Monday, 2015-06-15

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openstackgerritYuiko Takada proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Migrate to oslo_db
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openstackgerritYuiko Takada proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Pass environment variables of proxy to tox
openstackgerritYuiko Takada proposed openstack/ironic: Pass environment variables of proxy to tox
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openstackgerritYuiko Takada proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Load authenticate token from HTTP header
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openstackgerritYuiko Takada proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Migrate to oslo_db
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mrdadevananda: Have we finalised midcycle dates yet?05:09
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rameshg87good morning ironic05:38
yuikotakadarameshg87, lazy_prince: o/05:38
rameshg87yuikotakada: o/05:38
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openstackgerritGopi Krishna S proposed openstack/ironic: Address follow-up comments on ucs drivers
saripurigopigood morning all05:54
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: IPA: Do a soft power off at the end of deployment
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openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/ironic-specs: iPXE to use Swift Temporary URLs
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openstackgerritMichael Davies proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: Cache negotiated api microversion for server
openstackgerritTan Lin proposed openstack/ironic: Add a new boot section 'trusted_boot' for PXE
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dtantsurMorning Ironic!06:41
zhenguomorning dtantsur06:46
dtantsurzhenguo, o/06:46
zhenguodtantsur, I proposed a new project ironic-dashboard to openstack, and, want to see if you are interested about this.06:49
dtantsurpossibly :) did not consider it yet, though sounds promising06:50
zhenguoand this will be one agenda of today's meeting.06:50
openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
zhenguodtantsur :)06:52
openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/bifrost: Vagrantfile and vagrant.yml for testing NUC
openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/bifrost: Add os_ironic_facts module
yuikotakadadtantsur: o/07:01
dtantsuryuikotakada, o/07:01
dtantsurwe got some rename done \o/07:02
yuikotakadayeah! dtantsur, thank you for a lot of paper works!07:02
dtantsurthe last paper-work thingy should be I'll revive it today07:03
openstackgerritTan Lin proposed openstack/ironic: Improve the ability to resolve capability value
yuikotakadadtantsur: Oops, I forgot it sorry, you changed just gate jobs from python34 to python3-jobs, right? when you will have been finished rebase, I'll +107:08
dtantsuryeah, I think it's the only change07:09
dtantsuryuikotakada, I tried pypy, but our dependencies do not install on it :(07:09
dtantsurso no pypy-jobs for now07:09
yuikotakadadtantsur: dependency? between discoverd and inspector?07:10
dtantsuryuikotakada, no, I mean stuff in requirements.txt. nevermind anyway, that's not important.07:11
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yuikotakadadtantsur, ok ;)07:18
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rameshg87saripurigopi: hi07:29
saripurigopirameshg87: hi07:29
rameshg87saripurigopi: I think we can close the other defect as invalid as it's not related to any of openstack or stackforge projects07:29
saripurigopirameshg87: okay07:30
rameshg87saripurigopi: if you are tracking the issues that you fix in github issue tracker, you can point to the github issue07:30
rameshg87saripurigopi: or you can reference the commit in github which fixes the mentioned one07:30
rameshg87saripurigopi: or you can start using launchpad to track UcsSdk issues :)07:30
saripurigopirameshg87: as of now there is no tracking method we are following for UcsSdk.07:31
rameshg87saripurigopi: but unless you can point the bug to a valid launchpad project, you can close it as invalid07:31
saripurigopirameshg87: sure, will mark it as invalid.07:32
saripurigopirameshg87: will discuss with the team about making it part of stack forge projects, only the utils part alone. UcsSdk is very big.07:32
rameshg87saripurigopi: okay07:33
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saripurigopirameshg87: thank you07:38
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saripurigopirameshg87: is RAIDInterface. update_raid_info common across all the drivers? Will there be driver specific implementation, I guess no right?07:41
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rameshg87saripurigopi: a driver can implement if it wants07:42
rameshg87saripurigopi: but the common one should be applicable for all the drivers07:42
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-inspector: Update devstack plugin for the recent authentication change
rameshg87saripurigopi: I raised review for it on Friday07:43
rameshg87it has that method07:43
saripurigopirameshg87: okay, update_config makes sense, or its always delete and create in case of any changes?07:43
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saripurigopirameshg87: thanks for the link.07:43
rameshg87saripurigopi: update_config ?07:44
rameshg87saripurigopi: brb07:45
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saripurigopirameshg87: update_raid_config on the node, I'm not sure ,if that makes sense at all..07:46
saripurigopirameshg87: oksy07:46
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openstackgerritZhai, Edwin proposed openstack/ironic-specs: New meter for Node Manager
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dtantsurlucasagomes, hey morning! what do you think about ?08:07
openstackLaunchpad bug 1465153 in Ironic "BMC failure can lead to undeletable nodes (and Nova instances)" [Medium,Confirmed]08:07
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lucasagomesdtantsur, morning08:09
* lucasagomes looks08:09
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naohirotrameshg87: hello, I just have a technical question regarding standalone mode.08:32
stendulkerlucasagomes, good morning!08:32
stendulkerlucasagomes: Have received a comment from Yuriy for  wrt your comment mentioning not to use tolower() for get_node_capability() in review
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stendulkerlucasagomes: In review capability values from instance_info and properties are changed to lower to check if they are one of the valid values for that capability08:34
lucasagomesstendulker, hi there08:35
* lucasagomes looks08:35
stendulkerlucasagomes: I think it should be fair to change the capabilities value to lower in validation method as these values are not returned.08:35
lucasagomesstendulker, but is not case sensitive?08:35
lucasagomesif yes, MyCapability != mycapability08:36
lucasagomesand we should conisder both08:36
lucasagomesis nova case*08:36
stendulkerlucasagomes: in validation method we just check that the given value for a ironic supported capability is a valid one. boot_mode=UEfi would be returned as a valid value08:37
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lucasagomesstendulker, right, but when we pass this capabilities to nova, we don't pass them as lower case right?08:38
openstackgerritchenglch proposed openstack/ironic-specs: Add console log support
* lucasagomes test it08:38
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-inspector: Pass environment variables of proxy to tox
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stendulkerlucasagomes: Proposed do not return any value. it throws exception is the given value is not a valid value. This function is case insensitive08:39
stendulkerlucasagomes: L108908:40
lucasagomesstendulker, I get it... But I'm worried about Nova08:42
lucasagomesif someone creates in the extra spec "capabilities:boot_option=uefi"08:42
lucasagomesand in ironic "boot_option:uEFI" we will pass validation but the scheduler won't match the node08:42
lucasagomes(assuming nova is case sensitive here)08:42
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stendulkerlucasagomes: Today, is nova case sensistive?08:44
lucasagomesstendulker, I don't know that's my doubt08:44
lucasagomeslemme test08:44
rameshg87naohirot: hey08:44
rameshg87naohirot: yeah please go ahead08:44
naohirotrameshg87: Hi, good afternoon08:45
rameshg87naohirot: good afternoon08:45
naohirotrameshg87: My question is, can we run multiple conductors in standalone mode?08:46
rameshg87naohirot: yes08:47
rameshg87naohirot: we can08:47
naohirotrameshg87: I believe that the answer is no, because conductor doesn't know each other08:47
openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/ironic: Add boot interface in Ironic
