Thursday, 2015-12-10

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spzalaHi all16:00
spzalawho is around? :-) vahidh? bharath?16:00
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spzalaexpecting a short meeting today16:01
tbhspzala, o/16:01
spzalatbh: o/16:01
spzalasrinivas is traveling16:02
spzalaso let's start16:02
tbhspzala, I see..16:02
spzalatbh: I reviewed the patch and tested it, looks great16:02
spzalatbh: I am just taking a look at mock test but we can merge it today16:03
tbhspzala, thanks, I would like to take up more tasks in heat-translator16:03
spzalatbh: :) OK, you read my mind16:04
tbhspzala, :)16:04
tbhspzala, I will be available today, if we want any changes, I can spin up those changes quickly16:04
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spzalatbh: cool, thanks. I will be getting back to you on it today via email. There are good numbers of work items out there. Sridhar and I had a chat yesterday, so there will be few new items coming up on nfv/tosca parser sides too16:05
spzalatopol: o/16:05
spzalatbh: thx again, shooting you email today. Anything else from you?16:06
tbhspzala, sure, that's all from my side16:07
spzalatbh: cool16:07
spzalavahidh: how are you?16:07
vahidhspzala: I'm well thanks :)16:07
vahidhhope you are doing fine too16:08
spzalavahidh: nice, yrw. I guess Murano work is all you may want to talk about today :)16:08
spzalavahidh: yes, doing well :-) thx16:08
vahidhspzala: yup, there is not much to report I'm afraid.16:08
vahidhI had some issues with my environment that is now fixed16:08
spzalavahidh: hehe16:08
vahidhat this point package imports and addition to environments work fine16:09
vahidhthe only thing remaining is deployment16:09
vahidhI'll start looking at it soon, and will contact Serg to see if we can meet to speed up that part16:09
spzalavahidh: OK, that sounds good.16:10
spzalawe can touch base next week on it?16:10
spzaladidn't at one point we decide that we do deployment as a second step?16:11
spzalaor we can't do it as a complete first step without deployment?16:12
vahidhthat was my plan too, but the issue is if the plugin is not complete we'll have to deal with errors that users should get if they decide to work with CSAR plugins that are not fully functional16:12
spzalaOK, I see16:12
spzalaYeah, our discussion was older than new plugin requirement16:13
spzalaOK, sounds good16:13
spzalaaite, anything else anyone wants to discuss? As mentioned, looking forward for a short meeting today.16:14
vahidhnothing else from me16:14
spzalawell, then we'll have sometime back16:15
spzalaThanks everyone!!16:15
vahidhthanks spzala16:15
spzalaI am still keeping next week's meeting on16:15
spzalajust in case anything comes up16:15
spzalabut with holidays around, please feel free not to join :)16:15
spzalaThanks. Take care! Talk to you later.16:16
vahidhbye now16:16
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Add support to fetch flavor details from nova
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