Thursday, 2016-04-07

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openstackgerritSanthosh64 proposed openstack/heat-translator: Implemented Scaling policies in heat translator
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spzalaHi all16:00
tbhspzala, Hi16:00
spzalatbh: bobh_: topol:16:00
bobh_spzala: I need to leave in a few minutes for an appt16:00
spzalabobh_: OK, sure16:01
spzalabobh_: is anything from you that needs discussion? we can cover it first.16:01
bobh_spzala: I don't think so16:01
spzalabobh_: OK, cool16:01
spzalamainly I wanted to discuss
spzalawith tbh:16:02
tbhspzala, yup16:02
spzalaand (image-create section)16:03
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spzalayou might have looked at them already? but if not16:04
spzalashangxdy: o/16:04
spzalatbh: ^^16:05
shangxdywhat's the main topic today?16:05
spzalathose are the metadata properties that Glance support when create image16:05
tbhspzala, yes, I will take a look at these properties, and see how this fits16:05
spzalashangxdy: it's this blueprint,
tbhspzala, what kind of metadata can we expect from template16:06
tbhspzala, these ones
shangxdyok,i am learning about it first.16:07
spzalatbh: yup16:07
spzalaones listed for the image16:07
spzalawhen query Glance, the image may or may not have not have all of the tosca template image metadata16:07
spzalabut we will look for best match as we do16:07
spzalaand find the closest one16:07
tbhspzala, got it16:08
spzaladoes that make sense? one thing I see, is 'type' property16:08
spzalaseems like that's the only one there is no good mapping with Glance common metadata16:08
spzalabut if it's TOSCA user created image, it might have 'type' as Glance seems let specify user what they want16:09
spzalaso we can search for type but if it's not there, may be using 'distro' we can find out type at high level16:09
spzalaand we will leave our built-in images names as is (similar to how we did it in Nova flavor case), if can't find anything in Glance then we use one from what we have16:10
tbhspzala, but we need to search with those metadata instead16:11
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spzalatbh: sorry, didn't get it :(16:11
spzalatbh: yes, we will search Glance with the Glance keyword that maps to TOSCA image properties name16:11
spzalabut if we don't find anything then we use something from what we have16:12
shangxdyI also have the same confusion about current implementation, i think the flavor should be select by orchestrator, not hard-coded in heat-tranlaotr.16:12
spzalashangxdy: the orchestrator, in our case Heat, requires Flavor to be provided16:12
tbhspzala, yes, I am looking at searching for the images using those metadata16:12
spzalashagnxdy: if eventually they can support constraint based selection of flavor, we don't need to do it in heat-translator16:13
spzalafor now, we have to16:13
spzalatbh: perfect16:13
shangxdyis search Glance also out of the scope of heat-translator?16:13
spzalashangxdy: yes, as of today16:13
spzalaHeat requires to provide image16:13
spzalaso heat-translator need to set one to produce a valid hot template16:14
spzalatbh: also, using REST calls as we are doing with other projects sounds good choice16:15
tbhspzala, but I believe, we don't have glance api to search for images using metadata, but not sure16:15
spzalatbh: hmmm it should, Glance let you set meta data when create image so that image can be searched using them16:17
spzalatbh: but if using Glance client is our only choice, we have to go with client then16:17
spzalatbh: if you can't find any doc, please let me know I will talk to Glance team and try to find out16:18
tbhspzala, sure, thanks!16:18
spzalatbh: no problem16:18
shangxdyDuring producing a complete HOT,heat may help to select the flavor according to the result created by heat-translator.16:19
spzalashangxdy: sorry didn't get it?16:19
spzalaHeat does NOT support such a feature16:19
shangxdyYes, heat not support curently, but i think this is heat's responsibility.16:20
spzalashangxdy: ideally it's good, but it's not per their design16:21
spzalashangxdy: if they support such a feature, we will be happy to remove our code to search flavor and image right away :-)16:21
shangxdyHeat-translator use client to do so is not goog, i think16:21
spzalano other choice as of today :(16:22
shangxdyAs a input parameter,give this to the user to choose currently?16:24
spzalachoose what?16:24
spzalasorry didn't get it16:25
shangxdyHard-coded is not appropriate too.16:25
spzalashangxdy: sorry I don't understand, can you please elaborate?16:25
spzalashangxdy: ^^ :-)16:28
shangxdyAccording to the wishes of the user, directly transferred to the hot16:28
shangxdybefore call openstack restful api, use must bu create the flavor correctly16:29
spzalawe have documented that fact that user need to make sure flavor and image of their choice is in the env16:29
shangxdyThis only a choose to user, but is inconvenient.16:30
spzalaA TOSCA user with criteria of image and flavor,16:31
shangxdyIt's inconvenient16:31
spzalawhat's incovenient and what's the solution?16:31
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shangxdyThe solution what i said is inconvenient, but it's a choice to user:)16:32
spzala:) OK so I guess you are fine with what we today but you are saying that it's a choice to user16:33
spzalatbh: anything else from you?16:34
tbhspzala, that's all from my side, I will ping, if I got any queries16:34
spzalatbh: cool, thanks!!16:35
spzalashangxdy: any other topic for discussion from you?16:35
shangxdyThat's all.16:36
spzalashangxdy: thanks!!16:36
spzalaWell, we can have it a meeting today then16:37
spzalaThanks much everyone for joining! and talk to you again soon. P16:37
spzalalease email or ping if need any discussion16:37
spzalagood night tbh: and shangxdy:16:37
tbhspzala, have a great day, bye!16:38
spzalathanks both, tbh: shanxdy:16:38
spzala:) bye!16:38
shangxdybye everyone:)16:38
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