Thursday, 2016-02-04

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spzala_tbh: how are you Bharath?15:59
spzala_Hi all16:00
spzala_meeting time :)16:00
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tbhspzala_, Hi, am fine16:00
spzala_srinivas: Hi16:00
srinivasHi All16:00
spzala_tbh: cool16:00
spzala_zhipeng: hi, thx for joining16:00
zhipengno problem :)16:00
spzala_So first announcement, tosca 0.4.0 pypi,
spzala_it's out yesterday evening16:02
spzala_did send it on ML16:02
spzala_thank you so much everyone for your contribution and making it happen16:02
spzala_lot of good stuff went in this release16:02
srinivasnfv template is also there in this release. right sahdev?16:03
spzala_if you didn't get email announcement, please let me know I will forward to you16:03
spzala_srinivas: yup, that's true16:03
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srinivassahdev, i might missed the announcement mail16:03
spzala_OK, I will forward it to you,16:03
srinivasSahdev, shall we discuss nfv related stuff first?16:04
spzala_topol: o/16:04
spzala_thanks for joining16:04
spzala_alright so let's talk about OPNFV parser and tosca-parser16:05
srinivasare you there bob?16:05
spzala_srinivas: do you wanna update on it?16:05
spzala_srinivas: do we expect anyone else?16:05
spzala_we can wait little more and cover other stuff?16:05
srinivashoward, bob are needed. I guess,both are there on chat16:06
zhipengit is a little bit late in China16:06
zhipengyes i think we could start16:06
spzala_zhipeng: yep, agree.. it's late there :-)16:06
spzala_so since Bob and Srinivas knows both side well, tosca-parser and OPNFV16:07
spzala_I would go with what you think first?16:07
srinivasok. As mentioned in the email, how do we collaborate of nfv development in tosca-parser16:07
spzala_srinivas: so can we use tosca-parser as a common project for nfv development work OPNFV is doing?16:08
spzala_bobh has done great job16:08
srinivasyes.. that is the plan16:08
spzala_and we really have a good and clear architecture to enhance NFV support16:08
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spzala_the initial NFV support is already there now16:09
spzala_ - for a quick review of email content on 0.4.0 which has NFV on top16:09
bobhI'm not familiar enough with OPNFV Parser project to know how it aligns with tosca-parser?16:09
spzala_bobh: gotcha16:09
topolvery cool to join forces and put this all in one project!16:09
bobhtopol: +116:10
spzala_srinivas: does OPNFV use TOSCA NFV simple profile?16:10
spzala_topol: yup16:10
srinivashoward, would you like to start small brief on opnfv parser?16:10
spzala_srinivas: cool. howard: please ..16:10
zhipengbobh Parser is developing requirements for tosca-parser ,and integrate tosca-parser into OPNFV after the requirements are implemented16:11
spzala_howard: qq - do you know OpenStack TOSCA-Parser project well?16:11
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zhipengthat is the principle of the work16:11
zhipengVictor Hu works with us in Parser16:11
zhipengso i have some knowleage :)16:11
bobhzhipeng: that makes sense16:11
spzala_zhipeng: yup16:11
spzala_victor is core in tosca-parser project16:11
spzala_so zhipeng: I think what we should do:16:11
zhipengand back to the topic of Parser16:12
zhipengcurrently we are targeting tosca nfv standard16:12
zhipengi'm not sure if it is the simple tosca that you guys were talking about?16:12
spzala_zhipeng: in that case, I think we are really in good shape16:12
bobhzhipeng: yes - we used the Simple Profile for NFV as the basis for our work16:12
spzala_it's both now, simple parser and tosca nfv16:12
zhipengokey great16:13
bobhzhipeng: note that there are some issues with that profile that make it difficult to implement, so there are some places where we diverged16:13
spzala_i.e. TOSCA Simple Profile and TOSCA NFV simple profile16:13
zhipengTOSCA NFV simple profile should be the common ground I think16:13
zhipengis that what bob's work based upon ?16:14
bobhzhipeng: yes16:14
zhipengfantastic :)16:14
bobhzhipeng: we are providing feedback to the working group so they can improve the spec based on what we find16:14
zhipengso last year our ZTE subteam did an analysis on the standards16:15
bobhzhipeng: I am using this work in the Tacker project so that we can deploy NFV TOSCA templates16:15
