Thursday, 2017-11-09

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openstackgerritVu Cong Tuan proposed openstack/sushy master: Do not use “-y” for package install
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openstackgerritRuby Loo proposed openstack/ironic master: Pin API version during rolling upgrade
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openstackgerritRuby Loo proposed openstack/ironic master: Update docs to include API version pinning
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pas-hamorning ironic :)08:06
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dtantsurmorning ironic08:53
Nisha_Agarwalmorning dtantsur :)08:55
dtantsurany cores around? vdrok?08:59
dtantsurplease check
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vdrokgood morning ironic, pas-ha Nisha_Agarwal dtantsur09:01
vdrokwill do09:01
dtantsurvdrok: morning, and also please09:11
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vdrokdtantsur: done with first one09:23
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic master: Clean up release notes from the upcoming release
dtantsurvdrok: ^^09:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/sushy stable/pike: Add Zuul v3 jobs in tree
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ankkumarHi dtantsur10:27
dtantsurankkumar: hi10:27
ankkumardtantsur, regarding comment on, didnt get it10:28
ankkumar"this has to be moved somewhere else" this one10:28
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openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic master: Add ansible deploy interface
dtantsurankkumar: this line is not related to introspection data10:45
dtantsurso when you disable testing introspection data on python 3, this line has to be executed still10:45
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ankkumardtantsur|bbl, thanks11:05
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j_b9d9Hello, guys. I've got a bunch of servers without IPMI modules which I still would like to manage with Ironic. I wander if it's possible at all to send ironic-python-agent commands from WoL driver? I'm still getting familiar with Ironic internals, so, my apologies if this question looks strange. Thanks.11:10
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic master: devstack: Clean up some of the devstack code
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic master: Clean up release notes from the upcoming release
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karimbpas-ha would that do
karimbregarding the ovirt review....12:19
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milanmorning Ironic! :)12:21
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pas-hakarimb: in the mock_extension_manager replace ipmi with staging-fake-ovirt. But I would also explore dtantsur|bbl 's hint that the general FakeHardware is accepting ANY power/mgmt interface (have not tried it myslef though)12:43
pas-hamorning milan12:43
milanmorning pas-ha! :)12:44
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milanaarefiev, dtantsur|bbl , morning folks! I have a +1 on dnsmasq thanks to vdrok ++; mind merging? ;)
milan?? all bots gone fishing ??13:00
milan#pixiesay ...shroeding...13:01
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dtantsurj_b9d9: hi! WOL driver should work for you. But did you consider the SNMP driver? You can probably get an SNMP device for your nodes13:19
dtantsurj_b9d9: the WOL driver has a problem: it cannot power off nodes13:19
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dtantsurmilan: do we have an ack from tripleo folks that supervisord is ok for them?13:20
dtantsurI did not review the patch solely because of it13:20
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milandtantsur, we don't have any definitive answer :-/13:21
dtantsurmilan: let's maybe ping e.g. dprince and ask him for an explicit ack13:21
milandtantsur, do you think this patch makes sense outside of TripleO too?13:21
dtantsursaying, that we're going to commit to some architecture, and after the patch is merged, tripleo input may be ignored ;)13:22
milanI mean as it is with the start/stop thing13:22
milandtantsur, but it's a driver, we can have a separate one :D13:22
dtantsurmilan: I'm worried about tripleo simply because they'll come complaining to me :)13:22
* milan asks13:23
dtantsurricardoas, hi, around ?13:24
* dtantsur looks for oneview folks13:24
dtantsurmilan: be sure to mention that we're not going to change everything, if after a few months they tell us they don't want supervisord :)13:26
j_b9d9 dtantsur: Hi and thank you! We don't have budget to buy anything13:35
j_b9d9                              | at all. That's why I thought that I could use a WoL driver as base and add13:35
