Thursday, 2017-09-21

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openstackgerritzhangyangyang proposed openstack/heat-translator master: Cleanup test-requirements
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asubhanhello everyone12:52
asubhanhope all is going well12:52
asubhanI had a quick question regarding ETSI IFA-11 support in TOSCA-parser12:53
asubhandoes the current version of parser support a certain % of the IFA-11 attributes?12:53
asubhanIf so, could be there an apporximate extimate on what %?12:53
bobhasubhan: Hi - I don't know if anyone has compared the IFA-11 spec to what is currently implemented13:10
bobhasubhan: If the document is available we could try to do that comparison, or I can try to find a copy of the document from internal contacts13:10
bobhasubhan: Thanks.  I skimmed the document quickly - mostly section 7 - and it looks like there are quite a few differences between the TOSCA NFV template that we implemented and the latest IFA-1113:20
bobhasubhan: I believe we used as the basis for our implementation since it was all that was available at the time13:20
bobhasubhan: I think it's reasonable to add support for IFA-11 as an extension, it's just a matter of the time and effort involved13:22
asubhancool, that will be a siginificant + for the project13:57
bobhHello all - anyone here for tosca-parser/heat-translator weekly chat?14:00
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