Thursday, 2017-06-22

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bobhanyone here for tosca-parser/heat-translator weekly meeting?14:00
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spzalabobh: good morning14:15
bobhspzala: good morning14:22
spzalabobh: :-)14:23
spzalabobh: replied your email just now :-)14:23
bobhspzala: yep - just saw it14:23
spzalabobh: Cool14:24
spzalaI guess nothing else to talk about today14:24
spzalaI was on a short vacation just got back today14:24
bobhnope - working on 0.8.1 ht release - should be pushed today14:24
spzalabobh: Nice, yup I saw your reply to Tuang14:25
bobhI'll check my calendar and let you know what works next week14:27
bobhI need to go to the daily standup - back in a bit14:28
spzalabobh: ahhh :-)14:30
spzalabobh: OK no worries, I have sent invite so please counter with the time that works for you14:31
bobhspzala: will do - thanks14:32
spzalabobh: cool, yrw!14:33
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tbhspzala, bobh Hi17:02
tbhspzala, bobh what do you think about adding feature which make  tosca-parser generic17:04
tbhlike instead of parsing against standard tosca version, user will provide the tosca schema and tosca input file17:04
spzalatbh: hi17:45
spzalatbh: tosca version is required17:45
spzalatbh: parser should not parse anything is version is not provided17:46
spzalatbh: too generic can be error prone17:46
tbhbut in tosca-parser, we require version to decide which schema we need to consider17:47
tbhbut the user itself provides the schmea, so we  don't need a version dependency there17:48
spzalatbh: i believe the TOSCA spec make version mandatory17:51
tbhspzala, okay... but I am thinking about custom version17:55
spzalatbh: i didn't get it .. you can't have a custom version .. to me version is what's been approved17:56
spzalawould have called you right now but in mid of something that i need to complete asap17:57
tbhoh no issues :)17:58
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