j_b9d9                              | poweroff and reboot via ironic python agent somehow.13:35
j_b9d9Sorry for the broken message, did a copy-paste.13:36
dtantsurj_b9d9: it should work, you just have to be careful about the current state13:36
dtantsure.g. if you want to tear down a node, you have to power it off manually first, etc13:36
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j_b9d9So, if I want to add poweroff and reboot via agent to the WoL driver, I'll have to somehow tarck existing AgentClient or spawn a13:43
j_b9d9... Spawn a new one from the WakeOnLanPower class?13:43
dtantsurj_b9d9: I don't think this idea will work. how do you reboot something via agent when a user's instance is there?13:44
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j_b9d9dtantsur, Should actually work since I need it only for initial deployment. Any time I'll want to rebuild node, I can power it off from the OS, since I and my team are the only users.13:46
dtantsurj_b9d9: for initial deployment WOL should work too, as the reboot happens in-band13:47
dtantsurI mean, it should already work13:47
j_b9d9So, I don't even need any modifications since reboot and shutdown actions during deployment are initiated by the AgentClient nstead of WoL power driver?13:49
dtantsurj_b9d9: the final reboot - yes13:49
j_b9d9And what about cleaning steps?13:50
dtantsurj_b9d9: I don't remember from the top of my head, maybe not13:50
j_b9d9Ok, I'll try it. Many thanks. :)13:51
dtantsurnp, let us know how it goes13:52
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rloohello and good morning ironic'ers, dtantsur, j_b9d9, vdrok13:56
dtantsurmorning rloo13:56
vdrokgood morning rloo13:56
j_b9d9Morning, rloo!13:57
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rloovdrok, dtantsur: if you have a minute (or two, literally), this can be blessed easily I think:
rloothx dtantsur. we are *almost* done with migrating the legacy* jobs. I see light at the end of this tunnel :)14:12
milanmorning rloo! :)14:13
rloohi milan!14:13
rloodtantsur: do you need me for anything related to release stuff? looks like you're good except for that oneview question?14:16
dtantsurrloo: seems so..14:16
rloodtantsur: good, let's get those releases out soon then!14:17
dtantsurnothing on my radar, but I can barely think recently14:17
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rloodtantsur: ?huh? partying too much?14:17
dtantsuryeah, checking if the release team is around now14:17
dtantsurrloo: I wish so... too much post-relocation non-sense14:17
dtantsurrloo: like, I'm in a flat without furniture (mostly) and a washing machine14:17
rloodtantsur: ouch, thought you were done that. well, it will be worth it...14:18
dtantsurand I'm doomed to stay in this condition for weeks to come14:18
dtantsurno matter what we do14:18
rloodtantsur: ah, that rings bells for me. why for weeks? can't you bring in furniture, etc?14:18
dtantsurand then banking system in Germany is garbage14:18
dtantsurrloo: because IKEA delivery was delayed for 2 weeks \o/14:18
rloodtantsur:  :-(14:18
dtantsurand we already payed for it, of course14:18
* dtantsur is drinking whiskey in the middle of the day in frustration14:19
rloodtantsur: seriously, when i lived in germany many moons ago, we scrounged around for furniture and bought a 2nd hand washing machine.14:19
rloodtantsur: i lived out of my suitcase. literally. but then, i was only there for a few months, not like you...14:19
dtantsurwe have a washing machine from the landlord. first it was improperly connected, now after fixing that we figured out it's broken14:20
rloodtantsur: as long as you're ready in a year, when the ironic'ers will descend on you :D14:20
rloodtantsur: :-(14:20
dtantsurif I don't rage-quit by that time - totally14:20
dtantsurI'm hoping to be set up by x-mas14:21
rloodtantsur: and a merry christmas present that will be!14:21
dtantsursure.. if that does happen, and I'll survive this period of non-ending frustration14:21
* dtantsur should probably stop complaining and get back to work14:22
dtantsuror to whiskey. or both.14:22
vdrokdtantsur: woah :(14:23
rloodtantsur: get back to work now, whiskey tonight :)14:23
vdrokdtantsur: have you tried those small ultrasound things instead of washing machines? :)14:24
dtantsurthey're usually quite inefficient14:24
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openstackgerritVasyl Saienko proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Add timeout to all requests made via requests lib
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openstackgerritVasyl Saienko proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Add timeout to all requests made via requests lib
openstackgerritVasyl Saienko proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Use oslo_config.fixture in unit tests
