33
buntingwell with that example url above15:33
buntingthe auth_url would be
buntingso we could not use that url if both the configs are set to 315:34
kairatSo you can change this also15:34
kairatAFAIK these options don't need to specified15:34
kairatswift_store_auth_version is deprecated at least for single-tenant store15:34
kairatbecause it is expose creds to users15:35
buntingYeah it is deprecated, but some users may still have full locations in the database15:35
kairatyep, that's the problem15:35
kairatMy question is, should we support authenticating with old keystone versions if config changes15:36
kairator we can use the same version for all images15:37
buntingSo you think if we change the config, we could potentially mean users can't use there images any more?15:37
kairatif old keystone api will be dropped15:37
kairatthen yes15:37
kairatand there would be no way except db update to fix that15:38
kairatI am not sure if it is appropriate15:38
kairatI would like to have the single source of auth_version information15:39
kairatBut of course there could be some problems15:39
buntingokay i'll try to get your stance across in the email as the other option15:40
kairatthanks bunting15:41
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openstackgerritKairat Kushaev proposed openstack/glance: Import i18 functions directly
* flaper87 dives into the import process spec15:43
kairatbunting, if you stick with your implementation15:44
kairatthen you don't need to consider config at all15:44
kairatIt becomes useless15:44
mclarenflaper87: I'm around for a bit if you want to ping me on anything15:44
kairatso anyway the patch might need to be updated15:44
flaper87mclaren: I do, I'll need you to elaborate a bit more on your comment15:45
flaper87mclaren: what are you proposing there?15:45
mclarenWell I'm just throwing it out there to see what folks think...15:45
mclarenwe could separate the bikeshed from the image15:46
flaper87mclaren: yup, is that a separate endpoint from images ?15:46
mclarenyeah, so basically the swift case works pretty nicely15:46
mclarenso I was thinking what could we do to make the glance case more like that15:46
mclarentotally separate endpoint for bikesheds15:47
mclarena fairly dumb thing to support PUT, list, DELETE bikesheds independently of images15:48
mclarenIt feels like we may need much of that anyway (although I'm prepared to accept I'm wrong on that)15:49
mclarenand I wonder about spaghettification if we try to put it into the existing code paths15:49
flaper87mclaren: mmh, I think you're wrong on that. I don't see the difference between the `/imaves/$id/bikeshed` and `/bokesheds` other than I don't see the need of list/deletes in the former15:50
mclarenone example I can think of is v1 delete: it would need to become bikeshed aware if a bikeshed is part of an image15:50
flaper87mclaren: that's a good point, though15:50
mclarenimaging two users Alice and Bob15:51
mclarenthere's 100 GB of storage, each gets a quota of 50GB.15:51
mclarenBob shouldn't be able to use Alice's quota15:51
mclarenBob should be able to see what's using his quota15:51
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mclarenAre those fair assumptions?15:52
flaper87sure, but that can be done with `/images/$id/bikeshed` without adding lists/deletes15:53
flaper87I think the same rules for `/file` apply to `/bikeshed`15:53
flaper87with the difference that `/bikeshed` will have to be processed15:53
flaper87same rules with regard to quota, I mean.15:53
mclarenThe bikeshed needs a checksum/size and to co-exist with /file -- agreed?15:54
flaper87mmh, I think so... yes.15:55
mclarenand you need to be able to list them?15:55
flaper87nope, that's what the image is for15:55
flaper87we should have that info in the image15:56
mclarenSo that't the kind of thing that worries me slightly15:56
krotscheckkairat: No, they have to be explicitly defined.15:57
flaper87mclaren: anything that changes the state of things worries you <half-joke> :D15:57
mclarena bikeshed isn't necessarily a natural thing that an image has15:57
kairatkrotscheck, ok, thanks, we have some metadata in headers for v115:58
mclarenif v1 show should show me my image, should it show me the bikeshed?15:58
krotscheckkairat: Gotcha. Annotate my patch and I'll update it after my meeting this morning :)15:58
kairatkrotscheck, these headers can be user-defined15:59
*** RichardRaseley has quit IRC15:59
krotscheckkairat: Huhn.15:59
krotscheckkairat: Looked at the meeting logs - I'm guessing v2 support only is acceptable.15:59
kairatkrotscheck, so it would not be good idea to use ity with v1)15:59
mclarenwe could say that image show is just different in v1 and v2, but separating /bikeshed avoids that15:59
flaper87fwiw, image-show is already different in v1 and v216:00
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openstackgerritKairat Kushaev proposed openstack/glance: Validate empty location value for v1 api
flaper87TBH, I'm not that worried about this16:01
*** 18VAAEQWZ has joined #openstack-glance16:01
mclarenDo you see and advantage in keeping the /bikeshed as part of an image?16:01
*** aix has quit IRC16:01
flaper87Separating bikeshed will likely endup being like the tasks endpoint we have16:01
