Thursday, 2016-09-22

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openstackgerritshangxdy proposed openstack/heat-translator: The translation of server's IP as output is error
openstackgerritshangxdy proposed openstack/heat-translator: The translation of server's IP as output is error
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openstackgerritshizhihui proposed openstack/heat-translator: Delete the files in MANIFEST.IN
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spzalatbh: hi14:36
tbhspzala, hi14:38
spzalatbh: hey, if you have few mins can you please review this patch
spzalaquick one :)14:42
tbhspzala, sure14:46
spzalathanks tbh14:47
tbhspzala, np :)14:48
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spzalatbh: you will be around for next couple hrs? and join our meeting today too?15:11
tbhspzala, yes15:12
spzalatbh: cool, thanks!15:12
openstackgerritMerged openstack/heat-translator: Doc update on automatically deploying template
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spzalaHi all bobh: tbh: topol: shagnxdy:16:00
tbhHi spzala16:00
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spzalashort meeting16:00
spzalathere are couple of things but for one we need shang16:01
spzalathe other main item is to have heat-translator pypi release today and it's on track16:01
spzalatbh: can you please test Tacker with current/master repo of heat-translator and make sure it passes all the tests?16:02
spzalabobh: used to help with it but seems like he isn't available16:02
tbhspzala, sure16:02
tbhspzala, yeah no problem16:03
spzalatbh: thanks, please raise bug or shoot me mail if you run into anything.16:03
spzalatbh: :)16:03
tbhspzala, ok16:04
spzalathe other item to discuss is
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shangxdyHi, spzala16:05
spzalatbh: I will be out for an hour or so after meeting today .. just fyi16:05
shangxdyI'am updating the patch.16:05
spzalashangxdy: hi, how are you?16:05
spzalashangxdy: which one?16:05
tbhspzala, I will mail you the results16:05
shangxdyFine,thank you16:05
spzalatbh: perfect and we can discuss it on this channel too if needed discussion16:06
shangxdyThe ip output, and the networks should be deleted16:06
spzalashangxdy: :) great .. np16:06
spzalashangxdy: so the way it's there in your patch doesn't work right? I did comment on it.16:06
spzalashangxdy: let's see with your patch update but if you are planning to use first_address, I don't think that's a good idea.. that attribute is deprecated in heat and that means it can be removed16:07
openstackgerritshangxdy proposed openstack/heat-translator: The translation of server's IP as output is error
spzalashangxdy: well you updated what I feared about :-) and as I said above :-)16:08
shangxdyyes, it does't work before the latest update. i'll fix it just now.16:09
spzalashangxdy: first_address is deprecated sometime back and that's why we moved to using what's out there today16:10
spzalaoriginally we had exactly what you changed in latest patch16:10
spzalaso thought first_address works because it's deprecated (unless anything changed as of today, please make sure) it can not be supported in future16:11
shangxdySure, first_address is not good when multiple ips in compute. but it is ok current when there is only one ip.16:11
shangxdyIt will be deprecated? i don't see it in the spec.16:13
shangxdyfirst_address: {description: 'Convenience attribute to fetch the first assigned network16:13
shangxdy    address, or an empty string if nothing has been assigned at this time. Result16:13
shangxdy    may not be predictable if the server has addresses from more than one network.'}16:13
spzalathere is no mention of it there16:14
openstackLaunchpad bug 1302466 in heat "first_address attribute should be deprecated" [Undecided,Fix released] - Assigned to Sergey Kraynev (skraynev)16:15
spzalashangxdy: if you can please take a look to those links and also see if anything else you can find out, that would be great16:16
shangxdymy god, it's sure in the latest spec.16:16
spzalashangxdy: :) let's do this, let's research little bit more ?16:18
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spzalaKanagarajM: Hi16:18
spzalashangxdy: I am having a conflict, something I said in the start of meeting to have a short meeting today16:20
shangxdyThe patch 1302466 was created in 2014, but first_address is still there in Mitaka.16:21
spzalashangxdy: if heat doc still says it, as sometime it lingers in doc, then we should open a bug against heat16:21
spzalashangxdy: agree16:21
spzalaI was hopping to have it confirmed with KanagarajM:16:21