naohirotrameshg87: really? how does conductor know each other?08:47
rameshg87naohirot: from the db08:48
rameshg87naohirot: there is a table called conductors to which every conductor registers when it is initialized08:48
naohirotrameshg87: Is it possible without nova controller?08:49
rameshg87naohirot: what do you mean by nova controller ?08:49
rameshg87naohirot: for ironic, nova is just a client which asks it to perform tasks one after the other and queries data from it.08:50
naohirotrameshg87: I just meant that it is not standalone mode.08:50
rameshg87naohirot: other than that ironic has no dependency on nova.08:50
lucasagomesstendulker, nova is case sensitive08:50
rameshg87naohirot: ironic can perfectly work fine without nova. that's what projects like bifrost are counting on.08:50
lucasagomesstendulker, I think the best thing to do, when document this capabilities is to actually say it at the document08:51
naohirotrameshg87: who provides conductor information into the db? does user have invoke some Ironic CLI?08:52
stendulkerlcasagomes: thanks for testing. But how do we validate the capabilities?08:52
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rameshg87naohirot: when ironic-conductor is started it registers in the db08:53
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naohirotrameshg87: Mybe I asked same question long time ago, is the db some kind of P2P distributed hash table?08:54
rameshg87naohirot: nope08:54
rameshg87naohirot: db just has a list of conductor nodes08:54
rameshg87naohirot: every conductor reads from the table and gets information about other conductor08:55
rameshg87naohirot: every conductor applies the same hashing technique to arrive at which belongs to whom08:55
openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor node's and driver's vendor passthru to a common place
openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/ironic: Allow vendor methods to serve static files
openstackgerritSHIGEMATSU Mitsuhiro proposed openstack/ironic: Change return value of [driver_]vendor_passthru to dict
rameshg87naohirot: and ends up with the distribution of nodes08:56
stendulkerlucasagomes: should validation passed node be always selected by the nova? As validation does more than lexical validation of the capability values.08:56
rameshg87naohirot: same is done by the ironic-api as well to see which node is managed by which conductor08:56
naohirotrameshg87: does that db reside in erlang rabbit ?08:57
rameshg87naohirot: no08:58
lucasagomesstendulker, the use of capabilities in Ironic is to allow advanced filtering by nova... Sure there's more to validate, but I don't see the advantage of being case insensitive in Ironic and case sensitive in Nova08:58
naohirotrameshg87: I'm wondering how multiple conductors share a db?08:59
lucasagomesit seems to bring more headache than help08:59
rameshg87naohirot: currently we have dbapi written in sqlalchemy08:59
lucasagomesthere's no advantage in passing validation with boot_option:UEFI if it's going to fail later08:59
rameshg87naohirot: so any db which can be controlled by sqlalchemy can be used08:59
lucasagomesor we have both case insensitive or none08:59
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lucasagomesboth == nova and ironic08:59
rameshg87naohirot: mysql is the most popular one I gues08:59
dtantsurharlowja, hey, around? it's re futurist09:00
naohirotrameshg87: But we support sqlite too right?09:00
rameshg87naohirot: yes, sqlalchemy supports multiple dbs09:00
rameshg87sqlalchemy support sqlite too09:00
dtantsurharlowja, wanna know, when you plan on releasing all this periodic stuff. we might start adopting it then :)09:00
naohirotrameshg87: In case of MySQL, it's client-server db, so multiple conductors can share a db.09:01
naohirotrameshg87: but sqlite is just a file.09:02
lucasagomesstendulker, or I'm missing something obvious here?09:02
rameshg87naohirot: sqlite is just for testing purpose :)09:02
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stendulkerlucasagomes: I understand. But in validate we compare if the nova were to select a node for any of the capabilities, then can Ironic deploy using the same. For that we are comparing the values against hardcoded supported values09:02
rameshg87naohirot: or may be a single conductor thing09:03
naohirotrameshg87: I see09:03
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lucasagomesstendulker, but the instance_info capabilities will only be present IF nova already pick that node to deploy right?09:05
stendulkerlucasagomes: I think driver validate() method would get called after the node selection.09:05
lucasagomesthat's nova that adds those capabilties to the node09:06
stendulkerlucasagomes: yes.09:06
naohirotrameshg87: Is multiple conductors configuration just redundancy purpose?09:06
stendulkerlucasagomes: in validate() we need not worry about the case sensitivity wrt nova. As that part is already completed by nova and node is selected.09:07
lucasagomesstendulker, validate in the nova driver is called before the node is deployed, so it's called after selection09:07
stendulkerlucasagomes: At this stage, ironic validates f it can deploy the nova selected node.09:07
lucasagomesstendulker, right, and for that to happen the case was considered09:07
stendulkerlucasagomes: yes09:07
lucasagomesotherwise it wouldn't match09:07
lucasagomesso meaning the case in instance_info == properties09:08
lucasagomeswhy we need to convert the case then?09:08
stendulkerlucasagomes: So we are good to use tolower() to compare values in validate()09:08
* lucasagomes review the patch09:08
stendulkerlucasagomes: We change the case to check if the value specified in the capabilities is a valid one. Ex: UEFI, Uefi are valid. UEFIS Uefis are invalid09:09
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stendulkerlucasagomes: We do these validation by comparing the capabilities values with their correspondig range of valid values.09:10
*** bethelwell has joined #openstack-ironic09:10
dtantsurharlowja, and one more thing: any chances that Futurist will work with periodic tasks decorated by old oslo incubator decorators?09:10
rameshg87naohirot: yes, and distribution and ha09:10
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: DRAC: fix set/get boot device for 11g
lucasagomesstendulker, but what about
rameshg87naohirot: if one conductor goes down, it can be detected within a timeout and the hashring can be rebalanced09:11
naohirotrameshg87: Okay09:11
rameshg87naohirot: so that the nodes belonging to the dead conductor can be picked up by other conductors after rebalance09:11
lucasagomesin the code we look for some values in lower case, if validate pass with UEFI it might not work...09:11
lucasagomeswe don't lower it here
lucasagomesthere's plenty == 'uefi' (lower case)09:12
naohirotrameshg87: which conductor manages the hashring? Is one of conductors become master?09:13
lucasagomescase matters even for Ironic... there for validation is it's lower case and not converting it makes sense09:13
stendulkerlucasagomes: This means ironic need it in lowercase09:13
rameshg87naohirot: there is no master concept09:13
lucasagomesstendulker, yes... so in validate if we lower the case09:13
*** pelix has joined #openstack-ironic09:13
lucasagomesit will fail later09:13
lucasagomesstendulker, unless we replace the value with the lower case value09:14
stendulkerlucasagomes: But nova can match based on case, which may not work for ironic later09:14
rameshg87naohirot: since the same hashring technique is applied by each conductor on all the same nodes, they will result in the same distribution09:14
lucasagomesyes, exactly... so validation if the user input it as lower case already09:14
lucasagomesis correct09:14
rameshg87if there are 100 nodes09:14
lucasagomeswe should consider the case09:14
rameshg87and 4 conductor a,b,c,d09:14
rameshg8725 will go to a, 25 will go to b and so on09:14
stendulkerlucasagomes: so check should be taht capabilities muct be in lower case only09:14
stendulkerlucasagomes: else fail it.09:14
lucasagomesstendulker, yeah09:15
*** romcheg has joined #openstack-ironic09:15
rameshg87the same 25 nodes will goto conductor a when applied on all 4 conductors a,b,c,d09:15
naohirotrameshg87: interesting09:15
rameshg87because it is the same algorithm applied on same input set09:15
rameshg87naohirot: yeah it is pretty interesting :)09:15
naohirotrameshg87: yeah :)09:15
stendulkerlucasagomes: ok. Will add that check in validate to fail if the capability values are not in lower case.09:15
rameshg87naohirot: have a look at this09:16
lucasagomesstendulker, +1 thanks09:16
stendulkerlucasagomes: Thank you for making me understand this. :)09:16
lucasagomesstendulker, it's all good :D09:16
naohirotrameshg87: I'll take a look in details later, one more question in case of Conductors with Nova, not standalone.09:18
rameshg87naohirot: yeah09:18
naohirotrameshg87: can Nova support more than two set of conductors right now?09:18
