Thursday, 2016-11-03

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spzalatbh: topol: bobh_:16:01
tbhspzala, Hi16:01
spzalatbh: bobh_: o/ How are you?16:03
bobh_spzala: just about recovered from jetlag16:04
spzalatbh: bobh_: hope back to routine after long week in Barcelona16:04
spzalabobh_: :-) cool16:04
bobh_spzala: are you feeling better?  Getting sick while traveling is never fun16:04
tbhspzala, yup, am fine, what about you?16:05
spzalabobh_: yup it was nightmare .. yes, still recovering but much better now. Not back to normal meal yet16:05
spzalatbh: cool, thanks. ^^ I am getting better16:05
spzalaWell, so if you guys can fill me on friday's cross project session and any other discussion on parser/translator that would be great.16:06
bobh_spzala: Actually not much to report - Tacker was looking for substitutionmapping support which is already available, so that was easy16:07
spzalabobh_: thx, Nice16:07
bobh_spzala: they would like to move some of their custom node types into the tosca-parser but I suggested that needs to wait until the next version of the NFV template is released16:08
spzalaHow about Senling / AutoScaling in general ?16:08
bobh_spzala: unless they want to maintain their custom nodes in a tosca-parser extension16:08
bobh_spzala: The Senlin discussion was interesting - it's still not entirely clear what the benefits are - I think they are going to try to do a PoC to demonstrate how it is supposed to work16:09
spzalabobh_: sure, yes if it's something they wanna do right away16:09
tbhspzala, and one more thing which I have to test from my side for confirmation, is how to refer outputs of child templates in parent template16:09
tbhspzala, I mean in nested templates case16:09
spzalabobh_: OK, that's interesting I hope there is a good use case16:09
bobh_autoscaling that would be needed16:10
spzalatbh: OK, I guess that's where we need create new APIs16:10
bobh_Darn - lost a whole line of text16:10
bobh_spzala: It's not clear to me why anyone would move to Senlin as long as Heat still supports autoscaling - but if/when Heat deprecates autoscaling that would be needed16:10
spzalatbh: Mathiue mentioned he will be adding new APIs under so if you can review the patch please as you get time that would be very helpful.16:11
bobh_spzala: another issue with nested templates is the need for the server invocation of heat-translator to be able to access all of the child templates16:11
spzalaAPIs to access template and related child templates16:11
bobh_spzala: it would be interesting if we could generate the child heat templates as additional documents in the same YAML stream using the YAML multiple document feature (--- markers)16:12
tbhspzala, sure, added to my bucket16:12
alogaspzala: good to see that you're recovered :)16:12
spzalabobh_: sure, so that's where I guess my above comment on APIs can fulfill the need I guess16:12
bobh_spzala: I'll take a look at the patchset.  It would be helpful if Heat could accept a multi-document YAML file that contained all of the nested templates inline16:13
tbhbobh_, yes that will solve many issues16:13
spzalaaloga: Hey, :) glad you joined and thanks yes much better. Friday night turned out to be worst and one point thought of cancelling the flight but after consulting airport pharmacy few hours in advance of flight and getting some medicine and electrolytes, made it to home :)16:14
spzalabobh_: agree, though for now the decision is Heat wouldn't deprecate any AutoScaling support but the same time no new support is going to added16:14
spzalatbh: Thanks and yes agree!16:15
spzalabobh_: I believe Heat lets you do it by setting required templates as environment -e option16:16
spzalabobh_: and there is an alternative to -e is there too16:16
spzalaso we should be easily (hopefully) invoke heat with multiple templates output from translator16:17
spzalabobh_: thanks on patch review16:17
spzalabobh_:  tbh: so for multiple template output let's write a blueprint? and have see we all are good with the design16:19
spzalatbh: you are on top of it and I think as of today we are producing multiple templates and since we place them at the same location, auto deployment seems working too16:22
spzalatbh: but the problem is to access them and that's what new APIs will solve16:22
bobh_spzala: My only concern was how a server invocation of Translator would access the multiple files16:22
spzalatbh: so I guess in a way we are good with this approach16:22
spzalabobh_: I think that's where we need to specify the child template in environment16:24
spzalabobh_: APIs will more like solving problem for Tacker or anyone to access all related template but you are right it doesn't solve the invocation16:24
bobh_spzala: that's why I was thinking about the multiple documents in a single file/stream YAML feature - might work16:25
spzalabobh_: well, but something Heat won't take. So using the current support from heat using environment should be good idea.. need to dig more though16:27
tbhspzala, yes agree16:28
spzalatbh: sure thanks!16:28
spzalabobh_: tbh: and I had some talk to Kanagaraj (who is long timer heat core)16:29
spzalatbh: I guess you did propose a similar idea of writing multiple docs into same YAML stream and it wasn't found as good approach with current heat support?16:30
tbhspzala, yes, that's the feedback I got from heat guys16:30
spzalatbh: thanks16:31
spzalatbh: I guess not just Raj but you did talk to folks on heat channel16:31
spzalabobh_: as long as we can make invocation work I guess we are on same page right? regardless of a specific approach?16:32
tbhspzala, yes16:33
bobh_spzala: yep - as long as it works I don't particularly care how - the multi-doc YAML approach is cleaner but if Heat doesn't support it then it doesn't really matter16:33
spzalatbh: thanks! can you please continue owing that space for child templates support with some example template you have already created? I guess you are but just to make sure that we don't wait on each other :)16:35
spzalabobh_: yep agree16:35
tbhspzala, you mean to check the child templates support?16:36
spzalaFor Senling specific translation, for now user has to go through use of tosca.policies.Scaling.Cluster16:37
spzalaas otherwise we don't know whether we doing Heat AutoScalingGroup or Senlin resource16:37
spzalabut I guess at this point no body has any problem there16:37
spzalatbh: yes, to make sure that we can use -e or other nested template behavior needed by Heat to deploy translated template where output has a main plus child template16:39
spzalatbh: hope that makes sense?16:39
spzalatbh: I will be glad to help with as well if you need me16:39
tbhspzala, got it, sure I will reconfirm that again16:40
spzalatbh: cool, thanks!!16:40
spzalatbh: bobh_: heat translator has generated good interest from few other folks whom unfortunately I couldn't meet on scheduled Friday meeting but meeting them early next week, I will be updating soon I have more info.16:41
spzalatbh: bobh_: anything else that we need to discuss today?16:42
tbhspzala, sure, that will be helpful16:43
spzalathanks again both for filling me on summit discussion16:43
tbhspzala, that's all  from my side16:43
bobh_spzala: nothing here16:43
spzalatbh: yep it's great and sure will be doing it as soon as I can, if possible I will have them on IRC meeting next week16:44
spzalabobh_: tbh: Cool16:44
spzalabobh_: tbh: thanks again guys!!16:44
spzalaaloga: still there?16:45
spzalaaloga: I guess dinner time for you :)16:45
spzalabobh_: tbh: bye for now!16:46
tbhspzala, bye16:46
spzalatbh: no Diwali vacation this week for you?16:46
spzala:-) I guess it used to a week of holidays16:46
tbhspzala, it's already over16:47
spzalai.e. holidays (not vacation)16:47
spzalatbh:  :) OK16:47
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