Monday, 2016-09-26

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openstackgerritXu Ao proposed openstack/ironic: Make ironic console supporting the nokeepalive mode
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openstackgerritTang Chen proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: Support i18n for baremetal chassis cmds
openstackgerritTang Chen proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: Support i18n for baremetal port cmds
openstackgerritTang Chen proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: Support i18n for baremetal node cmds
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openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic: Using sys.exit(main()) instead of main()
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openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Using sys.exit(main()) instead of main()
openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic: Using sys.exit(main()) instead of main()
openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Using sys.exit(main()) instead of main()
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openstackgerritCao Xuan Hoang proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: Use assertEqual() instead of assertDictEqual()
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openstackgerritNaohiro Tamura proposed openstack/ironic: Generic power interface for soft reboot and soft power off
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openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic:
openstackgerritNaohiro Tamura proposed openstack/ironic: Generic management I/F for Inject NMI
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openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: TrivialFix Remove white space between print and ()
openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic: TrivialFix Using sys.exit(main()) instead of main()
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openstackgerritChangBo Guo(gcb) proposed openstack/ironic: Remove unused method is_valid_ipv6_cidr
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openstackgerritMoshe Levi proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: WIP Infiniband Support
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openstackgerritMoshe Levi proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent: Infiniband Support for IPA
openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic: Remove import Object CONF
openstackgerritGalyna Zholtkevych proposed openstack/ironic: Migrate to keystone session for generating temp_url
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dtantsurMorning Ironic07:49
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tuanlaMorning Ironic08:07
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tuanlahi dtantsur, Did you seen
openstackLaunchpad bug 1626453 in Ironic "Ironic fails to force boot device on ipmitool driver." [Undecided,New]08:19
dtantsurtuanla, hi, I haven't seen it. I think we don't set "persistent" for reasons mentioned in
tuanlaHi dtantsur, I test my hardware server but it have some proplem relevant ipmitool.08:23
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tuanladtantsur, when ipmitool set force pxe it will remove orther option for booting such as disk, CD08:24
tuanladtantsur: there for after that set "disk' boot will don't work.08:25
patchbotError: No closing quotation08:25
dtantsurtuanla, I don't think we can fix ipmitool behavior08:25
dtantsurunless you know an ipmitool command that fixes it, of course08:25
tuanlaYes dtantsur. I wonder is your lab have similar bugs in ipmitool.08:28
dtantsurnever noticed anything like that, sorry08:28
tuanladtantsur, If you have freetime please take a look for more detail08:30
vdrokgood morning dtantsur and tuanla08:31
tuanlagood morning vdrok08:31
openstackgerritGalyna Zholtkevych proposed openstack/ironic: Migrate to keystone session for generating temp_url
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pas-hamorning Ironic08:32
tuanlamorning pas-ha08:32
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pas-hacongrats (or condolences :) ) to jroll re re-election08:33
dtantsurmorning vdrok, pas-ha08:34
dtantsuryeah, congrats jroll, keep rocking :)08:34
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vdrokmorning pas-ha08:41
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openstackgerritMarkos Chandras proposed openstack/bifrost: Allow users to change the default provisioning timeout value
dtantsurdevananda|bbl, FYI
openstackLaunchpad bug 1625804 in Ironic "Cannot generate policy file" [Low,Triaged]08:48
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sergekmorning dtantsur , vdrok , pas-ha , tuanla09:05
tuanlamorning sergek09:06
dtantsurhey sergek09:07
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sambettsMorning all09:11
dtantsurmorning sambetts09:12
openstackgerritKyrylo Romanenko proposed openstack/ironic: Test ML2 Neutron Events feature
openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic: Force persisten options in node_set_boot_device
tuanlamorning sambetts09:15
openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/ironic: Force persistent options in node_set_boot_device
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vdrokmorning sergek and sambetts09:23
sergekmorning sambetts09:25
tangchenmorning guys :)09:30
tangchendtantsur, vdrok, lucasagomes: Hi, I saw this in the bug list. Do we still need to improve cmds to support accepting multiple nodes ? If so, I think I can take it over and continue to work on it.09:31
tangchendtantsur, vdrok, lucasagomes: Working on the osc plugin commands should be enough, I think.09:32
tangchenwait a min, pasting the link09:32
tangchendtantsur, vdrok, lucasagomes:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1526490 in python-ironicclient "[RFE] support multi nodes operations" [Wishlist,In progress] - Assigned to Haomeng,Wang (whaom)09:34
dtantsurtangchen, yeah, this seems stuck, so feel free to overtake09:35
tangchendtantsur: Thanks. Starting it. :)09:35
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openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: Trivialfix Unified formats of log_xxx function
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vdrokmorning tangchen10:07
tangchenmorning vdrok.10:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ironicclient: TrivialFix Remove white space between print and ()
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aarefievmorning all!10:18
dtantsurmorning aarefiev10:18
tangchenaarefiev: morning. :)10:19
tangchenaarefiev: Would you please help to check if I made this patch correct ? and
patchbotpatch 349421 - ironic - Prepare for functional tests10:20
patchbotpatch 356233 - openstack-infra/project-config - Enable ironic functional test10:20
tangchenaarefiev: I'm not sure how to test if it works.10:20
tangchenaarefiev: I just did "check experimental", but it didn't work, I think.10:21
aarefievtangchen: yeah, we need to configure functional job first, so my question here is do we have community agreement what exactly these tests will cover?10:24
aarefiev job configuration will depend on this solution10:24
tangchenaarefiev: I have discussed the functional tests things with cores. It is just that Ironic is now mixing its unit and functional tests together. I'm spliting them.10:26
tangchenaarefiev: The functional tests will first cover api tests.10:26
tangchenaarefiev: It will cover more, but to keep things easy, I'd like to try to cover api tests first.10:27
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aarefievtangchen: ok, I have patch for just running functional tox env
patchbotpatch 374785 - openstack-infra/project-config - Add lightweight ironic functional job10:27
aarefievI can update it10:28
tangchenaarefiev: Sorry, do you mean you can enable Ironic functional test in you patch ?  Or would you please take a look at my patch first ?  I'm not sure if my patch is needed.10:30
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aarefievtangchen: aha, sorry missed project config one, you don't need devstack for now, all you need is run functional tox env10:33
aarefievbut I'd like to hear jroll opinions first, maybe dtantsur knows more about functional tests decision too10:34
* dtantsur does not actually10:34
dtantsurbut I definitely prefer to not requiring devstack for functional testing10:34
tangchendtantsur, aarefiev: Yes. Ironic functional is different from tempest tests. It faked a service itself.10:35
mgouldmorning Ironic, happy Monday10:35
dtantsure.g. ironic-inspector functional tests can be run locally by 'tox -efunc'10:35
dtantsurmorning mgould10:35
tangchendtantsur, aarefiev: Yes, it is.10:36
patchbotpatch 374785 - openstack-infra/project-config - Add lightweight ironic functional job10:36
aarefievthis wip patch should help with this10:37
tangchenaarefiev: So, what I did in ( should be merged into your wip patch ? Or my patch is not needed ?10:39
patchbotpatch 356233 - openstack-infra/project-config - Enable ironic functional test10:39
aarefievtangchen: your patch configure devstack10:40
aarefievand you don't need it10:40
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tangchenaarefiev: Oh...I see. Thanks. :)10:42
aarefievlooks like that job was configured for running tempest functional tests against devstack10:42
*** baoli has joined #openstack-ironic10:43
aarefievI don't know what the plan was10:43
tangchenaarefiev: Sorry, there was no plan for the devstack. It was just that I didn't know how to make jenkins run Ironic functional test, and I tried this patch. :)10:44
tangchenaarefiev: Obviously it is incorrect.10:44
tangchenaarefiev: So please ignore it. :)10:44
tangchenaarefiev: What I want to do is make this patch run by jenkins.
