Thursday, 2016-09-15

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openstackgerritUkesh Kumar proposed openstack/heat-translator: The translation of server's IP as output is error
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Judge volume error for tosca-compute translation
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spzalaHi all bobh: tbh: topol: shangxdy:16:00
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spzalahow are you bobh: ?16:01
bobhspzala: pretty good - how was your trip?16:02
spzalabobh: cool. My trip was great, tired though, got home late midnight yesterday  :)16:02
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spzalatbh_: Hi16:03
spzalawell, so not much on my side besides
openstackLaunchpad bug 1615568 in Heat Translator "scaling convertion fails" [Critical,New] - Assigned to bharaththiruveedula (bharath-ves)16:04
spzalaand good that we all three are here16:04
spzalaKanagarajM: hi there ?16:04
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spzalatbh: sorry not on top of all the email conversation we had in last few days but I guess you did make progress, the question is on the approach that we want want to take?16:06
tbhspzala, right16:06
spzalatbh: and that you are waiting on hearing back from KanagarajM16:06
tbhspzala, yes16:06
spzalatbh: cool, thanks16:06
spzalatbh: good idea if you can brief it to bobh: too16:07
spzalafrom Tacker's perspective16:07
tbhspzala, sure I will do16:08
spzalatbh: thanks actually thought if bobh: can look at it quickly16:08
spzalaif you can take a look and see it16:09
* bobh looking16:09
bobhlooks complicated :-)16:11
tbhbobh, the out put should be like this
tbhbobh, this is the child template I was referring
bobhtbh: Does the ASG need to be created in a separate template?  Is there a reason not to include it in the main template?16:13
bobhtbh: I see - to group the resources?16:14
spzalabobh: I think that's correct, so multiple resources specifying them via separate template is the way16:15
tbhbobh, exactly, we can't apply same ASG for multiple servers unless it is defined in separate template16:16
spzalatbh: so for the two templates of tacker you provided above, I think you have fix for that scenario right?16:16
bobhspzala: So the Scaling policy triggers the creation of a "higher level" template that includes the ASG, which points at the lower-level tenplate16:16
bobhspzala: this could get really complex really fast16:17
spzalabobh: that's correct16:17
tbhspzala, not fully implemented, but yes16:18
spzalatbh: bobh: and so that's why I would think that we need to take a baby steps here16:18
spzalatbh: bobh: that first patch can support the basic scenario which tbh: can implement16:18
bobhspzala: I agree - small steps are good16:18
spzalaand then as we go forward on top of it we try to support future completed scenarios16:18
spzalabobh: thanks, yup16:19
spzalatbh: I agree :-) .. not fully implemented but you are working on it :)16:19
tbhspzala, yup :016:20
spzalatbh: so I think the best approach is with your patch we provide support for the basic multiple templates translation output16:20
spzalatbh: and that should make Tacker requirement satisfied for their current scenarios16:20
spzalaand we go forward from there for other complicated scenario. Kanagaraj should be fine with it16:21
spzalatbh: that sounds good? Once you have tested it and if you can update a patch that will be good to review and discuss16:22
tbhspzala, yup, sure I will push the patch asap16:23
spzalatbh: appreciate it, thanks much. I know it sometime involves work overhead but makes process fast16:24
spzalatbh: bobh: and with that patch merge we should be good to go for translator 0.6.0 release16:24
spzalaAlso one more review request,
spzalabobh: specially from Tacker side, hopping it won't break anything with above patch16:26
spzalaAs I mentioned in my comment, I had a blueprint opened sometime back to handle HOT versioning too16:26
bobhspzala: I'll take a look16:26
spzalabobh: thanks16:27
spzalatbh: so once you push the patch, I will get hold of Kanagaraj, if he isn't available via irc/emails, on phone16:28
tbhspzala, sure, thanks, that will be helpful16:28
spzalatbh: no problem, thank you for staying on top of this critical bug!!16:29
tbhspzala, np :)16:29
spzalawell, that's pretty much it from my side. Anything else bobh: tbh: ?16:29
bobhspzala: nothing here16:29
tbhspzala, nothing from my side16:30
spzalabobh: tbh: :) :) cool16:30
spzalawell, thanks again and have a good rest of the day bobh: and good night tbh:16:30
bobhspzala: thanks - you too16:30
tbhspzala, good night :-)16:30
spzalathanks both! :-)16:31
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openstackgerritbharaththiruveedula proposed openstack/heat-translator: Add nested template support for auto scaling
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