Thursday, 2015-10-15

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openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add note about driver API breakage
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add release notes for 4.2.1
jrolla couple release notes that I'd love eyes on00:20
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lintanmorning, Ironic00:44
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openstackgerritYuiko Takada proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Support IPA for devstack-plugin
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add note about driver API breakage
jrollg'morning lintan :)00:58
jrollI'm out for the night, have a good one y'all01:02
lintanmorning, jroll01:02
lintanjroll, I am reading your spec about rolling upgrade, it looks good to me and I am willing to take the work01:04
jrolllintan: excellent01:05
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jrollwill you be in tokyo?01:05
lintanjroll, yes, I will be there01:05
jrollawesome, we should work some of it out then :)01:05
jrollI'm heading out for real now, have a good day :)01:06
lintanjroll, OK, have a good night01:06
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Haomeng|2morning lintan01:14
Haomeng|2jroll: good night:)01:14
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lintanmorning, Haomeng01:15
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Haomenglintan: :)01:23
openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/ironic: Convert set() to list in ListType
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huangkaijust want to drop a message here for the reviewers if you could get some time rate the spec, and I'll appreciate it very much.01:43
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huangkaijust want to drop a message here for the reviewers if you could get some time rate the spec, and I'll appreciate it very much.02:23
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openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/ironic: Add db migration and model for tags table
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: remove lxml requirement
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openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iLO drivers to use new boot interface
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openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iscsi_ilo driver to use new boot interface
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openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iscsi_ilo driver to use new boot interface
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openstackgerritNisha Agarwal proposed openstack/ironic: Documentation for Swift-less iLO Virtual Media deploy
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iLO driver console interface into new module
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Convert set() to list in ListType
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Haomeng|2huangkai: welcome05:41
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Update python-oneviewclient version
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openstackgerritHaomeng,Wang proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial addition of an inspection module
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dtantsurMorning Ironic07:13
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yuikotakadadtantsur, o/07:14
dtantsuryuikotakada, o/ how are you doing?07:14
yuikotakadadtantsur, I've been back to community from today finally07:15
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dtantsurthat's great07:15
yuikotakadadtantsur, yeah, I'm checking our etherpad... thank you for putting it on ML!07:16
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor agent_ilo driver to use new boot interface
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: [WIP] Support Linux-IO in addition to tgtd
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openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iLO drivers to use new boot interface
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openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iscsi_ilo driver to use new boot interface
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iLO driver console interface into new module
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openstackgerritchenglch proposed openstack/ironic: set-console-mode should validate terminal command
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openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor agent_ilo driver to use new boot interface
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chenkeHaomeng, how are you08:40
Haomengchenke: fine, and you?08:42
Haomengchenke: :)08:42
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chenkei have node with wrong ip addr, ironic takes long time to change this node state to unuseable, anyboy know how to short this time.08:46
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chenkeHaomeng, fine too. do you encounter the question i asked above08:56
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chenkeHaomeng, if i set a wrong ip addr, it takes long time for ironic to change the Maintenance to True08:59
Haomengchenke: maybe I lost connection during your question raised,can you paste again?09:00
chenkei have node with wrong ip addr, ironic takes long time to change the Maintenance attribute of this node to True09:01
chenkeHaomeng, i know the ironic will sync power state 3 times, but seems the interval time is too long. it last 14 min among them.09:02
Haomengchenke: yes, we can check cond's log, maybe it try several times to get ipmi connection09:02
Haomengchenke: this can be improved I thinnk09:03
Haomengchenke: let me double check latest code and confirm the behavior09:03
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dtantsurchenke, if on Liberty, you can start using ENROLL state09:04
chenkein the ironic.conf, the value "sync_power_state_interval=60s", seems it dosen't work as config set.09:04
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dtantsurthis code path will verify your power credentials when moving enroll->manageable09:05
Haomengchenke: and we have option CONF.conductor.power_state_sync_max_retries which can setthe max retries09:07
chenkedtantsur, tku, let me check that09:07
dtantsurHaomeng, I don't think it's good to change these values to anything substantially lower09:08
chenkeHaomeng, yes, i know this max retries. but the issue is the interval time is too long.09:08
Haomengdtantsur: yes, default value 3 should good09:08
dtantsurchenke, the lower this interval, the higher are chances of false negative, e.g. your nodes going to maintenance mode due to temporary network problem09:09
Haomengchenke: let me check ipmi operation tiimeout settings09:09
Haomengtotaltime=retries * ipmi timeout,I think09:10
dtantsurmkovacik, hi there! how is your Mac patch doing?09:10
lucasagomesmorning all09:12
Haomenglucasagomes: morning:)09:12
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Haomengchenke: default retry_timeout =6009:13
yuikotakadalucasagomes, morning :)09:13
rameshg871vdrok: can you please upgrade your vote and +A this -
vdrokmorning ironic09:13
Haomengchenke: so total time = 60 * 309:13
Haomengchenke: as design09:13
vdrokand morning Haomeng chenke dtantsur rameshg871 yuikotakada09:14
rameshg871vdrok: o/09:14
vdrokrameshg871, looking09:14
Haomengvdrok: morning:)09:14
dtantsurmorning vdrok, lucasagomes, hi, rameshg87109:14
chenkeHaomeng, if like what you said, the time should be 60. but now interval are >10 min09:14
yuikotakadavdrok, rameshg871, Haomeng, morning :)09:14
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rameshg871yuikotakada: dtantsur: o/09:14
Haomengchenke: can you show your log to see more details where is the time consumed09:14
Haomengchenke: yes, so this should be issue09:14
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vdrokrameshg871, done :)09:15
chenkeHaomeng, i treat it as a not exprience for enduser.09:15
rameshg871vdrok: thanks :)09:15
chenkeHaomeng, i mean it is not good09:16
Haomengchenke: yes,should not consume more time then 3*60 based on default configuration09:16
Haomengchenke: did you change default configurations?09:16
chenkeHaomeng, no, i don't.  how can i upload the log to u09:17
Haomengchenke: ok,thank you09:17
Haomengchenke: we can grep "During sync_power_state, node"09:17
Haomengchenke: to see the details09:18
Haomengchenke: and "During sync_power_state, max retries exceeded..."09:18
chenkeHaomeng, i have done it. the interval is not 60s09:20
Haomengchenke: maybewe have other ipmi call during sync_power, so they are conflict each other, to consumemore time09:20
Haomengchenke: ok09:20
chenkeHaomeng, i can see the ipmi cmd get err soon because of wrong ip addr.09:21
chenke2015-10-15 16:45:12.528 8481 WARNING ironic.drivers.modules.ipmitool [-] IPMI power status failed for node 69ba31df-bf0a-4953-9004-8e7a605b2005 with error: Failed to create the password file. Unexpected error while running command09:23
chenke2015-10-15 16:58:49.575 8481 WARNING ironic.drivers.modules.ipmitool [-] IPMI power status failed for node 69ba31df-bf0a-4953-9004-8e7a605b2005 with error: Failed to create the password file. Unexpected error while running command09:23
chenke2015-10-15 17:12:26.768 8481 WARNING ironic.drivers.modules.ipmitool [-] IPMI power status failed for node 69ba31df-bf0a-4953-9004-8e7a605b2005 with error: Failed to create the password file. Unexpected error while running command09:24
chenke2015-10-15 17:12:26.783 8481 ERROR ironic.conductor.manager [-] During sync_power_state, max retries exceeded for node 69ba31df-bf0a-4953-9004-8e7a605b2005, node state None does not match expected state 'None'. Updating DB state to 'None' Switching node to maintenance mode.09:24
chenkeHaomeng, you can check above log09:25
Haomengchenke: so itis from 16:45 to 17:12?09:26
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chenkeHaomeng, yes. you can see the interval is 60s, but >10 min. this is what i mind09:27
chenkeHaomeng, the interval is not 60s, sorry for type wrong09:28
Haomengchenke: yes, between two ipmi power operations, the consumed time is long - around 7 mins09:28
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chenkeHaomeng, i want to short this time. do you have any idea?09:30
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openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/ironic: Add db api layer for CRUD operations on node tags
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Haomengchenke: will check code behavior,so far no idea09:43
Haomengchenke: should have bug I think09:43
Haomengchenke: willhelp to investigate09:44
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Refactor deploy_utils methods
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Haomengchenke: looks like it is not caused by wrong ip, but the CONF.tempdir folder no space or permision,so log indicate: Failed to create the password file.10:03
Haomengchenke: did you get these log continus lines in log? we need to check with timestamps10:04
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mkovacikdtantsur, hi, just returned from lunch (forgotten to set AFK) got it working, now about to write the commit message10:07
mkovacikany suggestions?10:07
dtantsurlemme find a link10:07
mkovacikdtantsur, precisely what I had in mind ;) thanks10:08
mkovacikbtw I'm running pep8 on the test case, any switches I should apply?10:09
* mkovacik concerned with e.g. line too long 10:09
dtantsurmkovacik, if `tox -epep8` works, you're fine :)10:09
*** zhenguo has quit IRC10:09
mkovacikdtantsur, ok great :)10:10
openstackgerritRico Lin proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: improve readme contents
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: [WIP] Support Linux-IO in addition to tgtd
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sambettsMorning all o/10:36
dtantsurmorning sambetts10:37