patchbotpatch 349421 - ironic - Prepare for functional tests10:45
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openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/bifrost: Add read and execute perms to httpboot and tftpboot folder
vdrokmorning mgould10:47
aarefievtangchen: sure, and my patch should help you, it runs new tox env you've created10:47
tangchenaarefiev: That's great. :)  Thank you very much.10:48
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openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/bifrost: Add read and execute perms to httpboot and tftpboot folder
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milanmorning Ironic, and a happy Monday! :)11:03
dtantsurhey milan11:04
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milandtantsur, hey man! :)11:04
mgouldmorning milan11:04
milanmorning mgould! :)11:04
milansambetts, hey! How was the PTO? ;)11:05
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sambettsmilan: Hey! it was good thank :D11:07
*** vikrant has quit IRC11:07
milancool :)11:07
milansambetts, so you good to review :P11:07
sambetts;) yup11:08
milannice! :D11:08
dtantsursambetts, RUN11:08
openstackgerritGalyna Zholtkevych proposed openstack/ironic: Migrate to keystone session for generating temp_url
dtantsursambetts, so, re LLDP commands spec... the availability of the data is not directly tied to hooks11:12
dtantsursambetts, and pci-devices uses IDs, it does not convert anything to names11:13
dtantsur(we could create a new hook doing that of course)11:13
sambettsyeah, so in my suggestion, the CLI wouldn't be aware of the hooks existance only that the data is present in the GET /v1/introspection/<Node ID>/data/readable output11:14
vdrokmorning milan11:15
milanmorning vdrok! :)11:15
dtantsursambetts, well, 1. this will require uglier CLI design, 2. data does not depend on hooks11:16
sambettsdtantsur: the PCI-devices hook converts the vendor IDs to aliases11:16
dtantsursambetts, could you point me where? I remember it only setting capabilities based on IDs?11:17
sambettsdtantsur: self.aliases11:17
*** tangchen has joined #openstack-ironic11:17
dtantsursambetts, this is capabilities, not a ID->name conversion11:18
dtantsuralso it will make CLI output configuration-dependent. e.g. if I call a capability for device 1234 my_device and you will call it has_my_device11:18
sambettsdtantsur: oh your right, my mistake I thought they were doing the id-> name conversion11:18
dtantsura middle ground could be as follows: we get a new hook for TLV -> (name, value) transition. if the converted data is there, CLI uses it. if not, CLI converts only the standard data itself.11:21
sambettswe'd still need an API to get the processed data then?11:21
*** vikrant has joined #openstack-ironic11:22
* milan thinks about tcpdump | uuencode > Swift the packets?11:23
lucasagomesmorning all11:23
milanmorning lucasagomes! :)11:23
sambettsI suggest a GET /v1/introspection/<Node ID>/data/processed API, which returns a JSON output built by the processing hooks which can then be handled in the CLI11:23
milanso that one could query the raw LLDP11:23
sambettson a openstack baremetal instrospection processed <uuid>11:24
sambettsCLI command11:24
sambettsthat accepts --<field name> as filters11:24
mgouldsambetts: is this about ?11:24
patchbotpatch 374381 - ironic-inspector-specs - Display LLDP information via new commands11:24
dtantsursambetts, how does it work for everything but LLDP?11:24
dtantsurdo you suggest creating hooks just for the sake of this API?11:25
dtantsurmgould, yes11:25
mgouldbfournie says he'll add an option to address this use-case in a later revision11:25
vdrokmorning lucasagomes11:25
mgould[sorry if that was where the conversation started...]11:25
dtantsursambetts, " openstack baremetal instrospection processed <uuid>" is so much worse than what Bob suggests, I'm not sure it's worth bothering about, sorry11:25
vdrokdtantsur: we can also set right in the job
vdrokas devstack-gate patches merge pretty slowly :)11:26
dtantsurthe good thing about this proposal now is that it ends up with a reasonable hierarchy of commands... if we again end up with essentially dumping a JSON, maybe it's not worth inventing API/CLI for it11:26
* mgould notes that dtantsur mis-spelled the name of his suggested command, which is IMHO a further strike against it...11:26
dtantsurvdrok, yeah, but it's a much bigger change.. but you're right, devstack-gate review is super slow usually11:27
milansambetts, dtantsur GET /v1/introspection/<Node ID>/data that would give raw unprocessed data that optionally contains an unencoded tcpdump of that traffic?11:27
sambettsmilan: thats what exists today11:27
dtantsurwait, wut? :) we already have raw LLDP data, we're talking about reporting it to a human being11:27
milanah, me forgotten we have that11:28
mgouldis there no existing tool that can do the decoding?11:28
vdrokdtantsur: why? if we want all of them to use configdrive, we just set this (one line) in the base devstack-virtual-ironic and that's it11:28
dtantsurmgould, milan, sorry guys, we started in private :)11:28
dtantsurvdrok, we have a few other jobs there, I think..11:28
sambettsmgould: the format of the LLDP data we get from IPA isn't a raw raw packet, its processed into a dict in { T: LV } format which our processing hook on the inspector side handles11:30
milanso I think the cli might have an option to just dump the raw lldp data so that the user can just pipe it and process vendor specific data in a vendor specific way11:30
* mgould wonders if there's a USian equivalent of the British expression "fag-ending", meaning "joining a conversation half-way through and missing early context" (like picking up a cigarette end and smoking it)11:30
milansorry if that's already suggested11:30
vdrokdtantsur: hm, right, inspector and grenade jobs are not using that :(11:30
dtantsurmilan, we have such option essentially. we're thinking about making bfournie's proposal more generic.11:31
mgouldsambetts: right, so the problem is that it's already semi-decoded, so OTS tools won't help11:31
openstackgerritGalyna Zholtkevych proposed openstack/ironic: Migrate to keystone session for generating temp_url
milanscapy is nice, but not sure it's actively developed :-/11:31
milandtantsur, ok, I got inspired by Dan Sneddon's comment11:32
*** seb31 has quit IRC11:32
sambettsmilan, mgould: My problem with the existing spec is that 1. we already have processing hooks to decode the data, so I'm not a fan of duplicating the processing client side, 2. we need to provide a way to extend the processing for vendor specifc TLVs, which we already do with the processing hooks server side, but not in the client11:32
dtantsurthis ^^^11:33
dtantsurmy current idea is:  we get a new hook for TLV -> (name, value) transition. if the converted data is there, CLI uses it. if not, CLI converts only the standard data itself.11:33
dtantsurthis way we don't need API changes, and we can still have specific commands11:33
milansambetts, but if we allow access to raw data then we needn't enforce custom hooks, or?11:33
sambettsdtantsur: but how does the CLI get that information?11:33
dtantsursambetts, from stored data11:33
dtantsurjust the TLV processing bit moves to a hook11:34
sambettsdtantsur: stored post-processed data?11:34
sambetts we don't have an API to get processed data11:34
sambettsthats what I was suggesting11:34
milansambetts, ++11:34
milanwe have a stale patch for that11:34
milanwe could resurrect11:34
dtantsurugh, wut? we don't have API for processed data?11:35
sambettsno, only raw11:35
dtantsurI think we have both11:35
dtantsurwhat /v1/introspection/UUID/data is then?11:35
sambettsdtantsur: stored raw data11:35
sambettsI thought11:35
sambettsnow I'm confused11:35
dtantsurI think it's the opposite: we don't provide access to raw data11:36
dtantsursee, data is stored after post hooks:
milandtantsur, you're right, it's the processed data11:36
patchbotpatch 308379 - ironic-inspector - Replace node data via uuid/data/unprocessed API11:36
milanthe patch to introduce (write) access to raw data ^^11:36
milanso I'm thinking the client might expose that for vendor specific processing11:37
lucasagomesfolks is the grenade job (gate-grenade-dsvm-ironic) working ?11:37
dtantsurlucasagomes, no. totally forgot about it. it's not working.11:37
lucasagomesack, will update the whiteboard11:37
sambettsdtantsur: we also store it there11:37
mgouldmorning lucasagomes11:37
dtantsursambetts, yeah, we store 2 copies, I think we only expose the processed copy11:37
milanso the user would just pipe openstack baremetal introspection data <node_id>| jq '.lldp' | uuedecode | <vendor pipe>11:38
lucasagomesmgould, hi there11:38
milanand introspection interface might expose just the generic tlvs11:39
bfourniegood morning team, catching up on the lldp discussion. sambetts thanks for reiewing.11:39
dtantsurmilan, it's not impossible now, the problem is that it's ugly :) bfournie wants a ready to use end user tool11:39
dtantsurmorning bfournie :)11:39
milanbfournie, morning! :)11:39
sambettsHi bfournie11:39
mgouldmorning bfournie11:39
milandtantsur, I'd love that too, this would be in order not to limit the user if they decide custom data hacking11:39
sambettsI like the idea of pulling the information from the post-processed data instead of the raw data11:40
milansambetts, doesn't that imply custom hooks to process the vendor-specific stuff?11:40
