Thursday, 2016-03-31

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tbhspzala, ping02:47
spzalahi tbh:02:47
tbhspzala, have you checked the mail regarding the output of POST request?02:48
spzalanope, just seeing it now02:49
spzalasorry missed it, seems like you sent it today02:49
spzalathanks for that mail, please give me a minute ..reading it02:50
tbhspzala, sure02:51
spzalawell so it looks great to me as you said earlier02:51
spzala1)If status_code== 201,  then send one more GET request to fetch stack details and display in table.02:52
spzala2)Else print the whole content.02:52
spzalaI was worried about time delay but seems like that's not the case02:52
spzalaso I am totally fine with the approach you are taking02:53
spzalaso for code other than 201 we will display the output right away (as you provided snippet for 400 code)02:53
spzalaand if it's 201 then we will go for GET one more time and display output02:54
spzalaI think once you have that change, let's have them merged so that if anyone wants to play with it, they can02:55
spzalaand if run into any error or per any feedback we make changes if needed02:55
tbhspzala, sure, will do that02:56
spzalaAwesome!! Thanks tbh:02:59
tbhspzala, np02:59
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Sanchita_I am facing the issue while trying to create the setup using heat06:20
Sanchita_heatclient.exc.HTTPBadRequest: ERROR: Property error: : : 'OpenStackComputeShell' object has no attribute '_discover_extensions'06:20
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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Support ansible, python and puppet scripts. Currently hardcoded by looking at the extension.
openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: On block device attachment, ignore device (unsupported) and mountpoint (badly supported) properties.
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spzalaHi all16:00
spzalatopol: bobh_: shangxdy:16:00
shangxdy_Hi, bobh16:00
bobh_shangxdy_: hello16:01
spzalaWe really don't have much in agenda today but we can start with it,16:01
spzalabobh_: and shanxdy: are here so it's perfect :-)16:01
openstackLaunchpad bug 1564415 in TOSCA Parser "nfv-tosca definition is inaccurate." [Undecided,New]16:01
spzalabobh_: shang has opened it.16:02
shangxdy_I just submit a bug16:02
spzalashangxdy: thanks for reporting it16:02
shangxdy_to bobh, how do you think about it?16:02
bobh_shangxdy_: trying to bring it up now - launchpad is slow today16:03
spzalaSeems like a minor one but might be needed change16:03
bobh_shangxdy_: we had a lot of discussions around this - technically you are correct, but if we map a VDU to a software component there is no mapping int he NFV spec to a compute16:03
spzalabobh_: :-)16:04
bobh_shangxdy_: the examples in the NFV spec document are not implementable - if you were to do exactly what the spec says you would have a software component and no place to run it16:04
spzala(my :-) was on slow launchpad, I ran into slow network this morning too)16:04
shangxdy_I know it, I have the idea before.16:05
bobh_shangxdy_: there is also no logical connection between the VNF definition and the VDU definition16:05
bobh_shangxdy_: I think VNF should have a container to reference a collection of VDUs, but that doesn't exist16:06
shangxdy_vdu must be host on compute, its a logical entity,not a compute.16:06
bobh_shangxdy_: so we had to modify the implementation of the spec to something that would actually work16:06
bobh_shangxdy_: I agree, but there is nothing in the spec that mentions that or shows any examples16:06
shangxdy_It mentions in the ETSI specification of MANO16:08
shangxdy_Actually, VUD is a deployment entity of one or moreVNFC16:08
bobh_which isn't mentioned in the TOSCA spec at all16:09
bobh_the whole thing is a bit of a mess16:09
bobh_lots of documents talking about what SHOULD be and no implementations16:09
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bobh_shangxdy_: you can talk with sridhar_ram about it - he is on the NFV Profile committee16:10
bobh_sridhar_ram: see #link
openstackLaunchpad bug 1564415 in TOSCA Parser "nfv-tosca definition is inaccurate." [Undecided,New]16:11
shangxdy_yes, It not mentions explicit, but the etsi mentions it16:11
shangxdy_HI, sridhar_ram?16:12
bobh_I'm not sure that spzala wants to support anything that's not in the NFV spec?16:12
spzalajust my two cents, if tosca nfv profile doesn't have it then current definition in tosca-parser for NFV seems good.16:12
bobh_spzala: :-)16:12
spzalabobh_: was about to give input on that :-)16:12
bobh_spzala: great minds....16:12
spzalabobh_: :-) yup, great minds think alike16:13
spzalato me, shangxdy: 's concern is real but it needs to be addressed in the tosca nfv spec first16:13
shangxdy_THere is a example in nfv spec, you can have a glimps16:14
bobh_I agree it's a concern and sridhar_ram was going to address it in the spec16:15
bobh_or try to anyway16:15
spzalashangxdy: bobh_: something was added in spec lately then?16:17
shangxdy_In another word, if vdu is derived from compute,  it will not have the requirement of host, which is also type of compute.16:18