naohirotrameshg87: one set of conductors share the same ring.09:19
lintanhi lucasagomes, I understand Nova is case sensitive, but what about User add 'boot_mode=BIOS' in flavor and
lintanhi lucasagomes, it make no sense to fail09:20
naohirotrameshg87: so my question is , does nova support more than two ironic groups, two ironic-rings?09:20
lucasagomeslintan, if in ironic we are expecting "bios" (lower case) and we have those == "bios" in the code09:20
lucasagomesit will fail09:20
lucasagomeswill fail validation I mean09:20
lucasagomeslintan, because in the code we expect it to be case sensitive like the uefi one09:21
lucasagomeslintan, perhaps we could change it... but it's hard09:21
lucasagomeswe have to think that capabilties is not only for boot_mode, boot_option etc that we pre determine09:21
rameshg87naohirot: no09:21
lucasagomesit can be used for anything that the user wants09:22
rameshg87naohirot: nova-compute running ironic virt driver can be configured to talk to only one ironic-api09:22
naohirotrameshg87: I see, I got it.:)09:22
lucasagomeslintan, that's why it's hard... perhaps the best thing to do IMHO is documenting that the case matters09:22
lucasagomesand we use lower case09:23
lucasagomesat least for the pre determined capabilites such as boot_mode, boot_option etc09:23
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*** afaranha has quit IRC09:24
naohirotrameshg87: thanks!09:24
lintanlucasagomes, hmmm, but it's something wired09:24
lucasagomeslintan, yeah, I get that... but we need to fix the rest of the code if we want to fix validation09:24
lucasagomesotherwise we are introducing more problems09:24
lucasagomespassing validation if boot_mode=UEFI... won't fix the code looking for == 'uefi'09:25
*** athomas has joined #openstack-ironic09:25
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-specs: Switch periodic tasks to the Futurist library
lintanlucasagomes, I didn't fix validation actually, I fix get_node_capability which will work for things you post above09:25
lucasagomeslintan, yeah but that's a generic method09:26
*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic09:26
lucasagomessay a user adds properties/capabilities=test:TEST09:26
lucasagomesand in nova it's capabilities/test=TEST09:26
lucasagomesif get_node_capability convert it to lower case09:27
lucasagomeswe will pass "test:test" to the nova scheduler from ironic09:27
lucasagomesand it will fail to match the test=TEST in the nova flavor (because nova considers the case)09:27
lintanlucasagomes, wait a minute, I disagree on that, I think nova will read directly09:27
* lucasagomes looks09:28
lucasagomeslintan, yeah it will
lintanlucasagomes, yes, so this can solve your concern09:29
lucasagomeslintan, yes09:30
lucasagomesbut it all sounds like black magic09:30
lucasagomesI mean in nova test != TEST, in ironic not09:30
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*** Nisha_away has joined #openstack-ironic09:31
lucasagomeslintan, maybe it's me, I just find it odd on having case sensitive in one edge but not in the other09:31
*** Nisha has quit IRC09:31
* lucasagomes would prefer to have everything case sensitive (nova and ironic) or everything case insensitive09:32
rameshg87lucasagomes: hi09:33
lucasagomesrameshg87, hi there09:33
rameshg87lucasagomes: recently there was a mail on suds dependency of ironic09:33
rameshg87lucasagomes: something in wsme seems to use it09:33
rameshg87lucasagomes: not sure if it was mentioned because of that. anything to do with it ?09:33
*** foexle has joined #openstack-ironic09:34
rameshg87lucasagomes: but requirements.txt doesn't mention though09:34
lucasagomesrameshg87, oh, and wsme doesn't mention that?09:34
rameshg87so sort of sure if it isn't the code actually using it09:34
rameshg87and grep confirms it. code doesn't use suds09:34
rameshg87it's only the test09:34
lucasagomesI see09:35
* rameshg87 might be wrong 09:35
lucasagomesrameshg87, should be in the test-requirements of wsme then09:35
sambettsMorning all :)09:35
rameshg87lucasagomes: there is no such file :)09:35
rameshg87sambetts: o/09:35
lucasagomessambetts, morning09:35
yuikotakadasambetts: o/09:35
lucasagomesrameshg87, oh dear wsme *sigh*09:35
sambettso/ lucasagomes yuikotakada rameshg8709:35
rameshg87lucasagomes: wsme was written for openstack, right ?09:37
rameshg87lucasagomes: anythign in openstack uses soap ?09:37
lucasagomesrameshg87, the email was saying suds is a dependency in Ironic?09:37
lucasagomesI don't see how it would affect Ironic if it's only a dependency for wsme tests09:38
lucasagomesrameshg87, afaik, no09:38
* rameshg87 digs for email09:38
lucasagomesrameshg87, I mean don't use soap09:38
lucasagomesrameshg87, I'm not sure if wsme was written for openstack... I believe not09:38
lucasagomesrameshg87, people at one point pushed wsme to be the default way to create APIs in Ironic, but it's no longer a valid thing09:39
lucasagomes(that's the reason why Ironic uses WSME I believe)09:39
rameshg87oh okay09:39
rameshg87lucasagomes: I thought it was because wsme dependency on suds, ironic was listed09:40
sambettslucasagomes: wsme lives in stackforge, and they link to OpenStack
*** e0ne has quit IRC09:40
lucasagomesrameshg87, I see, yeah it might be09:41
rameshg87but zigo says it has been removed -
lucasagomesrameshg87, in any case, it would be good to remove that dependency on WSME itself09:41
lucasagomessince it's going to be deprecated in debian and probably other distros09:41
* lucasagomes opens a bug in wsme for it09:41
*** rbudden_ has quit IRC09:42
lucasagomessambetts, yeah wsme uses the openstack infra for reviews etc09:42
*** rbudden has joined #openstack-ironic09:42
lintanlucasagomes, hmmm,  but case insensitive it's more friendly to users and save developer's word. I will propose a patch to nova to see their feedback.09:42
lucasagomessambetts, but I'm not sure it was like this since the begging09:42
lucasagomeslintan, right, +109:43
*** Nisha_away has quit IRC09:43
lucasagomeslintan, but you agree that have case insensitive in only one part is more confusing?09:43
lucasagomesmaybe I'm wrong... but that's how it feels to me09:43
sambettslucasagomes: ah, that makes sense, yeah projects like that I'm don't know where they belong, I guess if it was really part of OS it would be an oslo thing09:43
lucasagomessambetts, yeah... Tho I'm glad it's not part of oslo09:44
lintanlucasagomes, yes, kind of09:44
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic09:47
*** f13o has joined #openstack-ironic09:59
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Validate capability in properties and instance_info
*** zhenguo has quit IRC10:02
*** davideagnello has joined #openstack-ironic10:02
openstackgerritRamakrishnan G proposed stackforge/proliantutils: Add support for certificate based authentication
dtantsuryuikotakada, I remember you had a patch to enable i18n for discoverd, which was rejected due to "we don't support stackforge", right? Could you revive it now?10:03
yuikotakadadtantsur, yeah, right. it was
*** davideagnello has quit IRC10:07
*** yuikotakada is now known as yuikot_dinner10:13
dtantsurlucasagomes, please lemme know what you think about
openstackLaunchpad bug 1465153 in Ironic "BMC failure can lead to undeletable nodes (and Nova instances)" [Medium,Confirmed]10:13
dtantsurI'm inclined to allow much more stuff in maintenance mode due to this10:14
dtantsurdevananda, if you're around by change, please also weigh in ^^10:14
*** yuikot_dinner has quit IRC10:14
*** marzif_ has joined #openstack-ironic10:18
dtantsurifarkas, hi! could you please review ?10:18
lucasagomesdtantsur, will do, yeah I was looking at it but I don't know the reason yet10:19
lucasagomeswhy it can't be deleted in nova, perhaps we are not considering the ERROR state10:19
lucasagomesI will check in a min10:19
dtantsurlucasagomes, I suspect that node-update is forbidden, but I didn't check this guess10:20
dtantsurlucasagomes, anyway, being able to delete a completely broken node sounds like a good feature...10:21
*** ukalifon has quit IRC10:23
lucasagomesdtantsur, x.x10:24
*** dlpartain has joined #openstack-ironic10:25
*** ukalifon1 has joined #openstack-ironic10:26
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Pass environment variables of proxy to tox
*** ukalifon1 has quit IRC10:26
*** dlpartain has left #openstack-ironic10:27
*** e0ne is now known as e0ne_10:32
*** ukalifon1 has joined #openstack-ironic10:36
*** e0ne_ has quit IRC10:39
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic: Allow deleting even associated and active node in maintenance mode
dtantsurlucasagomes, first step ^^10:40
*** marzif_ has quit IRC10:41
*** marzif_ has joined #openstack-ironic10:41
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic10:41
openstackgerritRamakrishnan G proposed stackforge/proliantutils: Add support for certificate based authentication
openstackgerritMatt Keenan proposed openstack/ironic: get_supported_boot_devices() returns static device list