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openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Clean-up zuul.d/ files
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openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: zuul: Centralize irrelevant-files in legacy-ironic-lib-dsvm-base
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JayFdtantsur|bbl: I have extended family in Germany! Glad to hear you got moved over there. Have some of that tasty warm potato salad for me :D15:37
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openstackgerritRuby Loo proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Fix off-by-one error in warning
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic master: Rework keystone auth for glance
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic master: Use adapters for cinderclient
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic master: Use adapters for inspectorclient
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic master: Fix swiftclient creation
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic master: Use adapters for neutronclient
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic master: Finalize migration to keystoneauth adapters
*** dtantsur|bbl is now known as dtantsur15:52
dtantsurJayF: totally :)15:52
dtantsurJayF: lemme know if you even pass by Berlin15:52
*** patriciadomin has joined #openstack-ironic15:55
JayFdtantsur: absolutely. Probably years though :P.15:58
*** Nisha_Agarwal has joined #openstack-ironic15:59
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dtantsurheh, ok :)16:03
*** AlexeyAbashkin has quit IRC16:08
jlvillaldtantsur, reading back-scroll. Sorry to hear about the flat issues :( I hope it gets resolved soon!16:11
*** mjura has quit IRC16:12
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dtantsurI have a feeling that release notes update does not work..16:28
dtantsur does not include my today's patch, at least16:28
*** tzumainn has joined #openstack-ironic16:29
dtantsuror updating the files does not work, I'm not sure16:29
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*** fragatina has joined #openstack-ironic16:33
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*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic16:34
ricardoashey dtantsur!16:34
dtantsurricardoas: this is re I think it should go into the release I'm planning on. but it needs figuring out if it's actually a deprecation or a removal16:36
ricardoasdtantsur: we were just talking about this patch a few minutes ago... i think we should not deprecate de parameters16:36
dtantsurricardoas: so, what do you plan to do?16:37
ricardoasthe point is that hpOneView does not support certificates yet... I´d suggest to leave an opened bug explaining that these certificates are not being used and I´ll open a request to python-hpOneView team16:38
rloodtantsur: wrt the release notes not being updated, i've noticed in the past, that some docs don't get updated right away, not sure if it takes a day or what. but i don't recall now if it was release notes or some of our other docs.16:38
dtantsurrloo: AJaeger suggests that there could be a race between two post jobs16:38
*** fragatina has quit IRC16:38
dtantsurI'm looking for a change to approve to see :)16:38
*** marios has quit IRC16:38
rloodtantsur: oh, interesting16:38
rloodtantsur: yeah, best to see first :)16:39
dtantsurricardoas: so, what to do about these params? we cannot just leave them no-op16:39
ricardoasdtantsur: I´m really sorry for not foreseen this before starting the migration...16:40
ricardoasdtantsur: not sure what are the options... i)delete? ii)deprecate? iii) leave them as they are?16:41
dtantsurricardoas: happens. now I'm thinking about the best way out. I think we should 1. update their description to mark them as no-op, 2. issue a warning if they are set, 3. create a detailed release note, explaining the change16:41
dtantsurrloo: ^^^:16:41
ricardoasdtantsur: if we remove maybe we will need to add them again once this is implemented at hpOneView16:41
rloodtantsur: argh. i'd open a bug and mention in the release notes that there is a bug.16:41
dtantsurhi TheJulia, how is your travel?16:42
TheJuliaTwo more flights to get home16:42
TheJuliaI’m le tired16:42
dtantsurricardoas: I don't suggest to remove the options, but we need to indicate very clearly that they don't work16:42
TheJuliaJet lag most likely the next few days :(16:42
dtantsurTheJulia: :( I'm sorry for you. I hope you at least enjoyed the forum16:42
rloodtantsur: i don't really want/think, at this point in time, that it is worth updating the code, just before a release. it isn't the last/official queens release so i don't want this to be too much work.16:42
* rloo regrets that the oneview migration code got merged16:43
