Thursday, 2017-01-19

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openstackgerritgongysh proposed openstack/heat-translator: Allow boot vdu from volume
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spzalaHi all16:01
spzalatbh: topol:16:01
tbhspzala, hi16:01
spzalashort meeting today16:01
spzalatbh: how are you?16:01
tbhspzala, am fine, apologies, I couldn't review your tosca-parser recent patches16:02
tbhspzala, I have checked it now16:02
spzalatbh: good.. hey and no problem at all16:03
tbhspzala, and I tried to estimate the amount of work for heat-translator changes needed16:03
spzalatbh: totally understand16:03
spzalatbh: that's very nice.. what do you think about it? :)16:03
tbhspzala, I have gone through the flow, I think it may take some time and need to be careful this time  while implementing16:04
tbhspzala, it takes time because of the following reason16:04
spzalatbh: I won't create tosca-parser 0.7.1 until we finish h-translator work, so for now you need to clone the latest tosca-parser and install it manually16:04
tbhif you see
tbhwe are writing asg_res.yaml for each autoscaling group16:05
spzalasure, looking.. OK..16:06
tbhtill now, as we are considering only one scaling policy we are directly writing resources related to targets in asg_res.yaml16:06
tbhbut now I think we will multiple asg_res.yamls each targetting for each autoscaling group16:07
spzalatbh: true16:07
spzalatbh: trying to open
tbhspzala, which I think will take time as am working on BPs whose deadline is approaching too16:08
spzalatbh: taking time16:08
spzalatbh: ahhh.. are those Tacker BPs?16:08
tbhspzala, the main issue is , we need to split resources based on scaling policy targets16:09
tbhspzala, yes16:09
spzalatbh: since Tacker needs atuoscaling heat-translator changes, i m wondering if some one else can help from tacker on that16:09
spzalatbh: I see. I will let you decide but that was a thought that some of your Tacker BP we can talk to sridhar and see if they can wait ?16:10
spzalatbh: but before even talking to him I would let you decide if it's good idea.. to me it's toward helping meeting Tacker deadlines16:10
spzalatbh: so whatever is more important to the Tacker team16:11
tbhspzala, I am not sure about the priority level, but the BP I am working on, has half merged, so AFAIK it has highest priority16:12
spzalatbh: what do you think? Also, I would appreciate whatever you can help with heat-translator changes while I am away on travel, I will start working (continuing) on it once I am back16:12
tbhspzala, and I think tacker has scaling functionality but want to move to TP/HT16:13
spzalatbh: sure, got it. so if you can check with sridhar and if it comes up that someone else can work on that and you can spend more time on hea-translator autoscaling changes.16:13
tbhspzala, sure will work on that, but not sure will complete in the dead line16:14
spzalatbh: I See, well that's what I was wondering that if heat-transalator changes can wait then I m fine continuing working it once I am back16:14
tbhspzala, I will try to check with sridhar_ram on this16:15
tbhsridhar_ram, are you there?16:15
spzalatbh: but otherwise  Jan 23-27 deadline can't be meet because I will only have couple days once I am back on 24th :(16:15
spzalatbh: yup, good idea16:16
spzalatbh: thanks and sorry all last minutes stuff :(16:16
tbhspzala, yup that's true, that's why I am wondering whether we can complete this on time16:16
spzalatbh: +1 yup16:16
tbhspzala, np, that's okay, and I think his change has to be done in a more careful way16:17
spzalatbh: yup agree16:17
spzalatbh: and that's what I said in my email last week that the work needs few weeks but then sridhar_ram mentioned  Jan 23-27 deadlines so I am trying to rush :)16:18
tbhspzala, yeah got it16:18
tbhspzala, you are travelling today right?16:19
spzalatbh: yup later in the day16:19
spzalatbh: crazy busy16:20
spzalatbh: have to prepare for it too16:20
tbhspzala, oh okay16:20
tbhspzala,  :)16:20
spzalatbh: :)16:20
spzalatbh: and not feeling good .. i guess winter cold effect.. oh much :)16:21
tbhspzala, oh is it, wrong time then16:21
spzalatbh: alright, so I am hopping to hear from sridhar_ram. sridhar_ram: if you can email later on prioritizing work as we discussed here and Bharath's help with heat-translator changes, that would be great. I may or may not be on IRC.16:23
spzalatbh: yup it's16:23
spzalatbh: but flight is booked and hopping to feel better16:23
tbhspzala, yeah16:23
spzalatbh: :)16:23
spzalatbh: so whatever you can help with heat-translator changes, any patch will be great. If you can't that's OK too.16:24
spzalatbh: and as I mentioned please feel free to merge your changes if needed to continue your work16:24
spzalatbh: I will pick up work from you once I get back16:25
tbhspzala, yeah sure will try16:25
spzalatbh: again don't kill yourself with work16:25
spzalatbh: yup I am sure you will try your best16:25
spzalatbh: thanks a lot!! and I guess that's it for meeting today16:26
tbhspzala, okay :)16:26
spzalatbh: :)16:27
tbhspzala, np, if anything I will send the mail to sridhar_ram and you regarding any updates16:27
tbhspzala, and will let sridhar_ram about this16:27
spzalatbh: that's perfect !! I was thinking too to send him email on our discussion we just had16:27
spzalatbh: so cool please send him email and any updates16:28
tbhspzala, yup, happy journey16:28
spzalatbh: Thank you!!16:30
spzalatbh: take care and ttyl16:30
tbhspzala, np ttyl16:32
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tbhspzala, just sent a mail16:39
spzalatbh: that was quick :-) Nice!16:39
tbhspzala,  :)16:41
spzalatbh: :) got your email now16:44
spzalatbh: and nice job writing16:44
tbhspzala, thanks!16:45
spzalatbh: :) np, thank you!16:45
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