rameshg87saripurigopi: the other issue is related to logging format string10:48
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Vagrantfile and vagrant.yml for testing NUC
rameshg87saripurigopi: are you using osx ?10:48
* rameshg87 wonders if it makes some difference10:49
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic: Fix Cisco UCS slow tests
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic: Fix Cisco UCS slow tests
saripurigopirameshg87: I'm trying this on ubuntu 14.10.10:52
rameshg87saripurigopi: okay10:52
saripurigopirameshg87: accessing it from OSX.10:52
lucasagomessaripurigopi, I tried on 14.04 as the bug mentions and it was broken... Lemme try on other versions see if I can spot something10:53
saripurigopilucasagomes: have you tried with It is trying to install and that is broken.10:54
openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/ironic: Add option to configure passes in erase_devices
lucasagomessaripurigopi, yeah installs10:55
lucasagomesbut once I try to run the Ironic conductor I get that error about the YesOrNo class not being defined10:55
openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Add option to configure passes in erase_devices
saripurigopilucasagomes: I've just tried again and pasted the result, tried on ubuntu 14.10.10:56
lucasagomesDriverLoadError: Driver fake could not be loaded. Reason: name 'YesOrNo' is not defined.10:57
*** afaranha has joined #openstack-ironic10:58
lucasagomessaripurigopi, also,
saripurigopilucasagomes: Saw the error in the review log.10:59
saripurigopilucasagomes: which environment are you trying this?11:00
ifarkasdtantsur, hi, sure, I will review it11:02
*** ramineni has quit IRC11:02
lucasagomessaripurigopi, on ubuntu 14.04 that we run in the gate11:02
lucasagomeslemme try on fedora too, 1 sec lemme see if I have one env handy11:03
* rameshg87 leaves for the day11:07
*** rameshg87 has quit IRC11:07
saripurigopilucasagomes: sure11:07
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Adding agent_ucs driver to the driver list
saripurigopilucasagomes: tried on ubuntu14.04,  its failing.11:08
lucasagomessaripurigopi, :-(11:08
saripurigopilucasagomes: ;-(11:09
lucasagomes1 sec I will try on fedora11:09
lucasagomes>>> UcsSdk.__version__11:12
lucasagomesTraceback (most recent call last):11:12
lucasagomes  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>11:12
lucasagomesAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute '__version__'11:12
lucasagomessaripurigopi, building a devstack env to see when loading...11:12
*** stendulker has quit IRC11:14
saripurigopilucasagomes: sure, its same pip version on both ubuntu 14.10 and 14.04.11:14
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|brb11:14
openstackgerritRamakrishnan G proposed openstack/ironic: Add boot interface in Ironic
*** bcornec has quit IRC11:20
*** bcornec has joined #openstack-ironic11:21
*** marzif_ has quit IRC11:24
*** marzif_ has joined #openstack-ironic11:27
*** gabriel-bezerra has joined #openstack-ironic11:27
saripurigopilucasagomes: figured out the problem. is missing the UcsSdk, in ubuntu14.04.11:29
lucasagomessaripurigopi, oh... how come? odd11:31
lucasagomessaripurigopi, are you guys releasing a new version fixing the problem?11:31
saripurigopilucasagomes: yeah, there is newer version, trying to upload to PyPi.11:33
*** e0ne is now known as e0ne_11:36
lucasagomessaripurigopi, ack, thanks for looking into it11:38
*** e0ne_ is now known as e0ne11:39
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry11:39
* lucas-hungry brb will get some lunch11:39
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Remove tools/
*** pradipta has quit IRC11:50
*** davideagnello has joined #openstack-ironic11:51
*** davideagnello has quit IRC11:56
*** degorenko has joined #openstack-ironic12:03
*** trown|outttypeww is now known as trown12:12
*** bradjones has quit IRC12:13
*** dtantsur|brb is now known as dtantsur12:13
*** bradjones has joined #openstack-ironic12:15
*** bradjones has quit IRC12:15
*** bradjones has joined #openstack-ironic12:15
*** chlong has joined #openstack-ironic12:20
*** e0ne is now known as e0ne_12:28
*** e0ne_ is now known as e0ne12:28
openstackgerritDevananda van der Veen proposed openstack/ironic-specs: iPXE to use Swift Temporary URLs
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Support RedHat yum installation
*** marzif_ has quit IRC12:33
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes12:38
lucasagomesdevananda, thanks for fixing the spec12:39
lucasagomesand good ugt morning TheJulia devananda12:40
TheJuliagoodmorning lucasagomes12:40
lucasagomessaripurigopi, FYI, same problem on F21... Ironic conductor won't start if UcsSdk == is installed12:41
*** jcoufal has quit IRC12:47
TheJuliaNobodyCam had a lead on what the issue was, but I tried putting what he thought might fix it in locally and it didn't work. :(12:49
lucasagomesTheJulia, apparently, is missing12:49
lucasagomesTheJulia, saripurigopi is looking into it12:49
*** kan_ has quit IRC12:51
TheJuliathat could do it quite nicely12:51
lucasagomesif you copy that file onto /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/UcsSdk/__init__.py12:52
lucasagomesit works12:52
lucasagomesNobodyCam, FYI ^12:52
lucasagomesTheJulia, heh more or less.. :-P I mean, it's broken on pypi12:53
lucasagomesa new version is needed anyway12:53
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Vagrantfile and vagrant.yml for testing
* lucasagomes should update the bug with the workaround12:54
*** f13o has quit IRC12:54
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack-ironic12:55
*** smoriya has quit IRC12:56
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
*** jjohnson2 has joined #openstack-ironic13:01
*** jcoufal has quit IRC13:03
saripurigopilucasagomes: okay13:05
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic13:08
*** MattMan has quit IRC13:08
*** MattMan has joined #openstack-ironic13:09
*** rloo has joined #openstack-ironic13:10
*** Marga_ has quit IRC13:11
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic13:11
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
*** yuikotakada has joined #openstack-ironic13:15
*** cdearborn has joined #openstack-ironic13:15
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack-ironic13:20
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Move create_ports to NodeInfo
*** dlpartain has joined #openstack-ironic13:33
*** dlpartain has left #openstack-ironic13:33
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Final discoverd -> inspector rename/move pass
trowndtantsur: congrats on openstack/ironic-inspector13:36
dtantsurtrown, \o/13:37
zigolucasagomes: Our plan is to remove suds from Stretch, instead you can use pysimplesoap which is actively maintained.13:37
zigoThanks for the WSME thing.13:37
lucasagomes zigo I opened a bug in WSME to talk about pysimplesoap13:38
lucasagomesif nobody fix it soon I will put a patch up13:38
lucasagomesproblem is that WSME has very few cores, so if I submit a patch I can't +2 it13:38
lucasagomeswhich kinda sucks so I prefer other people fixing stuff13:38
zigolucasagomes: Make sure to add me on the reivew, so that I can backport the patch to WSME for Kilo.13:38
lucasagomeszigo, ack13:38
*** davideagnello has joined #openstack-ironic13:40
openstackgerritRoman Podoliaka proposed openstack/ironic: WIP: use new enginefacade feature of oslo.db
yuikotakadadtantsur: thank you for 191796. Is old pypi's URL( necessary to be written in somewhere? for people using < 2.0.0 ? WDYT?13:44
dtantsuryuikotakada, I think we should stop people from using it asap :)13:44
*** davideagnello has quit IRC13:45
jrollmorning all :)13:45
jrollI have a couple of specs I'd like eyes on: and
dtantsuryuikotakada, oh btw, while you're here: did you do something about Tempest test for inspection?13:45
*** zhenguo has joined #openstack-ironic13:45
dtantsurjroll, morning!13:45
yuikotakadadtantsur: ok ;)13:46
jrollwould be great to get some reviews before the meetings this morning13:46
jrollheya dtantsur! and yuikotakada and lucasagomes and trown and TheJulia :)13:46
lucasagomesjroll, yo, morning13:46
trownmorning jroll13:46
dtantsurtrown, morning!13:47
lucasagomestrown, morning13:47
dtantsuryuikotakada, I think we can start with something really simple just calling node-set-provision-state inspect, and then experiment with Rally/whatever13:47
yuikotakadajroll, trown, lucasagomes: g'morning13:49
lucasagomesyuikotakada, hello there, good ugt morning :-)13:49
trowngood ugt morning yuikotakada13:49
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
lucasagomesjroll, the decouple from global requirements sounds a bit too much no? I'm not sure how this will work out with the current infra13:50
lucasagomesis that really needed?13:50
yuikotakadadtantsur: If we remain L405 and L429 in README.rst, we should write old pypi's URL, also. But if we remove L405 and L429, we don't need to write old pypi's URL. I think we need to keep consistency. WDYT?13:50
