Monday, 2016-01-25

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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Accept defined unknown node types if they inherit a known TOSCA root type
openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Merge interfaces between the node template, its type and its type hierarchy
openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Generate a get_param from a get_input instead of inlining the default value
openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Map get_property to an actual property
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Accept defined unknown node types if they inherit a known TOSCA root type
openstackgerritbharaththiruveedula proposed openstack/heat-translator: Add test suite for OpenStack Client
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bobhspzala: ping21:08
spzalabobh: hi21:09
bobhspzala: I'm trying to map some examples from existing Tacker templates into TOSCA/Heat Translator and I noticed that heat-translator doesn't seem to allow the template to specify the specific image that is needed21:09
bobhit wants to derive the image from the os specification21:10
bobhspzala: VNFs will often/usually have specific images pre-loaded in Glance that they want to deploy agaist21:10
spzalayes, that's true because currently heat-translator is pretty much tosca translator and in simple profile, it doesn't have image21:10
spzalaI think it's something I won't mind to add in heat-translator21:11
spzalathat add a check if image is provided then don't use look for a constraint based image21:11
bobhthat would be great21:11
spzalaI can work on it if you want me to or I would let you do it21:11
bobhI'm happy to do the work if you like21:11
bobhshould be pretty simple21:12
spzalayup, sure that sounds good21:12
spzalathanks, if you run into anything pl let me know but otherwise like you said it should be simple. Again, if possible21:12
bobhgreat - thanks!21:12
spzalaplease try to have this on it's own module21:12
spzalaso that we can easily add things for things diff. then simple profile21:13
spzalano problem, yrw21:13
bobhhow would you like me to make the distinction between simple profile and non-simple profile?21:13
bobhor do you just mean a separate file/method/etch?21:14
spzalawell, as much as we can make the distinction, may be for this case ...21:14
spzalaso that we can have it easy to modify or debug as needed in future21:14
bobhI was thinking it might just cascade the image property if it is defined21:14
bobhassuming no os is defined21:15
bobhI'll push a patch and you can let me know what you think21:16
spzalaYup, cool as you said we should have it get in soon once you submit based on a quick review21:16
bobhthere is a TODO in that code for both image and flavor so I'll take care of both21:18
spzalaI'm at work and heading to home considering some of the icy road (with recent storm)21:18
spzalabut will be up late or pl shoot email if needed or patch that I will review :-)21:19
spzalaPerfect ;-)21:19
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bobhdrive safe :-)21:19
spzala:-) thanks!21:19
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