Tuesday, 2016-05-03

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spzalabobh: Hi14:41
bobhspzala: hello14:42
spzalabobh: how are you? Hope you had a great summit :-)14:42
bobhit was good - still trying to get caught up at work after a week away :-)14:43
spzala:-) I am sure14:43
spzalaI am going to release 0.5.0 of tosca-parser today or tomorrow and as we talked before summit that will break heat-translator 0.4.0 but I will be creating 0.5.0 of heat-translator too by end of this week or Monday14:44
spzala(hopefully this week only but monday just in case)14:44
bobhspzala: ok - so that means installations of Tacker that pull in tosca-parser 0.5.0 will break, right?14:44
spzalathe break will be only for heat-translator 0.4.0 but since Tacker is going to use heat-translator 0.4 with tosca-parser 0.5 it will break14:46
spzalathe fix can be changing requirement to have tosca-parser 0.4 in tacker or if you can wait for couple of days then14:46
bobhShould I update requirements for master to pin to 0.4.0 tosca-parser for now?14:46
spzalaI will have heat-translator 0.5 so then that will work fine with tosca-parser 0.514:46
spzalain order not to break at all, I think that's a good idea14:47
bobhok - I'll get that into master today14:47
spzalaOK, cool14:47
spzalaplease add me as reviewer to that patch so that I can get update on it14:48
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bobhwill do - gotta run to a meeting - ttyl14:54
spzalabobh: thanks, ok14:54
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bobhspzala: Build fails when I pin the release to ==0.4.0 because global requirements allow >= 0.4.016:33
spzalabobh: true, yup I did think that you were going to change global req but when you said master thought good idea to check that out16:39
spzalabobh: so our option is either change global req or wait for another version of heat-translator i.e. 0.516:40
bobhspzala: I was hoping not to change global....16:40
spzalaglobal changes may take some time for review16:40
bobhsridhar_ram: ping16:40
spzalaah, no global does overpowers as far as I know.16:41
sridhar_rambobh: pong16:41
bobhsridhar_ram: spzala needs to release tosca-parser 0.5.0 which is incompatible with heat-translator 0.4.016:41
spzalagoing forward, you should have in global for sometime to equal to a particular release i.e. 0.5.0 in next release instead of >=0.5.016:42
bobhsridhar_ram: I was hoping we could pin the tacker requirement to 04.0 but since global is >= 0.4.0 the build fails16:42
bobhspzala: we could start that now with 0.4.0 if it makes sense16:42
sridhar_rambobh: gotcha..16:42
spzalabobh: it does16:42
bobhspzala: ok, I'll submit the request to global16:42
spzalabobh: but as I was saying global changes may take sometime to merge16:42
spzalaunless you can request someone to quickly look at it and merge16:43
spzalahopefully requesting someone should be fine I guess, since it's straightforward change16:43
sridhar_ramspzala: does project requirements needs to be *exact* as in global requirements...16:44
sridhar_ramspzala: ?16:44
spzalahopefully if they merge it by tomorrow that would be great16:44
* sridhar_ram is catching up here16:44
bobhspzala: upper-constraints already has 0.4.0 - does that make a difference?16:44
spzalasridhar_ram: yes, global takes priority as far as I know .. that's the idea behind global req. And bobh already tested it16:45
* bobh wondering if we don't really have a problem because of upper-constraints...16:45
sridhar_ramspzala: bobh: this is going to be an ongoing issue between our two projects. we need to find a way to handle this w/o going through disruptive cycle...16:45
spzalasridhar_ram: I think the solution is, to have Tacker use a specific release of heat-translator and tosca-parser16:46
bobhsridhar_ram: spzala I'm no expert, but I would expect that the upper-constraints limitation would apply here and 0.5.0 won't be used by any project until the global requirememt is updated16:46
spzalavs. >=16:46
spzalabobh: :-) me neither expert on global ..checking the global req file16:47
spzalabobh: so you changed the Tacker requirement to tosca-parser=0.4.016:48
spzalaand bobh: that fails the build?16:48
bobhspzala: yes16:48