sambettsyeah, but we need that anyway, for adding vendor specific things to the local link connection information required by Ironic for the networking stuff11:41
dtantsurmilan, it's exactly what we want to achieve: ability to hook into processing TLVs11:41
sambettsmilan: I just don't want to do it twice11:41
milansambetts, I see,  I didn't realise Ironic should care, thanks for pointing out11:42
dtantsurbfournie, do you have the source of your existing too public?11:42
bfourniesambetts: just to clarify, you're suggesting processing and saving the data similar to what was done for chassis/port id?11:43
*** sdake_ has quit IRC11:43
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client: Updated from global requirements
dtantsurbfournie, processing yes, but not saving in ironic11:43
dtantsurbfournie, so essentially you take lldp data out of introspection_data, do something similar to and put it back under a new key. this is a new hook.11:44
dtantsur(at least that's how I understand it)11:44
bfourniedtantsur: I can make what I have public, it basically parses TLVs and integrates with cliff, its not integrated with ironic inspector client yet11:44
dtantsurbfournie, sure, just for our reference11:45
sambettsdtantsur: I would suggest we just improve the existing hook to handle all the standard LLDP11:45
dtantsursambetts, this hook is not always needed, I guess.. though probably it won't hurt too, right?11:45
dtantsursambetts, I'm just afraid of always enabling it, as it does overwrite some data11:45
dtantsurso I was thinking about lldp_parser hook enabled by default, and local_link_connection hook using its data11:46
dtantsurand then vendor_name_lldp_parse hooking between them to extend the parse data, etc11:46
* dtantsur needs an etherpad as a mind map11:46
bfourniedtantsur: yes I will upload it, give me a few minutes11:47
sambettsdtantsur: then a vendor needs to add 2 additional hooks? One to process the LLDP data and one to set their LLC data?11:47
mgouldn00b question: are non-standard TLVs essentially opaque binary strings?11:47
dtantsursambetts, gimme a second11:47
mgould[the V bit, at least]11:47
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic11:47
*** jtomasek has quit IRC11:48
sambettsmgould: the types are non-standard, so the value has no meaning without it11:48
mgouldright, OK11:49
* mgould was wondering if there was *any* generic processing we could do, but it sounds like "no"11:49
dtantsursambetts, mgould, bfournie, something like
sambettsdtantsur: I'm into that idea you've suggested, with 2 hooks, because in my case, for Cisco switches I need additional things like the LLC but they aren't from Cisco specifc TLVs, so I'd only need to add a Cisco-LLC hook11:50
*** dprince has joined #openstack-ironic11:51
*** ijw has quit IRC11:54
*** alaski_ is now known as alaski11:54
*** vikrant has quit IRC11:54
dtantsuryeah, I like how it shapes now.. a bit more hooks, but hooks are cheap, I guess :)11:55
sambettsYeah ++11:55
sambettsI wonder if we can make the CLI side generic too, e.g. simply provide a nice way to display the processed data11:56
TheJuliaGood morning11:56
sambettsHey TheJulia11:56
mgouldmorning TheJulia11:57
milanmorning TheJulia! :)11:57
dtantsursambetts, I'm afraid that the generic way will also be less user-friendly..11:57
dtantsurmorning TheJulia11:57
aarefievDoes all ok with swift as storage here?11:57
tangchenmorning milan :)11:58
dtantsuraarefiev, sorry?11:58
aarefievI'm wondering about performance11:58
milanmorning tangchen! :)11:58
sambettsaarefiev, dtantsur: Right now all of this requires a swift backend11:58
dtantsurI'm not sure how it affects performance though11:58
mgouldaarefiev: is this stage ever going to be a bottleneck?11:58
aarefievSwift is ideal for storing unstructured data11:58
bfourniedtantsur, sambetts: I like the hooks, piece I'm missing is how do we retrieve the processed data for display?11:58
milanbfournie, ++11:59
dtantsurbfournie, the same way as you do know: via get_data call11:59
bfourniestill via ironic inspector?11:59
tangchenlucasagomes, milan: I have reported a bug for the i18n. Please help to check this series of patches.
patchbotpatch 357639 - python-ironicclient - Support i18n for baremetal node cmds11:59
lucasagomestangchen, will add to the list of things to review11:59
milantangchen, cool, I'll take a look :)11:59
tangchenlucasagomes, milan: Thank you for the help :)11:59
aarefievIf we need some filtering, how it will deal with it12:00
dtantsuraarefiev, all client-side12:00
milandtantsur, so on the command line, what would you have to put to fetch a vendor-specific thing?12:00
milanor how the API would handle12:00
aarefievnot sure client side will have good performance on big envs12:00
dtantsurmilan, get_data(uuid).get('lldp') :)12:01
* milan just cannot imagine it right away12:01
milanso the vendor specific things will work with the --fields switch too?12:02
aarefievit would be nice to test it, because I saw problems with client-side filtering few times12:02
mgouldanother idiot question: does "hook" here mean ironic_inspector.plugins.base.ProcessingHook?12:03
milanmgould, yeah12:04
mgouldso the code to handle custom TLVs needs to be installed on the machine running the ironic-inspector service in this design12:05
* TheJulia tries to wake up12:05
dtantsurmgould, yes12:05
aarefievmorning TheJulia12:05
* mat128 invites TheJulia to the club12:05
dtantsurmgould, correct12:05
mat128TheJulia: freezy morning today12:05
mgoulddtantsur: thanks12:05
mgouldmorning mat12812:05
*** vikrant has joined #openstack-ironic12:05
milanmorning mat128! :)12:05
mgouldTheJulia: I'd offer you some coffee, but this pot's already getting cold12:05
mat128morning everyone o/12:06
TheJuliamat128: is the idea that people will be wrapping bash around all of the commands to make stuff go?12:07
mat128TheJulia: what do you mean?12:08
mat128TheJulia: the syntax?12:08
mat128TheJulia: if thats what you mean, that should be the way to go since it makes sphinx use the right lexer, and gives us color highlighting12:08
TheJuliamore so, I'm just wondering, for some reason in my mind, who is the expected user.  A real person or a script12:08
dtantsursambetts, I've pasted rough examples of the currently proposed commands.. they seem much more user-intuitive to me, than just dumping the whole structure12:09
mat128TheJulia: I remember reading from the docs guidelines (cant find it atm) that it's intended for a user12:09
*** causten has quit IRC12:09
mat128TheJulia: so it's fine "declaring" variables in text and using them in example12:09
mat128TheJulia: they just have to be all caps12:09
TheJuliamat128: that makes sense then, I would just worry about a deployment with a thousand+ nodes12:11
bfourniedtantsur sambetts: I posted link to current prototype code on etherpad, I think a lot of this can be reused if we go with processing hook12:12
TheJuliamat128: and six connected network interfaces12:12
jrollmorning y'all12:19
jrollbusy in here today :)12:19
sambettshey jroll12:19
jrollpas-ha: dtantsur: thanks :D12:19
milanmorning jroll! :)12:19
dtantsurmorning jroll12:19
pas-hamorning jroll12:19
TheJuliagood morning jroll12:20
lucasagomesTheJulia, jroll pas-ha morning12:20
jroll\o morning sambetts, milan, dtantsur, pas-ha, TheJulia, lucasagomes, mat128, mgould, tangchen, aarefiev, and anyone I missed :)12:21
jroll(wow, it really is busy today)12:21
aarefievmorning jroll12:21
milanjroll, < bike shedding of the day ;)12:21
jrolldo I want to know? heh12:22
tangchenjroll: morning :)12:22
mgouldmorning jroll12:22
milanjroll, dunno :D12:22
mgouldjroll: where to decode Link Layer Discovery Protocol discovered during introspection and how to display it to users12:22
jrollyeah, seeing that12:23
jrollI would say "just use ironic node-show" but I suspect that isn't what you're looking for12:23
TheJuliamgould: I would almost wonder if it even matters to the user to visually see it as part of any process if things are properly populated to the port in ironic, the things that couldn't be identified I would worry about though12:24
mgouldTheJulia: is performance a real concern here? AFAICT we're talking about querying Swift for data we already know12:24
mgouldso "fetch it all and filter client-side" sounds fine to me, unless I'm missing something12:24
mgould[from a performance POV if not a UX one]12:24
TheJuliamgould: That is fine, although information overload would be the issue potentially12:25
mgouldTheJulia: I think it's meant for debugging deployments, but will defer to bfournie12:25
jrollanecdotally, I use 'ironic node-list --detail | grep foo' all the time12:25
jrolland it's terrible :)12:25
TheJuliajroll: that is awful, you should at least use cut as well ;)12:25
dtantsurTheJulia, jroll, one use case was to check that stuff is connected to correct ports, iirc12:26
jrollTheJulia: the hard part is counting which field is where12:26
dtantsurbut yeah, bfournie knows better12:26
jrolldtantsur: hm, we do fine querying ironic for that12:26
bfournieyes, for debugging deployments, to ensure, for example that the vlans set for your deployment have been properly configured on the switch12:26
TheJuliadtantsur: that does make sense, and trying to align into the cleanest view possible makes a lot of sense then as well12:26
TheJuliaI guess that would make sense if visible and if the separation of duties between server infrastructure and network infrastructure are such that there is no access to the TOR.12:27
