Friday, 2016-03-04

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bobhspzala: ping15:50
spzalabobh: on call, give me 30 mins pl.. pinging you back16:00
bobhspzala: np - thanks!16:00
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tbhspzala, bobh Hi16:02
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bobhtbh: hello  spzala is on a call and unavailable for 30 minutes or so16:02
tbhbobh, oh I see, thanks for letting me know16:03
tbhbobh, actually I first wrote the patch using heat client,16:04
tbhbut as spzala  felt, it will  be an another dependency we are creating for the user16:04
tbhbobh, so we decided to use ReST in this patch also16:05
bobhtbh: OK - thanks for the background  - I probably should have looked more closely at the comment history16:05
bobhtbh: I'll take another look at it16:05
tbhsure thanks bobh16:05
spzalatbh: Hi, sorry on call right now16:09
tbhspzala, sure np16:10
spzalabobh: tbh: sorry but back now16:30
tbhspzala, we were discussing about the usage of openstack clients16:34
bobhspzala: I was looking at the response from dhellman about needed an exception for the requirements change16:34
spzalatbh: yup and I see bobh is going to look at it again as he updated his review comment as well16:35
spzalabobh: oh I didn't check the patch but let me16:35
bobhhe mentioned openstack-release which doesn't seem to exist16:35
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spzalabobh: hmmm16:36
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spzalalet me find out it can16:36
spzalamay be good to ping him on #openstack-relmgr-office16:37
bobhI joined that channel but it's not coming up on my client - maybe I'll restart the client and see if that fixes it - brb16:38
spzalabobh: yup16:38
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spzalatbh: so let Bob think more about it and see what's his view16:38
spzalabobh: I guess asking for exception makes sense.. please let me know if anything needed from heat-translator side with the process16:39
bobhspzala: thanks - restarting my client started up openstack-release so I'll ping him there16:40
spzalabobh: any luck joining that channel? He usually is very good replying16:40
spzalabobh: OK, sorry though you already did :-)16:40
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bobhspzala: dhellman approved - we should be good to go16:45
spzalabobh: awesome, was about to ping .. I joined that channel and saw it16:46
spzalaso openstack-release did work for me?16:46
spzalawith # ofcourse16:46
bobhspzala: it worked for me too after I restarted - very strange - must be a bug in Limechat16:46
spzalaI see16:47
spzalabobh: well, yes Limechat behavior .. I face the same. I used to Chatzilla on my old windows and that was great16:47
bobhspzala: tbh  Is there any concern that both the get_token and get_url methods will result in a keystone auth request?  Would it be better to cache the results from get_token and use the service catalog in get_url?16:48
tbhbobh, I divided them because, may be some(new) methods will invoke any one of the methods16:50
tbhbobh, now I am thinking of such methods :)16:51
bobhtbh: I agree, I'm just not sure we need to generate a REST request every time if the result of the initial token request can be stored for reference by future calls16:52
bobhtbh: memory vs network I guess16:52
tbhbobh, rather I will modify get_token to return access_dict and token as tuple and have get_url (which accepts the access_dict and service  name)....16:54
bobhtbh: that sounds good16:55
tbhso that get_url won't invoke get_access_dict16:56
tbhif anyone wants to invoke get_url, he has to get access_dict first and pass it to get_url ??16:56
bobhtbh: I think it's reasonable to require the user get_token before get_url - at least for the orchestration URL16:58
tbhbobh, true16:59
spzalatbh: as you make changes, one more different thing,17:01
spzalatbh: in you are printing message based on code but why don't we just print content as it is17:01
spzala(as you get on heat client )17:02
tbhspzala, but that content  is a python dict containing some other params too17:03
spzalatbh: but that should be OK, that's what heat gives back and has more information on parameters, what user wanted to print with 'output' section etc17:04
tbhspzala, I was thinking, do the user really need all those information17:05
spzalatbh: I am sure, for example, that's why they have 'output' section in the template17:06
tbhspzala, but as we are printing the heat stack ID, we get more information about the heat stack deployment status,ouptut params etc from heat itself17:08
tbhspzala, let me output the dict17:08
spzalatbh: sure, cool17:08
tbhspzala, and later on we decide whether we need it or not??17:08
spzalatbh: sure, for now let's go without any cropping (I think that will also give us less headache on what to display ourself and what not)17:10
spzalaI have added as comment, for reference/history purpose17:11
tbhspzala, sure17:13
spzalatbh: thanks!! stepping away for lunch, good night and weekend to you if we don't talk again today!17:16
tbhspzala, see you :)17:16
spzalathb: :)17:16
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Updated from global requirements
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