TheJuliadtantsur: It was quite a bit, and we have some useful feedback. I’ve been working on writing it all up. I think I have two more etherpads to go16:43
dtantsurrloo: it's not too much work to issue a warning and change descriptions16:43
dtantsurrloo: and we don't have a timeline for fixing this, so it may slip into the stable branch potentially16:43
rloodtantsur: i have better things to do than baby sit that, regardless of how much work it is. up to you though.16:43
dtantsurTheJulia: awesome!16:43
*** mat128 has joined #openstack-ironic16:44
dtantsurrloo: I don't see options for me. I cannot accept releasing with several potentially important options *silently* broken.16:44
dtantsurI want them at least to be vocally broken :)16:44
TheJuliadtantsur: We might want to heavily evaluate and use the feedback to be something that guides us, since we actually had operator presence *gasp*16:44
rlooTheJulia: awesome, about operator presence!16:45
dtantsurTheJulia: \o/16:45
TheJuliadtantsur: so, not fully aware, but there is this revert button that is handy :(16:45
TheJuliadtantsur: actually, instead of the word revert, the word must is the correct word16:45
* TheJulia clearly needs sleep/food/etc16:45
dtantsurTheJulia: it will involve reverting several big patches, but it may be the key16:45
TheJuliaI would only ask, what is actually broken, and is it _really_ broken16:46
dtantsurTheJulia: these 3 options became no-op without a prior warning:
ricardoasdtantsur rloo: I´m against the silently broken think too!16:47
rlooricardoas: is this going to break your users?16:47
rlooricardoas: it seems like a security risk16:47
dtantsurI envision breaking people with self-signed certificates16:48
rlooricardoas: if so, and folks think it is working and it isn't and there's no way to have secure/certificates, then it is broken16:48
ricardoasdtantsur: rloo: afaik it avoids somebody to fake being oneview16:48
* rloo thinks we need to revert and go back to using the old libraries16:48
dtantsurricardoas: right, but what about self-signed certificates?16:48
dtantsurI see them quite regularly out there16:48
rloois it 'just' one patch that we can revert, to go back to the old libraries?16:48
dtantsurwill folks be able to at least use http (not https)?16:49
dtantsurrloo: 3? something like that16:49
TheJuliadtantsur: The first makes sense, https is mandatory for oneview... the latter is the big eye raiser, but even then, I wouldn’t consider that too horrible of a big deal aside from visibility if someone went way agrainst the grain and setup an insecure http endpoint by hand. :(  Not great,16:49
rloodtantsur: so it is all 3 or none? I thought the patches were done so that the switch wasn't turned on until the last patch. LE BIG SIGH.16:49
dtantsurrloo: no, it was a step-by-step switch, I think16:49
TheJuliaNot great, but .... in the grand scheme of the universe, in a world where our velocity is tied to our success, where do we balance the decision point16:50
* TheJulia is just off in the corner rambling16:50
rlooTheJulia: if there is any security risk, we cannot release16:50
rlooTheJulia: 'more' security risk than had been there before...16:50
dtantsurI don't think it's a security risk16:50
TheJuliaLet’s define what the risks are16:50
dtantsurI think that if somebody used a self-signed certificate, they're going to be hard-broken without a workaround16:50
dtantsurmaybe I misunderstand the situation, please correct me then16:51
TheJuliaBecause, I kind of agree, there is no security risk. It is CA cert management possible changes or operators, retries, and mandatory https usage16:51
TheJuliadtantsur: eh, they can just add their self-signed cert to the CA certificate repository16:51
TheJuliaIt is sadly, crazy common thing that is done16:51
dtantsurwell, it's a crazy thing indeed :) does it use the repository though?16:52
TheJuliaWhich one?!?16:52
dtantsurI mean, I recall python-requests having some weirdness around where it takes root certificates from16:52
TheJuliaI mean, there are what... 3-4 different ones in any Linux install16:52
TheJuliaOh, right, that is a fun one!  Is it even using python-requests, or is it using the underlying OpenSSL default locals?16:53
TheJuliaI feel like... minor things are going to break, especially with connection parameters. It is not great, we can do our best. I don’t think this is worth reverting, but... UGH.  Fun bug in the library not having the same options, and I’ll bet it was a security decision for more strict security.16:54
TheJuliaAnyway, I need to go find food. Feel free to blame me for all things16:54
dtantsursure ;)16:54
*** fellypefca has joined #openstack-ironic16:55
rlooIt is TheJulia's fault that I'm hungry16:55
dtantsurI'm on board with "let's not revert", to be honest. but I'd like the 3 things I asked above16:55
dtantsur++ to hungry16:55