TheJuliajroll: so, script, two variables, grep and wc ;)12:28
jrollTheJulia: lol, nice12:29
jrollit's one of those things you don't know you need until you need it12:29
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: Updated from global requirements
* mgould votes for grep/jq/etc over adding a complex ad-hoc query language to the tool12:29
TheJuliamgould: ++12:29
TheJuliaI can't even begin to think of the number of times I've whipped up some little script to count the number of times xyz was the case12:30
TheJuliaThen again, I had an image farm of like 200 million documents that I was responsible for...12:30
*** ohamada has quit IRC12:32
*** ohamada has joined #openstack-ironic12:32
*** amotoki has quit IRC12:32
* mgould runs "grep -c '| grep' .bash_history", and is disappointed to only get 512:33
bfourniebtw, good a time as any, very quick introduction, I'm fairly new to Ironic/openstack and have been on the list for a couple months, but not actively participating. Seems to be a great group and looking forward to participating more.12:33
mat128mgould: wc -l .bash_history12:33
mat128maybe it's not long enough12:33
mgouldyeah, only 1000 lines12:34
mat128mgould: 4 here, 500 lines long12:34
TheJuliamat128: not surprising in the slightest.  It only gets bad when you start writing super optimized code to know how to be the nicest to your distributed filesystem to complete the task in under a few weeks12:34
lucasagomesmat128, nice I read that awhile ago12:35
sambettsdtantsur: sorry, I need to brb to a downstream thing12:35
jrollbfournie: we try <312:35
dtantsursambetts, sure. maybe we should ask bfournie to move what we agreed on to the spec, and then continue bikeshedding on the CLI?12:35
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|lunch12:35
milanmat128, reminds me of old perl one-liners  for protein alignments12:36
sambettsdtantsur: makes sense to me12:36
vdrokgood morning TheJulia mat128 and jroll12:36
mat128milan: woha12:36
milanbfournie, welcome! :)12:36
mat128o/ vdrok12:36
jrollhey vdrok :)12:36
bfourniedtantsur, sambetts: sure, still grokking it but think I got most of it12:36
dtantsurbfournie, welcome again :) I think you can move the hook bits to the spec, and leave CLI itself alone for now, until we figure out if we can make it generic12:36
dtantsurlucasagomes, btw you can remove -2 from
patchbotpatch 366742 - ironic-python-agent - Add support for root device hints with operators12:37
*** xavierr|afk is now known as xavierr12:37
lucasagomesdtantsur, ++ ironic-lib was released already right ?12:38
xavierrgood morning Ironic o/12:38
milanmorning xavierr! :)12:38
*** daemontool has quit IRC12:38
lucasagomesxavierr, hi there12:38
bfourniemilan: thanks! dtantsur: will start pulling it into spec12:39
dtantsurlucasagomes, did it merge before the branching? anyway, you can Depend-On the global-requirements update12:39
jrolllucasagomes: not yet
patchbotpatch 366757 - releases - ironic-lib 2.2.012:39
dtantsurmorning xavierr12:39
* jroll bugs them12:39
dtantsurjroll, does it include the whole disk fixes?12:39
mgouldmorning xavierr12:39
dtantsurif not, please do include them12:39
lucasagomesjroll, dtantsur ops, ok... yeah I need a new release for that (and bump the g-r version too)12:39
jrolldtantsur: yeah, lemme look12:40
jrollokay, updated12:40
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Local boot with partition images"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Enrollment" and "Troubleshooting" sections
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import Install and configure sections
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Bare Metal service overview"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Image requirements"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "integration with other OpenStack components"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: Update developer's guide "Installation Guide" link
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: Fix absolute links to install-guide.rst in developer docs
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Flavor creation"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Setup the drivers for the Bare Metal service"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: Add link to new guide in old install guide
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Building or downloading a deploy ramdisk image"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Trusted boot with partition image"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import configdrive
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import "Appending kernel parameters to boot instances"
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: [install-guide] Import HTTPS, standalone and root device hints
mat128lucasagomes: fixed. ^12:41
lucasagomesmat128, cheers12:41
jrollcan we merge those yet :P12:43
dtantsurjroll, do you think is rather an RFE?12:43
openstackLaunchpad bug 1618842 in Ironic "serial over lan console do not support nokeepalive" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Xu Ao (xuao)12:43
dtantsur(easily approvable, but still)12:44
*** daemontool has joined #openstack-ironic12:44
jrolldtantsur: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯12:44
jrolltechnically, yeah12:44
jrollif it's trivial approval, the difference is only a tag :)12:44
dtantsurstats, stats matter!!112:44
openstackgerritKyrylo Romanenko proposed openstack/ironic: Test ML2 Neutron Events feature
dtantsurvdrok, are you planning to implement the DEVSTACK_GATE_CONFIGDRIVE change or should I?12:47
*** trown is now known as trown|brb12:47
vdrokdtantsur: as you wish :) jroll thinks it's better to do that in project config tho12:48
jrollyeah, I don't like hard-coding things in d-s-g12:48
dtantsurthat's why I mention DEVSTACK_GATE_CONFIGDRIVE, this is what we should set in the jobs12:48
jrollbecause then we do the two-step to make it configurable12:49
jrollah :)12:49
vdrokoh, it is in d-s-g already, that's good12:49
dtantsuralso our grenade job seems down, I haven't found time to look at it yet12:49
dtantsurjroll, ^^^12:49
jrolloh fun!12:49
jrollI can take a look12:49
vdrokdtantsur: ok, doing that now12:49
jrolldtantsur: oh!12:49
jrollwe're on ocata now12:50
jrollI think I heard some noise about this, will dig in12:50
dtantsurok :)12:50
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic12:51
* mgould sees that jroll is once again our fearless leader: congrats!12:51
TheJuliajroll: congrats12:52
jroll\o/ thanks12:53
*** Goneri has joined #openstack-ironic12:53
lucasagomesjroll, congrats! re grenade Apparently we can't ping one of the instances (I didn't dig much into it yet)12:53
milancongrats jroll! :)12:53
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, that's what nova had problems with last week12:54
jrollI will dig up the info12:54
*** ijw has quit IRC12:56
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-ironic12:56
*** vishwanathj has joined #openstack-ironic12:57
*** trown|brb is now known as trown12:57
*** sdake has joined #openstack-ironic12:57
*** aparna has quit IRC13:00
vdrokdtantsur: jroll
patchbotpatch 376454 - openstack-infra/project-config - Use configdrive for ironic tempest jobs13:00
vdrokI don't think we need this for ironic-functional job, as we should not run tempest there I think13:00
*** daemontool has quit IRC13:01
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-ironic13:03
*** rloo has joined #openstack-ironic13:03
*** daemontool has joined #openstack-ironic13:03
vdrokdtantsur: hm, or we don't need it for inspector-dsvm and inspector-dsvm-discovery? i see DEVSTACK_GATE_TEMPEST=0 there13:04
dtantsurvdrok, even though they don't use tempest, they do use nova13:04
dtantsurso yes, you need them there13:04
vdrokaha, ok13:05
dtantsurs/them/config drive/13:05
*** sdake has quit IRC13:06
vdroksorry, updated commit message to be more precise13:07
openstackgerritGalyna Zholtkevych proposed openstack/ironic: Retry to connect to RPC if failed
*** baoli has joined #openstack-ironic13:09
*** vikrant has quit IRC13:13
*** rbudden has joined #openstack-ironic13:16
*** jaosorior has quit IRC13:19
*** jaosorior has joined #openstack-ironic13:19
sambettsTheJulia: with regards to TinyIPA missing from the docs, I think we just missed that out :/13:21
TheJuliacinerama`: You might want to take a look at the discussion on when you have a few minutes13:24
patchbotpatch 376303 - bifrost - Allow users to change the default provisioning tim...13:24
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-ironic13:26
*** wajdi has joined #openstack-ironic13:27
*** srobert has joined #openstack-ironic13:29
xavierrcongrats jroll :)13:34
*** hshiina has joined #openstack-ironic13:34
jrollthanks xavierr13:34
xavierrjroll: when ironic newton release will land?13:34
jrollxavierr: it went out last week, thursday morning iirc13:34
xavierrjroll: ok :)13:35
lukl1dtantsur: hi13:35
dtantsurlukl1, hi13:35
lukl1I added driver_info to:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1626453 in Ironic "Ironic fails to force boot device on ipmitool driver." [Undecided,Incomplete] - Assigned to Tuan (tuanla)13:36
*** Guest97128 is now known as jlvillal13:36
*** xuao has joined #openstack-ironic13:36
lukl1Internally I fixed the issue the way I described in the bug, though I'm not sure if that's the real root cause13:36
