Thursday, 2017-07-06

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bobhspzala: ping - sorry I'm late14:13
spzalabobh: good morning. No problem at all.14:13
spzalabobh: how's going?14:14
bobhspzala: ok - short week is hectic as usual14:15
spzalabobh: lol yes14:15
spzalabobh: the only thing I wanted to ask was
spzalano rush but when you get time and take a look14:15
bobhI read the spec but not the full paper - not sure what the integration is with t-p?  Does it need any changes?14:16
spzalabobh: briefly, they developed this tool called Somelier which validates TOSCA using TOSCA Parser but has added values on presenting validation14:18
spzalabobh: so they were asking me to have it as a new project or something like it but my thoughts were to have first see if it fits in TOSCA Parser as a validator14:19
bobhspzala: interesting - could be invoked on request as a validation step after parsing?14:21
spzalabobh: yes or before parsing. I am not sure how exactly it work but we can ask them for some sample output of validation ?14:22
spzalabobh: and it was nice of you to send me text of running late on meeting. thanks.. just seeing it now :-)14:24
bobhspzala: np - gotta run to my standup - I'll be around later - I'll read the full paper and if we can get more data that would be great14:30
spzalabobh: awesome, I think there is a web link I will upload it in BP14:31
spzalabobh: ttyl take care14:31
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shangxdyHi, both15:22
shangxdysorry, hi, bobh15:22
shangxdyCould you go to Sydney?15:23
shangxdyWould anyone from our team go to Sydney?15:26
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