Monday, 2017-01-23

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/defcore: Create 2017.01 Guideline
catherineDmarkvpelker: eglute: hgepodge: RefStack is having issue with the newlly merged 2017.01.json ( )21:05
eglutecatherineD what kind of issues21:06
catherineDThe reason is due to insconsistency regarding removed capabilites ..21:06
eglutedo you have errors?21:08
catherineDIn the pass, the removed capabiloties were kept in the capabiility list but in 2017.01 they are not21:09
eglutecatherineD hm, i think they are first in "removed" and removed removed21:10
eglutewas that not the case?21:10
catherineDsome of them are ... some of then are not21:10
catherineDfor example identity-v2-tokens-create is removed but still exist in the capability list21:11
catherineDbut compute-auth-create  is removed and no longer exist in the capability list ...21:12
egluteoh i see21:12
eglutethat is indeed inconsistant21:13
catherineDbasically 2017.01 information are not accurated as shown at RefStacl21:13
catherineDwe should keep the capability there until they are removed removde ... because the capability shows the must pass tests .. and some one may want to know what are the tests that needed to be removed21:14
eglutelet me see if i can submit a patch to fix it21:15
catherineDeglute: thank you!21:15
eglutecatherineD i do not see 2017.01 on refstack yet, are you looking at next?21:16
catherineDI actually have my own servers which do not cache the guideline .. yea you should see that on next.json too21:17
catherineDthat is much better we can fix it in time .. user won't see the inaccuate info.21:18
egluteok cool21:19
eglutegood catch!21:19
egluteidentity-v2-tokens-create should have been removed all-together21:23
catherineDeglute: I could have made the patch but was thinking Interop WG need to decide on the direction21:23
eglutecatherineD i think it is good to keep it consistent21:24
catherineDyea identity-v2-tokens-create was removed  i nthe last guideline21:24
catherineDso yes it should be removed removed that means it should not appear anywhere in the guideline21:25
eglutehogepodge markvoelker what do you think?21:26
catherineDRefStack will refresh the cache and pull new set of guidelines in about 10 hours ...21:28
eglutecatherineD ok!21:29
catherineDperhaps does it make sense to remove 2017.01 first ( that is quicker) let's work on next.json make sure that it works before we push 2017.0121:29
eglutei think i found more issues actually with the guideline21:30
catherineDeglute: I am having a meeting and will be back in one hour21:31
eglutecatherineD ok!21:31
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openstackgerritEgle proposed openstack/defcore: Add back removed "Removed"
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eglutecatherineD markvoelker hogepodge please review:
catherineDeglute: Thanks!  I am checking the guideline ... unfortunaltely there is not an easy way to check that with RerfStack ... because RefStack pull the guideline drectly from defcore github22:12
eglutethanks catherineD22:13
catherineDeglute: just review... could your please take a look?22:27
egluteyes, thank you catherineD!22:27
openstackgerritEgle proposed openstack/defcore: Add back removed "Removed"
eglutecatherineD just updated, thank you!22:30

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