lukl1Should I have anything extra defined in driver_info?13:37
dtantsurlukl1, hmm, I wonder if we should get rid of "pop" there13:37
dtantsurthough not, it should work anyway13:38
lukl1My though was the issue was coming from defaulting to persistent=False in the set_boot_device.13:38
dtantsurlukl1, maybe, why do you need it NOT persistent? when exactly does it happen?13:39
lukl1I need to have it __persistent__, always boot from pxe, no matter how BIOS is configured13:40
lukl1When I just added ipmi_force_boot_device it was working for 2 reboots and after that ironic node-get-boot-device stated that there is nothing configured13:41
*** nicodemos has quit IRC13:41
*** nicodemos has joined #openstack-ironic13:41
dtantsurlukl1, are you adding --persistent flag to node-set-boot-device?13:41
dtantsurstrange, I see 'is_next_boot_persistent': False in your driver_internal_info13:43
*** tuan_luong has joined #openstack-ironic13:43
tuan_luongHello ironic13:43
lukl1Hello :)13:44
lukl1regarding is_next_boot_persistent, I noticed that, but didn't manage to find where this value comes from13:45
lukl1It looks that only place where this is set is to set it to False13:45
*** wajdi_ has joined #openstack-ironic13:46
tuan_luonghello lukl113:47
lukl1Hi :)13:47
dtantsurlukl1, yeah, but it should not be set to anything in your case...13:47
*** wajdi__ has joined #openstack-ironic13:47
*** sdake has joined #openstack-ironic13:47
tuan_luongDid you mean value default of function?13:48
lukl1we're discussing is_next_boot_persistent flag in driver_internal_info structure13:49
rloohi and morning all, tuan_luong, lukl1, dtantsur, jroll, xavierr, sambetts, TheJulia and everyone else working out there :)13:49
dtantsurmorning rloo13:49
tuan_luongHello lukl1, dtantsur : I am a new member but want to join and and learning how to fix a bug.13:49
dtantsurlukl1, yeah, you're not supposed to see it, you should see "persistent_boot_device" there13:49
*** wajdi has quit IRC13:49
rloojroll: wrt the newton release, maybe send out email about it? (I'm sure you're going to announce in meeting today)13:49
jrollmorning rloo :)13:49
dtantsurtuan_luong, I'd recommend you start with low-hanging-fruit tag13:50
jrollrloo: there was an announcement email :)13:50
jrollrloo: I do have a draft going though, with some other things13:50
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho13:50
rloojroll: the 'normal' announcement, right? was thinking about one from us, mentioning the ocata is open, blah blah. thank you all you wonderful contributers out there, etc. ha ha.13:50
tuan_luongdtantsur, yes, thank you, i will13:50
*** sdake_ has quit IRC13:50
rloojroll: don't forget to thank your family too :D13:51
dtantsurlukl1, I'm trying to wrap my head around this code.. something does feel wrong there13:51
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-ironic13:51
*** wajdi_ has quit IRC13:51
jrollrloo: heh, yeah, I could send that quickly - I was going to talk about doing a post-mortem and some other tasks for the next few weeks13:52
rloojroll: ++ to the other stuff too. but separate emails, too much in one mail doesn't seem to be a good idea.13:52
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic13:52
*** cinerama` is now known as cinerama13:52
milanmorning rloo! :)13:53
milanand morning tuan_luong and luk11! :)13:54
rloohi milan. Are congrats in order? or congrats-to-be when you become inspector core :)13:54
tuan_luongmorning milan13:54
*** sdake has quit IRC13:54
mariojvmorning ironic o/13:54
milanrloo, :D thanks! I'm fine even with congrats twice! :D13:54
rloomilan: :)13:55
*** wajdi__ has quit IRC13:55
rloomorning mariojv. didn't get a chance to look at your notifications patch last week; on my list for today...13:55
mariojvyuriyz: let me know what you think of my proposal on - i think this would be OK for searchlight and other use cases too without making the payload too large13:55
patchbotpatch 321865 - ironic - Add power state change notifications13:55
mariojvthanks rloo13:55
*** wajdi has joined #openstack-ironic13:55
dtantsurlukl1, it does look like it's impossible to set a persistent boot device with the ipmitool driver... because we do unconditionally, even before reboot13:56
dtantsurhmm, or not. ignore me13:57
lukl1I guess that what ipmi_force_boot_device is for, don't assume that persistent will work after reboot, because BMC forgets it13:58
*** ijw has quit IRC13:58
*** amotoki_ has joined #openstack-ironic13:58
*** xuao has quit IRC14:00
dtantsurlukl1, I think we should remove is_next_boot_persistent here
dtantsurI've reproduced the issue locally, I think14:00
*** amotoki has quit IRC14:01
lucasagomessambetts, not sure if you have seem this: (it's about Cisco UCS M3 vs M4)14:01 bug 1379010 in openstack-ironic "Cisco UCS 200-M3 blades will not properly boot over the network from IPMI" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to lmartins14:01
dtantsurlucasagomes, could you please try it? just add something like $ driver_internal_info.pop('is_next_boot_persistent', None) on that branch?14:02
dtantsuroops, that was for lukl114:02
dtantsur(autocomplete fail)14:02
*** amotoki_ has quit IRC14:05
dtantsur"launchpad is temporary unavailable" well, of course...14:05
*** rbrud has quit IRC14:07
*** rbrud has joined #openstack-ironic14:07
lucasagomesit's been a while actually :-/14:08
*** sabeen1 has joined #openstack-ironic14:08
bfourniesambetts: do you think its important that we parse LLDP-MED TLVs as part of plugin?  They're not defined in IEEE 802.1AB-2009. Or maybe have plugin process what is defined in 802.1AB-2009, i.e. mandatary TLVs+basic management+802.1+802.3. Perhaps have another hook for LLDP-MED?14:08
dtantsurtuan_luong, do you still want to work on lukl1's bug?14:08
tuan_luongdtantsur, yes14:09
tuan_luongbut i need more information14:09
tuan_luongbecause some time some work doesn't work because version of hardware14:10
dtantsurtuan_luong, I've mentioned the proposed fix on your patch14:10
tuan_luongdtantsur, Firstly, I want to join and find out what is root cause and fix that. But as you said i should choose another easier14:13
dtantsurtuan_luong, that's true. I suspect I know the cause for this particular issue, though - see in the comments.14:14
*** absubram has joined #openstack-ironic14:14
dtantsurit's fine if you want to pick something else, I'm just asking :)14:14
*** moshele has quit IRC14:17
tuan_luongdtantsur, I not sure i can and can't. Do you mind if i try to fix that.14:17
dtantsurtuan_luong, please do, thanks14:17
tuan_luongbut maybe it take a time. I have some experiment in deploy ironic. and stuck in more than 2 months to deploy window14:18
openstackgerritMarkos Chandras proposed openstack/bifrost: Redirect mkisofs and genisoimage stderr/stdout to /dev/null
tuan_luongnow it finish (actually with helping from my parners)14:19
lukl1dtantsur: where do you want me to add this line?14:21
lukl1It's already there in #199 line14:22
*** rajinir has joined #openstack-ironic14:23
*** tuan_luong has quit IRC14:23
dtantsurlukl1, yes, but line 199 should not be executed in your case. this field should be reset as soon as you request persistent boot via API.14:23
rajinirmjturek: Thank you. Is the cleanup a separate script like pre_test_hook?14:24
lukl1So it should be before if statement? line 195?14:24
*** beekneemech is now known as bnemec14:25
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-ironic14:25
mjturekrajinir: yep! Invoked after you're done with the node14:25
dtantsurlukl1, after line 22314:25
sambettslucasagomes: I hadn't seen that, your suggestion is a good one with regards to using the UCSM driver, my only other suggestion would be to ensure the firmware on the blade is up to data14:32
lucasagomessambetts, ++14:32
lucasagomesyeah, lemme comment with it as well14:32
*** mtanino has joined #openstack-ironic14:33
sambettsbfournie: I personally don't need the LLDP-MED stuff, we can always stack hooks, e.g. processing-hooks=LLDP-basic, LLDP-med, LLDP-<vendor> etc14:33
sambettsbfournie: then people can enable the hooks they are interested it14:34
*** moshele has joined #openstack-ironic14:34
bfourniesambetts: thanks, yes I agree. That's how I am updating the spec14:34
sambettsbfournie: awesome :)14:35
*** anush_ has joined #openstack-ironic14:35
lukl1dtantsur, just checked it and it's not solving the problem14:38
dtantsurhmm, that's bad.. anyway, it's worth fixing14:38
* dtantsur tries locally again14:39
*** moshele has quit IRC14:39
*** syed_ has joined #openstack-ironic14:41
mgouldis there an easy way to add something to a node's capabilities without having to copy-and-paste all existing values?14:41
jrollmgould: ironic node-update uuid add properites/capabilities/foo=bar?14:42
lukl1after reboot is_next_boot_persistent=False showed up, next reboot node started from hdd and removed is_next_boot_persistent, ironic node-get-boot-device show pxe again, reboot=start from pxe and is_next_boot_persistent is false again14:43
mgouldjroll: doesn't work for me :-(14:43
lukl1I wonder where is_next_boot_persistent comes from14:43
jrollmgould: whaaat, do you get an error?14:43
mgouldyep, one moment...14:44
mgouldah, it's treating it as a string rather than a nested dict14:45
mariojvi think morgabra_ may have had a fix for this a while back14:46
dtantsurjroll, that won't work14:47
mariojvthis one?