TheJuliaEveryone go eat!16:55
* TheJulia changes the topic to “Nomming party!”16:55
rlooricardoas: what do you think/suggest? your team needs to take ownership of this problem16:55
ricardoasdtantsur: not sure about this scenario... we use self-signed (generated by oneview during instalation). But if you shutdown oneview and somebody deploy something else using the same ip there´s no way for ironic to know it is not talking to oneview anymore16:56
*** xavier1 has joined #openstack-ironic16:56
dtantsurricardoas: how to you specify self-signed certificates, if tls_cacert_file no longer works?16:56
ricardoasrloo: hpOneView does not verify that... it just relies on username password for connectiong to OneView16:57
ricardoasdtantsur: ^16:57
dtantsurwait please16:58
dtantsurdoes not verify what?16:58
ricardoasdtantsur: sorry... let me start again16:58
* rloo wonders, in future, whether switching drivers should mean 1. deprecation period where both libraries can be used; 2. removal of old libraries after deprecation period...16:59
*** nicodemos has joined #openstack-ironic16:59
* rloo meant s/drivers/libraries/16:59
dtantsurand won't do the SSL thing?17:00
ricardoasdtantsur: python-hpOneView uses (ip, username, password) to connect do oneview17:00
dtantsur oh. my. god.17:01
dtantsurI'm starting to err on the "revert" side :(17:01
dtantsurricardoas: let me put it simple: unlike oneviewclient, hpOneView does not do proper HTTPs by default17:01
ricardoasdtantsur: agreed17:02
dtantsurin our terms, it defaults to allow_insecure_connections=True17:02
*** fragatina has joined #openstack-ironic17:02
ricardoasdtantsur: agreed too17:02
dtantsurhow you put it "if you shutdown oneview and somebody deploy something else using the same ip there´s no way for ironic to know it is not talking to oneview anymore"17:03
dtantsurwhich is a security regression, rloo is absolutely right17:03
*** makowals has joined #openstack-ironic17:03
ricardoasdtantsur: rloo: I understand... then reverting is our best option now, right?17:05
rlooricardoas: how do you think your users would feel if they upgraded to this... based on the above, i think we ought to revert17:05
dtantsurmmmmm... I'm afraid yes17:06
dtantsurricardoas: what was oneviewclient default wrt https?17:07
ricardoasrloo: I´m not sure... current users I know are not using this cert verification17:07
rlooricardoas: it is too risky. even compromising one of your users would be bad17:07
rlooespecially this discussion is out in the open17:08
dtantsurso, oneviewclient uses secure HTTPs by default, and this sounds like a security-related regression17:08
dtantsurhpOneView library defaults are really, really bad17:09
ricardoasrloo: yeah... I agree with you17:09
rloodtantsur, ricardoas: this is going to be fun, reverting X patches. I think if we do it, we start with the latest... how many patches are we talking about?17:10
ricardoasdtantsur: looking at python-oneviewclient... it uses https with certificate17:11
fellypefca4 patches I guess17:11
rloodtantsur: and we modified/deleted some of the release notes i think; wonder how that will affect the revert17:11
dtantsurrloo: it will give conflicts, of course \o/17:11
dtantsur3 or 4 patches, yes17:11
dtantsurricardoas, fellypefca, I don't want to offend anyone, but from a quick glance the code of python-oneviewclient looks better than one of hpOneView17:12
dtantsurI'm sad you have to switch, but I understand it17:12
fellypefcadtantsur we agree with that..17:13
rloodtantsur: good thing you noticed this before the release!17:13
dtantsurheh.. only because the guys put up that patch to deprecate the options17:14
rlooricardoas: do you/your team know how to do reverts?17:15
ricardoasrloo: I´m collecting all patches we need to do this... I haven´t done it before but I can try17:16
rlooricardoas: thx17:16
rloodtantsur: how do you want to track this, given that we're in diff time zones, etc. we can note in our whiteboard, or open a bug, or ?17:16
openstackgerritRamamani Yeleswarapu proposed openstack/ironic master: Add missing 'autospec' to unit tests - /unit/objects/
rloodtantsur: how about whiteboard, in the Drivers/OneView section?17:17
dtantsurrloo: I think 4 reverts is something we can keep in our heads, but I'm open to ideas. we can use "vendor" section in the priorities17:17
dtantsuror that one, yes17:17
ricardoasdtantsur: rloo: not sure it will be only 4 patches... there are new features using hpOneView17:18
rloodtantsur: ok. 'we' can keep in our heads, but i think others might want/need to know too :)17:18
*** rama_y has joined #openstack-ironic17:18
*** fragatina has quit IRC17:18
ricardoasdtantsur: will queens release be cut today?17:18
rlooricardoas: ok, let us know. rather, please update, L326, with list of patches to revert17:19
dtantsurricardoas: no, it will be cut when we're done with these reverts17:19
