Thursday, 2017-06-01

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bobhspzala: ping14:00
spzalaGood morning bobh:14:00
bobhgood morning14:01
bobhI never asked - how was Italy?14:01
bobhalso - anyone else here for tosca-parser/heat-translator?14:01
spzalabobh: :-) it was great.14:02
spzalatried writing a recap - when you have time to read it :)14:02
bobhspzala: cool - will do14:03
spzalabobh: and boston summit sure was great I suppose14:03
bobhspzala: it was - as usual too many sessions and not enough time14:03
bobhspzala: I still need to go back and watch the ones I missed - in my spare time14:04
spzalabobh: lol .. same O :-)14:04
spzala:-) yup14:04
spzalabobh: on pending review, the only thing I see is
spzalaI didn't like the changes much14:05
spzalabut can't argue much against if other projects are doing or we better off not making any changes14:06
bobhI did see something in the ML or at the summit about logs not being translated any more, but I don't know that there is any reason to pull out what is already there14:06
spzalabobh: and great job on VNF image future proposal !!14:06
bobhspzala: thanks - I'd like to see the ETSI description - it makes sense at a high level, the devil is in the details as always14:07
spzalabobh: hehe .. true14:07
bobhspzala: I think it's mostly a Tacker feature - they would have to choose the appropriate Flavor and include the associated TOSCA file for substitution mapping14:07
spzalabobh: agree not much of changes in TOSCA parser unless Tacker implementation (if someone work on it) requires any changes14:08
bobhspzala: not much else going on - I'm starting to do some more work in TOSCA so maybe I'll finally understand some of the internals14:10
spzalabobh: :) +1 NICE14:10
spzalabobh: sure, nothing much here too right now14:11
bobhspzala: ok, we can call it a meeting - let me know if anything needs my attention14:13
spzalabobh: yup sounds good too and sure I will let you know and same here!!14:14
spzalabobh: thanks and talk to you later then.. good day !!14:14
bobhspzala: thanks - same to you!14:15
spzalabobh: thanks!14:15
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