dtantsuryuikotakada, that's for existing users, which presumably already installed discoverd, and now have to use the new docs. I don't see much point in providing them a link to the old pypi13:51
yuikotakadadtantsur: do you mean that old pypi is only for old users? Hmm, that's right13:52
jrolllucasagomes: maybe the wording is bad. my goal is to continue to follow global-reqs. however during the time which 1) global-reqs is frozen, *and* 2) we've already cut our stable release branch for the cycle, I think master should allow requirements updates if and only if there is a corresponding global-reqs patch blocked only by the freeze. does that make sense?13:53
dtantsurand the only reason I didn't delete it, is that ironic-discoverd is still in global-requirements (and maybe similar downstream scripts)13:53
dtantsurjroll, makes sense, but I don't imagine how to implement it...13:53
yuikotakadadtantsur, OK, let's merge it. Except for old pypi's URL, it seems np :)13:53
dtantsuryuikotakada, so, any updates on tempest?13:54
jrolldtantsur: it's really just rules around how requirements changes are merged, idk13:54
lucasagomesjroll, right yeah it does... so eventually the global-req is going to get updated too right?13:54
lucasagomesjroll, I wonder if the patch actually doesn't make it to global-req13:54
lucasagomesso what we do with Ironic?13:54
*** amotoki has quit IRC13:54
jrolllucasagomes: right, so I think we would need to have g-r reviewers be like "LGTM but -2 until freeze is over"13:55
yuikotakadadtantsur, You mean Ironic+Ironic-inspector integration test?13:55
lucasagomesjroll, yeah something like that13:55
lucasagomeskinda of a contract13:55
lucasagomesso we don't diverge13:55
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, need to improve the wording I guess13:56
yuikotakadadtantsur, as you know, we cannot add tests into tempest, so that tempest-lib looks good.13:56
*** absubram has joined #openstack-ironic13:56
dtantsuryuikotakada, I've seen new Ironic tests added to tempest ~today, so I think we should continue proposing stuff against Tempest, until told to stop13:57
*** ukalifon2 has joined #openstack-ironic13:57
*** ukalifon1 has quit IRC13:57
lucasagomesjroll, yeah... it sounds like we are maintinaing the requirements by our own in the spec13:57
dtantsuryuikotakada, otherwise we get in weird situation, because Ironic is still in tempest13:57
yuikotakadadtantsur: But, I'm just investigating, so I cannot say cleary, but tempest-lib looks not perfect yet.13:57
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, I'll fix that up13:57
yuikotakadadtantsur: Ironic's integration tests will be moved into Ironc's own tree13:58
dtantsuryuikotakada, let's start with adding a small modification to existing Ironic scenario: call node_set_provision_state(uuid, 'inspect')13:58
yuikotakadabut I don't know when it will be started13:58
dtantsuryuikotakada, maybe, one day. do you have some time estimates? I don't :)13:58
*** ukalifon3 has joined #openstack-ironic13:58
dtantsurright, we don't know :)13:59
openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/ironic: Add disk layout check on re-provisioning
*** athomas has quit IRC13:59
dtantsuryuikotakada, I just don't see it happening right now, so I assume it might take a lot of time13:59
dtantsurlet's move forward in the meanwhile13:59
*** mgoddard1 has joined #openstack-ironic14:00
*** ukalifon4 has joined #openstack-ironic14:00
*** mgoddard has quit IRC14:01
yuikotakadadtantsur, "let's start with adding a small modification to existing Ironic scenario" means adding some codes to Ironic scenario tests in tempest? I'm worrying it will be -2ed14:01
*** ukalifon2 has quit IRC14:02
*** saripurigopi has quit IRC14:02
dtantsuryuikotakada, I can't tell for sure. Unfortunately my ML post didn't get enough attention...14:03
*** ukalifon3 has quit IRC14:03
*** bethelwe_ has joined #openstack-ironic14:03
dtantsurwe can ask on #openstack-qa...14:03
*** athomas has joined #openstack-ironic14:04
yuikotakadadtantsur: I agree. I'll post again tomorrow(in Japan... so that about 10h later ;)14:04
yuikotakadaIt will be better discussing in public place14:05
dtantsuryuikotakada, I'm also asking now on :)14:05
*** bethelwell has quit IRC14:06
*** bethelwe_ has quit IRC14:08
*** bethelwell has joined #openstack-ironic14:09
dtantsuryuikotakada, <mtreinish> dtantsur: so this cycle that's the direction we're moving, so hopefully by the release all the ironic tests will be in the ironic repo (or an ironic owned repo)14:15
dtantsuryuikotakada, <mtreinish> dtantsur: so I think for the super short term pushing them to tempest is ok14:15
dtantsuryuikotakada, <mtreinish> but for ironic I htink since we already have things in tree we shouldn't block new tests for right now14:15
openstackgerritSam Betts proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Add missing backslash and run genconfig
yuikotakadadtantsur, are you in #openstack-qa?14:16
dtantsuryuikotakada, yep14:16
sambettsdtantsur: ^ checkout that patch it can probably be rushed throuh14:16
yuikotakadadtantsur, oh,  can we add into tempest now? nice :)14:16
dtantsuryes, if we do it quickly :)14:16
dtantsurthey're still working on related specs14:17
yuikotakadadtantsur, ok, I will start tomorrow :) I will go to bed... it's 11pm14:18
openstackgerritThiago Paiva Brito proposed openstack/ironic: OneView Driver for Ironic
dtantsuryuikotakada, sure, g'night :)14:18
jrollthis has 2x +2, anyone else want to take a look?
jrollipxe/swift tempurl thing14:19
yuikotakadadtantsur: I'll work one more minute...14:19
yuikotakadaI'm in qa, too.14:19
openstackgerritSam Betts proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Provide hook into process when a node isn't found
NobodyCamgood morning Ironicers14:21
sambettsMorning NobodyCam14:21
*** cdearborn has quit IRC14:21
yuikotakadadtantsur: I don't understand..."(mtreinish) so we don't need to worry about migrating ironic, cielo, heat, etc"???14:22
jrollmorning NobodyCam, sambetts14:22
zhenguomorning all14:22
NobodyCammorning sambetts jroll dtantsur yuikotakada zhenguo14:22
yuikotakadaNobodyCam, zhenguo : g'morning14:22
NobodyCamon rv parks wifi and its super laggy14:23
dtantsuryuikotakada, don't mind for now, it's about tempest-lib, which we probably won't care about (to be decided)14:23
dtantsurNobodyCam, morning!14:23
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC14:24
yuikotakadadtantsur, ok. thanks :)14:24
*** bnemec has joined #openstack-ironic14:24
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-ironic14:24
*** itamarl has quit IRC14:25
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic14:27
BadCubMornign folks14:30
yuikotakadaBadCub, good morning14:31
sambettsMorning BadCub14:31
NobodyCammornign BadCub :)14:32
lucasagomesNobodyCam, BadCub good ugt morning14:32
BadCubMorning yuikotakada sambetts NobodyCam :)14:32
NobodyCammorning (UGT)lucasagomes14:32
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-inspector: Add missing backslash and run genconfig
* NobodyCam keep wanting to write that at good (UGT) morning :-p14:33
trowndtantsur: sorry about that ^...just noticed it in RDO, where I also missed lots of "inspector"s14:34
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
TheJuliagood morning NobodyCam14:35
NobodyCammornign TheJulia :)14:35
* NobodyCam needs coffee14:36
*** coolsvap is now known as coolsvap|afk14:37
BadCubMorning lucasagomes TheJulia :)14:37
*** zz_natorious is now known as natorious14:40
*** achanda has quit IRC14:42
*** absubram has quit IRC14:45
lucasagomesjroll, re network providers... so each port has a driver?14:46
*** yuikotakada has quit IRC14:46
lucasagomesI mean, so that each port can be managed by a different service? Some by neutron others by idk what14:46
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-inspector: Final discoverd -> inspector rename/move pass
openstackgerritShilla Saebi proposed openstack/ironic: copy editing of ironic deploy docs
*** ukalifon4 has quit IRC14:50
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, I debated whether that should be node level or port level14:50
*** lazy_prince has quit IRC14:51
jrolllucasagomes: but I don't think there's any downside to port level14:51
lucasagomesright, yeah it seems to be very fine grained14:51
lucasagomesI wonder if someone would actually have more than 1 network provider like that14:52
lucasagomeslike, it's possible but unrealistic14:52
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic14:53
*** achanda_ has joined #openstack-ironic14:58
*** bethelwell has quit IRC14:58
*** mgoddard1 has quit IRC15:00
*** achanda has quit IRC15:00
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-ironic15:01
*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic15:01
*** dguerri is now known as dguerri`15:01
*** bethelwell has joined #openstack-ironic15:02
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