dtantsurpreferably, early next week17:19
ricardoasdtantsur: I can try working with python-hpOneView team to launch a new version implementing this cert verification17:19
fellypefca6 patches actually17:19
dtantsurricardoas: you mean, in the coming days?17:19
dtantsur6 patches, oh17:20
ricardoasdtantsur: yes!17:21
dtantsurricardoas: when do you realistically expect that to happen?17:21
ricardoasdtantsur: we could at least work with them to incorporate the validation python-oneviewclient already does...17:21
dtantsurricardoas: all I need is 1. HTTPS validation by default, 2. option to provide custom CA, 3. option to disable validation17:22
dtantsurbut I'm not sure how fast their processes are17:22
rlooricardoas: i think this is penance, we should revert.17:22
dtantsurthis should be a small change IMO, but dunno17:22
ricardoasdtantsur: I need to talk to somebody from HPE before... it could take a week17:23
ricardoasdtantsur: rloo: but if you guys need this now, we can surely revert and resubmit everything once this is fixed there...17:24
*** efried is now known as efried_afk17:24
dtantsura week does not sound reassuring, to be honest17:24
ricardoasdtantsur: rloo: reverting it is then...17:24
dtantsuryes. sorry for not catching this issue earlier17:24
dtantsurI do hope we did not release any parts of this chain :)17:25
rlooricardoas: thanks! something to think about too -- why didn't any (unit) test catch that those configs weren't being used and that the functionality disappeared. if possible, it would be good to add in...17:26
ricardoasdtantsur: rloo: and I´m really sorry for missing this and for all your wasted time17:26
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-afk17:26
rlooricardoas: no worries, that's the way it goes. hopefully, we'll all learn something from this experience :)17:26
dtantsurno worries, let's make it right now17:26
dtantsuras an aside, I'm not pleased with https handling in our drivers17:27
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Clean-up zuul.d/ files
dtantsure.g. self-signed certificates are pain with most of the drivers17:27
fellypefcadtantsur rloo yeah.. really really sorry for this. :/ We will work on that.17:27
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: zuul: Centralize irrelevant-files in legacy-ironic-lib-dsvm-base
* jlvillal hopes that makes vsaienk0 happy :)17:34
*** ralonsoh has quit IRC17:35
*** amarao1 has quit IRC17:39
openstackgerritRamamani Yeleswarapu proposed openstack/ironic master: Fail deploy if agent returns >= 400
*** amarao has quit IRC17:44
*** fragatina has joined #openstack-ironic17:44
*** makowals has quit IRC17:48
*** makowals has joined #openstack-ironic17:52
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk17:54
*** racedo has quit IRC17:56
windsnHey guys, i'm trying to load a baremetal node, but keep running into "No Valid hosts found (Retry filter fails), and all i can find in nova logs is What could this be caused by ? I'm on the Newton release. Thanks17:58
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Update python-ilorest-library to hardware type OneView"
*** derekh has quit IRC18:02
ricardoasrloo: should we open all reverts or is it easier to do it iteratively with you folks?18:04
openstackgerritStenio Araujo proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Get a new OneView client when needed"
rlooricardoas: good question. i think open them all. what i don't know is how it is handled, because the subsequent reverts depend on each other.18:05
rlooricardoas: it will be a learning experience!18:06
ricardoasrloo: ok! :)18:06
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Remove python-oneviewclient from Ironic OneView drivers"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Migrate python-oneviewclient validations to Ironic OneView drivers"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Add a timeout for powering on/off a node on HPE OneView Driver"
openstackgerritXavier proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Fix persistent information when getting boot device"
openstackgerritXavier proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Migrate oneview driver to use python-hpOneView"
openstackgerritStenio Araujo proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Introduce hpOneView and ilorest to OneView"
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch18:10
*** AlexeyAbashkin has joined #openstack-ironic18:17
rlooricardoas etc: please update the whiteboard, L337, with links to all the revert patches. order them in the order that they should be reverted.18:18
ricardoasrloo: oops... I already did on L120... I will update there too18:19
rlooricardoas: ah, ok that is fine then, no sense copy/pasting.18:19
ricardoasrloo: which place is better for core rev to check?18:20
