Wednesday, 2016-08-03

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openstackgerritSanthosh64 proposed openstack/heat-translator: Implemented Scaling policies in heat translator
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shangxdyHI, spzala17:11
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spzalashangxdy: Hi17:22
spzalashangxdy: up late :-)17:23
shangxdyI have just now notice your comments.17:24
spzalashangxdy: sure, does they make sense?17:24
spzalashangxdy: I have just right now posted a comment17:24
spzalashangxdy: drafted it but just published.. please take a look17:25
spzalashangxdy: pointing exactly where in code I think we should be able to handle sub_mapping17:25
shangxdyI agree code must be tested enough17:25
spzalashangxdy: thanks, but please look at my comment I just posted.17:26
shangxdy"only setting sub_mapping to null in topology_template for now (which is null right now anyway) and build passes successfully"17:26
shangxdyAre you sure to update the patch completely before your test?17:27
spzalashangxdy: with that comment what I was saying is, if you remove all the changes you  have in that doesn't impact the build17:27
spzalaexcept that topology_template takes sub_map in arg which is set to null even with your changes I think..17:28
spzalaAs I commented, I would alway like to have patch backed by tests but for this patch17:28
shangxdyI'll update and have a look17:28
spzalashangxdy: cool, per my latest comment, I think it should be easy and proper way to handle sub_map by looking into imports and finding out which ones has sub_mapping based on keyword17:29
spzalano need to modify constructor or iteratively call the ToscaTemplate class from within it17:29
shangxdyDo you notice the test function17:30
shangxdy Do you notice the test function17:30
shangxdyDo you notice the test function test_system_template(self) in
spzalaalso, I was saying that the method you have added in are not tested and has no impact, you can remove them for now from this patch and add them with tests that you have already planned for17:31
spzalayes I did17:31
spzalabut that should pass jenkins unless I made some local changes and that made tox pass :(17:32
spzalabut if anything that I missed and is needed to pass the test method, I am totally fine with it17:32
shangxdyI have test part of the patch, and if you set sub_mapping to none, the test function will run error17:33
spzalamy main concerned is modifying the constructor17:33
spzalado you think my latest comment is something you can incorporate ?17:34
shangxdyYour test is  main about the constructor without extra param?17:34
spzalafor sub_mapping the time it makes sense is when the imported templates has that section17:35
spzalaand in that we substitute node in main template which is passed to the ToscaTemple17:35
spzalaso that's the main case that needs to be handled17:35
spzalayup that's my main concern17:36
spzalaiterating over template imports it should be easy to get which one is meant for sub_mapping17:37
shangxdy"a method here to get all the templates" the all templates means nested templates?17:38
spzalaall the templates that offers substitution_mapping17:39
spzalaI believe that's what you need right?17:40
spzalaonce you have that, then I guess you can use that with many of your current methods you have17:40
shangxdyI think so, but now the patch find the nested templates too, they are only instantiated before matching the  node template17:41
spzalayou can use the same method to find all nested templates as well, again you need to iterate over imports17:42
spzalaso nested templates are superset and one with sub_mappings are subset of it17:42
spzalasince it's a big patch I would usually find it more useful and test if we iteratively add patches as needed17:43
spzalaso if we can handle substitute mappings that should enable initial support for it17:44
spzalaand you can add more on top of it as needed17:44
shangxdy"iterating over template imports" is based on the raw yaml format?17:45
shangxdyOk, we can import the nested template first. It's sure too big patch17:45
spzalaonce we load templates, we have a method in that iterates over list of imports ("importslist" var)17:47
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shangxdyI may not express my whole idea completely in the patch.17:47
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spzalai guess that gives all the nested (imports) templates17:48
spzalashangxdy: sure, so if you can only provide support for sub_mappings with the current test templates you have modified and provide tests for validating them and substitute that would be great17:49
spzalashangxdy: and by all mean, it's a great work .. the you have added is great17:49
shangxdyI think it's no problem to get all the imported templates, the point is to associate them  with node templates.17:50
spzalaso if you can get list of all templates that supports sub_mapping before call to the topology_templates it should be in similar line to with what you have17:51
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spzalaif self.topology_template.tpl:17:52
spzalayou get all templates that provides sub_mapping17:52
spzalaand then you already have call later where you use it,17:52
spzalareturn TopologyTemplate(self._tpl_topology_template(),17:52
spzala                                self._get_all_custom_defs(),17:52
spzala                                self.relationship_types,17:52
spzala                                self.parsed_params,17:52
spzala                                self.sub_mapped_node_template)17:52
spzalahopefully you don't need to change flow much17:53
shangxdyIn ToscaTemplate create all TopologyTemplate objects? not nested toscatemplate objects?17:56
shangxdyI thought doubt It, but this solution will miss some informations such as repo.17:58
spzalano I am saying that once you get all the template which offers sub_mappings17:58
spzalayou should be able to go with your flow without nested toscatemplate objects17:59
spzala(we should avoid modifying constructor and nested toscatemplate objects)18:00
shangxdyHow to get all the nested template except the solution in the patch?18:01
shangxdyI know your concern "avoid modifying constructor":)18:02
spzala:) ok, let's try one more time or I will try to modify code:18:02
spzala1. get all the templates that offers sub_mappings18:02
shangxdyfine, can you give the modified code about that?18:04
spzalaOK, let me try working on it and I will get in touch with you18:04
spzalaI will be starting to work on tosca parser release so please bear with me if I take some time18:05
spzalawhen are you going on vacation?18:05
spzalaor are you already on vacation? :)18:06
shangxdy:) I'll try to avoid modifying the constructor, but i give up because of diffculty18:06
spzalashangxdy: :) no worries, if you can try on that please put some thoughts, and meanwhile I will start modifying the patch locally and see how it goes18:07
shangxdyThe difficulty come from much code modified and heat translator.18:08
spzalashangxdy: agree it's difficult but let's try, once we modify the signature of constructor and make a release we are stuck with it due to backward compatibility reason18:09
shangxdyWith current patch, heat-translator will be easy to support sub_mapping.18:09
spzalashangxdy: sure, my attempt is to keep current flow much same as possible, but adding arg when it's not needed that's something we need to avoid18:10
spzalafor a method signature it's ok, but for an entry class it's not unless we can't find any other way18:11
shangxdyOk, let's try, i'll do it again after vacation.18:11
spzalashangxdy: ok, perfect18:11
spzalashangxdy: thanks for your patience :)18:11
spzalaand have a great vacation time18:11
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shangxdy:) thanks your patience too.18:12
spzalashangxdy: :) no problem18:12
shangxdyenjoy family vacation:)18:12
spzalashangxdy: :) thanks, you too!18:13
spzalashangxdy: bye18:13
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