Thursday, 2016-12-08

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mmd10Tosca parser is failing to translate vnfd template with "security_groups" option. Is there anything am i missing? help please02:43
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bobhspzala: ping15:49
spzalabobh: hey there15:49
bobhspzala: just wanted to let you know I have a conflict for 10amCST meeting15:49
spzalabobh: thanks for the heads up, and no problem at all. I will update you if anything of interest comes out.15:50
bobhspzala: thanks!15:50
spzalabobh: and btw, I will be cancelling weekly meetings for rest of the year after today's one15:51
bobhI'll leave the window open so I can see the transcript15:51
spzalabobh: you are welcome15:51
spzalabobh: ok, that's perfect :-)15:51
spzalabobh: I will be on vacation from Monday for most rest of the days of the month ;) I hope you have a good vacation plan too :-)15:53
spzalaHi all tbh: shangxdy: topol:16:00
bobhspzala: Thanks - you too!  See you in 201716:00
spzalabobh: :-) Thanks Bob!!16:00
spzalatbh: shangxdy: there?16:02
tbhspzala, hi16:03
spzalahey Bharath16:03
spzalatbh: we talked enough lately so i guess nothing much to talk today? :-)16:05
spzalatbh: it's open discussion16:05
tbhspzala, I need to update the osc part from HTaaS, doc is done locally16:05
spzalatbh: we can talk about HTaaS? I guess that's going per plan16:05
tbhspzala, I will push both changes in the same patchset16:06
spzalatbh: :-) OK, thought so. NICE16:06
spzalatbh: yep sure that makes sense16:06
spzalatbh: I am going to cancel meetings from next week for rest of the year. I will be on vacation most time from monday16:06
spzalabut will be reviewing patches16:07
spzalaand checking emails and try to be on IRC too on and off16:07
tbhspzala, oh cool, will be contact with you through mail then16:07
spzalatbh: sure, and whatsapp for anything urgent :)16:07
tbhspzala, yup16:08
spzalatbh: would like to see couple more patches go in in translator and parser before 0.7.0 release in the first week of January,16:08
spzalatbh: patches in general, couple from me and from shang, Mathiue16:09
tbhspzala, HTaaS from my side :)16:09
spzalatbh: HTaaS I am not planning to have in 0.7.0 release, I would like to test it ourselves well before we merge it16:09
spzalatbh: :) well yes but ^ :)16:09
tbhspzala, oh okay np16:09
shangxdysorry, i'am late by ten minutes.16:10
spzalatbh: I guess that makes sense, to test it well yourself and I and I will ask bobh or shangxdy as well16:10
spzalashangxdy: hi, no problem at all :-) no worries16:10
tbhspzala, yeah that would be helpful too16:10
spzalashangxdy: how are you?16:10
spzalatbh: sure16:10
shangxdythanks, i'am fine:)16:11
spzalashangxdy: :) np, cool16:11
spzalashangxdy:  tbh: and I were talking about 0.7.0 release and plan for the rest of the year16:11
spzala^^ no meetings after today's one, we will stay connected via emails and IRC and gerrit review :-)16:12
spzalashangxdy: I saw your updated patch today on sub_mappings, thanks, I will be reviewing it16:13
shangxdyHappy vacation with family!16:13
spzalashangxdy: I believe after this patch, we are mostly done with sub_mappings in tosca-parser, and you will start working on translator support for it16:14
spzalashangxdy: Thank you!!16:14
shangxdyOk, thanks, after this patch, i'll submit capability&requirement validation and test cases.16:14
spzalashangxdy: for heat-translator work, you need to use tosca-parser changes locally until we have 0.7.0 released16:14
spzalashangxdy: Sure, that sounds great16:15
spzalatbh: shangxdy: are you going to take some time off as well?16:15
tbhspzala, last week of December16:16
shangxdyyes, i will work on heat-translator after the 0.7.0 release, or it will run error when submit code.16:16
spzalatbh: Nice16:16
spzalashangxdy: yup, and if you want to play with it you can use latest tosca-parser installing locally16:18
shangxdyI need to continue to work until the end of next month.then it‘s new year in china.16:19
shangxdyIt's sure:)16:19
spzalatbh: I should be able to check in patch for of refactored softwaredeploymentgroup today.. something for you to review :)16:20
spzalashangxdy: :)16:20
spzalatbh: shangxdy: what else that we need to discuss?16:21
shangxdyWhen is the due for release 0.7?16:22
spzalashangxdy: shooting for Jan 10. I wanted to have 0.7 of tosca-parser released this week and it looks good, but while testing it locally I found that 0.7.0 of tosca-parser will break heat-translator16:24
spzalaand heat-translator is waiting on a patch from mathiue on API support for nested template, so something we can't create a 0.7 of it right away16:24
spzalaso Jan 9-11 we should have release for both 0.7.0 of tosca-parser and heat-translator16:25
openstackLaunchpad bug 1641734 in Heat Translator "get_operation_output translation is broken" [High,New] - Assigned to Sahdev Zala (spzala)16:25
shangxdyThat’s great.16:25
spzalais the bug I opened with detail of expected break, I have a fix for it but I need to wait to have 0.7 of parser first,16:26
spzalaonce we have it, will add my fix to heat-translator and then have 0.7 of it too16:26
shangxdyOk, i have got it.16:28
spzalashangxdy: cool, thanks!16:28
spzalashanxdy: tbh: any other topic?16:28
shangxdyThat's all from my side.16:29
spzalashangxdy: thanks16:30
spzalatbh: anything?16:30
spzalatbh: bobh: shangxdy: aloga: topol: I will be cancelling rest of the meeting this month. We will resume in first week of January but we sure will continue collaborating via emails or IRC or gerrit. This was a great year - we had three pypi releases of tosca-parser and three of heat-translator something we all can be very proud of. Thank you all so much for such a great year!!!!!16:32
spzalashangxdy: I would let you go, won't keep you up late today :-)16:34
spzalashangxdy: thanks again and good night!16:34
shangxdyIt's my pleasure.16:35
spzalashagnxdy: thx :)16:35
shangxdyOk, bye, spzala and all, good day!16:35
spzalashangxdy: thx, bye!16:35
tbhspzala, sorry  had to move to another thing immediately16:40
spzalatbh: np at all, that's what I thought too :)16:41
tbhspzala, nothing from side and happy vacation Sahdev :)16:41
spzalatbh: :) OK, cool. Thanks Bharath!16:44
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openstackgerritSahdev Zala proposed openstack/heat-translator: New class for Software Deployment resources
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