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yuikotakadasambetts, o/10:38
sambettsHey yuikotakada, dtantsur :D10:39
*** romainh has quit IRC10:39
vdrokmorning sambetts10:40
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-ironic10:41
sambettso/ vdrok10:43
*** BharatK_ has joined #openstack-ironic10:43
*** pelix has joined #openstack-ironic10:44
sambettsdtantsur: Why the need for the addition of kmod in that patch?10:48
dtantsursambetts, rtslib uses modprobe internally. I'll add it to the commit message10:49
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Never run Flask application with debug mode
sambettsdtantsur: Ah :) ok, I thought modprobe would be built in :/10:53
dtantsurso did I, but seems like it's not10:53
dtantsursambetts, and believe or not, we have one more mysql-related issue >_<
openstackLaunchpad bug 1506160 in Ironic Inspector mitaka "Database schema requires InnoDB engine with MySQL" [High,Triaged] - Assigned to Dmitry Tantsur (divius)10:54
dtantsurwe have 2 bugs targeted to stable/liberty now (this +
openstackLaunchpad bug 1506419 in Ironic Inspector mitaka "Running Flask server in debug mode may be a security issue" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Dmitry Tantsur (divius)10:54
*** subscope has joined #openstack-ironic10:56
sambettsdtantsur: With the debug mode thing, can't we just leave it as a configuration option? and make the default=False with a massive warning for those that turn it to True?11:02
dtantsursambetts, then we need a new configuration option with a not-too-clear purpose.. why would a user set it to true?11:02
sambettsdtantsur: ah so the problem is the overlap between the oslo log debug option and the flask one, because sometimes you want oslo log debug but not flask debug ?11:04
dtantsursambetts, well, to be honest I don't think anyone needs flask debug at all...11:04
* rameshg871 goes home11:08
*** rameshg871 has quit IRC11:08
sambettsdtantsur: hmm, just looking into it more on the flask site, it doesn't seem to add much other than enabling the debugger, I was concerned that if we removed flask debug mode it wouldn't display any flask middleware debug logging11:08
dtantsurok, now our gate is broken by a devstack change, awesome11:10
sambettsgreat :(11:13
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sambettsdtantsur: looking in the mySQL issue now, why pick a relational database and then kill the relationships by using an engine that doesn't support foreign keys ;'( might as well use mongo11:16
dtantsurcrazy bugs today, I'm already pissed off...11:16
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Fix gate broken by the devstack trueorfalse change
dtantsursambetts, ^^11:20
sambettsdtantsur: What do you think about the mySQL one, do we remove the foreign key relationship and then let the sqlalchemy/manually deal with the relationships?11:25
sambettsor force the engine type11:25
dtantsursambetts, I'll force the engine type11:27
*** romainh has joined #openstack-ironic11:27
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Never run Flask application with debug mode
dtantsurrebased on top of gate fix ^^11:28
sambettsdtantsur, does that work per table? is it a global setting in mySQL? I'm just wondering if forcing the engine type will affect other projects tables11:29
dtantsursambetts, it's per table, I'm mostly copying what ironic did11:29
sambettsdtantsur: Ah ok :)11:29
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC11:33
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Always default to InnoDB for MySQL
dtantsurTheJulia, ^^11:37
*** BharatK_ has quit IRC11:38
*** BharatK has joined #openstack-ironic11:39
*** thrash|g0ne is now known as thrash11:39
TheJuliadtantsur: thank you!11:39
dtantsurTheJulia, mind testing it?11:40
sambettsdtantsur: We don't need to make any changes to our migrations do we?11:40
dtantsuroh, true, good catch11:40
TheJuliadtantsur: not at all, just helping an internal person out with some IPA issues first, so give me an hour or so11:40
dtantsurTheJulia, wait a bit, I didn't update the migrations11:40
TheJuliadtantsur: 10-411:41
openstackgerritSam Betts proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Add tinyipa to IPA imagebuild directory
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jrollmorning everyone :)11:44
sambettso/ jroll11:45
vdrokmorning jroll and TheJulia11:45
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Always default to InnoDB for MySQL
dtantsurmust be good now ^^11:46
dtantsurmorning jroll11:46
*** trown|outttypeww is now known as trown11:47
sambettsdtantsur: :'( having to had 2 lines to every table create sucks, at least we don't have many tables yet11:48
jrollheya sambetts, vdrok, dtantsur \o11:49
openstackgerritMilan Kováčik proposed openstack/ironic: mocking sendfile to make the test run on OSX
dtantsurgate gods are not friendly to me today :(11:50
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: [WIP] Support Linux-IO in addition to tgtd
dtantsurdropped tgt from dependencies to figure out which version is actually running in gate ^^11:53
*** BharatK has joined #openstack-ironic11:53
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*** getvasanth__ has joined #openstack-ironic11:55
* mkovacik is away: coffee11:56
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*** marzif_ has joined #openstack-ironic11:58
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*** mrmoje has joined #openstack-ironic12:01
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial support for installation of ironic-inspector
*** caiobo has joined #openstack-ironic12:03
*** baoli has joined #openstack-ironic12:03
*** baoli has quit IRC12:04
dtantsurdamn, we get one more gate failure, now seems related to ironic itself:
dtantsuris ironic gate even ok?12:04
*** sambetts has quit IRC12:04
*** sambetts has joined #openstack-ironic12:05
*** e0ne has quit IRC12:06
*** baoli has joined #openstack-ironic12:08
TheJuliadtantsur:   PRIMARY KEY (`uuid`)12:08
TheJulia) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;12:08
TheJuliaI think thats a sign that it works!12:08
*** baoli has quit IRC12:08
dtantsurgood to know :) now to fix 2 gate breakages.......12:09
*** baoli has joined #openstack-ironic12:09
*** JoshNang has quit IRC12:09
*** JoshNang has joined #openstack-ironic12:09
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add release notes for 4.2.1
*** thiagop has joined #openstack-ironic12:13
thiagopGood morning Ironicers12:13
thiagopjroll: 4.2.1 is just bugfix? The oneview driver will be on this one?12:14
jrollthiagop: just bugfixes on stable/liberty12:15
jrolloneview will be in 4.3.012:15
thiagopjroll: right, tks12:15
* jroll wonders how much stuff would be in 4.3 if we released before summit12:15
*** bradjones has joined #openstack-ironic12:16
*** bradjones has quit IRC12:16
*** bradjones has joined #openstack-ironic12:16
thiagopjroll: lp has something about 4.3 milestone?12:16
* thiagop know people hater lp, but...12:16
dtantsurso, looks like broke ironic-inspector gate, will figure out after lunch if nobody does it before..12:17
jrollI haven't targeted anything else there yet12:17
openstackgerritAllan Vidal proposed stackforge/pyghmi: Fix TS inventory parsing bugs (DIMM, PSU)
jrollonce the docs land I'll mark oneview complete12:18
thiagopjroll: awesome. We'll work on that again tomorrow. Some HP folks asked for CLI examples for node enrollment and so on...12:19
thiagopor today, if the day allows it...12:19
thiagopjroll: did you see my question yesterday about boot interface validation always failing?12:20
jrollthiagop: no?12:20
thiagopjroll: when we use "deploy_[kernel, ramdisk]" it fails asking for kernel, ramdisk and image_source12:21
jrollthiagop: got a bug filed?12:21
jrolland does that affect every agent driver or just oneview?12:22
thiagopnot yet, just probing for that to be the expected behavior, though it's very weird12:22
* mkovacik is back (gone 00:26:40)12:22
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Update troubleshooting text for custom IPA images
thiagopjroll: I'll test it on a devstack before file a bug to be sure12:23
TheJuliathiagop: there are variances based on the driver, example, the ilo driver with virtual media12:25
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-ironic12:26
jrollthiagop: ok, thanks12:26
thiagopTheJulia: it was pxe boot12:26
jrollmkovacik: mind turning off the away/back messages to the channel? :)12:26
jrollmkovacik: also, hello, I don't believe we've met!12:26
TheJuliathiagop: :(12:26
mkovacikjroll, hi, yeah, will change the setting12:27
thiagopBut I'll look into that further.12:27
*** marzif_ has quit IRC12:28
lucasagomesjroll, zanata! damn I missed that12:28
*** marzif_ has joined #openstack-ironic12:28
*** phschwartz has quit IRC12:29
*** phschwartz has joined #openstack-ironic12:29
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial support for installation of ironic-inspector
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add agent_amt docs
jrolllucasagomes: heh, saw you were still working on transifex stuff :(12:30
jroll^ that docs patch should be an easy one12:30
lucasagomesjroll, lol yeah12:30
lucasagomesfrom time to time I translated stuff there... they should delete that tho12:31
jrollheh yeah12:31
jrollor have a big warning message12:31
lucasagomescause I don't follow the stuff going on in the i18n, I'm just a casual translator12:31
lucasagomesanyway... will talk to them12:31
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Fix gate broken by the devstack trueorfalse change
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic12:33
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add OneView driver documentation
jrolljust changed commit message there12:34
thiagoprigh, tks12:35
*** BharatK has quit IRC12:36
*** kozhukalov_ has joined #openstack-ironic12:38
*** phschwartz has quit IRC12:41
*** VikasC_ has quit IRC12:42
*** phschwartz has joined #openstack-ironic12:42
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: ironic-inspector install doc polish
*** puranamr has quit IRC12:43
sambettslucasagomes: if you want to try it out :)12:44
lucasagomessambetts, hi there, awesome stuff! Will add to the TODO list here12:44
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic12:45
sambettslucasagomes: :D12:45
lucasagomessambetts, btw since it's a bunch of bash scripts, are you thinking about creating a DIB element for it too?12:45
*** phschwartz has quit IRC12:45
sambettslucasagomes: i'll need to look into it, but I don't know why it couldn't be12:46
lucasagomesyeah it totally can be12:46
lucasagomesbut maybe you just don't want to work on it, so you can leave for someone else to do12:46
lucasagomesbut would be cool12:46
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial support for installation of ironic-inspector
*** phschwartz has joined #openstack-ironic12:49
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: [WIP] Support Linux-IO in addition to tgtd
openstackgerritMilan Kováčik proposed openstack/ironic: mocking sendfile to make the test run on OSX
*** phschwartz has quit IRC12:58
*** phschwartz has joined #openstack-ironic12:58
*** rloo has joined #openstack-ironic13:00
*** amotoki has quit IRC13:00
dtantsurmkovacik, "abandon" button is used when you're no longer planning on working on a patch. not sure it's what you wanted13:00
mkovacikdtantsur, ah sh*t wanted just to cancel the last patchset13:01
dtantsurmkovacik, you can't cancel the patchset, but you can mark it as work-in-progress (workflow -1 button in "review")13:01
dtantsurmkovacik, also of course you can restore an abandoned patchset13:01
mkovacikdtantsur, thanx13:02
* mkovacik will try to remember that13:02
*** marzif_ has quit IRC13:02
*** marzif_ has joined #openstack-ironic13:03
openstackgerritMilan Kováčik proposed openstack/ironic: mocking sendfile to make the test run on OSX
*** cemason has quit IRC13:06
*** marzif_ has quit IRC13:08
openstackgerritTan Lin proposed openstack/ironic: Validate the input of properties of nodes.
