Thursday, 2016-06-30

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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Handle interfaces directly defined on a TOSCA Compute node.
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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Fully implements the semantic of get_* operations : - handle optional capability/requirement parameter - handle optional nested property / index
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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Fully implements the semantic of get_* functions : - handle optional capability/requirement parameter - handle optional nested property / index
openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Implements get_operation_output function.
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openstackgerritMathieu Velten proposed openstack/heat-translator: Implements concat function translation.
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spzalaHi all16:00
spzalabobh: tbh: topol:16:00
tbhspzala, Hi16:00
spzalaHey Bharath16:00
spzalabobh: around?16:00
spzalatopol: o/16:02
spzalanot sure if shangxdy is joining16:02
spzalabobh: o/16:02
spzalathe only two topics we have for today besides open discussion are heat translator reviews and design related16:03
spzalafirst there are good number of patch on heat translator so please review :-)16:03
bobhspzala: will do16:04
tbhspzala, sure16:04
spzalathanks bobh: tbh:16:04
spzalasecond specifically this one,
spzalaThere is a good discussion in comments and the Alvaro and I had some offiline discussion, I will add that as comment to patch for everyone to look at it16:05
bobhspzala: I can see both sides on that one - not an easy decision16:06
spzalayup, agree but good thing both sides has more pros than cons16:07
spzalathis is summary of what we concludes: we will move using clients (from REST apis) as it allows easy  authentication (there is a use case that requires custom auth)  and absolutely client handles needed complexities of api call16:08
spzalathe disadvantage is this will create dependency on client, but considering the need and advantage it sounds fair to move to clients16:09
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spzalaSecond, we will continue using shell.py16:10
bobhspzala: I agree - maintaining the API calls manually is too hard16:10 will allow deployment as well as of today, if such an option is specified openstack client code will be invoked underneath16:10
shangxdyHi,spzala and bob.16:11
spzalabobh: yes, the main advantage was not to have dependency but we can assume safely that folks interested in deploying into openstack cloud will have them16:11
spzalaor willing to have them16:11
spzalashangxdy: Hi16:11
bobhspzala: definitely for heat_translator - not much sense in translating without openstack16:11
spzalabobh: yup16:12
bobhspzala: the only issue would be if anyone wants to do offline translation they would still need the clients, but that should not be a big deal16:12
spzalabobh: though there are cases where people may want to translate for later usage or just to play without a proper environment16:12
spzalabobh: so we will continue shell usage which is already there and legacy16:12
shangxdyDisccuss about translation online?16:14
spzalabobh: that's what honestly I was worries but it seems as long as we don't hit code requiring dependency it should let offline translation16:14
spzalashangxdy: hi we discussing this patch
spzalabobh: and that's what I would expect as Alvaro and I on the same page that we will continue usage of which can be run with or without openstack clients.. the use of OpenStackClient will require openstack env16:15
shangxdyOk,i take a look firstly.16:16
spzalashangxdy: :) ok16:16
bobhspzala: sounds good to me16:16
spzalabobh: cool, thanks .. but as part of review if you can think some more or double check the translation without openstack clients can work with the patch, I will appreciate it.16:17
bobhspzala: no problem16:18
spzalatbh: you too please have that consideration as you review patch that can be run without openstack clients in env16:18
spzalashangxdy: as you look at the patch and have comments please update as review comments16:19
tbhspzala,  these discussion will be more helpful for this16:19
spzalatbh: sure16:19
spzalamoving on16:19
spzalashangxdy: any update on substitute mapping work?16:20
spzalashangxdy: thanks16:20
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spzalaaloga_: Hi, we were just having team discussion about patch
shangxdyabout substitute mapping, i'am in the progree of implementation in tosca-parser.16:22
spzalashangxdy: cool, thx. are you targeting patches anytime soon?16:22
shangxdyI am debuging the code and find some bugs.16:23
spzalashangxdy: OK, cool16:24
shangxdyafter the bugs have been soleved, i'll uploade the code.16:25
spzalashangxdy: OK, great, thanks! Please let me know if you run into anything, substitute mapping support is important.16:25
spzalawell that's all we had, and can move to open discussion now :)16:26
shangxdyThe last weeks i'v prepared for opnfv summit, so delayed  some time.16:26
spzalaanyone has anything to discuss or update with team16:26
spzalashangxdy: ah, nice and np at all. when's the summit?16:27
spzalaor is it already done?16:27
shangxdyIt's already done last weekend:)16:28
spzalashangxdy: :) nice, I guess the one in Germany? I hope it went well for you.16:28
shangxdyI'am now in trouble that in substitution mappings, whether the system shall import the definitions of subsystem?16:29
spzalashangxdy: I need to look but I guess so that it should16:30
spzalashangxdy: we have one example of it under tests16:30
shangxdyYes, it's a great days in berlin except the time difference:)16:31
spzalashangxdy: test template of substitute mapping with subsystem def is in tests under topology_template16:32
spzalashangxdy: hehe, cool and yes time diff is always a challenge for short stay16:32
shangxdyThe example do not import the subsystem, and now i add import statement in subsystem in implementatation16:33
spzalashangxdy: please look at it and we can discuss more offline on IRC or via email16:33
shangxdyyou are right, i am justing the time diff:)16:35
spzalashangxdy: we can continue that discussion and give other folks time back :) if that sounds good16:35
spzalashangxdy: lol :)16:35
spzalabobh: tbh: anything else from you?16:35
shangxdyok, i wish i can upload the code next week.16:36
bobhspzala: no - I'm good16:36
tbhspzala, that's all from my side :)16:36
spzalashangxdy: that would be perfect, Monday is US holiday (Independence Day) just fyi16:36
spzalabobh: tbh: :) cool, thanks!16:36
spzalaWe can call this a meeting then16:37
shangxdyo, happy holidy!16:37
spzalashangxdy: thanks!16:37
spzalashangxdy: we can continue chat if you want16:37
spzalaalright, end of meeting then. Thanks much everyone for joining!!16:39
shangxdyI'll send email when it's necessary.16:41
spzalashangxdy: sure that sounds good16:42
spzalashangxdy: or pl ping me on IRC16:43
shangxdyThat's all from my side.16:44
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spzalashangxdy: ok, cool16:49
spzalashangxdy: good night, bye16:49
shangxdyby spzala, i'am adding patchs about policytype definition.16:52
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