patchbotpatch 343911 - ironic - Allow ~ in the PATCH path attribute.14:47
dtantsurjroll, this is why I'm so pushing for moving capabilities into a proper table14:47
dtantsurjroll, mgould, you have to copy all values and hope for better (i.e. no races)14:47
jrolldtantsur: ugh14:47
mgoulddtantsur: aaaargh14:47
mgouldbut thanks :-/14:48
lukl1Out of curiosity, where is_next_boot_persistent is set?14:48
lukl1I can't find any code in neither ironic or python agent14:48
*** bnemec has quit IRC14:49
lucasagomeslukl1, it should be in ironic (or ironic-lib)14:53
lucasagomeslukl1, ironic/drivers/utils.py14:54
lukl1so, the only correct value for this field is False?14:55
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic14:55
lukl1that's misleading :P14:55
lucasagomeslukl1, I'm not very familiar, but it could... It could be the case if set it's False if not it's True14:55
lucasagomestho yeah14:55
lucasagomestotally misleading14:55
lucasagomesfamiliar with it*14:55
dtantsurlukl1, I've reproduced the problem, for some reason it changes to False after reboot14:56
*** daemontool_ has joined #openstack-ironic14:57
*** hogepodge has joined #openstack-ironic14:58
* dtantsur has to jump on a meeting, sorry14:58
*** bnemec has joined #openstack-ironic14:58
rlooheads up, i'm approving the install guide patches...14:58
*** bdeschenes has joined #openstack-ironic14:58
*** daemontool has quit IRC14:59
*** sdake_ has quit IRC14:59
*** ijw has quit IRC15:00
rloomat128: if you're around and have a few min to fix this nit that apparently bothers me:
patchbotpatch 369802 - ironic - Add link to new guide in old install guide15:03
*** mjura has quit IRC15:04
*** wajdi_ has joined #openstack-ironic15:06
*** jlvillal has quit IRC15:07
*** wajdi__ has joined #openstack-ironic15:07
*** jlvillal has joined #openstack-ironic15:08
openstackgerritStenio Araujo proposed openstack/ironic: Fixing Typo
*** wajdi has quit IRC15:09
vdrokthe gates seem to be broken with zuul cloner issue :(15:10
vdrokmorning rloo15:10
*** wajdi_ has quit IRC15:10
sambettsvdrok: I also see that issue15:11
vdrokyep, and the solution seems to be 'wait for an hour and recheck'15:11
xavierrmorning rloo :)15:13
vdrokmorning xavierr15:13
rloovdrok: hi. so sad about gate, and launchpad. anything else broken? maybe i should take the week off. ha ha.15:15
vdrokgrenade too :)15:15
*** sdake has joined #openstack-ironic15:15
*** rpioso has joined #openstack-ironic15:18
rajinirmjturek: I have some parsing errors with the pre_test_hook script you posted. Are you running it in this shell? #!/bin/bash -xe15:21
rajinirmjturek: May be ${parameter} vs $parameter15:25
openstackgerritboden proposed openstack/ironic: Replace retrying with tenacity
*** openstackstatus has joined #openstack-ironic15:27
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstackstatus15:27
*** harlowja_at_home has joined #openstack-ironic15:36
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|away15:36
*** athomas has quit IRC15:39
*** aNuposic has joined #openstack-ironic15:39
rloovdrok: do you know if grenade is 'working'? the gate is, but grenade tests failed. should i recheck or wait?15:41
vdrokrloo: nope, it's broken :(15:42
rloovdrok: :(15:42
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Earlier job failures for "zuul-cloner: error: too few arguments" should now be solved, and can safely be rechecked15:42
vdrokjroll said it might be issues that nova had recently15:42
rloojroll, JayF, mat128: wrt the new install guide -- why are we running all the tests for that? shouldn't we block them since it is documentation?
patchbotpatch 366329 - ironic - [install-guide] Import "Bare Metal service overview"15:43
*** hshiina has quit IRC15:44
vdrokrloo: seems like install-guide/ is not added to project-config the same way as doc/ is15:44
* rloo happy that we got our newton release out last week15:44
vdroki can fix that I think15:44
rloovdrok: we should do that though, right? wanted to check to make sure it wasn't on purpose that we are testing. but am guessing it is cuz we forgot to add it to project-config.15:45
rloovdrok: yes, please, do the patch :)15:45
vdrokyup, it should not be doing that15:45
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Launchpad SSO is offline, preventing login to, and many other sites; no ETA has been provided by the LP admin team15:47
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Launchpad SSO is offline, preventing login to, and many other sites; no ETA has been provided by the LP admin team"15:47
*** dprince has quit IRC15:47
jrollvdrok: I started looking into it, the nova gates are happy now, and I can't find anything useful :(15:48
vdrokrloo: jroll
patchbotpatch 376603 - openstack-infra/project-config - Skip slow ironic tests on install-guide changes15:48
jcookmariojv for notifications spec, why does the end notification have a new target_provision_state?15:52
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:52
mjturekrajinir: checking now15:53
jcookmariojv actually, I think it makes sense now that I think about it. You would potentially have a notification for an intermediate state (start and end) e.g. clean_wait.15:54
jcookis that right?15:54
mjturekrajinir: #! /bin/bash -x15:54
* jroll grabbes lunch15:55
jrolljcook: some states have a target, e.g. deploying has a target of active15:56
jrollyeah you got it15:56
jcookright on15:56
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic15:57
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-ironic15:57
rloojroll: am going to block the install guide patches from landing, until vdrok's patch lands. no sense running all those tests on all those patches.16:00
vdrokThe base one failed, the other ones won't merge anyway I think16:01
vdrokSo they are blocked already :)16:01
rloovdrok: right, unless someone does a 'recheck'.16:01
vdrokrloo: but it won't help anyway as grenade is down :)16:01
*** hshiina has joined #openstack-ironic16:02
rloovdrok: i know. another reason i don't want someone to do a 'recheck'. waste of gate resources until grenade is fixed.16:02
*** ijw has quit IRC16:02
vdrokYeah, that is true16:02
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry16:03
rloovdrok: normally, i wouldn't care so much but other projects may be trying to get their newton releases done, and i know how i felt in the past when the gate was s...l...ooooooooooooo...w16:03
openstackgerritSergii Turivnyi proposed openstack/python-ironicclient: Add tests for testing node-delete command
*** dprince has joined #openstack-ironic16:07
*** Sukhdev_ has joined #openstack-ironic16:08
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Bare Metal Provisioning | Status: | Docs: | Bugs:"16:09
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Launchpad SSO logins are confirmed working correctly again16:09
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC16:09
*** Sukhdev_ is now known as Sukhdev16:09
jrollrloo: okay16:12
*** david-lyle has quit IRC16:13
*** rbartal has quit IRC16:13
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-ironic16:14
*** anush_ has quit IRC16:14
*** daemontool_ has quit IRC16:17
*** makowals has joined #openstack-ironic16:18
*** sturivnyi_ has joined #openstack-ironic16:23
sturivnyi_Hi All=) I have bunch of patches for review be grateful if you could review them. Thanks)16:23
*** amotoki has quit IRC16:24
*** e0ne has quit IRC16:25
rloojroll: is this a known bug (and maybe I've asked this in the past), the newton release notes include mitaka releases:
jrollrloo: I think so, not sure though16:26
* jroll adds to todo list16:26
rloothx jroll16:29
*** pcaruana has quit IRC16:29
*** jheroux has joined #openstack-ironic16:31
NobodyCamGood Morning Ironic'ers16:33
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-inspector: DO NOT MERGE: testing xenial jobs
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack-ironic16:34
*** harlowja_at_home has quit IRC16:39
mariojvjcook: yeah, the target state is needed even for .end16:39
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic16:43
*** jabroney has joined #openstack-ironic16:45
openstackgerritBob Fournier proposed openstack/ironic-inspector-specs: Display LLDP information via new commands
dtantsurmorning NobodyCam16:46
*** rbrud has quit IRC16:46
mat128rloo: because that commit is touching a .py file, the other commits only run docs jobs16:46
*** rama_y has joined #openstack-ironic16:46
NobodyCamMorning dtantsur :)16:47
*** ohamada has quit IRC16:47
bfourniedtantsur, sambetts, milan, mgould: ^^ lldp spec updated to use processing hooks, no changes to CLI (for now)16:47
*** ijw has quit IRC16:48
milanbfournie, cool, thx, I'm still reviewing the older version, sry about being a bit slow16:48
jabroneyAny suggestions on how to trouble-shoot why ironic stopped handing out dhcp leases?  Do nodes need to be in a specific state?16:48
*** dprince has quit IRC16:50
bfourniemilan: thanks for reviewing, main changes from older version are under "Proposed change" and "Data model impact"16:51
jlvillaljabroney: Ironic doesn't hand out DHCP leases. That is the DHCP server which does that.16:52