*** 18VAAEQWZ has quit IRC16:02
mclarenin what sense?16:02
flaper87yes, it sends a clear message that it's related to the image and that, whenever the image is changed/deleted/whatever that'll likely affect the bikeshed as we;;16:02
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*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-glance16:03
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flaper87The close relation between the place the image is upload to (when using direct-upload) and the image resource is important16:03
*** haomaiwa_ has quit IRC16:04
mclarenon the other hand it's more consitent with the import from swift approach16:04
flaper87I see bikeshed the same way I see /file16:04
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flaper87but swift is an external resource, it's like the old copy-from16:05
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mclarenI see the bikeshed as a staging area for unvalidated bytes16:06
mclarenlike the swift case16:06
flaper87and like the /file endpoint16:06
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flaper87the bytes there are unvalidated16:07
mclarendo you not see any potential for the implementation to be cleaner?16:07
flaper87I guess the difference is that I see the /bikeshed endpoint as something internal and strictly related to the image process16:07
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flaper87I think the latest PS made it smaller by removing the swift part and a set of resources that aren't needed16:08
flaper87the implementation can still re-use existing code and be cleaner16:08
*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-glance16:08
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mclarenwhich PS?16:09
flaper87what worries me more is the process itself as I don't think bikshed being under /images is a problem16:09
flaper87it made it smaller compared to PS516:09
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mclarenI think bikeshed under /images has the potential to make the code more complex/entangled than it needs to be. You're going to have to handle more dependencies.16:10
*** 5EXAADMHT has quit IRC16:11
flaper87Having it separted is moving the dependencies to the user, basically16:11
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-glance16:11
*** haomaiwang has quit IRC16:12
mclarenbecause the number of potential internal states an image can be in will increase. And failure for each operation on each of those states will need to be handled. For v1 and v2.16:12
*** 5EXAADMKT has joined #openstack-glance16:12
flaper87I think you still need them. The separate /bikeshed resource is just moving them somewhere else16:12
mclarenI diagree.16:12
*** rcernin has quit IRC16:12
flaper87we have to agree to disagree :D16:12
*** 5EXAADMKT has quit IRC16:13
flaper87Until now, the user just cared about uploading stuff to the glance upload path16:13
flaper87now the user needs to worry about /bikeshed16:13
*** 5EXAADML5 has joined #openstack-glance16:13
flaper87list it, figure out if it's using space and whatnot16:13
mclarenYou have two things, each of which have a small set of states. Rather than one thing which has a large set. The number of permutations is much larger in the latter case.16:13
*** 5EXAADML5 has quit IRC16:13
flaper87Right, but, as I said, you still need them. You just moved those states and responsibility somewhere else16:14
flaper87I don't think this is something we should offload to the user, fwiw.16:14
mclarenit's like the difference between two decks of cards with 10 cards each or one deck of cards with 20 cards. The number of states is much bigger with one larger deck.16:14
mclarenmathematically and shit :-)16:15
flaper87I understand that and I'm not really worried about that, tbh.16:15
flaper87but that's me16:15
flaper87I'm more worried about what this means for the user16:15
flaper87and how this impacts the process16:15
flaper87which is exactly what we're trying to solve here16:15
mclarenFrom a user's point of view the process becomes the same for swift or glance: upload the bits to some store (provided by glance or swift) and then import the bits16:17
mclarenyou can reuse your object if you want in both cases16:17
mclarenyou can choose to delete it or not in both cases16:17
*** bdossant has quit IRC16:18
mclarenyou have a command to list your objects in both cases16:18
flaper87no no, it's not the same. Until now, the user didn't have to worry about that and I don't think the user should worry about that. Not when using the direct-upload to glance16:18
flaper87The bikeshed endpoint as you described it will be just an http server16:19
mclarenHmm, so I'm not sure that the need for any of that goes away if the bikeshed goes into the image16:19
tsufievnikhil, speaking of multipart/form-data...16:19
mclarenuser's will still need to 'manage' their bikesheds16:19
nikhiltsufiev: hi16:20
flaper87it does. The user just uploads the image and the used doesn't have to worrye about managing the bikeshed16:20
tsufievnikhil, hello :)16:20
nikhiltsufiev: let's chat somewhere else16:20
flaper87no, because the bikeshed will be strictly related to the image16:20
mclarenusers will need to know where their bikesheds are right? They'll need a call (whatever it looks like) "show me my bikesheds"16:21