zhipengand advise to the whole team to go with tosca nfv16:15
spzala_zhipeng: nice16:15
zhipengand we have developed some keyword requirements in the last year as well, however we did not find the time to feedback to tosca-parser team16:16
spzala_zhipeng: :-) OK16:16
zhipengso some background :)16:16
zhipengnow we are doing planing for our next release16:16
bobhspzala_: I assume tosca-parser wants to stay with the spec and extensions can be provided by custom definitions in other projects16:16
spzala_I used to get some update from Victor but as you said he has got busy too so I am not uptodate16:17
spzala_bobh: yup16:17
spzala_and I think that's the best way16:17
bobhTacker is going to have a "tacker_defs.yaml" file that will overlay on the NFV Spec16:17
spzala_was about to mention that with extensions - it allows flexibility on NFV side16:17
bobhas we get things pushed upstream into the spec we can move them from the tack_defs into the official spec16:17
zhipengso I had some discussion with Victor and Shitao Li16:18
spzala_bobh: sure16:18
zhipengi was told that actually the standard side is not so stable as well16:18
bobhspzala_: It occurred to me that we might need versions of extensions - I'll see about adding that at some point16:18
spzala_bobh: that's true, eventually we definitely need versioning16:18
spzala_zhipeng: that's true too16:19
zhipengand we want to make sure that changes in the standard side won't impact too much at the tosca-parser impl16:19
spzala_zhipeng: though it's got lot stable lately16:19
spzala_zhipeng: I agree16:19
spzala_zhipeng: the latest draft of simple profile is close to stable16:20
zhipengyep, so anyways i pulled shitao also into the Parser team. I suggest a work pipeline that we discuss the requirement with the standard side first16:20
zhipengafter got confirmation then we go to tosca-parser16:20
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zhipengand I think this could work for Tacker as well16:20
spzala_zhipeng: I expect some changes. And as you said, that's been remain a biggest challenge to the developers on tosca-parser16:20
bobhzhipeng: I think Tacker will probably be working ahead of the standards too - we don't want to wait for consensus if there is something we can do quickly right away16:21
spzala_zhipeng: that's perfect. May be we continue this discussion as follow up meeting in next week's IRC meeting here, and by then we have a clear idea of how you can use and leverage tosca-parser project16:21
zhipengbobh that is the common problem we are facing throughout the NFV sphere :)16:22
bobhzhipeng: I think it will be useful to try things and if they work feed them into the standards16:22
zhipengbobh yes16:22
zhipengso what I suggest is16:22
spzala_bobh: zhipeng: I am totally fine having tosca-parser nfv code implementation ahead of spec, it shouldn't hurt simple profile side at all16:22
bobhzhipeng: true, but we can wait a LONG time for consensus :-)16:22
spzala_bobh: yes, development work should drive spec :-)16:23
zhipengwe discuss this altogether in Parser meeting, and I will push Shitao for the standard ack :)16:23
zhipengand then we do impl in tosca-parser16:23
spzala_bobh: as much as possible16:23
bobhspzala_: I think versioning the extensions will help here - we can have an experimental NFV version that doesn't affect the "official" NFV version16:23
zhipengversioning the extensions sounds like a good idea16:24
spzala_zhipeng: sure, yup, good plan. so when can you think as far as timeline?16:24
zhipengspzala_ what do you mean by timeline ?16:24
spzala_zhipeng: meant to say when can your team start development contribution on nfv side of tosca-parser?16:25
zhipengi think at the end of the month after we finished the planning cycle16:26
spzala_zhipeng: OK, perfect16:26
zhipengi have a whole team ready to work on this :)16:26
spzala_:-) Nice16:26
spzala_zhipeng: do you have a link to the OPNFV repo for me to learn little bit on it?16:27
zhipengso bobh would it be ok to get together at the parser meeting ?16:27
zhipengspzala_ you could go to gerrit.opnfv.org16:27
spzala_zhipeng: cool, thanks!!16:27
zhipengand search for parser like you do proj search on openstack16:28
bobhzhipeng: sure - let me know when/where16:28
zhipengbobh great I will keep you in cc'ed for our meeting :)16:28
spzala_zhipeng: please cc me too. Are you talking about OPNFV irc sort of meeting?16:28