rlooricardoas: it doesn't matter, so just leave it where it is18:20
ricardoasrloo: ok18:20
rlooricardoas: thx!18:21
*** j_b9d9 has joined #openstack-ironic18:21
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*** racedo has joined #openstack-ironic18:31
jlvillalricardoas: rloo: Can we get a reason listed for why we are reverting in the commit message?18:37
jlvillalI am not a fan of a revert without a reason being put in the commit message.18:37
rloojlvillal: i don't know how we deal with reverts so whatever...18:37
rloojlvillal: there aren't any guidelines, are there?18:38
jlvillalrloo: Well if I am reviewing a patch, the commit message should explain why.18:38
jlvillalrloo: A revert isn't that special. It still should have justification listed for why it is doing the revert in the commit message.18:38
rloojlvillal: if you have time, would you please help out and read the discussion see IRC discussion:
rloojlvillal:  and suggest what to put in the commit that would satisfy you.18:39
rloojlvillal: i'm trying to spread out the work here18:39
rloojlvillal: and not block those reverts, so let's get the commit msg correct and update them all.18:39
jlvillalrloo: Okay18:40
rloojlvillal: thx18:41
jlvillalrloo: ricardoas: I'm fine with something simple like: Reverting these changes because they don't work and could cause a possible security issue.18:41
ricardoasjlvillal: also... they´re supposed to be reverted in the order i specified at L121 in
jlvillalrloo: ricardoas: If that works for you18:41
ricardoasjlvillal: do you think I should warn about this in the commit message too to avoid confusion?18:42
rloojlvillal: it works for me.18:42
jlvillalricardoas: That is what I want. In each commit message, the reason why.18:42
jlvillalricardoas: I was only talking about the commit message. What were you thinking of?18:43
ricardoasjlvillal: cool... I´ll assume that you will merge them in the order on the whiteboad then...18:43
jlvillalricardoas: Why isn't it a patch chain? I'm confused.18:43
rloojlvillal: i suspect they click'd on the 'revert' button18:43
jlvillalOh :(18:43
jlvillalricardoas: Can you instead use: git revert?18:44
rloojlvillal: ideally a patch chain would be good, but i don't know how easy it is to do. i've never done it.18:44
jlvillalricardoas: And create the patch chain.18:44
ricardoasjlvillal: I was wondering if we should explictly leave them as a patch chain...18:44
jlvillalricardoas: So we don't have to make sure we are so careful and merge them in the correct order.18:44
jlvillalricardoas: If they are a patch chain, then I can't screw things up.18:44
jlvillalAnd I like it when I can't screw things up! :)18:44
jlvillalricardoas: One option would be to "checkout" the 1st patch in the chain.18:45
jlvillalricardoas: Then cherry-pick each patch in order18:45
jlvillalricardoas: And then upload the patch chain.18:46
jlvillalricardoas: Does that make sense?18:46
ricardoasjlvillal: is there a way to edit the reverts we already did?18:46
jlvillalLet me know if you need help doing that.18:46
ricardoasjlvillal: ohh I see...18:46
jlvillalricardoas: Yes, when you checkout and cherry-pick you can amend the commit message.18:46
rloojlvillal: hmm, wondering if in the UI, the 'rebase' works for this18:46
jlvillalricardoas: So this is your first patch: git fetch refs/changes/66/518766/1 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD18:47
jlvillalricardoas: then do a: git commit --amend    and edit the commit message18:47
jlvillalricardoas: Then the next patch would be: git fetch refs/changes/68/518768/1 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD18:47
ricardoasjlvillal: I sure need...18:47
jlvillalWhich is a cherry-pick18:47
jlvillalThen do the: git commit --amend   again to modify the commit message18:48
*** racedo has quit IRC18:48
jlvillalAnd continue on like that through the patch chain.18:48
jlvillalThen when all don: git review18:48
jlvillalricardoas: I think that should work.18:48
jlvillals/all don:/all done:/18:48
ricardoasjlvillal: ok! We´ll try now18:48
jlvillalricardoas: If you run into any issues please ping me.18:48
nicodemosjlvillal: that is the same as: 1. git review -d first_patch   2. git commit --amend and edit  3. git review -x next_patch  ?18:50
jlvillalnicodemos: Uh, I don't use "git review" so I don't know :(18:51
jlvillalnicodemos: Maybe???18:51
nicodemosjlvillal: hehehe, ok.18:51
jlvillalWell I do use "git review" but only when I am doing a stable branch push.18:51
jlvillalnicodemos: I should use it I know. But when I first started using gerrit (on a different project) we didn't have "git review"18:52
jlvillalnicodemos: But that looks pretty simple and handy what you showed.18:52
ricardoasjlvillal: ¨Reverting these changes because python-hpOneView does not provide HTTPS secure connection with custom CAcert and could cause a possible security issue.¨ - is that ok?18:53