* jlvillal hopes he isn't confused about that.16:52
mat128jabroney, jlvillal: check neutron16:52
jlvillalmat128: +116:52
*** derekh has quit IRC16:53
*** pleia2_ is now known as pleia216:53
milanbfournie, I'll check new as well16:54
mgouldbfournie: looking now, thanks16:55
mgouldjlvillal: that's what DHCP servers are *for*, it would be a strange decision to run a DHCP server and duplicate that feature elsewhere :-)16:56
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes16:57
mgouldNobodyCam: morning16:57
NobodyCammorning mgould :) happy monday :p16:57
jlvillalmgould: Yep16:57
jlvillalGood morning all :)16:57
NobodyCammorning jlvillal :)16:57
jlvillalNobodyCam: :)16:57
jabroneyjlvillal: Understood.  I thought ironic played a part in the dhcp configuration.16:59
*** anush_ has joined #openstack-ironic16:59
jrollmeeting tiiiiime16:59
xavierrmorning NobodyCam :)16:59
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic16:59
NobodyCammorning xavierr :)16:59
xavierrmorning vdrok :)16:59
mgouldmorning xavierr16:59
*** gabrielbezerra is now known as gabriel-bezerra17:00
xavierrmgould, morning o/17:00
vdrokmorning jlvillal and NobodyCam17:01
NobodyCammorning vdrok :)17:01
*** wajdi__ has quit IRC17:02
jabroney* apologizes for interrupting developer-only circle-jerk *17:03
*** wajdi has joined #openstack-ironic17:03
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch17:03
*** jabroney has left #openstack-ironic17:03
*** MattMan has quit IRC17:03
*** MattMan has joined #openstack-ironic17:03
* jlvillal is not sure why that person got upset17:03
*** ijw has quit IRC17:05
*** dprince has joined #openstack-ironic17:07
jrolljlvillal: I suspect they have had previous "devs only" bad experiences with another project17:07
*** jaosorior has quit IRC17:07
* jlvillal thought we had attempted to answer their question. /me confused17:07
lucasagomeshaven't seem any other message from him... maybe he sent it to the wrong channel ? :D17:07
lucasagomesoh did we ?17:08
lucasagomesso ¯\_(ツ)_/¯17:08
jrolldon't worry about it, but feel free to bug me if they come back, I'm happy to talk to them17:08
*** jpich has quit IRC17:10
*** devananda|bbl is now known as devananda17:11
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC17:17
aNuposicHi Folks, I am trying to update a bare metal node by adding an image_source and my image is uploaded in the glance service. Is it not possible to directly use that image?17:18
*** cdearborn has joined #openstack-ironic17:18
devanandaaNuposic: you sould be able to simply use the glance image id -- if the ironic service is configured to use / connect to glance17:18
mat128aNuposic: it should work, do you provide a full URL to the image?17:18
lucasagomesaNuposic, (I'm kinda afk due the upstream meeting)... Are you using ironic in standalone mode ?17:19
aNuposicmat128: devananda: I tried to directly use the image id as add instance_info/image_source=IMAGE_ID but it is throwing "No conductor service registered which supports driver agent_ipmitool"17:20
aNuposiclucasgomes: I am not using stand alone Ironic17:20
aNuposiclucasgomes: I mean I have a devstack setup with other services also running17:20
devanandaaNuposic: that error isn't related to the image service or image id17:21
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: Add link to new guide in old install guide
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: Update developer's guide "Installation Guide" link
openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/ironic: Fix absolute links to install-guide.rst in developer docs
devanandaaNuposic: but rather means that there is not an ironic-conductor service running, or the one running is not configured with the "agent_impitool" driver17:22
devanandaaNuposic: can you run "ironic driver-list" ?17:22
mat128aNuposic: try ironic driver-list to see which drivers17:22
aNuposicmat128: devananda: lucasgomes: earlier i had mapped the image source to local image file using file: href but then it said only http is allowed so then thought to add in glance17:22
devanandathat should return to you a list of all the configured drivers and which hosts are running them17:22
aNuposicmat128: devananda: okay let mme do that17:22
aNuposicmat128: devananda: oh yeah17:23
aNuposici don't see any driver running17:23
aNuposicstrange how come17:23
mat128aNuposic: ironic-conductor must not be running17:23
devanandaaNuposic: look at the status of the ironic-conductor service. my guess: it's not running17:23
devanandamat128: :)17:23
aNuposicmat128: devananda: yeah let me check that and bring the setup workign17:24
aNuposici thought i have that running as there were before i went over the weekend :)17:24
aNuposicmat128: devananda: lucasgomes: Great it worked17:25
aNuposicyeah the conductor was not running17:25
mat128aNuposic: glad we could help17:26
*** rama_y has quit IRC17:26
*** rbrud has joined #openstack-ironic17:26
*** Romanenko_K has quit IRC17:27
aNuposicwas a quick fix. thnx :)17:27
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-ironic17:30
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic17:33
vdrokis logstash.o.o working for anyone? It does not return me anything17:35
* jroll steps away for a little while17:35
aNuposicmat128: devananda: so after adding the image when i try to deploy the node using node-set-provision-state active I am getting "No VIFs found for the node when attempting to update DHCP boot options" These are the details of my node
devanandaaNuposic: have you created any Port resources in ironic associated with that Node ?17:36
mgouldvdrok: the homepage loads, but shows no data17:37
aNuposicis that it is not finding the network?17:37
vdrokmgould: yup, same for me :(17:37
aNuposic*thinking about port17:37
vdrokkind of hard to debug without it17:37
milansambetts, quick opinion query ;) < infinity/never on the finished_before/_after filters, thx!17:37
patchbotpatch 375045 - ironic-inspector-specs - Endpoint to list introspection statuses17:37
devanandaaNuposic: also, this looks troubling... ipmi_address': u''17:37
aNuposicdevananda: i guess not. Yes is because this is devstack setup17:38
devanandaaNuposic: are you trying to deploy a (separate) physical machine from your devstack?17:38
*** hshiina has quit IRC17:39
aNuposicdevananda: No a VM only of bare metal flavor to say17:39
mat128aNuposic: are you using Nova?17:40
*** rama_y has joined #openstack-ironic17:40
aNuposicdevananda: Yeah i missed to create a network port in ironic and associalte that with the node. I guess i need to do that17:40
aNuposicmat128: What do you mean? I am running nova service but trying to deploy the bare metal node using ironic17:41
aNuposicmat128: with node-set-provision-state active17:41
mat128aNuposic: Ironic manages bare metal nodes (aka "good old servers"), and an Ironic driver exists for Nova to provision bare metal *instances*17:41
mat128aNuposic: Nova will take care of creating neutron ports (VIFs) and transitioning to the right provision states17:42
mat128aNuposic: you can also use Ironic in a standalone mode, but you need to handle all of that17:42
* milan gone 17:42
mat128aNuposic: or use Bifrost17:42
milanGood night Ironic! :)17:42
mat128o/ milan17:42
mgouldgood night everyone17:42
*** mgould is now known as mgould|afk17:43
mat128o/ mgould|afk17:43
*** milan is now known as milan|afk17:43
aNuposicmat128: I am confused. So do i need to use nova to associate port with ironic node? or shall i use ironic port-create to attach port to the node i want?17:44
dtantsuryeah, good night17:44
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk17:44
aNuposicmat128: I am not running stand alone17:44
mat128aNuposic: your node needs ironic ports17:44
mat128aNuposic: to describe the physical ports17:44
mat128aNuposic: but Nova will create Neutron ports to describe virtual ports, and will put that in port_vifs17:45
aNuposicmat128: I see. So i will create a port with ironic port-create and that will create ironic port. But i am not clear whether this will be added in port_vifs.17:51
openstackgerritMario Villaplana proposed openstack/ironic: Add "agent_last_heartbeat_datetime" field to agent drivers
*** e0ne has quit IRC17:54
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost: Add new lines to improve pre-install yaml files
lucasagomesjroll, when you get some time17:58
patchbotpatch 376990 - openstack-infra/project-config - Ironic: Replace *_ssh jobs with *_ipmitool17:58
lucasagomesdevananda, dtantsur|afk ^ as well17:59
* lucasagomes is not very comfortable working on project-config17:59
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic18:00
mat128aNuposic: I have to go in a downstream meeting, Other folks here will help you :)18:01
*** mat128 is now known as mat128|mtg18:01
*** srobert has quit IRC18:01
*** anush_ has quit IRC18:03
*** anush_ has joined #openstack-ironic18:08
* sambetts -> home 18:09
sambettsnight all18:09
*** sambetts is now known as sambetts|afk18:09
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:10
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic18:11
