Monday, 2022-08-15

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tbachmanAnother infra question: we’re seeing gate failures for py35 tox jobs. I’m not sure why, but it looks like the zuul portions themselves are failing imports on the slaves:11:31
tbachmanIt looks like tox isn’t present?11:31
tbachman(full output:
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fricklertbachman: that issue should be fixed by now, see the discussion in #opendev. should be fine to recheck those failed jobs now11:44
tbachmanthx frickler !11:44
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clarkbtbachman: to followup on that it may not have been fixed until clsoer to an hour ago. But we've got other users indicating it should be happy again at this opint15:11
tbachmanclarkb: yeah -just verified that they are passing the gate now. Thanks!15:18
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