Friday, 2018-09-28

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madhuri[m]Hi, can anyone help me understanding the adopt state in Ironic? Does a node in adopt state being provisioned on a boot request from Nova?03:14
madhuri[m]I mean re-provisioned03:15
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic master: Minor fixes for docs on changing hardware types
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openstackgerritNguyen Van Trung proposed openstack/ironic master: Fix not detach boot image for virtual CDROM
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openstackgerritMallikarjuna Reddy Kolagatla proposed openstack/ironic master: Add admin documentation for rescue mode in iLO driver
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openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack/ironic master: [WIP] Switch ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa-multinode
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AJaegerironic team, all your python3-first changes that were proposed are passing, see*ironic.*+OR+project:openstack/molteniron+OR+project:openstack/networking-generic-switch+) (note that list contains an ansible one and some cleanups from your cores)09:00
AJaegerCould you get all these merged, please?09:00
AJaegerTheJulia: who's can help reviewing these? ^09:00
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olivierbGood morning everyone, sorry but keeps failing and I really do not get why the VM does not start properly furthermore as the CI does not seem that crowded anymore :-(09:03
patchbotpatch 599544 - bifrost - Add voting and gating test with Keystone enabled - 10 patch sets09:03
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openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack/ironic master: [WIP] Switch ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa-multinode
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dtantsurmorning ironic10:57
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openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack/ironic master: [WIP] Switch ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa-multinode
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jrollAJaeger: we'll get to them, thanks for the ping11:59
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openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/ironic-specs master: Deploy Templates
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dtantsurmorning jroll. both of these patches are already +2 for me, so you can get some stats if you need them :)12:08
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AJaegerthanks, jroll12:17
jrolldtantsur: yeah, will get them shortly12:17
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-python-agent-builder master: import zuul job settings from project-config
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-python-agent-builder master: switch documentation job to new PTI
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* TheJulia tries to wake up12:38
* AJaeger thanks jroll ! Looks like you got them all ;)12:39
jrollAJaeger: you're welcome :)12:39
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TheJuliajroll: thanks!12:53
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TheJuliahmm oliverb's issue is bizzar13:04
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: I wrote the adopt feature, so I'm happy to answer questions about it. Adopt is completely outside the realm of nova interactions. It allows for an operator to migrate in machines into their ironic managed fleet13:05
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: Adopt should go directly to adopting? which either goes to active or adopt failed13:06
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madhuri[m]TheJulia: Thank you for the clarification. So when we change the state to adopt, it will automatically move to active on successful adoption?13:09
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: yes13:12
madhuri[m]So the "rebuild" state makes it available for provisioning by Nova?13:13
TheJuliaadopted nodes are invisible by nova until they are undeployed13:14
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/sushy master: Update to use mapped field for Settings Message Severity field
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dtantsurmorning TheJulia13:26
openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/python-ironicclient master: Modify useful links to project resources in README
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui stable/rocky: import zuul job settings from project-config
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui stable/queens: import zuul job settings from project-config
AJaegeryeah! ^13:30
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui stable/pike: import zuul job settings from project-config
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui stable/ocata: import zuul job settings from project-config
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/bifrost master: Add voting and gating test with Keystone enabled
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dtantsurdhellmann: hi! we have a fix victim of the new release jobs:
dtantsura fix? I mean the first >_<13:38
* dtantsur needs to see a doctor if this continues....13:38
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TheJuliamy brain sometimes does that. It is horrible when it is actual spoken words though :(13:40
dtantsurit happens to me all the time, even spoken13:41
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openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/ironic master: Add functionality for individual cleaning on nodes
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* TheJulia needs to get kaifeng into irc more often13:46
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radezmgoddard: ping, hey Mark I spoke about networking-ansible in Denver, I wanted to follow up with you and see if you've poked at it since then or see if I could get you to spend a little time looking at it?13:52
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client stable/rocky: import zuul job settings from project-config
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client stable/ocata: import zuul job settings from project-config
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client stable/pike: import zuul job settings from project-config
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client stable/queens: import zuul job settings from project-config
radezwe're trying to collect requirements that folks have that would make it a viable alternative to what they're currenly using, so your feed back would be valuable to our development13:53
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TheJuliaHi Brain, we were doing something... and then got derailed. What was it?14:01
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui master: Drop nose dependencies
