Thursday, 2015-12-03

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tbhspzala, ping03:34
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spzalatbh: hi03:47
tbhspzala, got chance to review the code?03:48
spzalatbh: just got back and was about to send you email.03:48
tbhspzala, oh nice03:48
spzalaNo, not yet :( We just releases tosca parser 0.3.0 and that took all my days this week so far with few bug fixes etc. but I will be looking at it tomorrow03:49
tbhspzala, can I upload that to gerrit?03:49
spzalatbh: sure that would be actually prefect03:50
tbhspzala, okay, as I am not sure about using REST API or novaclient, I did in this way03:50
tbhspzala, I will upload to gerrit now03:51
spzalatbh: some of the the heat-translator unit tests are broken due to new release of tosca-parser so you may run into jenkin's failure but work is under progress to fix the broken unit tests03:51
tbhspzala, I hope we have a meeting today(Thursday)03:51
tbhspzala, sure03:51
spzalatbh: thanks!! yes we will be having meeting, tomorrow for me :-)03:51
spzalaThursday as you said  :-)03:52
tbhspzala, :)03:52
spzalatbh: thanks for the ping! I will be logging off soon, talk to you soon again.03:54
tbhspzala, sure, ttyl03:54
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openstackgerritbharaththiruveedula proposed openstack/heat-translator: Add support to fetch flavor details from nova
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openstackgerritbharaththiruveedula proposed openstack/heat-translator: Add support to fetch flavor details from nova
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spzalaHi all16:00
SrinivasHi All.. Good morning16:00
spzalavahidh: o/16:00
spzalaSrinivas, hi16:00
mrutkowsagain, i have a conflict, call with AT&T research16:00
tbhHi o/16:00
spzalamrutkows: thb: topol: o/16:00
spzalamrutkows: :) np16:01
spzalaWelcome Bharath (tbh)16:01
spzalaFolks, Bharath is a new contributor16:01
tbhspzala, thank you :)16:01
vahidhwelcome tbh!16:01
SrinivasWelcome bharath16:01
spzala:-) yrw16:02
tbhvahidh, Srinivas thanks16:02
spzalaAlright, I would start with announcement - tosca 0.3.0 pypi release is available. We released it yesterday night.16:02
spzalathanks everyone for making this happen16:02
vahidhspzala: thanks for the good work on the release16:03
spzalaI will be sending email with the feature's that's added in this release and it's out there here too -16:03
spzalavahid: thanks for your hard work to make this release another good release16:04
vahidhspzala: pleasure :)16:04
spzalaGood things doesn't come free  :-)  - heat-translator repo is failing few unit tests as expected as one of the things that was added in 0.3.0 was a common formatting for error messages and that has created some mis-match on error messages used in tests in heat-translator. Vahid is already working on it and we are hoppig to have it fixed by today.16:04
spzalaSince it's late in India (again appreciate Srinivas and tbh for their time), i would start with them so that they can leave early if needed16:06
spzalaSrinivas: any luck with py34 failure?16:06
SrinivasI will do it today or tomorrow.16:06
spzalaSrinivas: I think it's with dict in in your new code..couldn't spend more time on it due to pypi release. Cool, thanks. i will also look at it.16:07
SrinivasApologies.. Not contributed much in this release.16:07
spzalaNo problem at all, totally understood16:07
spzalayou have been an awesome contributors in past and you are get back now so all is well :-)16:08
topolGreat job by all of you!!! Well done!16:08
spzalathanks topol16:08
SrinivasThanks. I will look into issue quickly.16:08
spzalaSrinivas: thanks, sounds great16:09
spzalaPer our release plan, we expect to have heat-translator 0.3.0 release by mid of this month or by end of that week (Dec 18)16:09
SrinivasPlease notify me the pending things as part of namespaces bp when you have time Sahdev & Vahid16:10
spzalaso for work items you own for heat-translator please let me know if you run into any issue16:10
spzalaSrinivas, sure16:10
spzalaSrinivas: anything else from you? the logging work item is there, and you are aware of it, we can have it in heat-translator 0.3.0 if possible16:11
SrinivasOk. Dec 18 is next release?16:13
spzalaSrinivas: Dec 15 is the date but I meant to say we can push it till Dec 18 if needed16:14
spzalaSrinivas: thanks!16:15
spzalathb: since ours is a small team we usually go round the table. Thanks for your patch on nova flavors, I looked at it this morning and played with it little bit, and it looks great. I had couple small comments though in patch.16:15
spzalatbh: sorry typo in name16:15
tbhspzala, I saw your comments, I will respin the patch addressing your comments16:15
spzalatbh: thanks, sounds great!16:16
spzalatbh: anything else you want to discuss?16:16
tbhspzala, thats all from my side16:17
spzalatbh: Cool, thanks!16:17
spzalavahidh: long time no see :-), how's going?16:17
vahidhspzala: yup. going well.16:18
spzalavahidh: :-) unit test fix, still with later today right? please let me know if need any help.16:18
spzalavahidh: awesome16:18
vahidhspzala: yes. as you mentioned, the assertion messages have to be matched16:18
spzalavahidh: OK, cool16:19
vahidhspzala: I'm half way through fixing those mismatches. So don't expect it to go beyond today16:19
spzalavahidh: Nice!!16:20