jrolldtantsur: verified bugs go to confirmed or triaged, generally?13:11
dtantsurjroll, generally triaged, unless we have no idea what's going on13:11
jrollcool, thanks13:11
* jroll moving a thing out of in progress13:12
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-ironic13:12
mkovacikdtantsur, w/r the mock.patch('<namespace>.open') i'm not quite sure how to do it properly, since i need to patch it on 2 spots: the test case namespace and the ironic module namespace and of course there's no "open" in either of those (the patch fails unless create=True specified)... what do you think?13:12
* mkovacik not sure how to patch it globally and not to break stuff13:12
dtantsurmkovacik, hmmm, gotcha... I don't know what to do best, let's leave it as it is. anyway, it's better to move all mocks to be @decorators13:14
dtantsurand let's see what other folks say13:14
mkovacikdtantsur, there's an issue with that13:15
jrolljlvillal: you say you've submitted a patch for this, but the patch isn't linked. is that an ironic patch or something else? should we leave the bug open?
openstackLaunchpad bug 1503086 in Ironic "Mis-formatted calls to log.* are not detected in unit tests" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to John L. Villalovos (happycamp)13:15
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iLO drivers to use new boot interface
mkovacikdtantsur, the openstack.module patch is better kept as with statement , as then you're able to work with the ctx manager returned13:15
mkovacikif you make it a decorator, the reference is lost13:16
dtantsurmkovacik, no, it's provided to you as a decorated function argument13:16
mkovacikdtantsur, nope, because you specify new=<stuff>13:16
mkovacikwhich changes the patch behaviour13:17
* mkovacik had a face palm because of that13:17
dtantsurmkovacik, oh yeah, I forgot that you use new=13:17
mkovacikdtantsur, right ;)13:18
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iscsi_ilo driver to use new boot interface
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor iLO driver console interface into new module
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Always default to InnoDB for MySQL
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Never run Flask application with debug mode
* mkovacik is away: I'm busy13:27
dtantsursambetts, so seems like and the previous patch fix gate for us13:27
dtantsurnow we only need to make it land...13:27
*** puranamr has quit IRC13:27
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial support for installation of ironic-inspector
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic-specs: Ironic Group Management
*** ionutbalutoiu has joined #openstack-ironic13:31
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic13:32
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Refactor agent_ilo driver to use new boot interface
*** kozhukalov has quit IRC13:34
*** kozhukalov has joined #openstack-ironic13:34
*** mrmoje has quit IRC13:36
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic13:38
lucasagomesjroll, JayF when you guys have some time, mind taking a look at ?13:41
jrolllucasagomes: sure thing, I'll trade you for
lucasagomesjroll, fair13:43
* lucasagomes looks13:43
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/pyghmi: Fix TS inventory parsing bugs (DIMM, PSU)
lucasagomesoh yeah that's important, I reviewed it before... /me re-reviews13:43
jrollyeah, it lgtm13:43
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: [WIP] Support Linux-IO in addition to tgtd
lucasagomesjroll, with that patch, the bash ramdisk will boot but the get_clean_steps() will return [] because the agent_url is not set13:50
lucasagomesand clean is finished (machine powered down etc...)13:50
lucasagomesthat's what it does right? (checking if I understood it correctly)13:50
sambettslucasagomes: Thats how I understood it13:51
lucasagomessambetts, thanks! Right, it's tricky but I don't have a better solution if we want to add it prior to removing the bash ramdisk support13:51
rloohi everyone, lucasagomes, sambetts, jroll, dtantsur13:53
sambettslucasagomes: it seems like a logical way to do it from my perspective, of course we can remove that check once bash is fully deprecated :)13:53
sambettso/ rloo13:53
rloojroll: wrt 4.2.1, did you see this patch (and would it affect release notes if it went in):
jrolllucasagomes: correct, and it still leaves room for OOB clean steps to be mixed in13:54
lucasagomessambetts, yeah, the only thing that sucks is that it's going to boot a deploy ramdisk, which will expose the hardware as an iscsi target with the previous tenant data on it13:54
lucasagomesfor a window of time13:54
lucasagomesbut ... well13:54
dtantsurmorning rloo13:54
lucasagomesI don't have a better idea to do that if we want to add the support for that now (with the bash ramdisk still being supported)13:54
lucasagomesrloo, morning13:54
jrollrloo: morning, no, nobody has told me about that until now.13:55
rloojroll: I just saw it. am about to +A your release notes, so thought I'd check first.13:55
jrollrloo: it doesn't seem high severity so I'm kind of inclined to wait. +A is fine, we can update later if we decide to get it in13:56
rloojroll: ok13:56
* jroll will think about it13:56
sambettslucasagomes: :( ah, yes, won't be a problem once we manage to get the network stuff in because provisioning would have been in a separate network13:56
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic13:56
* rloo won't think about it13:56
lucasagomessambetts, yeah, cleaning has it's own network as well so should be fine13:57
jrolllucasagomes: now you have me wondering if the bash ramdisk will be shut back down... also something to think about, if people are using the bash ramdisk, the tenant data never gets cleaned up anyway :/13:57
jroll\o/ \o/ \o/13:57
lucasagomesjroll, at the end of the cleaning it shutsdown13:57
jrollall the +A going on in here13:57
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, that's what I figured13:58
NobodyCamgood morning ironicers13:58
jrollhey hey NobodyCam13:58
sambettso/ NobodyCam13:58
lucasagomesjroll, one thing we could do, which may help a bit with it is to destroy the disks metadata when the bash ramdisk boot13:58
dtantsurmorning NobodyCam13:58
lucasagomeseven for deployment, because we will destroy it via iscsi anyway13:58
lucasagomesbut anyway doesn't help much13:58
NobodyCammorning lucasagomes dtantsur jroll rloo sambetts vdrok jlvillal devananda and anyone else not listed here13:59
* lucasagomes will check with dan prince what's the progress on the tripleo ci with IPA13:59
lucasagomesNobodyCam, morning13:59
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, more like security by obscurity there13:59
lucasagomesjroll, totally13:59
jrolllucasagomes: though we have a clean step for that downstream that we should totally upstream13:59
jroll(for a variety of reasons)13:59
lucasagomesjroll, to clean disk metadata?13:59
lucasagomescool yeah13:59
rloomorning NobodyCam!14:00
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, so basically as long as the agent ramdisk boots once, we nuke the bootloader so any further boots won't boot from disk14:00
jroll(if pxe fails)14:00
*** kan_ has quit IRC14:00
lucasagomesjroll, yes! exactly that14:00
sambettsjroll: ooo, I like that idea!14:00
lucasagomesand this is pretty easy to implement, even for the bash ramdisk14:00
lucasagomes1 command14:00
lucasagomesgdisk --zap should do it14:01
jrolllucasagomes: and
lucasagomesjroll, right, that only clears MBR tho14:01
jrollright, so we did it just for bootloader, but cleaning all metadata is a good idea14:01
jrollprobably for every disk14:01
lucasagomesjroll, you may want to clean up the GPT as well... For GPT there's a copy the partition table at the end of the disk14:01
jrollthat way you don't get raid superblocks messing with things etc14:01
lucasagomesjroll, ++14:02
lucasagomescool thing to do indeed14:02
vdrokmorning rloo and NobodyCam :)14:02
rloohi vdrok14:03
lucasagomesjroll, (see the --zap-all, we could use something like that, it's quick)14:03
*** ndipanov has quit IRC14:04
thiagopmorning NobodyCam14:06
jlvillalNobodyCam, Good morning14:06
jrolllucasagomes: yeah +114:06
jlvillalGood morning Ironic :)14:06
thiagopmorning rloo vdrok and whoever else have arrived after me14:06
dtantsurmorning jlvillal14:06
thiagopmorning jlvillal14:06
rloomorning thiagop, jlvillal14:06
vdrokmorning thiagop jlvillal14:06
sambettso/ jlvillal thiagop14:06
jrollmorning jlvillal :)14:07
*** mehip has quit IRC14:07
TheJuliadtantsur: ever seen anything like even though the module is (apparently) installed?14:07
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic14:08
dtantsurTheJulia, no never. if you definitely installed python-ironic-inspector-client, then I have no other ideas...14:09
dtantsurthis is CI machine again, right?14:09
TheJuliadtantsur: yup, the ansible logs show it being installed14:09
jlvillaljroll, Regarding  I updated bug with patch info14:09
openstackLaunchpad bug 1503086 in Ironic "Mis-formatted calls to log.* are not detected in unit tests" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to John L. Villalovos (happycamp)14:10
