Tuesday, 2016-05-24

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aasmithHi -- any plans to implement substitution_mappings in order to support NSD?14:56
spzalaaasmith: Hi15:33
aasmithhello -- I just found an IRC chat from about 5 weeks ago15:33
spzalaaasmith: yes, we recently had some discussion on it and a developer from opnfv team is willing to implement it15:33
spzalaaasmith: :-)15:33
spzalaaasmith: are you using heat-translator/tosca-parser?15:34
spzalaaasmith: Nice15:34
aasmithwe are integrating with tosca-parser/heat-translator/Tacker for an NFVO demo15:35
spzalaaasmith: may I know some more on that? If you like to contribute to the projects as well you are very welcome :) We have this IRC channel, and we have weekly meeting every thursday at 12-1pm EST15:35
spzalaaasmith: Nice15:36
aasmithWe are demonstrating multi-vim NFVO capability.  We know that Tacker has aspirations of multi-VIM.15:38
spzalaaasmith: Sure, that's cool.15:39
aasmithWe started by wanting to integrate with the tosca-parser for syntax checking / TOSCA verfication and to split an NSD into multiple target VIM tosca templates15:40
aasmithHowever, now it looks like we will need to do some very simple custom parsing of the NSD in order to determine the resource split.15:42
spzalaaasmith: sure that can be proper usage of tosca-parser, that's the reason sometime back we spun tosca-parser as standalone library.  Hmm.. I didn't get NSD part but tosca-parser can be used for validation as you said.15:43
spzalasorry on a call15:44
spzalaThanks! Please feel free to chat or ask questions on this channel anytime.16:10
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sridhar_ram_spzala: ping21:47
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spzalasridhar_ram_: Hi22:44
sridhar_ram_spzala: howdy !22:45
spzalaGood :) how are ya?22:45
sridhar_ram_spzala: is anyone starting to work on substitution_mapping support in tosca-parser ?22:45
spzalasridhar_ram_: yes, few days back opnfv developer said he would work on it. I will confirm with him on progress this thursday's irc meeting or via email and update you on it if that sounds good? If he couldn't work on it, myself or someone from us needs to work on it.. it's a priority item22:46
sridhar_ram_great.. we are scoping the NSD work in tacker and this is a huge dependency (as you are already aware)22:47
spzalawe have some work done but didn't have any concrete use case or example22:48
spzaladoes Tacker have any good template available?22:48
sridhar_ram_FWIW, here is the spec on Tacker NSD .. https://review.openstack.org/30466722:48
sridhar_ram_i'm planning to respin this spec w/ a sample substitution_mapping usage22:49
spzalaAwesome, that would be very useful22:50
spzalasridhar_ram_: good rest of the day and evening.. I am calling it a day unless you need me to stay online22:52
sridhar_ram_nothing else for now... please drop a line when you hear more on opnfv person's contribution..22:53
sridhar_ram_spzala: thanks!22:53
spzalasridhar_ram_: np, thank you! Yup, I will.22:53
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