jlvillalricardoas: Works for me!18:53
ricardoasjlvillal: cool! nicodemos, can you use this message, please? ^18:54
jlvillalricardoas: nicodemos: I'm heading out to lunch now. But I think you know what to do.18:55
jlvillalricardoas: nicodemos: Feel free to ping me, but might be an hour before I reply.18:55
*** makowals has quit IRC19:00
ricardoasjlvillal: working on them... thank you for helping!19:06
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown19:14
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Update python-ilorest-library to hardware type OneView"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Get a new OneView client when needed"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Remove python-oneviewclient from Ironic OneView drivers"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Migrate python-oneviewclient validations to Ironic OneView drivers"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Add a timeout for powering on/off a node on HPE OneView Driver"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Fix persistent information when getting boot device"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Migrate oneview driver to use python-hpOneView"
openstackgerritHugo Nicodemos proposed openstack/ironic master: Revert "Introduce hpOneView and ilorest to OneView"
nicodemosrloo, jlvillal ^^^   :)19:17
rloonicodemos, xavier1: at first glance, looks good. thx!19:18
rloonicodemos etc. the only thing is that one of the lines in the commit msg is a bit long. I don't know if we have something that checks the length, but we'll find out... and it might just be a recommendation to keep it at < 70 chars, i don't recall.19:20
nicodemosrloo ok. Ill keep that in mind.19:25
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TheJuliaSelect ‘caffeine’ from iv_supplies where dosage = ‘maximum’;19:31
*** Nisha_Agarwal has joined #openstack-ironic19:33
jlvillalnicodemos, Why doesn't: revert the release notes entry?19:33
nicodemosjlvillal: dtantsur|afk removed in:
jlvillalnicodemos, Ah. A comment might have been nice. But okay. Thanks.19:34
jlvillalnicodemos, I assume there is some patch somewhere which updates the release note based on all these reverts. Or it isn't needed?19:35
jlvillalnicodemos, Never mind. I see removed. as you said.19:36
* jlvillal goes back to lunch19:37
*** Nisha_Agarwal has quit IRC19:40
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honzawhat can cause a node to turn on maintenance mode on its own?20:01
*** efried_afk is now known as efried20:02
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openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic master: Don't run multinode jobs for changes to driver-requirements.txt
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tonybI have anode that's decided to go into error/maintenance mode.  If I unset maintenance will that poll thre BMC and fix the power state? or am I better to delete, add and introspect the hardware again?21:40
*** charcol-v2 has quit IRC21:45
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openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: DNM/WIP: Testing
*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic22:41
openstackgerritJohn L. Villalovos proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: [Test]DNM Testing if TinyIPA builds with py3
*** mgoddard has quit IRC22:48
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rloohonza: there are some periodic tasks. Am guessing the power state one -- although i thought if the code put a node in maintenance, you'd see something in the node's 'maintenance_reason' field.22:58
rlootonyb: it might; it depends on why it error'd.22:59
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic22:59
tonybrloo: vbmc had an issue but ipmitool is working fine now22:59
rlootonyb: good. i think :)23:00
tonybrloo: ;P23:00
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rloojlvillal: see hugo's comment. i wonder if we should wait for their CI tests to finish...
jlvillalrloo: I'm not sure. I guess I'm kind of thinking yank it out. If any issues come up on their end they can send some patches to fix it.23:33
honzarloo: ah, that's helpful, TIL about maintenance_reason23:33
jlvillalrloo: What happens if there are some issues. Do we wait for patches to fix that and such?23:34
jlvillalrloo: But I don't have strong feelings either way.23:34
rloojlvillal: honestly, i don't know either. presumably the code worked before so I suspect it is fine to revert them all. but i'm done for the day so ... can leave it for dmitry to deal with :)23:36
jlvillalrloo: +1 :)23:36
rloohonza: hope that helps :)23:36
*** j_b9d9 has quit IRC23:37

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