Thursday, 2016-03-17

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spzalabobh: yay, you are back :-)16:02
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bobhspzala: still trying to figure out the time change :-)16:02
spzalabobh: hehe16:03
spzalabobh: yup16:03
spzalabobh: is this time okay for our IRC meeting for you?16:03
bobhspzala: yes - just forgot that it's an hour later now16:03
spzalabobh: ah :-) I did think about sending note but then didn't do :(16:03
shangxdy_HI, spzala and bobh16:04
spzalashangxdy: Hi16:04
bobhshangxdy_: hello16:04
spzalaI don't have a specific agenda so we can have open discussion16:04
spzalashangxdy: anything you want to update on opnfv and parser collaborative work?16:05
shangxdy_This week the meeting in opnfv is canceled for some reseans.16:07
spzalaAhh, I see16:07
spzalaOK, that's fine. I am glad that you have started reviewing parser patches :-)16:08
spzalabobh: for NFV enhanced support in Parser/Translator, may be good idea to add some new NFV templates16:09
spzalaand see how they works? You might already have something like this in plan.16:09
bobhspzala: yes - I'm sure we will have some examples from Tacker that we can include for testing and samples16:09
spzalabobh: OK, yup perfect16:10
shangxdy_we are updating the template according to the latest nfv standard.16:11
spzalashangxdy: cool, is that 'TOSCA NFV profile standard'?16:11
spzalaor something elsE?16:11
shangxdy_There are smoe capability types defined additionly.16:12
shangxdy_No, TOSCA  NFV has not be updated yet.16:13
shangxdy_But i will try it, I am contacting it with lishitao from huawei.16:14
spzalashangxdy: OK, that sounds good.16:15
spzalashangxdy: thanks16:17
spzalabobh: anything else from your side?16:17
bobhspzala: I don't think so16:17
spzalabobh: cool. we will sync up on summit work.16:18
bobhspzala: great16:18
spzalashangxdy: you aren't coming to Austin summit right?16:18
shangxdy_yes, i am sorry about it:(16:18
spzalashangxdy: no worries :( .. It's always good and productive to meet face to face at some interval but may be we will get such opportunity in some other event in future16:19
shangxdy_It's good:)16:20
spzalawell, so if no other topic for discussion, we can call this a meeting16:20
spzalashangxdy: :-) yup16:20
spzalatopol: thanks for joining today, glad you could make it :)16:20
spzalashangxdy: bobh: thanks again for joining!16:21
shangxdy_:), sorry, a problem, tosca-paser consume too many memery, is any plan to solved?16:22
spzalashangxdy: np, hah. Can you please open a bug with description of memory problem please?16:22
spzalashangxdy: it will be easier to look at it once you open it16:23
bobhspzala: ttyl16:24
spzalabobh: yup, later!16:24
shangxdy_ok, I will have a bp to reduce the memory.16:24
spzalashangxdy: that's Perfect16:25
shangxdy_any topic today?16:29
spzalashangxdy: no, I don't have any other topic to discuss16:30
spzalashangxdy: please keep opening bp/bug if you notice other improvements16:30
shangxdy_yeah, I will16:30
spzalashangxdy: cool thanks16:30
spzalashangxdy: talk to you later then16:31
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