TheJuliacinerama: ^^^ please take a look at that one15:05
*** dguerri` is now known as dguerri15:05
*** cdearborn has joined #openstack-ironic15:14
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial changes for testing VM creation for CentOS
*** e0ne is now known as e0ne_15:22
NobodyCamugh really laggy bandwidth here15:25
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic15:27
*** davideagnello has joined #openstack-ironic15:29
dtantsurhey, anyone willing to have a look at the ENROLL spec ? 2x +2 already :)15:29
Nishadtantsur, +1 for the spec... :) looks good15:29
*** jcoufal has quit IRC15:30
Nishadtantsur, please review the capabilities specs..i need opinions/advise from people to finalize on approach to be followed for it15:31
*** foexle has quit IRC15:31
dtantsurNisha, link?15:31
*** e0ne_ has quit IRC15:32
*** davideagnello has quit IRC15:33
jrollNisha: just fyi you only need to use #link during meetings :)15:34
Nishajroll, :)15:34
Nishajroll, ^^^^15:35
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic15:35
Nishai need opinion from people to finalize an approach to be followed for capabilities15:35
jrollNisha: I'll try to get to it soon, probably not today :/15:36
jrollsorry, busy day.15:36
NobodyCamjust ping folks for sub-team status updates on the white board15:37
* dtantsur didn't forget this time =^_^=15:37
* jroll will update neutron subteam thing after the neutron/ironic meeting15:37
dtantsurjroll, do you need me at the ironic-neutron meeting?15:37
NobodyCamawesome thank you :)15:38
jrolldtantsur: I don't think so, unless you have opinions on the specs that are up :)15:38
* TheJulia ponders the enroll spec15:38
*** spandhe has joined #openstack-ironic15:38
dtantsurjroll, not now :) just making sure you're not discussing something inspector-related for now15:39
jrolldtantsur: nah, I don't think inspector things will get contentious15:39
*** yog__ has quit IRC15:39
*** absubram has joined #openstack-ironic15:39
jrollwe just need to add lldp discovery at some point15:39
dtantsurthat's on my radar, but moving to IPA is of bigger priority for me wrt the ramdisk15:39
jrollno big rush15:40
* NobodyCam will have to watch the Lego movie in full some time15:40
jrolloh man15:40
jrollNobodyCam: it's awesome15:40
* dtantsur is afk until the meeting15:41
dtantsuris meeting in 1hr 20 mins?15:41
NobodyCam:) yep15:41
* NobodyCam has call in 20 min15:41
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|brb15:41
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-specs: iPXE to use Swift Temporary URLs
TheJuliadtantsur|brb: so if I'm interpretting the enroll state stuff correctly, once the new client lands, we will explicitly have to trigger the transition to manage state?15:44
openstackgerritSam Betts proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Provide hook into process when a node isn't found
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic15:51
lucasagomesfolks I will take a break and be back for the meeting later on15:52
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-brb15:52
*** lazy_prince has joined #openstack-ironic15:56
*** mitchjameson has joined #openstack-ironic15:59
openstackgerritRoman Podoliaka proposed openstack/ironic: WIP: use new enginefacade feature of oslo.db
*** mgoddard1 has joined #openstack-ironic16:03
*** mgoddard has quit IRC16:05
*** Nisha has quit IRC16:09
*** romcheg has quit IRC16:09
*** romcheg has joined #openstack-ironic16:10
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic16:10
*** romcheg has quit IRC16:15
jlvillalGood morning Ironic.16:19
jlvillal+1 on Lego movie :)16:19
NobodyCammorning jlvillal16:21
*** Nisha has quit IRC16:21
jlvillalNobodyCam: Thanks16:21
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic16:21
*** zz_jgrimm is now known as jgrimm16:22
*** notq has quit IRC16:30
*** romainh has quit IRC16:33
*** dprince has joined #openstack-ironic16:34
*** spandhe_ has joined #openstack-ironic16:35
*** spandhe has quit IRC16:37
*** spandhe_ is now known as spandhe16:37
*** Nisha_away has joined #openstack-ironic16:40
*** Nisha has quit IRC16:40
*** dtantsur|brb is now known as dtantsur16:42
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:47
*** lucas-brb is now known as lucasagomes16:48
NobodyCamif I drop in the meeting please continue with out /me... I will be attempting to rejoin!16:51
*** dguerri is now known as dguerri`16:53
*** praneshp has joined #openstack-ironic16:53
*** Nisha_away has quit IRC16:58
*** natorious is now known as zz_natorious16:59
NobodyCamother meeting just ending17:01
*** e0ne has quit IRC17:02
*** bethelwell has quit IRC17:02
*** davideagnello has joined #openstack-ironic17:06
*** ifarkas has quit IRC17:08
NobodyCammornign rloo :-p17:09
rlooNobodyCam: :)17:10
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor node's and driver's vendor passthru to a common place
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic: Allow vendor methods to serve static files
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic: Change return value of [driver_]vendor_passthru to dict
*** lazy_prince has quit IRC17:11
openstackgerritShilla Saebi proposed openstack/ironic: changes and edit of the ironic install guide
*** romcheg has joined #openstack-ironic17:13
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor node's and driver's vendor passthru to a common place
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic: Allow vendor methods to serve static files
openstackgerritSam Betts proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Provide hook into process when a node isn't found
*** zz_natorious is now known as natorious17:18
jrollnaohirot: cores each have different priorities, and the project as a whole also has priorities17:24
harlowjadtantsur yt17:40
harlowjaas for futurist release, soon?17:40
dtantsurthat's good :)17:40
harlowjaand as for compat with old stuff, idk, might be easy to write a wrapper that makes the old junk work17:40
* harlowja hasn't tried17:40
dtantsurok, I'll figure out17:40
dtantsurchances are high, it will just work17:41
harlowjaya, some of the concepts don't apply though17:41
harlowjalike 'ticks_between_runs'17:41
*** ijw has quit IRC17:41
dtantsurharlowja, I don't think we used such stuff for anything in-tree17:41
harlowjathe way those periodic things all get registered is different, the futurist stuff doesn't use a metaclass blah blah17:42
openstackgerritMichael Krotscheck proposed openstack/ironic: Added documentation to Vagrantfile
harlowja*imho for the better*17:42
*** Marga_ has quit IRC17:42
harlowjafuturist is imho much more easy to use, it doesn't require metaclasses, eventlet stuff...17:42
harlowja*but i'm biased, lol17:42
harlowjaand its more easy to create different work objects, instead of just getting stuck with 1 ...17:43
harlowja*different worker objects17:43
harlowjaya da ya da, lol17:43
harlowjadtantsur might be something useful to adapt though17:43
harlowjadtantsur is along these lines (but not exactly, allows for some customization there)17:44
* harlowja afaik the oslo.service primary maintainer is also onboard with the futurist periodic stuff, so dtantsur if u have a way to make an 'adaptor' or something, that'd be cool17:45
harlowjai'm sure he/she (the maintainer) would like that17:45
dtantsurhmm, will consider17:45
harlowjadtantsur may also interest u, getting better metrics out of those objects would be nice/useful17:46
dtantsurnice, IIRC jroll was especially interested in metrics17:47
jroll<3 knowing how my software is running17:47
harlowjaya, futurist gathers some, but its not still optimal imho17:47
harlowjaaka these,
jrolldtantsur: a large portion of our team spun out of the "cloud monitoring/metrics" team :P17:47
harlowjait'd be more accurate with native metrics 'hooks'17:47
dtantsurrloo, it's up to us eventually whether to adopt guidelines or not...17:50
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC17:51
dtantsurand if we can't agree, it's up to the PTL to break the tie17:51
rloodtantsur: i realize that, which is why i wanted to know what it meant to 'adopt guidelines' and is there room to deviate from it17:51
dtantsurrloo, I believe, if we deviate in "hiding" features, it's not critical at all17:51
harlowjarloo dear leader rloo !17:52
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic17:52
* harlowja runs away17:52
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown17:52
*** zhenguo has quit IRC17:53
*** pcrews has quit IRC17:54
harlowjajroll dtantsur  comment on if u get sometime, maybe saying 'yes i would find this useful' would be enough :)17:55
rloodtantsur: not critical, but i wanted to know/understand what people's understanding/expectations were, wrt guidelines17:55
harlowjaguido commented on it, so don't want him to kill it, lol17:55
harlowja*killed before birth by BDFL17:55
dtantsurharlowja, ack17:55
jrollJoshNang: I may do that :P17:56
JoshNangjroll: ?17:56
jrollwrong josh.17:57
