Wednesday, 2016-02-10

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openstackgerritMeena proposed openstack/heat-translator: Added support for TOSCA policies in Heat translator
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bobhspzala: hello15:11
spzalabobh: Hi15:13
bobhspzala: I have been looking at the helloworld and wordpress templates to test without userkey15:13
bobhspzala: neither template specifies any networks for the Server, and they won't deploy if the Tenant has existing networks15:14
bobhspzala: I can only get helloworld to deploy of the tenant has no networks15:14
spzalabobh: so that's without userkey ?15:15
bobhspzala: I haven't tried wordpress yet but I suspect it won't complete because it wants to apt-get the software packages, but there are no networks defined so no way to retrieve software15:15
bobhspzala: with and without15:15
spzalabobh: hmm.. well, we have deployed the wordpress and elk several time with heat15:16
spzalabobh: and that been working well15:16
bobhspzala: ok - i'll keep looking at it, just not sure how it can work without networks15:16
spzalabobh: the wordpress is very similar to what Heat has but this is modeled TOSCA way15:16
spzalabobh: OK, please let me know if you can't find it our with some more digging. I will request the person who worked on it and tested it many times15:17
spzalato help15:17
bobhspzala: thanks15:17
spzalabobh: you are welcome15:18
spzalabobh: just fyi, similar heat template
bobhspzala: thanks - I'll try that one too15:20
spzalabobh: yrw. thanks!15:21
bobhspzala: I figured it out - it has to be tested in a tenant that only has one network.  most of our tenants have dozens of networks, so it wouldn't work15:27
spzalabobh: ahhh15:36
spzalabobh: :-)15:36
bobhspzala: I didn't know about the default network selection when there is only one network15:37
bobhspzala: makes a lot more sense now15:37
spzalabobh: cool... we should modify our templates to work on multi networks15:37
spzalabobh: modify as a new template keeping what we have as it is15:38
spzalabobh: that's something for future, on side15:39
bobhspzala: That would also require either specifying the existing networks to use, or creating the networks in the script15:39
spzalabobh: so it worked without user key?15:39
bobhspzala: helloworld did - running wordpress now15:39
spzalabobh: yes, may be preferably ask user via parameter15:39
spzalabobh: OK, cool.15:40
spzalabobh: one of the reason to have key_name is that many/most images requires it16:58
spzalabobh: for ssh16:58
spzalabobh: I got to run but will be back after an hour or around.16:58
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bobhI agree it's often needed, but it's not required to boot the image, and setting it to a fixed value 'userkey' doesn't really work, so better to have it handled as a property19:10
bobhspzala: ^19:10
spzalabobh: yup, agree19:20
openstackLaunchpad bug 1544237 in Heat Translator "Handle key_name parameter in translated template" [Undecided,New]19:20
spzalabobh: I think the approach as I suggested in the bug above probably a proper way to handle it19:20
spzalabobh: let me know your thoughts19:21
bobhspzala: agree - and it fits in with the change I need to support properties generally on the Compute node19:21
bobhI can take the bug if you like19:21
spzalabobh: Cool. Sure, all yours :-)19:22
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