TheJuliaGuess it is time to try a fresh local machine14:10
jrolljlvillal: thank you14:10
*** r-daneel has joined #openstack-ironic14:10
jrollunreliable bug updater hook :(14:10
dtantsurTheJulia, yeah...14:12
*** coolsvap has quit IRC14:12
lucasagomesTheJulia, really odd14:14
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Refactor the image download and checksum computation bits
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Add support for streaming raw images directly onto the disk
*** coolsvap has joined #openstack-ironic14:14
jlvillaljroll, No that was my fault. If I forget to put 'Closes-Bug' on the very first patch, it will not update the bug.14:14
jrolljlvillal: O_o I don't think that's true, nor correct14:15
jrollcorrect behavior*14:15
jlvillaljroll, That is what they told me in infra14:15
jlvillalSo it doesn't spam the bug report.14:16
jrollI swear that was not the case at one point in time14:16
rloojlvillal: that explains why i see missing patch info in bugs.14:17
sambettsjlvillal, jroll: Its been like that for a little while, its quite frustating if you accidently forget one time14:17
* jlvillal often forgets to put Closes-Bug in his first revision14:17
jrollurgh :(14:17
dtantsuryeah, just got hit by the same14:17
rlooseems like spamming the bug report is better than it not 'working' as expected.14:18
*** puranamr has quit IRC14:21
lucasagomesouch that bug thing really sucks14:28
*** mgoddard__ has joined #openstack-ironic14:29
openstackgerritStephanie Miller proposed openstack/bifrost: Migrate playbooks to use 'become'
*** mehip has quit IRC14:32
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic14:32
*** mgoddard_ has quit IRC14:33
*** mehip has quit IRC14:34
jrolllucasagomes: do you know if we still want
jrollditto for
jrollifarkas: ^14:37
dtantsurjroll, my guess is that we only want the latter14:37
jrollthat's my guess as well14:37
jrollI see two abandoned specs for discovery :P14:37
dtantsurwe have ironic-inspector  \o/14:37
lucasagomesjroll, not sure, but both still valid stuff14:38
jlvillalDid we ever nail down options for locations for the mid-cycle?14:38
jrolllucasagomes: what would need to be done for DRAC?14:38
lucasagomesI mean doesn't harm to leave the blueprint as ideas, if someone wants to implement14:38
jrolldrac inspection class?14:38
sambettsdtantsur: Your not going to do oob inspection?14:38
lucasagomesjroll, for inspector? I think this is about OOB inspection14:38
jrolljlvillal: I don't think we started talking about it :)14:38
*** garthb has joined #openstack-ironic14:38
lucasagomesjroll, so you don't need to boot a ramdisk on it14:38
jrolllucasagomes: ok, I'll leave it14:38
lucasagomeswhich != inspector14:38
lucasagomesiLO does it too, so it's aligned IMHO14:39
jrolljlvillal: let's have deva host at IBM in minnesota, in february :)14:39
jlvillaljroll, I thought we started...  Maybe that was all. I remember talk of Dublin :)14:39
dtantsursambetts, me? I am definitely not :) I guess RH folks lost interest in OOB inspecton14:39
*** rameshg87 has joined #openstack-ironic14:39
jrolljlvillal: oh, we were just throwing ideas around, nothing solid14:39
* jroll would vote texas but N summit will be there already, so meh14:39
jlvillalMinnesota is nice in the summer. The only time I went there.14:40
lucasagomesDublin !!! :-)14:40
dtantsurweren't we going to have this midcycle around Europe? ;)14:40
sambettsdtantsur: I think OOB is something we hope to add to the Cisco drivers14:40
* lucasagomes would like to visit minnesota as well14:40
sambettsEurope would be awesome ;)14:40
dtantsursambetts, I think the spec is up for it even14:41
jrolllucasagomes: ++, I'm a huge fan of the midwest in general14:41
* jlvillal suspects lucasgomes will not attend in Minessota...14:41
sambettsdtantsur: for one of them, yh :)14:41
* dtantsur does not want to spend winter holidays making a visa to the US..14:41
jrolllucasagomes: you don't want to go to minnesota in february though :)14:41
lucasagomesjroll, nice, I have never been to be honest. Would love to14:41
lucasagomesjroll, too cold?14:41
* lucasagomes likes cold14:41
ifarkasjroll, dtantsur, lucasagomes, both drac-vendor-raid-mgmt and drac-hw-discovery are obsolete14:41
* lucasagomes way more than hot places14:41
jrolllucasagomes: think -15 C14:41
jlvillallucasagomes, It is another level of cold....14:41
*** dims has quit IRC14:41
jrollifarkas: oh, excellent. thanks!14:42
lucasagomesheh I'm cool with that, we can go snowboard!14:42
dtantsurifarkas, yeah, and I think we should restart planning on OOB raid, right?14:42
jlvillalDublin is not cold compared to Minnesota14:42
dtantsurnow that we have an interface for that14:42
jrolllucasagomes: minnesota is totally flat :D14:42
ifarkasjroll, raid will use the raid interface instead of vendor_passthru14:42
lucasagomesjlvillal, yeah Dublin's not cold at all, like real cold14:42
jrolllet's do colorado.14:42
*** dims has joined #openstack-ironic14:42
ifarkasdtantsur, yes14:42
* jroll begins figuring out who has offices in colorado14:42
* jlvillal likes the idea of Dublin or some low cost Europe location.14:42
jlvillalBut US is good too14:43
jrollI'm open to europe if we can get lots of people there14:43
lucasagomes++ perhaps having a pool to see who would attend each14:43
lucasagomesjust to see the quorum14:43
* jroll wonders what JayF thinks of colorado14:43
* jroll wonders what JayF thinks of europe14:43
jlvillallucasagomes, Another vote, like for dinner?14:43
ifarkasdtantsur, actually, that will my first thing to do after finishing up with dracclient14:43
lucasagomesthe good thing about doing somewhere else is you can get diff types of people, which is good14:43
jlvillallucasagomes, Is Dublin affordable?14:44
dtantsurBrno is VERY affordable ;)14:44
lucasagomesjlvillal, yeah another vote heh too much votings14:44
lucasagomesjlvillal, it's quite pricey here, not crazy as london or paris14:44
lucasagomesbut compared to other parts of europe it can be expensive14:44
lucasagomes~5 euros for a pint of beer14:44
lucasagomes(not sure if beer is a good parameter tho)14:45
dtantsurnow to something completely different. jroll, do you have an idea why the coreos ramdisk does not have /lib/modules/VER?14:45
jlvillalI wonder about Gallway and Bristol for cost.14:45
jrolldtantsur: no clue, I don't know what that is :)14:45
sambettsdtantsur: subtle monty python reference ;)14:45
lucasagomesjlvillal, right, it's not crazy expensive. It's ok here14:45
jrolldtantsur: you act like I know how linux works or something14:45
*** dims_ has joined #openstack-ironic14:45
lucasagomesbut Galway yeah, it's cheaper14:45
dtantsurjroll, lol, ok :)14:45
jlvillallucasagomes, Thanks.14:46
jrolldtantsur: inside or outside the container?14:46
dtantsurjroll, good question. inside, I guess14:46
jrolldtantsur: hm, maybe that's why, dunno though14:46
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Add release notes for 4.2.1
dtantsuryeah, that's the possibility. then modprobe won't work for the coreos ramdisk (meaning inspection on bare metal probably won't work as well)14:47
lucasagomesdtantsur, we could probably bind mount that14:48
lucasagomessince we share the same kernel as the host14:48
dtantsurinto the container? dunno, maybe. I don't know coreos that well :)14:48
*** dims has quit IRC14:48
lucasagomesyeah into the container14:48
jrolldtantsur: I think the way to do that is modprobe in coreos, maybe?14:49
jrolldtantsur: we were also talking downstream about moving from container to chroot14:49
jrollfor a variety of reasons, mostly related to software raid14:49
dtantsuror to sambetts's tinyipa?14:49
jrollaweeks: mariojv ^^ do you remember how we modprobe stuff for the agent container?14:50
dtantsurlucasagomes, good catch man, I need to try it14:50
lucasagomescool :-)14:50
lucasagomesyou would need to do that in a chroot too14:50
jrolldtantsur: if you're going to edit cloud-config, I'd just modprobe in there14:50
jrollcontainers share the kernel with the host, so that should work out14:50
*** mgoddard__ has quit IRC14:51
dtantsurjroll, well, I'm not modprobing, rtslib does14:51
*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic14:51
jrollthis makes me wonder how iscsi works at all in coreos image, actually14:51
sambettsdtantsur: tinyipa has it ;)14:51
dtantsur(I do modprobe in inspection, but it's easier to fix)14:51
jroll... or does it14:51
dtantsurjroll, well, it does, judging by pxe_ipa gate ;)14:51
jrolldtantsur: ikr, but I have no idea how, everyone has always said iscsi + container doesn't work14:52
lucasagomesit does, well /dev is there14:52
lucasagomes(bind mounted as well)14:52
jrollyeah, maybe bind mounting /lib will just work, dunno14:52
lucasagomeswell... /lib/modules14:53
lucasagomescause only /lib will mess things around14:53
jroller, yeah14:53
* lucasagomes will add support for ironic in plan914:54
* lucasagomes is jk14:54
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic14:55
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: [WIP] Support Linux-IO in addition to tgtd
jrolly'all good with me approving this?