bobh_spzala: sridhar_ram was going to request that the spec be changed so that VDU derives from Compute instead of SoftwareComponent16:18
spzalabobh_: Oh, I see. Thanks for helping understand it.16:18
spzalaI was looking at the spec and found what shangxdy is saying. So,16:18
shangxdy_yes, the wd03 will be published soon.16:19
bobh_spzala: I don't particularly care either way, but the spec as it stands is vague and the examples cannot be implemented16:19
spzalashangxdy: honestly, in TOSCA simple profile also when we find something while implementation16:19
spzalawe go with the correct practical approach and provide feedback to TC for making a change in spec16:19
* sridhar_ram wandering in...16:19
spzalawe have also talked that Spec should be driven by actual implementation16:20
spzalabobh_: I am with you on it. Shangxdy: bug is 100% valid per current spec, but I would wait on making any changes16:21
spzalashangxdy: hopefully Spec will make the change16:22
sridhar_ramshangxdy_: spzala: the next version is in two-week final review phase in OASIS.16:22
spzalashangxdy: :-)16:22
bobh_spzala: probably a good candidate for a point release on the spec, which means we need an enhancement to support point releases on extensions...nothing like making more work for myself16:22
sridhar_ramshangxdy_: spzala: It will be out soon, so hang in there ! Please don't "fix" the bug ;-)16:22
bobh_sridhar_ram: it's a feature not a bug :-)16:23
shangxdy_Ok,  we will check it again when the wd03 published.16:23
spzalasridhar_ram: hi, thanks16:23
spzalashangxdy_: yup, prefect16:23
sridhar_rambobh_: exactly .. we are going to be bleeding edge in Tacker, fixing things that doesn't make sense in implementation. OASIS TOSCA values such feedback cycle.16:24
sridhar_ramwelcome to the new world of making standards work :)16:24
bobh_sridhar_ram: I can see the agument for VDU as a software component, but it wasn't described well16:25
shangxdy_To sridhar_ram, can you relay me the draft of latest version?16:25
spzalasridhar_ram: :) yup, and it's good ..if you can't implement, it can't be a standard16:25
sridhar_ramspzala: exactly !16:25
sridhar_ramshangxdy_: is your employer a member of OASIS ? If yes, I can send a pointer for you to download from OASIS16:26
shangxdy_Sorry, I am not.16:26
sridhar_ramshangxdy_: then, if you don't mind hang in there for a week or so please. Will send a email to openstack ML once it gets released16:27
shangxdy_ok, thanks.16:29
spzalaNice, so we are good on this topic I suppose16:29
spzalashangxdy_: bobh_: ?16:30
bobh_spzala: I'm good16:30
sridhar_rambobh_: now, I thought we had challenge in describing datatypes of type "map" and some complex datatypes. This needs fix in tosca-parser ?16:30
bobh_sridhar_ram: not sure if a fix is needed or if we're just not writing them properly16:30
shangxdy_In fact, i have already found some fault in nfv spec, some are grammar error, some are about format.16:31
bobh_sridhar_ram: I want to debug the error and then ask spzala for his opinion16:31
sridhar_rambobh_: make sense. If the spec need to be "fixed up" we can do that as well.. though it will go into the next rev CSD0416:32
shangxdy_support complex datatypes, it's good.16:32
spzalabobh_: sounds good16:33
spzalashangxdy: for the bug, I have added a comment summarizing our discussion but please feel free to add your comments as needed :-)16:34
shangxdy_yeah, no problem:)16:34
spzalashangxdy_: :)16:35
spzalaSo anything else for today's meeting? It's open-discussion :-)16:35
spzalaI am planning to have tosca-parser PyPI 0.5.0 release next week16:36
spzalawe have fixed good numbers of bugs, improved tests and added loadbalancer support .. good candidate for a point release16:37
spzalajust FYI, other than that nothing else from me16:37
spzalaif nothing else, we can call it a meeting? :-)16:38
bobh_spzala: I might try to get a change in - I'll see how much time I have16:38
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bobh_spzala: I want to rework how the extensions are loaded16:39
spzalasridhar_ram: thanks for joining in discussion today. bobh_: shangxdy_:  good discussion16:39
spzalabobh_: sure16:39
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spzalaI was planning to have release on Monday but can push it by a day (or more if you need), otherwise we can have those changes in 0.6.016:40
bobh_0.6 is probably fine16:40
spzalabobh_: OK, perfect. This will give us a time for 0.5.0 release of heat-translator around Austin summit time i.e. by end of Mitaka release cycle16:41
sridhar_ramspzala: sure, tacker 0.3.0 released today. Thanks for the support! Couldn't have done w/o you and bobh_ help !16:41
spzalaso then we can start Newton cycle with 0.6.016:41
spzalasridhar_ram: you are welcome and thank you! bobh_ is awesome :)16:42
spzalaalright then thanks again for joining today's meeting and bye for now !!16:42
shangxdy_bye everyone:)16:43
spzalashangxdy: must be late for you. good night!16:43
spzalabye :)16:43
shangxdy_I go to sleep now:)16:44
spzalashangxdy_: :-) yup good idea16:44
spzalaI will go for lunch ;)16:44
shangxdy_have a  good lunch:)16:45
spzala:) thanks16:45
shangxdy_bye, all!16:45
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