Thursday, 2016-01-28

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openstackgerritSuresh proposed openstack/heat-translator: Using pre-defined Flavors when Openstack not running
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openstackgerritBob Haddleton proposed openstack/heat-translator: Update to use is_derived_from to find LinksTo and BindsTo relationships to support custom relationship definitions
spzalasrinivas: bharath: o/16:00
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spzalaMeena_: hi16:00
spzalabobh: o/16:00
spzalaMeena_: is Srinivas joining?16:01
spzalaMeena_: if you know? :-) no worries otherwise16:01
Meena_I think he will join16:01
spzalaI don't have much in agenda except that I will be spinning a new PyPI of tosca-parser next week. Very pleased with the progress we have made this month and it's time for PyPI 0.4.016:02
spzalathat will have initial support for nfv, policy, group, and many bug fixes16:03
bobhspzala: Great - I will pull it into tacker for our initial support16:03
spzalabobh: on a side,
spzalaI think this is in regard to your update on nfv def in tosca parser right? Is there any way we can small test in this patch?16:04
spzalasomething not nfv related if you can think of16:05
bobhI tried to include a test but I think it needs the tosca-parser changes to support custom relationship inheritance16:05
bobhI can try again - I wanted to get your initial feedback on the change itself16:05
spzalabobh: yup, thought so too, that's why thought if it's something non NFV. Sure, l haven't reviewed but will do soon16:06
spzalaif it's not obvious then it should be fine,16:06
bobhspzala: I'll have another go at it - my initial test case failed because the inherited relationship was not recognized by tosca-parser16:06
spzalabut I will get back with my comment on it16:06
bobhspzala: thanks!16:07
bobhspzala: I could also wait until the 0.4.0 release and resubmit when that it available16:07
spzalabobh: yup, it's challenging because of translator's dependency on parser16:07
spzalabobh: sure that sounds perfect actually16:08
bobhspzala: will do16:08
spzalaI usually try to have 2-3 weeks windows before have pypi for translator (same level at parser) to incorporate parser pypi in translator and other changes16:08
spzalabobh: cool, Thanks!16:08
spzalaMeena_: thanks for the Group patch16:09
spzalait's ready to merge I think16:09
spzalagreat job16:09
Meena_Yes, I have committed a patch today16:09
spzalayup, thanks for taking care of my last comments :-) we should able to merge it today16:10
Meena_Is there anything else to be implemented in this?16:10
spzalanope, not for now unless we see related spec changes16:10
spzalaI know it's late for you so unless you have any discussion topic please feel free to drop16:11
spzalaIt's gonna be short meeting anyway16:11
Meena_Yes, I dont have any further questions.16:12
spzalabobh: do you have anything else to discuss? if not we can end this meeting16:12
bobhspzala: I don't think so - I will probably push another patchset or two in the next couple of days, but nothing major16:13
spzalabobh: sounds great16:13
bobhspzala: one question16:13
spzalalet's call this a meeting then. Thank you both for joining today !!16:13
spzalaIn we will continue further discussion via this channel or email or patch :-)16:14
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Meena_Thank you16:14
spzalaMeena_: you are welcome16:14
spzalaMadhavi_: hi16:14
bobhspzala: I know tosca-parser is based on Simple Profile (plus extensions) - do you envision heat-translator supporting additional Heat resources that are not specifically related to the Simple Profile?16:15
spzalabobh: Yes16:15
bobhspzala: great - just making sure :-)16:15
spzalabobh: ever since I created heat-translator project , my goal has been not to limit it for TOSCA tried to have it idesigned to support more than just TOSCA :-)16:16
spzalaanything that we need to extend for NFV on translator is perfectly fine16:17
spzala:-) sure16:17
spzalaactually that's why translator has an arg --template-type something to support totally diff format than TOSCA16:18
spzalamadhavi_: thanks for joining, we are pretty much done with meeting. Do  you have anything to discuss?16:18
spzalamadhavi_: thanks for your patch on enhancing import validation16:19
bobhspzala: I think we will probably have custom TOSCA node definitions that we will want to map to Heat resources - like ServerGroups, SoftwareDeployment, probably lots of others16:19
madhavi_nothing much from my side... i just want to see how it is going on16:19
madhavi_thank you sahdev..16:20
spzalabobh: sure, that will be interesting :-) and something we can do16:21
spzalamadhavi_: OK :-) you are welcome.16:21
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spzalaAlright. Thanks again all for joining. Ending meeting.16:23
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spzalabobh: still there?16:27
bobhspzala: yes16:27
spzala - not sure why it's going through gate16:27
spzalaI did recheck but not much luck16:27
spzalamay be good idea that you update another patch?16:28
bobhspzala: ok - I'll make some minor change and re-push16:28
spzalaOK perfect, may just add period at the end of commit16:28
spzalaI guess 'the minor' change :-)16:28
bobhspzala: ok16:29
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