Friday, 2018-02-16

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/i18n master: Imported Translations from Zanata
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amotokieumel8: I opened your check site, but only strings from horizon main repo are translated and strings from horizon plugins are not translated.13:14
amotokieumel8: are you aware of this?13:14
amotokieumel8: it seems that neutron-qos and neutron-trunk are not enabled.13:15
eumel8amotoki: it's not full compatible with devstack configuration13:17
amotokieumel8: okay for the second point (qos and trunk)13:18
eumel8there is a neutron.yml but I don't know which plugins are enabled13:18
amotokieumel8: according to bootstrap-aio-vars.yml, it looks like octavia is enabled but it seems octavia-dashboard is not enabled...13:21
amotokioctavia-dashboard is a new stuff in Queens, so OSA might not support it.13:22
amotokieumel8: are you aware of my first point?13:40
eumel8amotoki: if we need more syncs then we need to expand the job with a project option:
eumel8amotoki: as you can see, there is nothing so only horizon project is called13:41
eumel8amotoki: to sync other branch my proposal:
amotokieumel8: I am not sure it is related to the sync configuration13:43
amotokibecause most translations have been merged into the stable/queens repository13:43
amotokifor example, Ja team translated all strings of heat-dashboard but I see no translated messages13:44
amotokiI am afraid catalogs for horizon plugins are not compiled.13:44
eumel8amotoki: but the translation strings from heat-dashboard are in other repos, and as I told only here are only horizon pulled:
amotokieumel8: I understand what you told. my point is there is no need to pull catalogs from zanata13:46
amotokibut I am not sure which release (or commit) OSA uses.13:47
amotokithe recent heat-dashboard release 1.0.2 for stable/queens contains all Japanese translations, so I think there is no need to pull catalogs from zanata13:48
amotokithat's the reason I think why it is related to the translation sync.13:49
eumel8amotoki: this points to 17.0.0rc1 but I'm not sure if os_heat contains also the dashboard for Heat13:55
amotokieumel8: I see. haet is cycle-with-milestone but heat-dashboard is cycle-with-intermediary13:56
amotokiso it might be missed13:56
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openstackgerritIan Y. Choi proposed openstack/i18n master: More generic exclusion in pot generation
ianychoieumel8, would be the start point for project doc support I think.16:37
ianychoiI finally succeed to get project docs for nova and neutron: https://translate-dev.openstack.org16:38
ianychoiAnd I briefly described as a blueprint:
openstackgerritIan Y. Choi proposed openstack/i18n master: More generic exclusion in pot generation
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eumel8ianychoi: thx17:26
amotokibuild of release note translations takes too long depending on the number of languages translated......17:37
amotokiis anyone interested to work on improving it?17:37
amotokiin case of horizon, release note English build only takes 2 mins, but if we do for all languages it will take 18min....17:43
eumel8interested, yes17:43
amotokiit seems reno can be improved to cache the results if we can determine there is no need to scan the whole branches.17:44
eumel8reno sells shoes in our country. Never heard about it, asking google...17:51
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eumel8amotoki: got it, saw this in the osa repo today. you are using this for horizon also?17:55
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amotokieumel8: reno is commonly used in most projects17:56
amotokinova, cinder, neutron, horizon,.....17:56
amotokieumel8: these projects uses reno for releasenotes:
eumel8amotoki: yeah, that looks really good to me18:08
eumel8ianychoi: subscribed to the blueprint and the proposal. Let's talk later the days18:24
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eumel8amotoki: maybe also a topic for the PTG if you are there18:32
amotokieumel8: I will be there at PTG, but I am not sure I can join doc/i18n sessions now18:35
amotokieumel8: dhellmann is a main developer of reno, so you can discuss it with him.18:36
-amotoki- is trying not to do things by himself recently to avoid doing too many things :)18:37
eumel8amotoki: hahaha, that's a good working model. We will see what happen during PTG ;)18:47
eumel8btw: is merged, so we should have translation sync tomorrow18:48
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