spzalavahidh: on a side note, we discussed little on Murano in our meeting last week, seems like Stan had few good replies, did that answer questions? something we can go forward as we wrap up heat-translator items for upcoming 0.3.0 release?16:21
vahidhspzala: he has been great. I had issues adding csar packages to murano environments, and that is fixed thanks to his help.16:21
spzalavahidh: very nice16:22
vahidhthe next step is the deployment, but before that I need to fix an issue with my environment where murano deployments don't work for ottb hot packages16:22
spzalavahidh: OK, I see. Sounds good. Yup, I looked your email with some question on that error.16:23
vahidhI'm using openstack-dev mailing list to ask questions and resolve that one too16:23
spzalayup, that's perfect.16:24
spzalaThanks Vahidh, anything else?16:24
vahidhspzala: overall it's moving forward, but slowly16:24
vahidhspzala: nothing else from me. thanks :)16:25
spzalavahidh, I understand, it's new for you and unfortunately none in our team has any experience with the work16:26
vahidhspzala: yes, and the other reason is the time difference between west coast and russia16:26
spzalavahidh: you are dealing with it nicely :)16:26
vahidhmost of the time I have to wait until next day to see responses to my questions16:26
spzalavahidh: yup, agree16:27
vahidhand for that reason IRC is not much help :)16:28
vahidhbecause usually there are not many people around when I'm working :)16:28
spzalavahidh: LOL. yup, ML seems like your best friend there :)16:28
spzalaand which does take time16:29
spzalawell, we are getting there :)16:29
vahidhspzala: yes :) but good news is Serg is in California now. so I might be able to book his time again16:29
spzalaNice, he already moved?16:29
vahidhspzala: yes16:29
vahidhI think he arrived this week16:29
spzalawow that was quick16:30
spzalavahidh: cool, thanks. Moving forward.16:30
vahidhspzala: right16:30
spzalathanks Vahidh16:31
spzalamrutkows: when you have time, is there any update on testing for softtwarecomponent patch?16:31
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spzalamrutkows: since you are in meeting no rush, please let me know later.16:34
spzalaI think we are done with meeting, anything that anyone wants to discuss?16:35
vahidhspzala: one question16:35
spzalaFrom my side, I will be back on my work on modifying shell program and create new tests for it16:35
spzalavahidh, sure16:35
vahidhI'm assuming the requirements for tosca-parser in heat-translator has to change to 0.3.0 with the error message updates.16:36
spzalavahidh, it's automated16:36
spzalait basically uses the latest available tosca-parser release16:36
vahidhbut the requirement.txt file we update don't we?16:36
spzalano we don't16:36
vahidhok, I guess I don't quite understand how that works16:37
spzalasure np16:37
spzalawe requires at least 0.1.0 or the one which is latest out there16:37
vahidhcan I as a user, install tosca-parser 0.1.0 now that 0.3.0 is available?16:38
spzalaso that's why when you check in any code in heat-translator, it will break jenkin's with the unit test errr16:38
spzalayes, that should work fine16:38
vahidhbut what about this scenario then:16:38
spzalabut we can change it16:38
spzalai see what you are saying is that16:39
spzalachanges in tosca parser16:39
spzalacan break16:39
spzalasomething in heat-translator16:39
vahidha user installs tosca-parser 0.1.0 in his environment and heat-translator 0.3.0 (when available)16:39
vahidhbased on heat-translator requirements that need 0.1.0 this should work16:39
spzalabut we should make it backward compatible as possible, unless we can't then yes we should change the req16:39
vahidhbut it doesn't16:39
spzalaagree, that for current scenario of message mis match it will break unit tests with 0.1.016:40
spzalalet's think more on it and brainstorm separately16:40
vahidhyes, that's my point16:40
vahidhspzala: on a separate topic, are you attending the app-catalog irc meeting today?16:41
spzalawe need to be more backward compatible as much as possible16:42
spzalavahidh: yes16:42
spzala:-) I am planning to attend16:42
spzalaI think it's starting in 15 mins?16:42
vahidhspzala: nice. I'll try too16:42
spzalaOK, that's cool.16:42
spzalaGreat meeting guys! Thank you all! We can continue chatting as needed or emails as usual.16:43
vahidhspzala: thanks!16:43
spzalavahidh, np, thank you.16:43
vahidhspzala: yw16:44
SrinivasThanks. Bye16:45
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spzalaSrinivas: Bye16:53
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openstackgerritVahid Hashemian proposed openstack/heat-translator: Fix broken unittests due to tosca-parser 0.3.0 release
openstackgerritVahid Hashemian proposed openstack/heat-translator: Fix broken unittests due to tosca-parser 0.3.0 release
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openstackgerritVahid Hashemian proposed openstack/heat-translator: Update tosca-parser requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Fix broken unittests due to tosca-parser 0.3.0 release
openstackgerritVahid Hashemian proposed openstack/heat-translator: Update tosca-parser requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritVahid Hashemian proposed openstack/heat-translator: Update tosca-parser requirements
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