* dtantsur never thought about it14:55
jrollnot sure it needs a spec14:55
dtantsurjroll, I can't imagine how multi operation will work for get-*. also not sure why this commands, but not e.g. node-update14:56
*** mehip has quit IRC14:56
dtantsurjroll, that said, I definitely like the idea14:56
dtantsurbut I would probably want something written on it..14:56
jrolldtantsur: yeah, I'll ask haomeng for more info first14:57
MadasiI know nova refused to add the functionality to api, insisted it was done client side instead14:57
Madasibut not sure that means we want to be like nova14:57
jrollMadasi: yeah, this is just client14:57
*** hblixt has quit IRC14:57
jrolldtantsur: maybe just a list of commands and an example of each?14:57
dtantsur++ for doing it in client14:57
jrollin the BP14:57
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic14:57
Madasijroll: ok, cool. Looked but couldn't tell from the description14:57
dtantsurjroll, yes, something really simple, just so that we all can see what we agree on :)14:57
lucasagomesjroll, that's only for the client right?14:58
lucasagomesdelete is not multi-node in the API14:58
jrolllucasagomes: correct14:58
lucasagomesjroll, yeah I'm good with that :-)14:58
Madasi+1 for doing it, and for doing it client side14:58
*** mehip has quit IRC14:59
jrollalright, I asked for more details before approving14:59
* jroll might add a specless blueprint etherpad or meeting section or something14:59
dtantsurjroll, +1 to both etherpad and meeting section14:59
* jroll also wonders if that blueprint should be in the client launchpad instead :/14:59
jrolldtantsur: alright, I was going to write an email about spec-less blueprints today, I'll add that15:00
dtantsurjroll, if we have a place to track reviews/priorities, we can add specless bp's there15:00
jrollwhat's a priority?15:00
jrollyeah, working on that stuff before summit15:01
dtantsura thing people are constantly asking about, assuming that we have it :D15:01
*** Nisha has quit IRC15:01
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic15:01
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic15:01
jrolltrying to clean up blueprints first15:01
jrollholy cow so many blueprints15:01
*** mkovacik has quit IRC15:02
dtantsurmany blueprints15:02
dtantsurso features15:02
dtantsurwow code15:02
lucasagomesheh we have the spreadsheet15:02
lucasagomesbut not sure if it's the perfect place tho15:03
*** amotoki has quit IRC15:03
* dtantsur has a crazy idea to use gerrit for it15:03
dtantsurjroll, we can have an rst in our specs repo with a list of specless blueprints :)15:03
* dtantsur is not sure whether he's kidding or not15:04
jrolldtantsur: oh lord, code review for a list of things to review15:04
rameshg87devananda: hi15:04
sambettsor just a rst with the text from the BP in it ?15:04
dtantsurjroll, we need to go deeper!15:05
*** Nisha has quit IRC15:05
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic15:05
dtantsurfirst we need a spec about specless blueprints15:05
* jroll ragequits15:05
* sambetts faints 15:05
* dtantsur hides15:05
*** caiobo has quit IRC15:06
lucasagomesheh gosh15:06
sambettsI think a specless BP could be represented in our specs repo by a rst with just the title and a link to the BP ?15:07
dtantsur... and the we don't need blueprints at all. bye-bye launchpad15:07
sambettsat least then they can still be in the backlog or approved15:07
* lucasagomes renames ironic to vogon15:07
* dtantsur googles15:07
jrollsambetts: meh15:08
lucasagomesheh yeah google for vogons15:08
lucasagomesthey bureaucrats15:08
sambettslol :-p all the references today15:08
sambettsthe LP BPs would still have the whiteboard tracking for the patches15:09
* dtantsur didn't recognize the English spelling, apparently15:10
sambettsrelated to it, but with an rst in the specs repo the nice index page that was being reviewed last week will actually include them15:10
mariojvgood morning ironic15:11
jrollI'm not strictly opposed to it, but I don't think that's necessary15:11
jrollwould need reviewer time for a copy/paste :/15:11
mariojvjroll: just saw your message from yesterday - i thought we didn't modprobe anything, just a bunch of bind mounts15:11
jrollmorning mariojv15:11
jrollmariojv: yeah, I'm uninformed, that answers my question :P15:12
jroll"yesterday" was like, an hour ago btw15:12
lucasagomesmariojv, morning15:14
sambettsjroll: title and link is all I think needs to be included, the full description could stay in the BP, it could even be automated quite easily like once after a certain period something takes all the approved specless BPs and syncs the specs repo with the files, then you'd just have 1 review per period we decide to approve, similar to the requirements sync ones15:14
mariojvAh, i'm bad at reading utc times15:14
jrollsambetts: meh, still a waste of time IMO :)15:14
*** thiagop is now known as thiagop-afk15:14
jrollif someone wants to see what features are inbound, they can look at launchpad15:15
rloosambetts, jroll: I'm against adding spec-less information to the specs repo, unless we rename the specs repo to features repo.15:15
dtantsurmorning mariojv! so, new way to access iSCSI seems to require modprobing. so now I have a lot of fun :)15:15
jrolldtantsur: should we move this BP to inspector BPs or?
jroll(wow, much old)15:16
mariojvdtantsur: maybe modprobing in the base system through some sort of config and then bind mounting some dir would work?15:16
dtantsurjroll, at first glance, yes15:16
sambettsrloo: thats a good point, I'm just brain vommiting any way, btw how are you?15:16
rloowrt midcycles, i liked deva's idea about having the midcyle located close to where the summit is. but having said that, it didn't work the last time and i suspect asia won't work15:17
rloosambetts: trying not to vomit from all your suggestions :)15:17
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Add support for in-band cleaning in ISCSIDeploy
sambettsrloo: haha15:17
rloosambetts: otherwise fine. although i feel like i need a break. maybe after the summit.15:17
dtantsurmariojv, yeah, maybe.. not sure how do it with the coreos ramdisk though. I'd really want us to be able to run modprobe from IPA itself, in case plugins want to do it15:17
dtantsurrloo, ++ for after summit break, my pto was just approved15:18
rloodtantsur: nice!15:18
* sambetts wonders why IPA needs to run in a container 15:18
dtantsurrloo, asia won't work? we can try Moscow :D15:18
dtantsur(bad idea, don't listen to me)15:18
jrollsambetts: because easy mode15:18
jroll(it doesn't need to, that's just what we did for ease of build)15:18
*** cemason has joined #openstack-ironic15:18
rloodtantsur: yeah, i knew you were joking. and if you weren't...!!15:19
jrollsambetts: like I said before, we've talked about doing a chroot instead15:19
*** mehip has quit IRC15:20
sambettsah, makes sense15:20
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic15:20
rameshg87hello all, a couple of things related to documentation15:21
rameshg87wanted to check with devananda but looks like he is not around15:21
rameshg87any thoughts on documentation fixes for stable branches ?15:21
jrolllintan: left a question here, this seems like a dupe
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic15:22
rameshg87accepted/not accepted/suggestions ?15:22
jrollrameshg87: I think that's probably a question for #openstack-stable, but I think in general docs patches are not backported15:22
rameshg87jroll: yeah, but it's not a backport either.15:23
rameshg87jroll: it's a fix that is applicable only in that stable branch15:23
jrollrameshg87: I mean, applied to stable branches15:23
*** cemason has quit IRC15:23
* rameshg87 moves to openstack-stable15:23
jrollrameshg87: beyond that, I tend to think deployers should know to set up https if they want secure communication, but that's just me :)15:23
* jroll watches15:23
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic15:25
rameshg87jroll: yeah, but we just want to be sure ..15:25
jrollI suppose15:25
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial support for installation of ironic-inspector
rameshg87jroll: and one more thing. we talked about this before. ability to submit driver documentation without using 2x+2 rules and15:26
rameshg87jroll: do you think it's a good idea to pursue ?15:26
jrollrameshg87: that sounds like something we should talk about on the mailing list, I think that's what I said last time15:27
*** puranamr has quit IRC15:27
rameshg87jroll: okay, I missed that part. probably I will shoot a mail, others can pitch in. thanks, will do.15:27
jrollcool, thanks :)15:27
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC15:31
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-ironic15:32
dtantsurgoing a bit earlier today, see you15:32
sambettso/ dtantsur15:32
jrolllater dtantsur \o15:33
lucasagomesdtantsur, night15:33
dtantsursambetts, if you stay for some more time, could you push #openstack-qa folks for reviewing ?15:33
sambettsYup I'll see what I can do :)15:33
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk15:34
jrollgoing to step out for a while, bbl15:34
*** dprince has joined #openstack-ironic15:44
*** mgoddard_ has joined #openstack-ironic15:45
*** linggao has joined #openstack-ironic15:47
*** mgoddard has quit IRC15:48
*** spandhe has joined #openstack-ironic15:49
NobodyCamnight dtantsur|afk15:53
*** spandhe has quit IRC15:54
* rameshg87 is done for the day15:54
rameshg87good night folks15:54
*** rameshg87 has quit IRC15:54
*** hblixt has joined #openstack-ironic15:54
openstackgerritVladyslav Drok proposed openstack/ironic: Enable radosgw support in ironic
*** mgoddard_ has quit IRC15:58
*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic15:58
*** lazy_prince has quit IRC15:59
*** thrash is now known as thrash|f00dz16:00
openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/ironic: Fix a missing detail in install guide.
