Tuesday, 2017-01-31

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spzalaaloga: Hello there14:14
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alogaspzala: howdy15:56
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spzalaaloga: hi16:03
spzalaaloga: Good, thanks! How are you doing?16:03
alogafine :)16:03
alogathanks :)16:03
spzalaaloga: :) cool16:03
spzalaaloga: np, are we still with our call?16:03
spzalaaloga: I am calling in now16:03
alogaI0m joining16:04
alogaI cannot use the webapp, it says "This meeting room does not allow guests. Log in to join the meeting room or contact the meeting host for assistance."16:04
alogawould it work if I use the phone?16:04
spzalaaloag: ah, I see.. yup just phone should be fine.. phone should work16:05
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