Thursday, 2017-04-06

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bobhspzala: ping16:00
spzalabobh: hey there16:00
spzalaI didn't forget meeting this time ;-)16:01
bobhspzala: welcome back16:01
spzalaThanks! :-)16:01
bobhspzala: I still need to reschedule this - finding a time is the problem16:01
spzalaHow's going?16:01
spzalaYup, it's always :-) but it will work out16:02
bobhspzala: too busy - I'm way behind on getting the releases out - hoping today/tomorrow16:02
spzalabobh: great job on the release patch16:02
spzalabobh: totally understand, but it's going to be a great start this way16:02
bobhspzala: yep16:02
spzalabobh: on  a call too right now so bear with me pl16:02
bobhspzala: do you have anything else that should go into t-p?  I merged Miguel's change.  I can probably finish it up tonight and have it released16:03
spzalabtopol 's call16:03
bobhspzala: I'll pull heat-translator out of the initial releases patchset16:03
bobhthen we can do a second one after t-p is out16:04
bobhspzala: do you know if I need to update global-requirements too or if release team takes care of it?16:04
spzalabobh: one min16:06
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spzalabobh: I think what t-p has currently is good enough, it's not a whole lot of new changes but since it's going to help Tacker in big way with monitoring stuff, that's good enough for release16:08
spzalabobh: so are you planning, h-t release first?16:08
shangxdyHI, spzala, bobh16:08
spzalabobh: sorry didn't get it, I think t-p 0.8.0 followed by h-t 0.8.0 is good plan16:08
spzalashangxdy: hey Shang, how are you?16:09
spzalabobh: oh menat to say topol: call16:09
spzalaOn updating global req. I believe release team should take care of it16:10
spzalasince this will be our first time we will figure out16:10
shangxdyvery well, and you? no time no seen16:10
spzalashangxdy: :) nice, yeah I was at kubecon last week16:11
shangxdylong time16:11
spzalaand before that some diff work priorities16:11
bobhsorry - got distracted16:12
bobhI will send out email to the list to propose a new meeting time and see what responses I get16:13
spzalabobh: :) np16:13
spzalabobh: +116:13
bobhif anyone has suggestions or times that definitely don't work please let me know16:13
spzalabobh: I should be fine most time except early morning but which I doubt will work for you considering you are an hour behind :)16:14
bobhUnfortunately I'm booked Tuesday through Thursday between 1500UTC and 1700UTC16:14
bobhspzala: :-)16:14
shangxdywhat‘s about the new meeting time?16:14
bobhshangxdy: I'm open to suggestions16:15
bobhshangxdy: would 1400UTC work?  It's usually a short meeting anyway16:16
shangxdyok,“Tuesday through Thursday between 1500UTC and 1700UTC” is fine to me.16:16
bobhshangxdy: that's when I'm booked :-)16:17
spzalabobh: also I wonder if any of the new contributors from Tacker wants to join meeting16:17
spzalabut agree we don't need more than 30 mins usually for meeting16:17
bobhspzala: yes, though Tacker had to move their meeting to 0400 UTC16:18
bobhspzala: I don't make that meeting very often anymore :-)16:18
spzala:-) sure .. I was actually saying other like if Tuang or someone wants to join h-t meeting16:19
spzalawell he or others are always welcome to join16:19
bobhspzala: yes - I'll propose 1400UTC and ask for feedback.16:19
spzalaso let's not complicate to find a good time16:19
spzalabobh: sure that sounds good16:20
bobhspzala: can you check with topol so see if he wants anything else in t-p 0.8.0?16:21
spzalabobh: sure I will but I think he is fine with what we have, I had a brief chat with him sometime back16:22
bobhspzala: ok16:22
bobhanything else to talk about?16:24
bobhok - we can call it a meeting :-)16:26
spzalabobh: :) yup sounds good to me16:28
spzalagood one16:29
shangxdyAbout the new meeting time , my feedback is already as just mentioned, because all emails from outside  are always delayed by my company servers, so i can't response immediately.16:30
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bobhshangxdy: ok, thanks.16:32
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shangxdyI have to go to bed. Bye, bobh and spzala,  see you next time.16:46
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spzalashangxdy: bye good night16:59
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