Thursday, 2015-10-15

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spzalahello Matt14:59
spzalao/ btopol vahidh15:00
vahidhHi spzala15:00
mrutkowsI am on another call so trying to multitask15:00
spzalabtopol around?15:00
spzalamrutkows no problem15:01
spzalaI think srinivas is not joining as he is traveling15:01
spzalaso we can start15:01
spzalaupdate on using openstack meeting channel -15:02
spzalaI could not find current meeting time available - all channels are pretty crowded15:02
spzalabut I found Friday at the same time (11EST 1500 UTC)15:02
spzaladoes that sounds okay with everyone?15:03
vahidhsounds good to me15:03
vahidhthanks for the effort spzala15:03
spzalaCool, thanks vahidh. Considering srinivas and his team's availability we have limited choices.15:03
spzalavahidh: :-) np15:03
spzalasrinvias and his team is fine they may miss once a month which is good with me. better than many other alt meetings where certain folks can join only twice a month.15:04
mrutkowsThe TOSCA container wg meeting is fridays at 11 easter (15:05
mrutkowswhich Ton, myself attend15:05
spzalamrutkows - can you multi task during as it's on IRC or can that meeting be  possibly rescheduled ? I really could not find any other time that fits for Indian folks.  Ton doesn't attend this meeting.15:06
spzalaIf that can not be done, we can continue this time on this channel until we find a better time15:06
mrutkowsits chairred by cisco15:06
mrutkowsso i cant control15:06
spzalahemal surti?15:06
spzalaok I was wondering if you can send him reschedule request?15:07
spzalaagain, if it can't be done, we can continue this time on this channel15:07
vahidhspzala do you know if openstack will get more meeting channels since the existing ones are pretty booked?15:08
spzalavahidh: I didn't hear of any such plan15:08
spzalavahidh: probably not in near future, I was told to find a diff. time for ourselves15:09
vahidhI see. no problem.15:09
spzalatopol around? sorry, I used btopol earlier15:09
spzalamrtukows - please let me know if hemal can reschedule call once you talk to him in future meetings.15:11
spzalamoving on15:11
spzalaquick headsup - I am working on dev. plan during mikata release cycle and should be sending to everyone by Monday15:11
spzalavahidh: I noticed this bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1506164 in Heat Translator "CSAR archive extension should be .csar" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Vahid Hashemian (vahidhashemian)15:12
spzalaIt's fine to support .csar extension but please do not remove support for .zip.15:12
vahidhspzala: yes I was not aware of the extension. mrutkows pointed it out.15:12
vahidhit makes sense and a good thing to give the file its own extension15:13
spzalavahidh: np. .zip is a valid extension and as far as I know widely used. The csar we have created and submitted to OASIS which was discussed for weeks was .zip15:13
spzalathinking that we can support any extension as long as it's valid zip15:14
spzalathe csar doc doesn't point to any specific extension but zip format15:14
vahidhyes the format is zip so theoretically it doesn't matter what the extension is15:15
spzalavahidh: yup15:15
vahidhthe spec doesn't seem to emphasize on what the extension should be15:16
spzalavahidh: yup15:17
vahidhthe csar extension could avoid confusion though if the file name is not revealing15:17
spzalavahidh: yes we can force it csar but should definitely support .zip as well15:18
spzalabackward compatibility and as I said we ourselves has .zip file created in the past15:18
vahidhwill need to check the existing code to verify that it works with .csar too15:18
vahidhspzala: I agree with you on that15:19
spzalavahidh: sure15:19
spzalacool, unless Matt has disagreement with plan we can close on it15:20
spzalacontainer support15:20
spzalaso as you briefed me, we can wait on container support on translator side15:21
spzalabut I think under the bp for container in tosca parser, the support for container is good add in parser15:21
spzalathat's needed regardless of what we translate to15:22
spzalaCool :-)15:22
vahidhI have a feeling it requires some design discussion because of the scope15:22
spzalaok but for tosca parser support, it's plain support to what's in spec15:23
vahidhplus, the spec for it is not yet finalized15:23
spzalajust parse what's in spec15:23
vahidhyes true, so do we need to wait for the finalized spec?15:23
spzalabasically, we can support what's in spec version 1.0 draft15:23
vahidhok, there is not much in there, but I guess we can start with that15:24
spzalawell, unless Matt think there will be any major changes in spec I think we are good to go15:24
spzalamrutkows: ^15:24
mrutkowssorry presenting on the other ca;l15:24
spzalano problem, pl take your time15:24
spzalawith what we have spec once it's added in parser, we can iteratively add if anything in spec change15:25
spzalavahidh: what else from your side?15:26
vahidhnot much. so speaking of priorities, which one takes precedence: container work, or validation?15:27
spzalavahidh: validation15:28
vahidhok thanks :)15:28
spzalavahidh: :-) np15:28
spzalavahidh: thanks15:28
vahidhspzala: np15:28
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spzalaEnding meeting, we can continue discussion as needed on this channel. Thanks all!16:02
vahidhthanks spzala16:02
spzalavahidh: np, thank you.16:03
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openstackgerritJulio Ruano proposed openstack/heat-translator: Implement mapping of TOSCA nodes to HOT SoftwareComponents
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openstackgerritJulio Ruano proposed openstack/heat-translator: Implement mapping of TOSCA nodes to HOT SoftwareComponents
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