Friday, 2016-06-24

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hongbindims: there?13:59
dimspong hongbin14:33
hongbindims: I want to discuss with you about :
hongbindims: I did a research on optioin #114:36
hongbinFrankly, I couldn't find anything we can do for that, besides a wrapper of the COE api14:37
dimshongbin right, that's the first job. then we layer on an "application" concept that uses the CRUD to the COE's14:38
dimsback in a bit. we're getting a new sofa :)14:38
hongbinI see14:38
hongbinLet me think14:39
hongbindims: But for the wrapper of COEs. It seems a library is more suitable than a service14:40
hongbindims: Because COE already store all the states in their data store, The wrapper dont' need to store it twice14:40
hongbinOtherwise, it wont' scale at all14:40
hongbinThen, it looks a library is more suitable for wrapping the APIs14:41
hongbinLike libvirt14:41
hongbindims: ^^14:42
dimshongbin : right, that's where i was starting in that poc code14:48
dimshongbin : you don't need to convince me to go with another design option :) whatever works for whoever is working on this stuff is ok by me14:49
hongbindims: Yes, but I want to communicate with you about what I think, and see if I am thinking the wrong way :)14:51
hongbinFrankly, the more I researched, the more I believed that container runtimes and COEs are totally two different entities14:55
dimsif you think of them as layers....docker/rkt first then swarm/k8s/mesos...then comes helm( and docker dab ( We should be in that space14:55
hongbinMaybe it is better to treat them separatedly14:55
dimshongbin : yes, we should forget about the docker/rkt directly14:56
hongbinWill do more research on that14:57
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