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:02
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic16:02
* sambetts is also heading off 16:03
sambettso/ night everyone16:03
NobodyCamnight sambetts16:03
*** ndipanov has joined #openstack-ironic16:03
lucasagomesfolks I'm calling it a day too16:09
lucasagomeshave a great night everyone16:09
lucasagomestalk soon :-)16:09
*** puranamr has quit IRC16:10
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic16:11
* lucasagomes goes catch the train16:11
NobodyCamnight lucasagomes16:11
*** derekh has quit IRC16:12
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC16:16
*** puranamr has quit IRC16:18
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic16:19
*** yog_ has quit IRC16:20
*** puranamr has quit IRC16:21
*** mehip has quit IRC16:21
*** penick has joined #openstack-ironic16:23
*** Nisha has quit IRC16:24
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic16:25
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic16:25
*** ifarkas has quit IRC16:26
*** puranamr has quit IRC16:27
*** Nisha has quit IRC16:28
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic16:28
*** mbound has quit IRC16:28
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic16:28
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic16:29
*** e0ne has quit IRC16:30
baolijroll: ping16:30
*** jistr has quit IRC16:33
*** jcoufal has quit IRC16:34
jrollbaoli: hi16:34
NobodyCammorning devananda16:37
jrolldevananda: morning, feeling any better?16:38
baolijroll: I have a quick question about the ironic-python-agent16:38
jrollbaoli: "don't ask to ask, just ask" :)16:38
baolijroll: I saw a module that you wrote as part of it. Is it being used?16:39
jrollbaoli: it's being used downstream, and I suspect it will be used for inspection things soon16:40
jrollwhy do you ask?16:40
baolijroll: I saw that it's using lldp to discover the switchport info, and that's what I'm interested in16:41
jrollbaoli: oh, did you just volunteer to write the lldp inspection module? :)16:41
baolijroll: not really16:41
jrollbut yes, that lldp stuff is being used downstream a bit16:42
baolijroll: I was trying to find out its current status16:42
baolijroll: what do you mean by being used downstream?16:42
jrolloh, it totally works, rackspace has the code I just linked in production16:42
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial support for installation of ironic-inspector
jrollbaoli: so yes, that code works. no, it isn't being used for inspection yet16:45
openstackgerritRuby Loo proposed openstack/ironic-lib: Set a default for 'rootwrap_helper_cmd'
jrollbaoli: does that answer your question?16:45
baolijroll: yes, thanks!16:45
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic16:46
*** lazy_prince has joined #openstack-ironic16:46
jrollyou're welcome :)16:46
baolijroll: I also saw reference to it from the network flip and ironic-network integration BP specs.16:46
jrollbaoli: yes, so those features rely on switchport info in the db; I'm hoping someone writes an inspector module to get lldp info and put it in the db16:47
baolijroll: so someone already volunteered to write the lldp inspection module16:47
jrollbaoli: not sure :)16:47
devanandajroll: a bit, yea. thanks. still going to take it easy today16:47
*** puranamr has quit IRC16:50
baolijroll: I read a couple of wikis on ironic-python-agent. What are the commands that the user can issue now?16:53
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add note about driver API breakage
jrollrloo: NobodyCam ^ does that resolve your concerns?16:53
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic16:53
openstackgerritVladyslav Drok proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Support proxies for image download
openstackgerritVladyslav Drok proposed openstack/ironic: Add support for downloading images via proxy in agent driver
jrollbaoli: so the user doesn't typically interact with IPA directly; ironic does all of the interaction. some examples of commands are "write image to disk" or "run this clean step (e.g. erase disks)"16:54
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic16:54
jrollbaoli: have you seen the docs? they may help you make sense of the code
jrolldevananda: you'll also be interested in 235026 if you're up for relnotes reviews16:55
*** puranamr has quit IRC16:55
*** subscope has quit IRC16:55
*** Marga_ has quit IRC16:56
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic16:56
baolijroll: I browsed over it, and that's the question I had after it.16:57
baolijroll, so ironic needs to be configured to work with the agent, I guess16:57
jrolloh, I guess that doesn't tell you much about commands, eh16:57
jrollbaoli: correct, though it actually works out of the box with every driver16:57
jrollbaoli: here's how to set it up:
vdrokcould anyone please take a look at this spec, if you have a minute -, it's been sitting without reviews for quite some time :)16:59
devanandajroll: ack. queueing up now16:59
jrollsweet, thanks16:59
*** mkovacik has joined #openstack-ironic16:59
*** praneshp has joined #openstack-ironic17:00
baolijroll: ok, I think I was confused with the title CoreOS tools, but it actually has instructions on both ubuntu and fedora17:00
jrollbaoli: yes, there are various builders.17:01
*** garthb_ has joined #openstack-ironic17:01
baolijroll: thanks!17:01
jrollbaoli: coreos was the original builder (and is just a debian container in a coreos system), but people seem stuck on disk-image-builder for various reasons :)17:02
*** praneshp_ has joined #openstack-ironic17:02
vdrokgood night everyone17:02
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic17:02
*** garthb has quit IRC17:03
jroll#success the final liberty release was just announced and includes ironic 4.2.0 \o/17:03
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown17:03
openstackstatusjroll: Added success to Success page17:03
*** mehip has quit IRC17:04
*** praneshp has quit IRC17:04
*** puranamr has quit IRC17:04
*** praneshp_ is now known as praneshp17:04
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-ironic17:05
*** Nisha has quit IRC17:05
*** thrash|f00dz is now known as thrash17:06
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-ironic17:06
*** Nisha has joined #openstack-ironic17:06
*** kozhukalov_ has quit IRC17:07
*** afaranha has joined #openstack-ironic17:08
*** albertoffb has joined #openstack-ironic17:09
afaranhaHello guys. I'm trying to make a deploy using the agent, but the images that I download , comes with coreos_production_pxe.vmlinuz and a coreos_production_pxe_image-oem.cpio , is this cpio a ramdisk image? Can I just use it normally as a ramdisk?17:10
*** puranamr has quit IRC17:10
*** spandhe has joined #openstack-ironic17:11
openstackgerritYuriy Zveryanskyy proposed openstack/ironic: Add documentation for Ceph Object Gateway support
jrollafaranha: yes17:11
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic17:11
afaranhajroll, thanks17:12
*** harshs has joined #openstack-ironic17:13
*** bitblt has joined #openstack-ironic17:13
*** Marga_ has quit IRC17:14
*** sambetts has quit IRC17:15
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic17:15
*** sambetts has joined #openstack-ironic17:17
*** phschwartz is now known as phschwartz_aw17:17
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic17:18
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC17:19
*** kozhukalov_ has joined #openstack-ironic17:21
*** jobewan has joined #openstack-ironic17:25
NobodyCamnight vdrok17:33
*** Marga_ has quit IRC17:33
*** mehip has quit IRC17:37
*** ionutbalutoiu has quit IRC17:39
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/ironic: Add note about driver API breakage
jrollyou guys and your awesome reviews17:40
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic17:41
*** lekha is now known as lekha||away17:41
*** romainh has quit IRC17:44
NobodyCamjroll: reads much better now :)17:47
*** mkovacik has quit IRC17:48
*** pelix has quit IRC17:48
*** lucasagomes__ has joined #openstack-ironic17:48
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko17:48
rloojroll: can't believe you buckled under the 'double space after dot'!17:49
jrollrloo: hahaha, I can't stand two spaces after a period17:50
*** mkovacik has joined #openstack-ironic17:50
rloojroll: oh, you're one of *those* people :)17:50
*** mkovacik has quit IRC17:50
* jroll wonders if this should have a version bump :/
jrollNobodyCam: on version bump or relnotes update? :P17:51
jrolloh wait, I'm an idiot17:52
* jroll scrolls up and sees version change17:52
*** mehip has quit IRC17:52
jrollugh, objects version bump, not api version bump17:52
* jroll HRM17:52
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic17:53
jrolldansmith: hate to bug you... should objects versions only be bumped for things that need to be munged for compatibility, or all the things? looking at
jrollI feel like that doesn't need a bump, curious what nova rules on this is17:55
rloojroll: i would agree that it doesn't need a bump, unless our code works with non-int values17:56
jlvillaldansmith: Why is this message in Spam? It has a from address in but has failed's required tests for authentication.17:56
rloojroll: if our code works with non-int values, then i dunno, hypothetically, someone may still want it to work with non-int values, and set the version accordingly.17:56
jlvillaldansmith: Maybe you already know that Gmail treats your emails like spam when they go through openstack-dev17:56
jrolljlvillal: sounds like dkim fail :(17:57
dansmithjroll: anything remotable, so that means @remotable methods or anything changed in fields17:57
dansmithjroll: with the exception of some changes where you're making a change, but it definitely doesn't affect the wire17:57
jrolldansmith: so validating a value is an int seems like it doesn't need a bump17:57
jrollright, the wire is the main thing yeah?17:57
jlvillaldansmith: I should have quoted: "Why is this message in Spam? It has a from address in but has failed's required tests for authentication."17:58
dansmithjroll: depends on what you're validating and how that might affect a caller that used to be able to provide some value there or something17:58
jrollmy initial thought is no17:58
dansmithjlvillal: I have DMARC +q enabled on my domain, and mailman breaks that17:58
jrollno, being don't bump it17:58
dansmithjroll: will look in a sec17:59
jrollcool, thanks17:59
* jroll adds a -1 for other things17:59
dansmithjlvillal: it's a change I made in the last 30 days and I'm thinking I probably will need to drop it17:59
jlvillaldansmith: I did update my filter in Gmail to say, never send to Spam for openstack-dev email18:00
jlvillalBut others might not do that :(18:00
*** david-lyle has quit IRC18:01
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-ironic18:02
*** amotoki has quit IRC18:03
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic18:07
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic18:09
dansmithjlvillal: I know18:11
*** lucasagomes has joined #openstack-ironic18:15
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-afk18:16
*** bitblt has quit IRC18:16
*** Nisha has quit IRC18:18
*** lucas-afk has quit IRC18:20
jlvillaldansmith: jroll:
jlvillalOpenStack video on how to get to hotel from Narita18:21
dansmithjlvillal: I saw, that's good stuff18:21
