Monday, 2015-10-12

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spzalazaneb: good morning!15:03
zanebspzala: morning!15:04
spzalazaneb: how are you? wanted to touch base with you on discussion we had about packaging heat-translator in rdo, for now we have decided to pass on it :(15:05
zanebok, thanks for the update15:06
spzalazaneb: but thanks again for the consideration. Hopefully in future it will happen.15:06
spzalazaneb: np, thank you!!!15:06
spzalazaneb: and also wanted to say that 'congratulations' comes to someone at a cost .. so beer on you in Tokyo :-) :-)15:07
spzalazaneb: hope you all set for the trip15:07
zaneblol, you got it :)15:07
zanebmostly set15:07
spzala:-) Thanks!15:07
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zanebneed to figure out a hotel for the weekend after15:08
zanebbtw I believe both the rpm and debian packaging are going to become official OpenStack projects at some point, so maybe that will make it easier to get heat-translator packaged15:09
spzalaahh, I see.. was about to ask on the hotel you are staying during the week. I am in SHINAGAWA PRINCE HOTEL .. pretty economical. so Lauren's joining this time?15:09
zanebI know some companies have a lot of bureaucracy around contributing to new projects that doesn't apply to official parts of OpenStack15:10
spzalaOK, that's good to hear15:10
spzalaYup, agree15:10
zanebspzala: I think I am at the same hotel. although they all have similar names, so who knows :D15:11
zanebsadly Lauren has to work, so she can't come15:11
spzalazaneb: LOL15:11
spzalaOK, yeah that's what I remembered..and Hema told me the same. But when you said 'hotel for the weekend after', thought this was the case15:12
zanebI decided to stay on for a couple of days, just because I've never been to Tokyo15:12
zaneband you never get to see much during the conference15:12
spzalazaneb: I have a Japanese friend who was born in Tokyo and still have family there.. she told me that Shinga Prince (as they call in Tokyo) is a good place and it has 'Washlet'15:14
zanebI don't even want to know what that is :D15:14
spzalazaneb: not sure if you already know Washlet but gotta try it :-) :-) (I am sure it's any many places in tokyo)15:14
spzalaOK, gosh, hard to explain but she highly recommended it to me for fun15:15
spzalazaneb: fancy toilet15:15
zaneblooked it up15:15
spzalazaneb: Be sure to sit and press the "Wash your bottom" button.15:15
spzalazaneb: lol, cool15:15
zanebit was exactly what I thought it would be15:16
spzalazaneb: yeah, something similar came to my mind too when she mentioned.. it's paid service.. she said it's very funny15:16
spzalazaneb: any way, you are right good to stay a day or two extra. I will be having some time on monday. Btw, not sure if you already looked it up but few friends of mine found this useful -
spzalagood tour options15:18
zaneboh, that's handy, thanks15:18
spzalazaneb: no problme... yup, it's reliable site ( subsidiary of TripAdvisor )15:19
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