Thursday, 2016-07-21

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openstackgerritAlvaro Lopez Garcia proposed openstack/heat-translator: use keystoneauth and OpenStack clients
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spzalaHi all tbh: bobh: shanxdy: topol:16:00
tbhHi spzala16:00
spzalaQuick meeting, open discussion :-)16:00
spzalaI have to leave in 30 mins for another meeting but 30mins should be good enough hopefully16:01
spzalatbh: hi16:01
spzalatbh: finally sent you email just now16:01
tbhspzala, yup :)16:01
spzalatbh: :)16:01
spzalacan you please review as soon as you can?16:01
spzalatbh: I know it's late for you today so if not today hopefully by tomorrow if you can put your comments?16:02
tbhspzala, sure16:03
spzalatbh: thanks16:03
spzalaalso, on substitute mapping16:03
tbhspzala, by tomorrow, I will have some question htaas BP16:03
spzalatbh: sure, please ping me on htaas anytime or shoot me email16:03
spzalatbh: the main use case for it is consumability16:04
tbhspzala, waiting for this patch :)16:04
spzalatbh: :) yup I remember16:04
spzalatbh: unfortunately for substitute mapping the examples in spec are not clear enough but16:05
spzalawith this and related patches we should be able to create a good example16:05
tbhspzala, yeah I will go through this, I want to envision how heat-translator outputs substitution_mappings16:06
tbhspzala, this patch will help16:06
spzalatbh: sure, cool16:07
spzalatbh: I don't if you know Thomas spatzier (we called him father of TOSCA :)) has authored substitute mapping but his focus changed sometime back so he isn't focused on tosca16:08
spzalabut he is still at IBM and we can get him on any question if something I or we together can't figure out16:09
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spzalaso please let me know any questions you may run into16:09
tbhsure Sahdev16:10
spzalashangxdy: Hi16:10
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spzalaoops seems like we lost shang16:12
spzalatbh: I will be occupied most week next week as instructor on some training classes so going to cancel next week's IRC meeting16:13
tbhspzala, oh okay16:13
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spzalashangxdy: hi there?16:16
shangxdyHi, i finally connect the network!16:19
spzalashangxdy: ahh.. :-)16:19
shangxdyThe wifi is not good.16:19
spzalagot it16:20
spzalaare you back from travel?16:20
shangxdyyes, i came back yesterday from beijing16:20
spzalashangxdy: ok, nice. thanks for the substitute mapping patch. I am in mid of few things but will be reviewing soon and tbh is going to review too16:21
spzalajust added him as reviewer16:21
shangxdyBut next week we will make a vacation:)16:22
spzalashangxdy: :) COOL. Enjoy it with family.16:23
spzalashangxdy: no problem, anything else that you have in mind for discussion? Due to another meeting, I need to leave in 5 mins16:24
spzalatbh: anything from you?16:24
shangxdyThe code is not complete, i will submit the left after the patch。16:24
tbhspzala, nothing from my side16:24
spzalatbh: thanks16:24
spzalashangxdy: sure, that's no problem16:25
spzalashangxdy: so when you said not complete, I believe your patch can't be merged as is?16:25
spzalashangxdy: but I guess you want initial review comments on it?16:26
shangxdyCurrent code is about frame part, the details and test case will be added later。16:26
shangxdyI can be merged16:27
spzalashangxdy: ok that's cool16:27
shangxdyIt can be merged after review:)16:28
spzalaalright guys I need to step out for another meeting. tbh: shangxdy: thanks for joining today!16:28
spzalashangxdy: yup :-)16:28
tbhspzala, bye16:29
spzalatbh: bye good night16:29
spzalashangxdy: good night16:30
shangxdyI will add more details later about validation and test case。16:30
shangxdyspzala,good afternoon:)16:30
spzalashangxdy: :)16:31
shangxdybye,spzala and everyone。16:31
spzalashangxdy: bye16:31
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