jrollharlowja: ^^17:57
*** pelix has quit IRC17:57
harlowjaone of those damn josh(s)17:57
jrollyeah, they're all crazy17:57
harlowja;) i mean17:57
harlowjaif goes in, then i can help get it backported (hopefully) into and all will be merry17:58
*** mgoddard1 has quit IRC18:00
NobodyCamsorry I got choppy at the end :-p of course18:01
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic18:01
dtantsurso, before I got caught in one more versioning holy war, I'll be going :)18:02
dtantsurg'night folks :)18:02
NobodyCamnight dtantsur18:02
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk18:02
NobodyCamnight lucasagomes18:02
sambettsI'm also heading off, see yall tomorrow :) o/18:02
naohirotdtantsur: thanks for reviewing the irmc code18:02
lucasagomesNobodyCam, hey18:02
lucasagomesthank you have a good nigth everyone!18:03
naohirotlucasagomes: are you going leave now?18:03
lucasagomesnaohirot, I will update some of the spreadsheet first18:03
naohirotlucasagomes: are we creating a priorty list? that's good, that is what I'd like to see18:04
rloolucasagomes: are you ok if i change the tab from 'Current cycle Status' to 'Liberty cycle Status'?18:04
lucasagomesrloo, sure go ahead18:05
lucasagomesnaohirot, yes... well with some stuff I have in mind now18:05
lucasagomeswe can start add more stuff as we go18:05
lucasagomesso people can look at the spreadsheet and see what's important to review18:06
jlvillallucasagomes: I think only certain people can edit it.  Or I don't understand Google Sheets.  As it appears to be read-only for me.18:06
rloolucasagomes: it doesn't show the priorties. are we going to only list the high priority ones?18:06
lucasagomesrloo, maybe I should add a column for priorities?18:06
rloolucasagomes: yeah, i think that would be good.18:07
lucasagomesjlvillal, hmm I'm not sure lemme see18:07
jlvillallucasagomes: Not necessarily a bad thing if only certain people can update the spread sheet.18:07
rloojlvillal: i just found out that i can edit that spreadsheet. maybe cores got access??18:07
* jlvillal is fine if only Core's can update the priority spreadsheet18:07
lucasagomesjlvillal, apparently only a few group of people has access to editing it18:07
jlvillallucasagomes: Sounds good to me.  Thanks.18:07
lucasagomesrloo, adding a column18:07
NobodyCamnight sambetts18:08
lucasagomesjlvillal, it's just the first stab at it, we can change this stuff later18:08
rloothx lucasagomes18:08
rloojlvillal: what did you want changed on that?18:08
naohirotrloo: I attended irc meeting this week which is not convenient time for Asia.18:09
rloolucasagomes: can I suggest this ordering: Topic first18:09
lucasagomesrloo, sure... few free to edit it18:09
lucasagomesI'm actually bad organizing data18:09
rloolucasagomes: topic, category, priority, status, lead, spec18:09
naohirotrloo: you mentioned about no core member irc meeting last week in the openstack-dev.18:09
lucasagomesso I'm just put the content18:09
jlvillalrloo: Nothing.  Well I was going to re-arrange the sheets to be in reverse chronological order.  But not important.18:10
rloolucasagomes: am just trying to think of what i would be looking for/at. i don't really care about the lead as the first thing :)18:10
*** natorious is now known as zz_natorious18:10
lucasagomesrloo, heh done18:10
rloojlvillal: already reversed the order :)18:10
rloothx lucasagomes18:10
jlvillalrloo: Thanks18:11
naohirotrloo: will the next irc meeting also be no core member available?18:11
rlooi like the 'notes' and 'ADDITIONAL NOTES' columns :)18:11
rloonaohirot: I have no idea. Depends on if any cores attend. I never attend that one.18:11
*** spandhe_ has joined #openstack-ironic18:12
*** Nisha has quit IRC18:12
lucasagomesnaohirot, the other meeting time is really bad for me18:12
lucasagomesnaohirot, so I have never attended that :-(18:12
*** spandhe has quit IRC18:12
*** spandhe_ is now known as spandhe18:12
TheJulianaohirot: some cores attempt to make it to that meeting, but attendence is often less due to the timing.18:12
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic18:12
lucasagomesrloo, perhaps additional notes is redudant?18:12
* TheJulia thinks she made it to one and was told to go to bed18:12
lucasagomesI think we can remove it right?18:12
rloonaohirot: I mentioned that because I wondered whether/if it was worth holding meetings if no cores attended but I didn't see any feedback saying that it wasn't useful.18:13
naohirotrloo: why does core team assign someone to Asia convenient time meeting?18:13
lucasagomesrloo, not sure you were being sarcastic or not heh18:13
rloolucasagomes: both. i couldn't figure out why they were there but it seemed amusing too18:13
lucasagomesrloo, lol I copy and pasted from the Kilo status18:13
*** Nisha has quit IRC18:13
lucasagomesanyway removed18:13
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic18:14
rloonaohirot: why don't you suggest it then? I don't know. When the meeting times were picked, I am sure there was coverage/some cores that said they could attend it. (I cannot/won't).18:14
naohirotrloo: I believe if no core member continue attends the meeting, other contributer is getting not attending.18:14
rloonaohirot: but everyone cannot promise to be there all the time.18:14
harlowjarloo stop sleeping so much, lol, jeez18:15
lucasagomesnaohirot, we have Haomeng in China18:15
rloonaohirot: i think that if you have some suggestions it would be good to voice them in email.18:15
*** Nisha has quit IRC18:15
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic18:15
*** dguerri` is now known as dguerri18:15
naohirotrloo: lucasagomes : my question is18:15
lucasagomesand ramesh in India (idk how is the TZ there)18:15
rloonaohirot: again, i don't attend those meetings but others do, so for the ones that do, if they find them useful, who am i to object to them.18:16
naohirotrloo: lucasagomes : is some coordination made among core member?18:16
lucasagomesnaohirot, about who attend what? Not really18:17
lucasagomesI mean I try to attend the meeting at 1700 UTC cause it's an OK time for me18:17
lucasagomesthe other one is really bad time so I really can't attend18:17
lucasagomeswe probably can suggest Haomeng and ramesh to try to attend the other meeting18:17
lucasagomesbut we can't mandate any of this18:17
lucasagomesnaohirot, we also could try change the time if that is not working18:18
lucasagomesnaohirot, I would suggest to put it in the ML, see what people think about changing the time of that meeting. Or call some attention about the potential new attendees18:19
*** ukalifon has joined #openstack-ironic18:19
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic18:19
naohirotlucasagomes: mandate is strong word, but some coordination should be made so that core member attend.18:19
lucasagomesnaohirot, right, yeah we could try to suggest them to attend yes18:19
lucasagomesor anyone interested in the core group really18:20
naohirotlucasagomes: and also I'd like to say one thing regarding priority.18:20
naohirotlucasagomes: priority I'm talking about is not promise, and not demand18:21
*** dguerri is now known as dguerri`18:21
naohirotlucasagomes: priority is just plan at this moment18:21
naohirotlucasagomes: if situation changed, then priority should be changed18:22
naohirotlucasagomes: this kind of priority is what I'm talking about.18:22
lucasagomesnaohirot, +1 totally18:22
lucasagomesI think that's the only one we can count on18:23
lucasagomessince we all work for different companies18:23
naohirotlucasagomes: Yeah :)18:23
lucasagomesright, and with that I will call it a day18:24
lucasagomesit's late I will get some dinner18:24
naohirotlucasagomes: without priority or plan, we will become day laborer :)18:24
lucasagomesI will put more things in the spreadsheet tomorrow18:24
lucasagomesnaohirot, heh yeah it can get a bit chaotic18:24
lucasagomesFOSS is a bit chaotic in general, somehow we manage to work together18:25
lucasagomesI don't know how tho :-)18:25
lucasagomesthat's why it's amazing18:25
naohirotlucasagomes: maybe still I didn't get what open source development is :)18:25
lucasagomesnaohirot, neither do I18:25
lucasagomeshard to know someone that really got it... each community is different as far as I can tell18:25
* lucasagomes remembers mandriva18:26
naohirotlucasagomes: Okay, I'll go to bed18:26
lucasagomesanyhoo... naohirot thanks for the suggestion. Have a good night18:26
lucasagomeshave a good night everyone, I see y'all tomorrow18:26
naohirotlucasagomes: rloo : all: thanks!!18:26
*** naohirot has quit IRC18:26
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner18:26
*** notq has joined #openstack-ironic18:27
*** pcrews has joined #openstack-ironic18:28
*** albertoffb has joined #openstack-ironic18:31
*** spandhe_ has joined #openstack-ironic18:33
*** Marga_ has quit IRC18:35
*** spandhe has quit IRC18:36
*** spandhe_ is now known as spandhe18:36
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic18:36
