Thursday, 2017-06-15

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spzalabobh: good morning! FYI, I won't be able to join today due to conflict14:01
spzalaI guess nothing major to discuss either right?14:02
bobhspzala: np - I am on a call as well14:02
spzalabobh: :-) OK14:02
bobhspzala: nothing that I know of14:02
spzalabobh: cool, yup we covered few things in emails this week.14:02
spzalabobh: good day and ttyl14:02
bobhspzala: yep - I should consider 1.1 / csd05 - or put it on roadmap anyway14:03
bobhspzala: you too - ttyl14:03
spzalabobh: yup good plan. OK, later14:03
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