spzala_or call-in?16:28
zhipengwe use gotomeeting16:28
zhipengsince irc is banned for our HP colleague...16:29
zhipengwe rely on email and gtm :)16:29
spzala_ahhh I see16:29
zhipengno problem I will cc you spzala_16:29
spzala_:) yup as long as it works16:29
spzala_zhipeng: thx16:29
spzala_cool, so I guess we have  a plan. Srinivas: any comment from you?16:30
spzala_srinivas: ^^16:30
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spzala_bobh: zhipeng: any comments from you?16:31
bobhspzala_: sounds good to me16:31
zhipengso far so good :)16:31
srinivasSahdev: sorry.. I got a phone call. so missed some text.. looks fine to me16:31
spzala_srinivas: np at all16:32
spzala_OK, excellent.16:32
spzala_zhipeng: thanks for joining today.. I know it's late for you so please feel free to drop if you want16:32
zhipengspzala_ okey very nice to meet you guys :)16:32
spzala_zhipeng: :-) same here !!16:33
zhipenglook forward to more discussions via email or gtm :)16:33
spzala_zhipeng: :-) yup, that will work great16:33
spzala_alright, moving on as it's late for folks in India too.16:34
spzala_bharath: anything from you?16:34
spzala_bharath: questions on the deployment work? or anything else?16:34
spzala_tbh: ^^16:34
tbhspzala_, nothing from side today16:35
spzala_:-) OK16:35
tbh*my side16:35
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spzala_so focus for next three weeks is more on heat-translator16:36
srinivassahdev & bobh, we meet in parser gtm. bye for now16:36
spzala_so that we can have a pypi 0.4.0 for heat-translator as well in line with tosca-parser release16:36
spzala_srinivas: OK, bye.. good night16:36
bobhsrinivas: bye16:36
srinivasthanks. have a good day16:36
spzala_srinivas: thanks for helping with the OPNFV work today16:36
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bobhspzala_: I know of one change needed in heat-translator - I'll push it today now that we have 0.4.016:37
spzala_tbh: pl feel free to drop as well16:37
tbhspzala_, sure16:37
spzala_bobh: OK, sure. yup, the one item that we waited on 0.4.0 :-)16:37
spzala_tbh: thanks again for joining. talk to you soon.16:37
spzala_bobh: anything else from you?16:38
bobhspzala_: actually this is a test that breaks in heat-translator with 0.4.0 tosca-parser16:38
bobhspzala_: would it make sense to update the gerrit bot to post tosca-parser changers here?16:39
spzala_bobh: I see, I thought it's the one where you couldn't add a new test without 0.4.016:39
bobhspzala_: that too :-)16:39
spzala_bobh: yes, and actually we have it with global requirement16:39
spzala_bobh: I am going to change the 0.3.0 req for heat-translator to 0.4.016:39
bobhspzala_: do you want to make the other change at the same time?  py27 tox will fail without it, I think16:40
spzala_bobh: I am also making one change in heat-translator specific to 0.4.0 so will work on updating the min. req to 0.4.016:40
spzala_bobh: no, I won't. So basically, the test that fails tox is the one you are going to fix right?16:41
spzala_bobh: I did tested manually on local env. that nothing serious is breaking in heat-translator due to 0.4.0 tosca-parser16:41
bobhspzala_: then you probably found the wordpress test that broke16:42
spzala_I know last couple of days we have few changes went in but shouldn't create much trouble16:42
spzala_bobh: hmm.. I didn't :(16:42
bobhspzala_: ok - i'll re-test - maybe something else fixed it16:42
spzala_sure, may be not and it's still breaking16:43
bobhspzala_: that was how I found the "break" statement bug - I updated to master tosca-parser and heat-translator died16:43
spzala_I did test it but not in last couple days16:43
spzala_ah, but you have fix that right?16:43
spzala_added break16:44
bobhyes - that's in 0.4.0 - I'll see if the other issue is still there16:44
spzala_Sure, sounds great16:44
spzala_bobh: thanks much!!16:44
bobhspzala_: no problem16:44
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spzala_bobh: anything else for meeting? or we can call it a meeting and continue off line discussion16:45
bobhspzala_: do you want me to put in infra patch for tosca-parser gerrit to show up here16:45
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spzala_bobh: I have that planned so let's wait with some of our testing and do it then?16:46
bobhspzala_: sounds good - thanks!16:46
