Wednesday, 2016-11-30

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hogepodgegema: yeah, infra takes a pretty hard line on meetings happening in an official meeting channel17:02
gemahogepodge: there must be a reason for it17:02
gemaand if there are no timeslots then we may need to create a new meeting channel17:02
gemaofficial, that is17:02
hogepodgegema: I also find personally that meetings in non-meeting channels fairly disruptive to the flow of the channel, but that's a personal preference17:02
gemaor they need to accommodate17:02
gemahogepodge: if you prefer not to have them in this channel that's also fine17:03
gemawe have other options17:03
gemaany of you guys can oppose and we'll just not do it17:03
hogepodgeI'm just one opinion, though, and ultimately I'm here to support what the community decides17:03
gemaso maybe we should put it up for vote17:03
gemato the defcore folks17:04
gemaeglute: ^17:04
gemamaybe on next week's meeting17:04
gemahogepodge: the other thing we are doing is trying to find a meeting channel for that meeting on the right timeslot17:04
gemaRockyg: how are you doing with that?17:04
gemathat's option 1, of course17:05
eglutegema, i am fine with people using this for a meeting once a week17:05
eglutewe are not terribly chatty here17:05
egluteand it would get more people to join our channel :)17:06
luzCeglute +117:06
gemaeglute: that is true17:06
luzCgema you are checking with infra team too, right?17:07
gemapeople interested in interop, of all things17:07
eglutebut, i agree with hogepodge and markvoelker that infra frowns upon meetings in non-meeting channels. though if there is no meeting channel available, you dont have too many options17:07
gemaluzC: yep17:07
eglutegema yep17:07
Rockyggema, we can do 1400 but not 150017:08
Rockygwe could get every other week 1500, though.17:08
luzCRockyg I think every other  week can work too...17:09
gemayep, it'd probably work17:09
RockygI asked about why not-cp and ttx said that for non regular meetings17:09
Rockygwe could also do 1400 one week and 1500 the other17:10
gemaRockyg: that gets confusing17:10
RockygI put a copy of the chat into the challenge meeting etherpad17:10
RockygI will say, the slots for meetings is getting really thin.  at least in the us/euro time slots17:11
egluteRockyg time to add another meeting channel?17:12
RockygTheyre getting close but not there yet.  And there are still slots today at 1700, 1800, 190017:13
RockygMaybe we can convince Brad to move to 1700?17:14
RockygI need to find the old doodle for the meeting17:15
RockygLike ttx said, if given a choice, almost all meetings would occur between 1400 and 1500 M-Th17:16
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gemaRockyg: yep, so infra prefer that we have it on a meeting channel17:25
gemabut they haven't diametrically opposed having it somewhere else17:25
gemawe should try to make the meeting channel, though17:25
gemapropose to topol the option of having it a) one hour earlier, weekly17:26
gemab) every two weeks same timeslot17:26
gemaand then if we need extra meetings when it gets closer to ODS17:26
gemawe can always use -cp17:26
gemathen they are sporadic, right?17:26
gemaluzC: ^17:26
Rockygand keystone has the cp slot booked weekly for policy17:28
gemathey should also be evicted x)17:28
gemaRockyg: is that your suggestion?17:28
Rockygmight have been brought up to them....who knows?17:28
gemathey have probably been told also :D17:29
RockygI'd say grab the alt 1400 and 1500 slots and slide an hour either way.  We could always just use the time that fits us everother week and this channel on alternates17:30
Rockygstill lookinf for the link to the doodle17:31
gemawhere is today's etherpad from the interop call?17:38
gemaif I don't write this down now I will forget xD17:38
gemaRockyg: I didn't follow your logic17:41
gemayou are proposing to have the meeting at different times each week?17:41
gemaon different channels?17:41
gemajust in case some knew where to go17:42
Rockygeither one or the other. back to you shotly. in another conversation17:42
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gemano worries, about to EOD17:43
gemaMaking an etherpad for you and me to edit17:43
gemathat way we can get it ready for next week17:45
gemaI am EOD now17:45
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hogepodgemarkvoelker: eglute: We're good for replacing the team logo if we want18:40
eglutehogepodge thanks! should we send something to the mailing list/18:41
hogepodgeeglute: sure, that sounds like a reasonable thing to do18:41
egluteok, i can send something out in a bit, see if there are any objections18:42
eglutehogepodge thank you for checking on it!18:42
hogepodgemarkvoelker: eglute:
eglutethank you hogepodge!18:50
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