jlvillallucasagomes: I left a comment. Basically I'm wondering about changing the tests for stable/liberty & stable/newton.18:11
lucasagomesjlvillal, ouch ++ thanks18:12
jlvillallucasagomes: I think we have to keep the old jobs and make them run for the stable releases and mark them for deprecation.18:13
lucasagomesyeah I agree18:13
lucasagomesvery good point18:13
*** ijw has quit IRC18:14
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic18:14
jlvillallucasagomes: Life would be easier if we didn't have to worry about those darn stable releases :)18:14
*** ijw has quit IRC18:15
jlvillallucasagomes: :)18:16
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic18:17
*** rook_ is now known as rook18:19
*** ijw has quit IRC18:21
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic18:24
wznoinskhi all18:26
NobodyCammorning wznoinsk18:27
wznoinskI'm using pxe_ipmitool driver and just trying one node in boot:local mode, I see some weird issue when trying to launch that ironic node (mitaka), I've deployed with kolla mitaka, the issue I see is
wznoinskso I'm wondering should that combination of driver and property work?18:29
wznoinskthe moment when I add kernel-id and ramdisk-id to the user image it works, I guess never hits that neutron port update code... just wanted to check here while I'm starting to dive into the code18:32
mat128|mtgvdrok, rloo: any traction on with -infra?18:32
patchbotpatch 376603 - openstack-infra/project-config - Skip slow ironic tests on install-guide changes18:32
rloomat128|mtg: need another infra person to review, +A. Do you have any connections there?18:33
rloomat128|mtg: either that, or fixed grenade jobs...18:34
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lucasagomeswznoinsk, I think currently pxe_ipmitool + whole disk image (when there's no {kernel, ramdisk}_id associated with the image) is broken... but I remember it was a dfiferent error18:37
lucasagomeswhat is also strange is that you get a Unauthorized error with a 404 code18:38
lucasagomeswhich makes lil sense... should be 40118:39
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wznoinsklucasagomes: I'll check my neutron dhcp commands, maybe they have a problem themselves18:40
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-inspector: Update reno for Newton
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openstackgerritStenio Araujo proposed openstack/python-oneviewclient: Adds attribute macType to a SPT and method has_physical_mac to Client
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jcookmariojv reviewed
patchbotpatch 321865 - ironic - Add power state change notifications19:50
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openstackgerritStenio Araujo proposed openstack/ironic: Adds another validation step when using dynamic allocation
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jlvillal#success Have documented how to pronounce Bifrost :)20:19
openstackstatusjlvillal: Added success to Success page20:19
jrolljlvillal: so what did we end up with? :P20:19
mat128|mtgjlvillal: where is it?20:19
*** mat128|mtg is now known as mat12820:19
jlvillaljroll: Yep20:19
jrollI feel so vindicated \o/20:19
jlvillalmat128: In the docs. First page20:19
jlvillalI just wanted to try the success thingy :)20:20
lucasagomeshah cool20:20
lucasagomesfolks, I'm calling it a day20:20
lucasagomeshave a great evening all20:20
jrollditto, might check back in later20:20
jrollg'night lucasagomes and everyone else \o20:20
mat128pronounces it otherwise :(20:20
lucasagomeso/ see ya20:20
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-afk20:21
mat128o/ lucasagomes20:21
jlvillalmat128: I won't let that bother me.20:21
jlvillalmat128: I pronounce Firenza as Florence ;)20:21
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jlvillallucas-afk: Adios20:24
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aNuposicHi Folks, for adding virtual network interface (VIF) to the bare metal node do we just need to update the bare metal node by adding extra/vif_port assigned to the neutron port?20:29
aNuposicWhen i am trying to deploy the bare metal node I am getting NO VIFs found for the node. But when i do ironic port-create with MAC address it says port already assigned20:31
aNuposicSo looking for neutron port mapping to ironic port20:31
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TheJuliaaNuposic: so, ports in ironic are informational interms of what exists with the hardware.  To that end, the mapping for the vif port record is actually made on the ironic port, not in neutron anywhere beyond the actual port.  In essence, you assign a port in neutron and then assign that port in Ironic to the VIF20:51
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TheJuliaaNuposic: Sounds like your trying to deploy a node with networking, but without Nova?20:54
*** absubram has quit IRC20:54
aNuposicTheJulia: I see. So is that assigning done by adding extra/vif_port=NEUTRON_PORT_ID?20:54
aNuposicTheJulia: Yes without NOva20:55
aNuposicTheJulia: With node-set-provision-state active call20:55
TheJuliaaNuposic: on the port, extra/vif_port_id20:55
aNuposicTheJulia: Aweesome. Then I will assign that and try to deploy20:57
aNuposicTheJulia: is there any pointer that describes a bit about VIFs? I would be curious to know about it more. I am seeing this first time20:58
TheJuliaaNuposic: If memory serves it is essentially Nova's concept for a neutron port assignment.21:02
mat128aNuposic: Virtual interface21:02
mat128analog of PIF, Physical interface21:02
openstackgerritCharlle Daniel proposed openstack/ironic: Ensures that OneView nodes are free for use by Ironic
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aNuposicTheJulia: ah hmm. Will read on it.21:10
aNuposicmat128: are they some pointers?21:10
mat128aNuposic: can't find any ATM, a quick search on Neutron VIF didnt find anything authoritative on the topic, but there are mentions of VIF in release notes and such21:12
aNuposicmat128: cool21:12
aNuposicmat128: thnx21:13
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack-ironic21:15
aNuposicmat128: TheJulia: adding extra/vif_port worked. Fab!21:17
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-oneviewclient: Add URL of the resource in exception message
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openstackgerritAndre Aranha proposed openstack/python-oneviewclient: Added validation for local_link_connection
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openstackgerritAndre Aranha proposed openstack/ironic: Added validation for local_link_connection
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rloojlvillal: I thought bifrost was named after
jlvillalrloo: Probably, I'm not sure.22:10
cineramahands up if you pronounce linux "lee-nucks"22:10
rloocinerama: ? what does that have to do with bifrost?22:12
*** cdearborn has quit IRC22:13
*** rama_y has joined #openstack-ironic22:14
cineramajust making a (attempt at humourous) point about generally accepted pronunciation vs correct pronunciation22:14
*** bdeschenes has joined #openstack-ironic22:14
rloocinerama: oh. well, it seems if there is a correct pronounciation, we ought to use that. Doesn't generally accepted come about, cuz people don't know what the correct one is, or cannot pronounce it themselves?22:16
*** ijw has quit IRC22:16
jlvillalrloo: We use Marvel movies as our canonical source for pronunciation :)
cineramaon this one i'm more in the descriptivist camp22:18
rloojlvillal: Oh, in that case ... :)22:18
cineramaftr i thought the pronunciation guide was a silly fun patch :)22:19
rloocinerama: it doesn't really matter to me except that i looked it up when the name was originally proposed, so i have been calling it beef roast. but i noticed i was in the minority so i have stopped vocalizing it.22:19
jlvillalI was motivated as I went to a presentation locally and the person pronounced it: bee-frost22:19
rloocinerama: not being of English descent, I have a preference to use/try to use pronunciations from the 'natives'. Anyway, gonna go away now :)22:21
jlvillalrloo: Good night!22:21
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic22:22
cineramano disrespect on my part towards other cultures is intended. i approved the patch since it is TheJulia's brainchild and she approved that pronunciation22:23
*** rpioso has quit IRC22:26
mrdaMorning Ironic22:29
*** ijw has quit IRC22:29
TheJuliacinerama: FWIW, I saw the revision the same way... although I don't use movies.22:31
* TheJulia now wants a beef roast....22:34
mrdayum :)22:41
*** aNuposic has joined #openstack-ironic22:48
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NobodyCammorning mrda23:02
openstackgerritPeter Piela proposed openstack/ironic-ui: Added support for editing Ironic nodes
mrdahey NobodyCam23:04
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*** lucasagomes has joined #openstack-ironic23:05
jrollcinerama: I appreciated your reference, but I prefer linoox23:15
jroll(not really, I just like typing it) :D23:16
jrollmorning mrda23:16
mrdahey jroll23:16
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