jlvillaljroll: Can you look at my comment on ?  I want to make sure I'm not confused.18:37
*** bethelwell has joined #openstack-ironic18:37
jlvillaljroll: Thanks!18:37
jrolljlvillal: oh18:38
jrollso verifying is a transient state18:38
jrollso "manage" sends it from enroll -> verifying -> manageable18:38
*** bethelwell has quit IRC18:38
jrolljust like we say "deploy" goes from available -> active18:38
jrolleven when it really goes available -> deploywait -> deploying -> active18:38
jlvillaljroll: Okay.  Do you think the spec should explicitly say that?  Or should the reader know it?18:39
jrolljlvillal: idk. basically line 34 is from the user perspective and line 86 is from the state machine perspective18:39
*** achanda_ has quit IRC18:40
jrolljlvillal: if it isn't immediately clear it might be worth changing the words there, idk.18:40
jlvillaljroll, Thanks.  It makes sense now.18:41
jrollcool :)18:41
*** erelwell has joined #openstack-ironic18:41
jlvillaljroll, My main workstation just shut down due to over-heating :(  I'll change my vote.18:41
jlvillalTwo unrelated events :)18:42
jrolljlvillal: heh18:42
*** erelwell is now known as bethelwell18:45
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic18:51
TheJuliajroll: but a user or process still needs to tell ironic about it/enroll, then send it to manage state?18:51
*** Marga_ has quit IRC18:54
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic18:54
*** absubram has quit IRC19:01
rloohey, googledoc experts or anyone competent (not me). I accidentally deleted a google doc. How can i get back what I see in revision history?19:04
*** pcrews has quit IRC19:08
openstackgerritCaio Oliveira proposed openstack/ironic: OneView Driver for Ironic
rloofalse alarm (I hope). I can see stuff there :)19:11
*** dguerri` is now known as dguerri19:19
*** ukalifon has quit IRC19:21
*** mtanino has joined #openstack-ironic19:28
*** Marga_ has quit IRC19:30
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic19:30
*** amotoki has quit IRC19:33
*** pcrews has joined #openstack-ironic19:35
*** Nisha has quit IRC19:36
*** dguerri is now known as dguerri`19:37
*** dguerri` is now known as dguerri19:38
*** dprince has quit IRC19:39
*** ijw_ has joined #openstack-ironic19:43
*** jgrimm is now known as zz_jgrimm19:44
*** ijw has quit IRC19:46
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC19:48
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic19:50
*** boris-42 has quit IRC19:52
*** romcheg has quit IRC19:52
*** bethelwell has quit IRC19:58
jrollTheJulia: yes20:00
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic20:02
TheJuliajroll: thats what I thought :(20:02
jrollTheJulia: what's wrong with that?20:03
*** ijw__ has joined #openstack-ironic20:04
*** ijw_ has quit IRC20:05
*** ijw__ has quit IRC20:06
TheJuliajroll: just bifrost will need to know how to trigger that before the ironicclient library microversion gets bumped20:06
*** ijw_ has joined #openstack-ironic20:07
jrollTheJulia: just use the old api version until you have code in place to trigger it?20:07
TheJuliaI guess I could see about locking shade to the old api version20:07
*** ijw has quit IRC20:07
* TheJulia will need to ponder it... or just get gate-bifrost in python-ironicclient's job list20:08
jrollyeah, that's the whole point of this version thing20:08
*** romcheg has joined #openstack-ironic20:09
TheJuliaoff the top of your head, do you know if the client library can be pinned by the user when loading it?20:09
jroll--ironic-api-version iirc20:10
openstackgerritCaio Oliveira proposed openstack/ironic: OneView Driver for Ironic
openstackgerritRuby Loo proposed openstack/ironic: Don't raise exception from set_failed_state()
*** ijw_ has quit IRC20:24
*** Marga_ has quit IRC20:24
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic20:24
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic20:24
*** praneshp has quit IRC20:31
*** achanda has quit IRC20:34
*** achanda_ has joined #openstack-ironic20:34
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-specs: Add "enroll" state to the state machine
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-specs: Minor grammar cleanup of enroll-node-state
* jlvillal breathes a sigh of relief as his patch did not remove any votes to the parent patch...20:40
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-specs: Minor grammar cleanup of enroll-node-state
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-specs: Minor grammar cleanup of enroll-node-state
*** achanda_ has quit IRC20:46
*** rbudden has quit IRC20:46
*** rbudden has joined #openstack-ironic20:46
*** albertoffb has quit IRC20:52
*** Marga_ has quit IRC20:55
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic20:55
*** jjohnson2 has quit IRC21:04
*** ijw_ has joined #openstack-ironic21:08
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*** ijw has quit IRC21:11
*** penick has joined #openstack-ironic21:21
*** praneshp has joined #openstack-ironic21:22
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Fix when logic for boolean handling
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Allow a user to define the OS for the Disk Image
mrdaMorning Ironic21:24
TheJuliaGood morning mrda21:24
cineramaoh mrda hi21:26
TheJuliacinerama: I'm thinking network info for the config drive might be the next thing.  Just.... I think I might need to build centos and try simple-init to see if that works out better21:27
cineramaright now i'm smacking the side of the TV to see if that makes it work better, metaphorically speaking21:29
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic21:29
*** trown is now known as trown|outttypeww21:30
* TheJulia uses all the magical bifrost settings21:31
TheJuliacinerama: if this works with simple-init, I'm just going to put it in the doc to build a centos end machine21:33
cineramahee hee upstart21:34
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:36
TheJuliayeah... we're very ubuntu centric.  This is going to be lots of very small changes21:36
*** afaranha has joined #openstack-ironic21:39
*** gabriel-bezerra has joined #openstack-ironic21:40
*** Nisha has quit IRC21:45
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic21:46
*** praneshp has quit IRC21:47
jlvillalmrda: Good morning21:49
mrdahey jlvillal21:49
*** dmitchell__ has quit IRC21:50
*** romcheg has quit IRC21:53
TheJuliacinerama: I almost feel like the image stuff just needs to be totally split from the install21:54
openstackgerritJoshua Harlow proposed openstack/ironic: Transition state machine to use automaton oslo lib.
*** chlong has quit IRC21:57
cineramaTheJulia: i'm happy with that21:57
TheJulianot a today thing, but it would make things a lot cleaner21:57
cineramano i agree, that is why i'm happy with that idea21:59
jrollTheJulia: what's this about network info for the config drive? :)21:59
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic: Transition state machine to use automaton oslo lib.
TheJuliajroll: So I don't entirely get device naming in centos, or re-naming, haven't digged to much, so I'm kind of just hoping the simple-init element makes me happy22:00
TheJulia"Here, take my network configuration info, and magically make networking!"22:01
jrollTheJulia: so there's some work around this already22:01
TheJuliajroll: yah, I'm calling what morded did22:01
*** boris-42 has joined #openstack-ironic22:01
*** zz_natorious is now known as natorious22:01
TheJuliajroll: Ohhhhh thanks!22:02
*** Nisha has quit IRC22:02
* TheJulia can use this to validate what bifrost writes out22:02
jrollwhat mordred is using now is a downstream implementation of that22:03
jrollshould be pretty similar22:03
jrollwe're also going to make cloud-init work with that, for users that like cloud-init22:03
TheJuliaYeah, I'd prefer to drop cloud-init from the images bifrost deploys for testing... just not something I've gotten to22:04
openstackgerritStephanie Miller proposed openstack/bifrost: Add RedHat family dependency installation
*** cdearborn has quit IRC22:13
*** Marga_ has quit IRC22:18
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic22:19
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openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Add a dynamic prepare for test role
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jlvillalmrda, Any feedback on ?22:55
jlvillalmrda, It looks good to me.  I was thinking about doing a +122:56
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mrdajlvillal: as you can see jroll has some opinions, but I'll take a CLOSER LOOK TOO23:01
jrollsorry I meant to let you two know I just -1'd that23:01
jrollI might be wrong there23:01
jlvillalmrda, jroll: Glad I asked :)23:02
* mrda is glad jroll shares his opinions23:02
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openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Fix variable reference in dynamic node deployment
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