spzala_spzala: little late today?16:46
spzala_bobh: no problem, thank you !!16:46
spzala_bobh: alright then, I am gonna step away for quick lunch with team16:47
spzala_bobh: talk to you soon16:47
bobhspzala_: have a good day16:48
spzala_bobh: thx. You too !!16:48
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spzalabobh: ping21:18
bobhspzala: hello21:30
spzalabobh: sorry I had to run after morning meeting but looking at the heat-translator jenkins failure21:31
spzalabobh: you mentioned you have fix for 'wordpress' interface error ? and we should do both requirement update and your fix at the same time21:32
bobhspzala: I haven't had time to reproduce it again but I do have the fix21:32
spzalabobh: cool21:32
bobhit was a change to an exception and a different version of the csar file21:33
spzalabobh: would you go ahead and update it then? It will run against 0.4.0 tosca-parser21:33
bobhsure - it might be tonight before I can get to it21:33
spzalabobh: sure, that's cool21:34
spzalabobh: and let me then send infra change patch to have 0.4.021:34
spzalabobh: I was wondering if you want to update both at same time21:34
bobhsure if you want21:35
spzalabobh: sure, thought infra sometime takes longer time21:35
bobhspzala: Looks like something else broke - lots of errors in my test env but not the one I was originally going to fix21:58
bobhspzala: using tosca-parser 0.4.0 with latest heat-translator master21:58
spzalabobh: OK, I see..let me look at it21:59
bobhI'm going to reinstall both from git and see if it helps - it was working (with my patch) over the weekend22:00
bobhLooks like osc tests are failing22:05
bobhI re-applied my patch which fixed that problem22:05
openstackgerritSahdev Zala proposed openstack/heat-translator: Test 0.4.0 tosca parser
spzalabobh: ohh NICE22:15
spzalasorry didn't see your message until now22:15
spzalabobh: Yup, osc tests are failing22:15
spzalabobh: so you have a fix now?22:16
bobhnot for osc - just for the other issue - which was only causing one test to fail22:16
bobhstill looking at osc22:16
spzalabobh: OK, I am actually thinking to skip osc tests for now22:16
spzalabobh: if we can't figure out why it's happening22:16
spzalabobh: it's strange though, all osc are failing locally22:17
bobhnothing obvious yet22:17
spzalabobh: but jenkins was fine we added osc22:17
bobhit has to be something simple22:17
spzalabobh: so I wonder if Jenkin still works with your fix and see how jenkins take it22:18
spzalabobh: true22:18
bobhI can push it if you like and see what happens22:18
spzalabobh: yup, please do so22:18
spzalabobh: let's see how it goes22:19
spzalabobh: I had two other failures in my local env. other than OSC but seems like you probably didn't see it, or your ptach is fixing them22:19
spzalabobh: cool, THANKS22:20
bobhI just saw a couple of other failures too that I hadnt seen over the weekend22:20
spzalabobh: yup, one seems with relationship -- as few patches went in parser on that subject so that's obvious but22:20
spzalaother one complaining on csar parameters requirement didn't make sense22:21
openstackgerritBob Haddleton proposed openstack/heat-translator: Update test for invalid import path with correct CSAR and message
bobhspzala: yup - something strange - maybe CSAR contents using datadefinition or something?22:22
spzalabobh: hah, yeah good point .. the test was invalid import but let me check csar22:23
spzalabobh: ahhh, I think I know what it is - one of our folk from India added validation for imports and that's where something introduced probably22:27
spzalabobh: I can fix that quickly I think22:27
spzalabobh: I need to take an undesired break .. I need to go provide few things to OpenStack Meetup hosted locally by Cisco.. I wanted to stay there but with translator test failures, I won't stay though I need to go give them things I supposed22:29
spzalabobh: may need to take an hour or so break but let's see how out patches do until then22:29
bobhspzala: sounds good - almost time for me to head out too22:30
spzalabobh: :-) OK22:30
spzalabobh: thanks, appreciate your help toward debugging22:30
spzalabobh: later22:30
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openstackgerritSahdev Zala proposed openstack/heat-translator: Update code to use tosca-parser 0.4.0

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