*** garthb_ has quit IRC18:21
*** mkovacik has joined #openstack-ironic18:27
*** lucasagomes has joined #openstack-ironic18:28
*** lucasagomes__ has quit IRC18:28
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-afk18:28
lucas-afksorry testing the IRC bouncer18:28
jlvillalNobodyCam: lucas-afk dtantsur|afk and anybody else might like the video on how to get to Summit from airports:
lucas-afkjlvillal, oh that's useful!18:32
jlvillalHas different videos for Narita and Haneda.18:32
jlvillalrloo: ^^^18:32
* lucas-afk checks which one he will land18:32
rloojlvillal: thx.18:32
thiagop-afkjlvillal: that's very useful, I'm spreading for the folks here who will go18:32
jlvillalthiagop-afk: Me too. Sending it out internally :)18:33
*** thiagop-afk is now known as thiagop18:33
* lucas-afk will arrive at haneda18:33
jlvillallucas-afk: There is a play list. 2nd one is Haneda18:34
rloojlvillal etc, there are also downloadable instructions:
rloojlvillal: not sure why no one sent out email about them.18:34
lucas-afkjlvillal, yup just found it, thanks much! It's really useful18:34
*** cemason has joined #openstack-ironic18:34
jlvillalrloo: If they did, I missed it18:34
rloojlvillal: i've got some other links too (that i haven't looked at yet)18:35
rloojlvillal: i don't think i saw any email except  to women-of-openstack18:35
*** lsmola_ has quit IRC18:35
*** marzif has joined #openstack-ironic18:35
*** achanda has quit IRC18:36
jlvillalrloo: Thanks for the PDF!18:36
*** marzif has quit IRC18:36
*** marzif has joined #openstack-ironic18:36
rloojlvillal: i forwarded the email to you18:37
jlvillalrloo: Thank you :)18:37
*** cemason has quit IRC18:38
jlvillalrloo: Got it18:39
rloojlvillal: ah18:40
jlvillalrloo: I think the video and directions are relatively new.18:40
jlvillalrloo: Video was published two days ago18:40
rloojlvillal: i find it amusing that we're going somewhere that requires a video etc.18:40
*** dims has joined #openstack-ironic18:43
* lucas-afk gone...18:44
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic18:44
*** dims_ has quit IRC18:45
*** achanda has quit IRC18:46
NobodyCamnight lucas-afk18:47
*** dims has quit IRC18:47
*** garthb_ has joined #openstack-ironic18:51
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic19:02
devanandaTheJulia: question on bifrost - when building the configdrive, it can inject an ipv4 address -- if using the dynamic-inventory module, where does it get that address from?19:05
devanandai've been trying to trace that and have not figured it out yet :(19:06
*** kozhukalov_ has quit IRC19:06
*** Lydia_K has quit IRC19:07
openstackgerritRuby Loo proposed openstack/ironic: Move pxe._parse_instance_info() to deploy_utils
*** dims has joined #openstack-ironic19:11
*** mehip has quit IRC19:11
*** Lydia_K has joined #openstack-ironic19:12
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic19:13
TheJuliadevananda: ipv4_address as part of a variable defined under the node it's self19:14
TheJuliadevananda: I think I have examples19:15
devanandaTheJulia: node.instance_info?19:15
*** mgoddard_ has joined #openstack-ironic19:16
TheJuliaI could have sworn I had ipmi/ssh examples defined in the tree19:16
devanandaTheJulia: yea - that's for static inventory from a csv/json file. what about dynamic?19:17
*** mgoddard__ has joined #openstack-ironic19:17
devanandathere is no top-level "ipv4_address" resource in ironic19:17
TheJuliawhich dynamic inventory data source?19:18
TheJuliawe have no way to support that out of the box19:18
TheJuliabecause we have nothing in ironic's data model defining ip addresses19:18
devanandanode.instance_info['ipv4_address'] ??19:18
*** mgoddard has quit IRC19:19
*** kozhukalov_ has joined #openstack-ironic19:19
TheJuliadevananda: if it is completely free-form, I guess that would be easy19:19
devanandamight be a terrible idea ...19:19
TheJuliaor you could join data together as a step in a playbook19:19
TheJuliaand make it a fact19:19
devanandaand yes, instance_info is, in fact, freeform19:19
dansmithjroll: sorry just getting back to this.. those values it's checking aren't fields on the object19:20
devanandaTheJulia: anyhow, thanks. that explains why I couldn't find the code path for it -- it's not there :)19:20
*** mgoddard_ has quit IRC19:20
dansmithjroll: oh, they're in the dict of properties ...19:20
TheJuliadevananda: heh, yeah, the playbooks just expect it to be a host level variable19:21
TheJuliadevananda: horrible idea... run the inventory script, dump the list, inject addresses, save as file, and point at the file as the inventory source19:22
TheJuliadevananda: absoloutely horrible idea19:22
devanandaTheJulia: any idea why I'm getting "One or more undefined variables: 'ipv4_address' is undefined" error then, when using INVENTORY_SOURCE=ironic and ansible-playbook -vvvv -i inventory/ deploy-dynamic.yaml ?19:22
devanandayea, i dont want to resort to what you suggested ... because this was working yesterday19:22
devanandaand today (on a different host) I'm getting this error19:23
*** phschwartz_aw is now known as phschwartz19:23
devanandalike its decided not to use dhcp configs now ..19:23
TheJuliaI think some network config stuff landed on master in the last few days, going to look19:23
*** mgoddard_ has joined #openstack-ironic19:24
*** mgoddard__ has quit IRC19:25
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:25
*** mgoddard__ has joined #openstack-ironic19:25
*** lazy_prince has quit IRC19:28
*** mgoddard_ has quit IRC19:29
TheJuliadevananda: ugh, yeah, it was a change that landed yesterday.  Filing a bug, you'll also want to revert dependent revs19:29
*** dims has quit IRC19:30
*** mehip1 has joined #openstack-ironic19:30
*** mehip has quit IRC19:32
TheJuliadevananda: I'm in the middle of dumping brain into another file right now, I'll start on fixing that bug, 15066606 in a hour or two19:32
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic19:32
devanandaTheJulia: oooh. thanks.19:38
*** mgoddard_ has joined #openstack-ironic19:43
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-ironic19:43
*** mgoddard__ has quit IRC19:44
*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic19:45
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*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic20:03
jrolldansmith: yeah, it's lame20:04
jrollTheJulia: devananda: instance_info gets nuked on teardown fwiw20:04
dansmithjroll: well, basically you should really only use dicts like this for unformatted strings (i.e. metadata)20:05
devanandajroll: yah. and IPV4 should get nuked then too20:05
jrolldansmith: don't get me started on our dict fields :)20:05
dansmithjroll: so whether you can really do this and whether you need to bump the version is probably a judgment call based on what you know about the layers above20:05
dansmithjroll: heh, okay :D20:05
jrolldansmith: working on nuking those this cycle20:05
jrollcool, that's a good answer20:05
jrollor rather, the answer I expected20:06
*** Marga_ has quit IRC20:08
mrdaMorning Ironic20:13
TheJuliajroll: yeah, I'm not exactly liking the idea of using instance_info for storage of such details, although, getting nuked at teardown seems fine to me, but I may also be crazy20:14
thiagopmorning mrda20:14
jrollTheJulia: yeah, I don't know the details of what you're doing, just wanted to point that out20:16
TheJuliajroll: taking over the world?20:17
jrollTheJulia: I mean besides that, are you taking over the world persistently, etc :D20:17
*** boris-42 has quit IRC20:18
jlvillalTheJulia: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?20:18
*** mestery_ has quit IRC20:19
* jlvillal wondering if this is Pinky & The Brain reference time ;)20:19
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic20:19
TheJuliajlvillal: I think so, but where will we find enough storm trooper armor sets to make it happen?20:20
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Fix a missing detail in install guide.
jrollMadasi: that reminds me, one of my priorities for this cycle is to have more gifs in this channel20:22
Madasijroll: I'll add it to my goals for the sprint20:23
jroll+1 ty20:23
*** sambetts has quit IRC20:24
jrollMadasi: I'll have JayF get it on your performance review goals as well20:24
MadasiI mean, I had a 10 minute conversation with the ops team in all gifs today.20:26
*** sambetts has joined #openstack-ironic20:26
*** achanda has quit IRC20:28
*** mehip1 has quit IRC20:30
*** mehip has joined #openstack-ironic20:31
*** mestery_ has joined #openstack-ironic20:32
openstackgerritLilia Sampaio proposed openstack/ironic: Add OneView driver documentation
*** mestery_ has quit IRC20:32
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*** Guest71541 has joined #openstack-ironic20:32
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*** thrash is now known as thrash|bbl20:42
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic20:46
*** Guest71541 is now known as dims_20:46
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Sukhdevjroll: Ping21:09
Sukhdevdevananda: ping21:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Add note about driver API breakage
*** trown is now known as trown|outttypeww21:13
*** lucas-afk has quit IRC21:14
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial support for installation of ironic-inspector
*** achanda has quit IRC21:32
*** Marga_ has joined #openstack-ironic21:33
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*** _hblixt_ has joined #openstack-ironic21:40
thiagopjroll: that thing earlier: bug filed
openstackLaunchpad bug 1506636 in Ironic "node-validate fails for boot and deploy on agent_* drivers" [Undecided,New]21:41
*** hblixt_ has quit IRC21:43
*** dprince has quit IRC21:45
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: Initial addition of an inspection module
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost: WIP: Additional inspection role and adding role to NV job script
*** cemason has joined #openstack-ironic21:52
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC21:57
jrollthiagop: nice, ty21:57
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Add agent_amt docs
*** priteau has quit IRC22:06
jrollwoo, agent_amt driver complete22:08
* jroll looks at onevbiew docs again22:08
*** Marga_ has quit IRC22:10
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic22:12
*** harshs has joined #openstack-ironic22:12
*** achanda has quit IRC22:13
*** achanda has joined #openstack-ironic22:14
*** jamielennox|away is now known as jamielennox22:16
*** meghal has joined #openstack-ironic22:19
meghaljroll:  filed a bug here -
openstackLaunchpad bug 1506657 in Ironic "Ironic conductor Hash ring reset needs to be independent of sync_local_state periodic task" [Undecided,New]22:19
jrollmeghal: cool, thanks22:19
jrollI was thinking about this more earlier22:19
jrollwe should totally have an rpc call that hits every conductor and tells them to reset the ring22:20
meghalwhat would be the criteria for the trigger of rpc call ?22:20
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic: Updated from global requirements
jrollmeghal: add/delete node, conductor joins/leaves the ring22:21
thiagopjroll: we would totally appreciate an input on how to format these CLI commands on the docs...22:22
*** penick has quit IRC22:23
jrollthiagop: I got totally distracted heh22:23
jrollgimme 2 minutes22:23
