Thursday, 2016-09-29

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openstackgerritshizhihui proposed openstack/heat-translator: Remove H803 of flake8 ignore list in tox
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spzalaHi everyone topol: bobh_: tbh:16:00
spzalao/ howdee bobh_: ? :-)16:01
bobh_spzala: heading down your way next week for Family Weekend16:01
spzala:-) NICE!16:02
bobh_spzala: long drive :-)16:02
spzalaany plan to stop by to Raleigh ;-)16:02
spzalayup, that's for sure16:02
bobh_unfortunately no - my wife doesn't want to spend any more time in the vehicle than absolutely necessary16:02
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spzalaOK, yup that make sense16:03
spzalaso not for now, but hopefully sometime future :)16:04
bobh_spzala: hopefully16:04
spzalashangxdy: Hey, how are you?16:04
spzalabobh_: :-) yup16:04
spzalashangxdy: cool16:05
spzalabobh_: shangxdy: no major agenda for the meeting today, the week was great. We had heat-translator 0.6.0 out with many good features..thanks to your and whole team's contribution16:05
bobh_spzala: +116:06
spzala:-) thanks both!16:06
spzalaso it's more of an open discussion today16:06
shangxdyMy pleasure.16:06
spzalashangxdy: we can discuss a bit more today if you want to16:07
spzalabut I am hopping you would agree with my latest comment there16:07
shangxdyOk, i'll take a look16:07
spzalashangxdy: sure16:08
* topol better late than never16:08
spzalabobh_: for curiosity, is tacker latest release out too? or still WIP?16:08
spzalatopol: o/16:08
spzalatopol: lol16:08
shangxdyI'am busy this week, and the next week is the National Day, so i have not took more time for community.16:08
bobh_spzala: I believe latest is out but I haven't been keeping up unfortunately16:09
* bobh_ bad core team member..16:09
spzalabobh_: OK, no problem at all. I didn't see any ML announcement either but hopefully we will find out16:09
spzalabobh_: nah, you have been a great core team member16:10
bobh_spzala: I did chat with sridhar_ram a bit about using later versions of Heat templates - we should probably move the baseline up to at least Liberty, since Kilo is put to bed16:10
spzalabobh_: we all get busy so no worries16:10
spzalabobh_: OK, so the master of Tacker is already using heat-translator 0.6.016:11
spzalabobh_: so if there is need for dependency for this release with tacker release I guess 0.6.0 should work just fine and good idea to stick with latest16:11
bobh_spzala: I believe so16:12
spzalabobh_: :)16:12
spzalashangxdy: no problem at all, I see the reason now .. I was wondering on no quick patch update on susbstitution_mappings validation patch :-)16:13
spzalashangxdy: so no problem with the output patch16:13
spzalaand thanks for the update16:13
shangxdyI'll update it as soon as possible.16:15
spzalashangxdy: bobh_: Barcelona summit plan?  I believe shangxdy isn't going16:15
bobh_spzala: I'll be there16:15
spzalashangxdy: thanks and no rush, please take your time. I know you stays on top of the patch updates.16:15
spzalabobh_: awesome16:15
shangxdySorry, i won't go to Barcelona16:15
spzalashangxdy: :( but np, that's what I thought too as you16:17
spzalausually don't come to openstack summits16:17
spzalabobh_: shangxdy: unless we have anything else to discuss, we can call this a meeting and get remaining time back ;)16:18
bobh_spzala: sounds good to me - I won't be at next week's meeting - will be driving southeast16:19
spzalabobh_: :-) sure, have a safe and fun trip!!16:19
shangxdyI'll try to go to Sydney next year.16:19
spzalashangxdy: aha, that's nice :-) so hopefully we will meet face to face there :-)16:20
bobh_shangxdy: Definitely hoping to go to Sydney!16:20
shangxdyThe patch #370720 will be abandoned?16:20
spzalabobh_: :-) Me too16:21
spzalashangxdy: yes, but let's keep it open for now just in case the original submitter has any comments.. he haven't yet replied on anything16:21
shangxdyNo problem16:22
spzalashangxdy: thanks16:22
spzalashangxdy: that's a challenging problem to solve, hopefully we will come up with a good idea as we brainstorm more on couple thoughts I have on related bug16:22
spzalashangxdy: anyway we will discuss/brainstorm more .. I will try to find out if can programmatically retrieve the correct network name16:24
shangxdyI agree.16:24
spzalashangxdy: bobh_: I guess nothing else so let's end meeting?16:25
bobh_spzala: sounds good16:25
spzalabobh_: :)16:26
shangxdyShall we resolve the problem of output in the patch of
openstackLaunchpad bug 1626079 in Heat Translator "get_attr output attribute is always set to private" [Undecided,New]16:27
spzalashangxdy: yup, that's the bug I mentioned16:27
spzalashangxdy: but in a separate patch for this bug to make it clean16:27
shangxdyGreat, we will try together.16:28
spzalashangxdy: sure, that sounds good to me16:28
shangxdyAfter the next week, i think i will take much more time on it.16:29
spzalashangxdy: :-) thanks, sure that sounds great!16:30
shangxdyNext is the National Day in china, so we won't work for a week.16:30
spzalashangxdy: ah, so the whole week holidays? that's nice16:30
spzalashangxdy: so just to get idea, National Day is a full week vacation and Chinese new year is a two week holidays? Those are two big holidays I guess?16:31
shangxdyyes, we look forward to the longest holiday.16:31
shangxdyChinese new year is one week too16:32
shangxdySo National Day in china is also the longest holiday:)16:34
spzalashangxdy: :) Nice. OK I thought new year is two weeks but I guess usually many people combine it to two week with person vacation16:34
spzalashangxdy: :) cool .. celebration time :)16:34
shangxdyYou are right, we combine the person vacation to the new year holiday.16:35
shangxdyThank you very much.16:35
spzalashangxdy: yup, and that's cool16:36
spzalashangxdy: you are welcome16:36
spzalashangxdy: ending meeting now? unless anything else from you? no rush on ending16:37
shangxdyThat's all from my side.16:38
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shangxdyBye, spzala and bob.16:39
spzalashangxdy: cool, thanks!!16:39
spzalashangxdy: bobh_: topol: thanks for joining!! good day, good night and bye for now!16:40
shangxdygood day.16:40
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