spzalaif anything is changed in heat and we can use first_address then I think we can put more thoughts with your proposal (btw, thanks for your email on it) and see how best we can use it16:23
spzalashangxdy: thanks16:23
spzalaKanagarajM_:  hi16:23
spzalashangxdy: tbh: I need to leave if there is no other discussion right now?16:23
tbhspzala, yup sure, already started testing16:24
spzalashangxdy: tbh: I should be back in hour or so and we can continue discussion or take it via mails16:24
spzalatbh: awesome!16:24
shangxdyIt's all from my side. please review
spzalaKanagarajM_: when you have a minute, no rush, but if you can tell about use of 'first_address' attribute of Nova resource that would be helpful. Seems like it's deprecated ? and in that case we won't use it.16:25
spzalashangxdy: thanks.. yup, that's in my list of TODO and will review it hopefully now .. due to work on heat-translator release and my travel I wasn't able to review16:26
spzalashagnxdy: but doing it soon, hopefully later today or tomorrow16:26
spzalatbh: shangxdy: thanks much! ending meeting :-) .. need to run16:27
shangxdy:), thanks.16:27
tbhspzala, sure :)16:27
spzalashangxdy: :) np16:27
spzalatbh: shangxdy: :) bye16:27
shangxdybye spzala and tbh.16:27
shangxdygood day.16:27
spzalashangxdy: you too, good night :)16:28
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openstackgerritshangxdy proposed openstack/heat-translator: The translation of server's IP as output is error
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shangxdyspzala, i reviewed the heat code  just now, first_address still exists in the latest version of heat.16:35
shangxdy ATTRIBUTES = (16:36
shangxdy    ) = (16:36
shangxdy        'name', 'addresses', 'networks', 'first_address',16:36
shangxdy        'instance_name', 'accessIPv4', 'accessIPv6', 'console_urls',16:36
shangxdy    )16:36
shangxdyif name == self.FIRST_ADDRESS:16:36
shangxdy            return self.client_plugin().server_to_ipaddress(16:36
shangxdy                self.resource_id) or ''16:36
shangxdySo currently, we can use it:)16:37
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spzalatbh: hi back17:27
spzalatbh: :)17:29
tbhspzala, I just send the test report to your mail17:33
spzalatbh: thanks! Is everything ok?17:34
spzalatbh: hope no breaking related to translator?17:34
tbhspzala,  few tests failed,but it is not related to heat-translator I guess, I am testing those tests individually again17:34
spzalatbh: thanks, I see some failed tests but hard to tell if it's from translator17:36
spzalatbh: does tox pass?17:36
tbhspzala, yes epy27 tests passed, few errors in pep8, so no issues with tox17:36
spzalatbh: not sure how you are running functional tests? one way to make sure, you might thought that too, is run those without master of heat-translator and see the failed tests are there?17:37
spzalatbh: NICE17:37
tbhspzala, I have commented "heat-translator" in requirements.txt  and ran tox -efunctional17:38
tbhspzala,  with the created virtualenv python binary I have manually install heat-translator of master branch17:38
spzalatbh: hmm .. why commenting translator? and then run test?17:39
spzalatbh: ok that's nice but then you should leave heat-translator uncommented to test the one you installed manually?17:39
tbhspzala, so it won't install pypi release version17:39
spzalatbh: I see17:40
spzalatbh: it's requirement.txt you said17:40
spzalatbh: OK makes sense so you do have installed master version of translator.. sounds good17:41
tbhspzala, yes17:41
spzalatbh: I misunderstood17:41
tbhspzala, this is the version of heat-translator version currently installed "heat-translator==0.5.1.dev61"17:41
tbhspzala, can you cross verify this?17:41
spzalatbh: perfect that's master17:41
spzalatbh: that's good17:42
tbhspzala, only three tests are failing, am checking those17:42
spzalatbh: OK sure17:43
tbhspzala, all the three tests are not related to heat-translator17:46
spzalatbh: :) :) yay17:46
spzalatbh: nice and thank you so much .. we can go ahead with release .. if anything in worst case break I think I can revert release17:47
tbhspzala, sure17:48
spzalatbh: :) thanks again! Will let you know once it's out ... but please feel free to log out if it's sleep time :-)17:49
tbhspzala, btw I haven't changes the version of tosca-parser17:51
spzalatbh: that's fine17:55
spzalatbh: can you check the version it must be 0.6.017:56
tbhspzala, yes 0.0.017:56
tbhsry 0.6.017:56
spzalatbh: :) np, ok that's perfect than17:57
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tbhspzala, logging off18:11
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spzalatbh: :) OK18:14
spzalashangxdy: if it's there but it's deprecated than no point using it temporarily18:21
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