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic22:23
thiagopjroll: no hurry22:23
jrollSukhdev: pong22:23
meghaljroll: ok…I am not able to understand how a particular conductor leaving the ring is being detected right now ? maybe I asked this yesterday…but am still confused22:23
thiagopIt's about 20hs here. I'm getting home very soon..22:23
jrollthiagop: I'll leave a note on the patch22:24
thiagopjroll: ty22:24
Sukhdevjroll: Hey Jim - have a question for you -22:24
meghaljroll: for example conductor 2 needs to know conductor 1 left and reset the ring22:24
jrollmeghal: it's only picked up in the periodic task22:24
jrollmeghal: so I'm thinking, in addition, on conductor shutdown it could spam a reset message to the others22:24
meghaljroll:  is this the sync_local_state or something else ?22:24
jrollmeghal: yeah22:24
jrollSukhdev: no need to ping me or tell me you have a question, you can just ask immediately next time22:25
jrollmeghal: sync_local_state forces a reset every time, so it will calculate based on what conductors are detected as active22:25
Sukhdevjroll: OK22:26
Sukhdevjroll: So, I am able to launch a VM(BM) on provisioning network - it is able to get the DHCP address correctly - but, it is timing out on tftp22:27
meghaljroll:  right…that is how it is done right now…I would suggest the mapping call to check when was last reset run and trigger if it is more than configured interval22:27
meghaljroll:  because you would still need some poll to figure out that conductors left unless as you said conductor is able to send a leave signal to others22:27
meghalhow would that work if the host just dies22:27
Sukhdevjroll: if I go from the hypervisor (where the VM/BM is launched), I can reach the tftp server, but not from the VM -22:28
Sukhdevjroll: any idea? or any tips?22:28
jrollmeghal: there's a periodic task to heartbeat to the DB, and dbapi methods use that to determine what's active. or something like that.22:28
jrollmeghal: I also like the 'check age' idea, but there's no ring age stored right now22:29
jrollmeghal: we should totally write something up here, these are just some thoughts I've had on it22:29
jrollSukhdev: tcpdump to find out where it's dropping? check iptables?22:30
meghaljroll:  I can update the bug with more ideas22:30
jrollSukhdev: honestly the best thing to do would be to write up instructions on how to test this so that other people (like me) can try to reproduce this and help out22:30
meghaljroll:  how are bugs handled during a release cycle ?22:30
*** _hblixt_ has quit IRC22:30
jrollmeghal: in terms of what?22:31
jrollmeghal: we're always fixing bugs, I can tell you that much :P22:31
Sukhdevjroll:  OK - let me make some more discovery22:31
jrollSukhdev: really, instructions would be the most valuable thing here22:32
devanandaSukhdev: ohhai22:32
* devananda reads backscroll22:32
Sukhdevjroll: understood - I will try to post something on the etherpad for others to see the steps22:33
jrolldevananda: same problem as the other day iirc22:33
devanandajroll: heh, re: rpc call to initiate a hash ring reset -- I started work on that a year ago.22:33
jrolldevananda: well wtf :)22:33
devanandajroll: I think I even proposed it ... :)22:33
jrolldevananda: generally, the hash ring thing is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1506657 in Ironic "Ironic conductor Hash ring reset needs to be independent of sync_local_state periodic task" [Undecided,New]22:34
jrollrpc call solves this for normal shutdown22:34
devanandameghal: the conductor heartbeat record in DB -- all conductors read that table and can deterine when any other conductor has not updated it22:35
devanandameghal: this could lead to problems if you have master<->master replicated database, the replication fails, and conductors are split between them22:35
jrolldevananda: it's also an issue if you turn off the periodic task, which we document as supported O_o22:35
devanandauh what?22:36
devanandaturning off that periodic task is not supported22:36
devanandano way22:36
devanandawhen did that get documented as an OK thing to do?22:36
jrollmeghal: so going back a bit - in current master, is there any reason to turn this off? just performance things?22:37
devanandajroll: right. so if there is no local state to sync (eg, static DHCP, homogeneous hardware, etc) then yea, it's fine.22:38
meghaljroll:  I explained in the bug, we are not interested in takeover and so no need to run the periodic task22:38
meghalwhich does db queries22:38
jrolldevananda: except then the hash ring never gets updated :)22:38
jrollmeghal: right, cool22:38
devanandajroll: the API nodes will route requests as necessary, and they detect ring changes on the fly22:38
jrolldevananda: how about sync_power_state :)22:38
devanandajroll: the hash ring as it is cached on the conductor -- which is meaningless if its not syncing local state22:38
jrollwhen you add a node, it'll never get put in the ring22:39
devanandaok, that's a problem22:39
devanandathe conductor's ring isn't getting reset from any other periodic task22:39
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC22:39
meghaldevananda:  I do want the hash ring to be updated…but do not want it tied with sync local state22:39
devanandaso yea, if that periodic task is disabled -- I see the problem22:39
devanandameghal: agreed22:39
devanandajroll: so that's a different bug :)22:40
jrolldevananda: heh, I know, just sayin'22:40
jrollI set the bug to critical22:40
* jroll adds backport potential for extra sadness22:40
devanandajroll: the API tier has recreates the hash ring for each request. or it used to, but I think there was some work done on caching it better22:40
jrolldevananda: yeah, api is still fine I believe22:41
devanandain a very large cluster, it may be slow. but it should always be accurate22:41
meghalso what options exist right now to detect join/leave of conductors ? periodic poll only…right ?22:42
jrollmeghal: right now, yes. or restart all the conductors :|22:42
meghaljroll:  so that bottoms down to resetting the hash ring periodically22:43
meghalnow we need to figure out where22:43
jrollmeghal: yeah, I totally agree22:43
jrollI mean... maybe a different periodic task. or maybe an option to turn off the takeover parts of that one22:43
meghalsync local state and power sync are the ones calling the mapping call where hash ring needs to return relatively fresh state22:44
jrollmeghal: maybe negative value to that config becomes "don't do takeover but still update the ring"22:44
jrollor maybe refresh based on age22:44
meghalyeah because mapping call is specifically for keyring…or do this in the hash ring get call itself22:44
meghalwhere it is checked if hash ring is none22:44
meghalinside the hash ring implementation22:45
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic22:45
jrollif self.ring is None or self.age > 600:22:45
jrollsomething like that22:45
jrollthat may be the best fix22:45
jrollprobably make the age configurable22:45
meghaljroll:  yeah22:46
meghaland sync_local_state would be strictly about doing takeovers22:46
jrollmeghal: what's the chance you want to write this code?22:46
jrollwe can take it on if you don't have time or whatever22:47
meghaljroll:  sure…I would be interested in it…would just be wondering on the timelines ? by what date do we need to get it in ?22:47
jrollmeghal: whenever is good22:48
jrollmeghal: I'd like to do a release shortly after summit; I'd probably also backport this22:48
jrollmeghal: left a game plan on the bug as a comment, btw22:50
jrollI need to step away for a bit, brb22:50
meghaljroll:  sounds good…so I can begin with the implementation based on those details…right ?22:51
devanandameghal: that review ^ was an early stab I took at this a year ago22:51
meghaljroll:  will try to get something done by first week of November22:51
meghaldevananda:  going through it22:51
*** thrash|bbl is now known as thrash|g0ne22:52
jrolldevananda: offhand, do you know if adding a config will make backporting this problematic?22:53
meghaldevananda:  for the rpc cast call, how would it work if each conductor in the cluster kept on sending these messages ?22:55
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC22:58
meghalok went through the comments…as you have mentioned in the last comment the initiation logic for cast was missing in the spec22:58
*** kozhukalov_ has quit IRC22:59
devanandajroll: yes - backporting a new CONF is not allowed22:59
jrollurgh, hm23:00
devanandameghal: "kept on sending" -- that might be bad. sending them how often?23:00
meghaldevananda:  but then each conductor would send it to each other…right ?23:00
devanandameghal: yah. IIRC, I had a problem getting the conductor to send messages to each other23:00
devanandathey need to create a client connection to the RPC bus -- which they do not do today23:01
jrolldevananda: maybe we choose a sane default and ship that hardcoded in the backport. I don't love that, though...23:01
meghaldevananda:  in that case it would be better that ironic-api initiated it and asked all to refresh23:01
jrolldevananda: they do these days! cleaning does it.23:01
devanandajroll: nice!23:01
devanandajroll: oh ha, that.23:01
thiagopfolks, calling it a day23:01
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic23:01
thiagopsee you tomorrow23:01
devanandag'night, thiagop23:01
jrolllater thiagop23:01
*** thiagop has quit IRC23:02
devanandajroll: you know how I do not love the rpc callback thing that cleaning does ...23:02
devanandajroll: where is that created?23:02
devanandai dont see any rpcapi in conductorManager23:03
devanandaoh. new layer. ironic/common/rpc23:03
*** r-daneel has quit IRC23:03
devanandanope ... conductor only calls "rpc.get_notifier"23:04
jrolldevananda: I don't love it either23:04
jrollit totally works. somehow.23:04
*** jobewan has quit IRC23:04
devanandajroll: got it. pulls in rpcapi23:05
jrollah, yes23:06
meghaldevananda:  jroll need to go…will try to send out draft implementation based on what jroll put in the bug and we can take it from there23:06
jrollmeghal: cool, sounds good. thanks for the help here :)23:06
devanandasomething like that might work23:07
jrollan rpc call doesn't solve the 'conductor crashed' problem, though23:07
devanandajroll: true23:07
devanandaperiodic task has latency and can be turned off23:07
devanandajroll: yet another case where a real DLM might help23:08
jrolldevananda: that wouldn't help us remember to update the hash ring :P23:08
jrollnor help us not have local state in the conductor23:09
*** david-lyle has quit IRC23:09
devanandajroll: to get a notification that a service has stopped23:09
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-ironic23:09
jrolloh, right23:09
devanandaso each conductor initiates the appropriate action fromthat event23:10
meghaljroll:  np23:10
devanandameghal: thanks & good night :)23:10
meghaldevananda:  jroll I guess this issues are similar to service group drivers in nova23:10
jrollmeghal: yeah23:10
meghalneed to start thinking how events related to nodes leaving/joining clusters can be pushed to interested entities23:11
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic: WIP: Initial func work to keep safe
meghalsee you later23:15
meghalgood night23:15
*** meghal has left #openstack-ironic23:15
*** vilobhmm11 has joined #openstack-ironic23:16
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