flaper87if re-using image bits is a requirement, we can very well implement image-copy in the future16:21
flaper87no, why do users need that?16:21
flaper87Do they need a "show me my files" call now ?16:21
mclarenif you have loads of images and a few bikesheds how you do find them?16:22
mclaren(that's probably a fairly common scenario)16:22
flaper87uh crap, meeting in 8mins.16:22
flaper87the info is in the image metadata16:22
flaper87I'll comment on the spec with my thoughts16:23
mclarensure, but you've got to search a large number of images for a small number of bikesheds16:23
flaper87just filter images with size != 0 ?16:23
flaper87or something like that16:23
flaper87whatever filters there are that can be used16:24
mclarenyou mean an 'images with bikesheds' filter?16:24
flaper87I guess16:24
* flaper87 shrugs16:24
mclarenbecause that's kind of listing bikesheds :-)16:24
flaper87I knew you were going to say that but I still believe it's not the same16:24
flaper87as the image is the resource16:25
flaper87the bikeshed is just some data associated with that image16:25
flaper87Once the image is processed, the bikeshed is going away as it'll become the processed, imag data16:26
flaper87ok, gtg now.16:26
flaper87I'll comment on the spec16:26
mclarenok, thanks16:26
flaper87np, thank you for throwing more ideas out. It's better to know we're exploring as many ideas as we can16:27
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/glance_store: Put py34 first in the env order of tox
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bpouloshemanthm: you up for discussing the sha-2 stuff further?17:32
bpoulosthe signature_utils only supports SHA-2 hashes, but there isn't a default in place -- the user has to specify which hash method to use (this is the hash for the signature verification, not for the glance checksum)17:34
bpoulosand this uses the cryptography library, which appears to work on the latest version of openssl 0.9.8:
bpoulosand no hashes are done unless all of the signature properties are provided during upload17:35
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hemanthmbpoulos: o/17:36
bpouloshemanthm: hello17:37
hemanthmlet me get the error I see with openssl 0.9.817:37
bpoulosok, great17:37
hemanthmbpoulos ^17:39
bpouloshemanthm: thanks17:39
hemanthmessentially, openssl 0.9.8 doesn't support SHA-2 out of the box17:39
bpoulosI hesitate to allow support for SHA-1 (adding it to the list of hash algorithm options supported) since it's considered out-of-date and insecure.  It sounds like the signature_utils code should catch the unsupported algorithm exception, and log that signature verification isn't supported on platforms that don't support sha-217:45
*** aix has joined #openstack-glance17:49
bpouloshemathm: thank you for bringing this up -- I think it deserves a separate bug report, where how to handle it can be discussed (i.e., support SHA-1 or add log messages/don't support signature verification on older platforms)17:51
bpouloshemanthm: I'll put together the bug report, unless you'd like to17:51
hemanthmbpoulos: I'm not necessarily saying we should support SHA-117:52
hemanthmjust that glance shouldn't break it can't use SHA-217:52
hemanthm*when it can't use SHA-217:52
hemanthmbpoulos: feel free to do the bug report, you can probably add more detail to it than I can17:54
bpouloshemanthm: ok, will do, thanks again!17:54
hemanthmthanks for looking into it, bpoulos!17:54
*** ninag has joined #openstack-glance17:56
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bpouloshemanthm: I added the bug report ( -- feel free to add any further details if you see something missing18:10
openstackLaunchpad bug 1522525 in Glance "test_signature_utils tests fail when openssl is older than 1.0.1" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Brianna Poulos (brianna-poulos)18:10
*** bpoulos has quit IRC18:11
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hemanthmthank you, bpoulos18:14
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openstackgerritMike Fedosin proposed openstack/glance: Implement trust support for api v2
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openstackgerritHemanth Makkapati proposed openstack/glance: Rename glance-store to glance_store
hemanthmnikhil ^18:36
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openstackgerritlifeless proposed openstack/glance: Stop using tearDown in v1/
flaper87hemanthm: pls20:40
openstackgerritlifeless proposed openstack/glance: Stop using tearDown in v1/
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flaper87sabari: pls21:06
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sabariflaper87 in a meeting :( but will do asap21:08
sabariflaper87 that was an easy one - sorry I even gave an excuse for it :D21:15
sabari*nods in the meeting room though has no clue what's going on*21:17
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flaper87sabari: lol, that's the story of my life21:25
flaper87sabari: actually, I lied. #lifeofaremotee21:25
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openstackgerritDrew Varner proposed openstack/glance_store: Add reno for release notes management in glance_store
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