bobhspzala: but I'm thinking it's unnecessary if upper-constrains won't allow 0.5.0 to be picked up anyway16:48
spzalacan you change that for hea-translator as well?16:49
* sridhar_ram got interrrupted... will be back16:49
bobhspzala: already there16:49
spzalabobh: hmmm16:49
spzala==== ?16:50
bobhcopied from upper-constraints.txt16:50
spzalaahhh :-) I see, yep that's what I see there16:50
spzalabobh: not sure, but if it's quick try then can you check tosca-parser=='0.4.0'16:52
spzalaand same for heat-translator16:52
bobhtacker requirements.txt has:16:53
bobhtosca-parser==0.4.0 # Apache-2.016:53
bobhheat-translator==0.4.0 # Apache-2.016:53
spzalabobh: in global req, global-requirements.txt has tosca-parser>=0.4.016:54
bobhspzala: yes - very few entries in global-requirements have '=='16:54
bobhFrom the requirements README.md:  'upper-constraints.txt is machine generated and nothing more or less than an exact list of versions.'16:55
spzalabobh: hmm.. tacker requirement.txt on master has tosca-parser>=0.4.016:55
bobhspzala: right - that's what I changed16:55
spzalabobh: ok, gotcha16:56
spzalabobh: sorry but I was saying to have '0.4.0'  - with single quote16:56
bobhspzala: ah - I ca try that16:56
spzalanot sure if that makes any difference but that's what I was saying to try as I see similar16:56
spzalabobh: sure16:57
bobhjust pushed it - we'll see what Jenkins says16:57
spzalabobh: OK, cool16:58
bobhif that doesn't work I'll submit the global-requirements change16:58
spzalabobh: ok, but what changes would you submit in global?  for requirement.txt? as you said, upper constraint one looks good16:58
bobhif upper-constraints is machine generated than I expect it will change to 0.5.0 for tosca-parser when that library is updated16:59
spzalabobh: true, so are you saying to submit global req change once tosca-parser is published?16:59
spzalabobh: let's see how Jenkins goes and then we can watch what happens after tosca-parser 0.5 release, we can ask someone in requirement for help too17:01
bobhspzala: sorry, got distracted.  I was thinking to submit the global-requirements change, but worried that it might cause problems in other projects that are using tosca-parser, if they have >=17:10
spzalabobh: yes that's what I was thinking too17:10
spzalabobh: that's where I was wondering to ask for help in global req / release team if we need to after Jenkins result17:11
bobhspzala: ok17:12
* sridhar_ram is wandering back and catching up17:13
bobhHow about this - tosca-parser>=0.4.0,!=0.5.017:16
bobhthat should do it17:16
bobhif it will take it in the local requirements.txt - I'll try it17:17
spzalabobh: hah :-) sure17:17
sridhar_rambobh: good idea17:17
spzalabobh: sure, did Jenkin already fail? or are we still waiting on it?17:17
bobhspzala: Jenkins failed again17:18
bobhjust pushed the !=0.5.0 change - we'll see if it flies17:19
spzalabobh: :( OK, well let's go with your work around. Hopefully that will be it.17:19
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bobhspzala: might have to push that to global-requirements too, but at least it won't break other projects - actually the change to == wouldn't break the other projects either, just would push the requirements change out from ProposalBot17:23
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spzalabobh: OK, sure if it works for all we are good17:36
spzalabobh: sorry, had to step away17:36
bobhspzala: no worries - I'm going to step away shortly myself17:36
spzalabobh: :-) OK17:37
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spzalabobh: seems like Jenkins still failing after your latest update. How about this - I will release tosca-parser 0.5.0 tomorrow and then release heat-translator 0.5 on Thursday (unless we hit anything more than the only issue I see in testing) .. just a day gap should be good for Tacker.18:55
spzalaand then afterwards we deal with global req for changes needed for future18:56
bobhspzala: sridhar_ram  - ok - should we send a note to the ML with a heads-up?18:57
spzalasure, we can but I would after parser 0.5.0 is out?18:58
bobhspzala: ok, sounds good18:58
spzalabobh: cool, yup sounds like a plan. I will ping you soon parser is out tomorrow.18:59
bobhspzala: thx18:59
spzalabobh: you are welcome18:59
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