Tuesday, 2016-04-05

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bobh_spzala: ping00:32
openstackgerritBob Haddleton proposed openstack/heat-translator: Fixed ip_address handling for tosca_network_port.py  https://review.openstack.org/30141200:57
spzalabobh_: Hi01:08
spzalabobh_: kids bed time, so stepping out in few so something quick we can chat or if you can please email me.. I will be reviewing the patch soon too :)01:09
bobh_spzala: no problem.  Just wanted to let you know about the bug.  Hoping it can make the next point release.01:20
openstackgerritBob Haddleton proposed openstack/heat-translator: Fixed ip_address handling for tosca_network_port.py  https://review.openstack.org/30141201:39
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spzalabobh_: OK, yup thanks! Heat-Translator point release is few weeks from now, so no worries at all. I am going for tosca-parser pypi point release tomorrow.02:45
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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: On block device attachment, ignore and drop device property (unsupported).  https://review.openstack.org/29982808:38
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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Support ansible and puppet scripts. Currently hardcoded by looking at the extension.  https://review.openstack.org/29982709:02
openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Support ansible and puppet scripts.  https://review.openstack.org/29982709:03
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spzalatbh: ping16:30
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Fixed ip_address handling for tosca_network_port.py  https://review.openstack.org/30141217:51
spzalabobh_: ping18:10
bobh_spzala: pong18:10
spzalabobh_: getting ready for tosca-parser point release and found one patch in tosca-parser can break heat-translator18:10
spzalaI can fix the upstream github repo18:11
spzalabut I believe with tacker requirement, it will need new heat-translator pypi right?18:11
spzalait's a minor patch and I am thinking to undo it for now, in order possibly let heat-translator 0.4.0 work with upcoming parser 0.5.018:12
bobh_spzala: yes - I would not expect tacker to take the new tosca-parser point release until the heat-translator point release is available18:12
spzalaI see. So I thought per tacker requirement it's 0.4.0 or above but let me check it again,18:13
bobh_spzala: it is18:13
spzalaso parser 0.5.0 don't work with translator 0.4.0 - is that OK for tacker?18:13
bobh_spzala: I guess it would be an end-user issue if they updated parser18:14
bobh_are you going to update the global requirements for parser before heat-translator 0.5 is out?18:14
spzalawell heat-translator current requirement will automatically pickup the latest parser18:15
bobh_ah - then it will probably cause the regression?18:15
spzalaso it will fail itself, but that's something I can fix in upstream and as usually we say, heat-translator 0.4.0 won't work with 0.5.0 of parser i.e. in order to use 0.5 of parser, translator user need to wait for translator 0.518:16
spzalatosca-parser>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.018:17
spzalaheat-translator>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.018:17
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spzalain Tacker requirement, will break translator18:17
bobh_and probably too late to fix for Mitaka18:17
spzalaand in future, we may run into this kind of issue18:17
spzalaso let's not worry about it18:17
spzalaI can undo parser change that's breaking translator18:18
spzalabut now since you mentioned Mitaka18:18
bobh_that sounds like the least amount of effort - for everyone else :-)18:18
spzalaI am little worried that if something still can break heat-translator, then you will need to change the18:18
spzalarequirement in Tacker18:19
bobh_should we pin our versions and update them manually?18:19
spzalaand as you said, global requirement team may be reluctant to make any changes at this point18:19
bobh_going forward....18:19
bobh_since we have a reasonably string dependency on parser and translator18:19
spzalaI think that's a good idea for sometime till we get to 0.9.0 of parser and translator18:20
bobh_ok - I'll put the change in tacker-master - not sure it can be backported but better to have it going forward18:21
spzalauntil then local requirement can be set to a 'specific ' release (or can be changed easily as needed if not set to specific release)18:21
spzalaso since no one is shouting for tosca-parser point release right now, I think I can postpone the release until summit18:22
spzalai.e. until Newton cycle start18:22
spzaladoes that sounds good?18:22
bobh_yep - sounds good18:23
bobh_thanks for looking out for us!18:23
spzalaCool. Sure, no problem at all!18:24
spzalaBTW, it's this small change - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/281247/1/toscaparser/functions.py18:25
spzalawhich was not a bug, but more like a better practice and18:26
spzalabut that change is what breaking heat-translator18:26
spzalajust FYI :-)18:26
spzalabobh_: ^^18:26
bobh_spzala: thx18:32
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bobh_spzala: it's always the one-line "simple" code changes that cause the most problems18:38
spzalabobh_: LOL18:39
spzalabobh_: True18:39
bobh_#link http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~jdalbey/SWE/Papers/att_collapse.html18:40
bobh_showing my age....18:40
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spzalabobh_: LOL18:41
spzalabobh_: good read and unbelievable18:42
bobh_I was around for that - lots of unhappy people in Bell Labs Switching - I used to bowl with the some 4ESS support guys18:46
bobh_our code review coverage went way up after that :-)18:46
spzalaoh Wow18:48
spzala:-) that sure is a good outcome of 'lesson learned'18:48
spzalabobh_: didn't think you were part of Bell Labs then .. thought by 'age' you meant to say article'ss old one. Such an experience.18:50
bobh_I started at AT&T Network Systems (manufacturing side) in 1988 and AT&T Bell Labs was (literally) across the street, designing the hardware and writing the software for the gear we manufactured and supported.  It was a very cool time to be here.18:52
spzalabobh_: I just twitted :-) for benefit of others and specially mine to keep the link handy :-)18:57
bobh_spzala: very cool - I'm famous :-)18:58
spzala(You will see the tweet as you were mentioned but just fyi, if you don't often check tweets)18:58
spzalabobh_: YAY18:58
bobh_spzala: yep - I got an email notification18:58
bobh_spzala: I'm old fashioned - I prefer email18:59
spzalaWell, I like emails too but I get both email and text notification :-)18:59
spzalaI found 'text' handy specially for quick communication at the openstack summits19:00
spzalaother than that it's mostly annoying19:00
bobh_spzala: LOL - too true19:01
bobh_off to a meeting - ttyl19:01
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spzalaOK, later!19:01
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