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openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack/ironic master: [WIP] Switch ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa-multinode
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client master: Change basepython to python3
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-generic-switch stable/pike: import zuul job settings from project-config
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-generic-switch stable/ocata: import zuul job settings from project-config
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jaypipesmgoddard: hey, I'd like to say that you hit the nail on the head with your response. To quote you "Would you prefer a design in which these two things were separate? In that case, this spec would not need to mention traits at all. Deploy templates could be requested by (non-trait) name or UUID as a flavor extra spec, pushed to a 'deploy_templates' field in ironic instance_info by the virt driver, then acted upon by ironic. If scheduling14:22
jaypipesinfluence is required, this could be provided by traits, but this would be a separate concern." <-- that is PRECISELY what I would like to see and what I thought I had been talking about at the past two PTGs.14:22
dtantsurjaypipes: actually, I remember everyone in the room saying "Just use traits" at least once...14:24
jaypipesmgoddard: but pretty much the last thing I want to see is traits like CUSTOM_HAVE_MORE_THAN_2_GPUS14:24
jaypipesdtantsur: definitely wasn't me.14:25
dtantsurjaypipes: also I'm even more sure the idea of passing anything from flavor to ironic was shot down several times14:25
openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/ironic master: Add functionality for individual cleaning on nodes
dtantsurjaypipes: then my memory serves me wrong, because it includes you :)14:25
jaypipesdtantsur: you are confusing configuration key/value pairs with provider capabilities.14:25
dtantsurjaypipes: it's not me, it's reality of hardware14:25
dtantsurthe reality is not binary, it's ternary14:26
dtantsure.g. it's not that I have VT-X on my CPU or I do not14:26
jaypipesdtantsur: for things like whether a node supports booting via UEFI, that's a capability/trait. passing through disk partitioning information or RAID setup configuration is another thing entirely.14:26
dtantsurI have it, or I can have it or I cannot have it14:26
dtantsurdisk partitioning - yes, RAID - not exactluy14:26
dtantsuragain, ternary: I already have RAID-5, I can have RAID-5 on demand, I cannot have RAID-514:27
jaypipesdtantsur: I would just like to see a clean separation between things that are capabilities/traits and things that are configuration data.14:27
dtantsurI hear you in this regard. I'm just noting that it's not always trivial14:27
jaypipesdtantsur: no, you either support RAID5 or you don't.14:27
dtantsurjaypipes: support = ?14:28
dtantsurI can have it preconfigured or I can have it on demand14:28
jaypipesdtantsur: there is no such thing as "RAID5 on demand"14:28
dtantsurwe're working on it14:28
dtantsurso yes, there is not, but there will be soon14:28
jaypipesdtantsur: if it's possible to do RAID5 (regardless of whether that functionality is "baked in" or whether it needs to be "enabled" or "activated" by some instruction, the capability is RAID5.14:29
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dtantsurexactly. but then ironic needs a way to enforce it14:29
jaypipesdtantsur: there is no grey area there.14:29
jaypipesdtantsur: enforce it? you mean activate the functionality?14:29
dtantsurbecause "can do RAID-5" does not mean "there is RAID-5 there"14:29
jaypipesdtantsur: right, sure, but that has nothing to do with placement or scheduling.14:29
jaypipesdtantsur: that is *configuration data*14:30
jaypipesdtantsur: that can and should be sent *from nova to ironic before boot*.14:30
dtantsurnot entirely nothing. you cannot request RAID-5 from a node that 1. cannot build RAID, 2. does not have it already pre-configured.14:30
jaypipesdtantsur: we are currently woefully lacking in this ability right now, as I mentioned in the email thread.14:30
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jaypipesdtantsur: but I'm happy to add this ability to nova.14:30
dtantsuryep, and as I said, this idea was given -2 several times. I'm glad it's changing.14:30
jaypipesdtantsur: the idea that was -2'd was just passing willy-nilly any old information straight through (as a proxy API) from the nova boot command to the virt driver14:31
jaypipesdtantsur: and you are well aware of that.14:31
dtantsurthen what is the alternative you're talking about?14:31
dtantsurare you going to build a RAID abstraction in Nova?14:32
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TheJuliaso, a little late this morning to this discussion because I went and visited the artificial rain simulator...14:32
* TheJulia reads14:32
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jaypipesdtantsur: what I proposed was allowing a --config-data <SOME_UUID> option to the nova boot command that would be a reference to some metadefs stored in glance that could be passed along to the virt driver.14:32
dtantsurjaypipes: so, passign any old information straight through, but with glance involved?14:33
jaypipesdtantsur: glance metadefs can be fully controlled by the admin, verified by glance's metadefs layer, and have schema(s) and versioning applied to them14:33
jaypipesdtantsur: you're just trying to provoke me...14:33
dtantsurand please pardon my ignorance, how is glance related, especially with booting from volume?14:33
dtantsurJay, I'm sorry if I sound like that14:33
dtantsurbut this has been back-and-forth so many times that please allow me some impacience14:33
dtantsur* impatience?14:34
jaypipesdtantsur: and I'm trying to tell you why glance is involved. the glance metadefs functionality allows an admin (or a service, such as Ironic) to define a document schema called a metadef. this schema would define such fields like, for instance, raid config or disk partitioning, etc.14:34
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui master: Imported Translations from Zanata
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui master: Add ability to test Ironic UI with Horizon master branch
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-ui stable/rocky: Update UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/rocky
jaypipesdtantsur: and therefore nova could accept this identifier, pass the identifier to glance which would return the data associated with the particular metadata document14:35
jaypipesdtantsur: so nova doesn't need to be in the business of verifying data for ironic, and Ironic can define the structure of its needed configuration data itself14:35
dtantsurjaypipes: okay, probably, even though the glance schema is (IIRC) quite relaxed. but what about booting from volume? does Cinder pass Glance properties a volume was created from?14:35
TheJuliaThis really feels like we are struggling in a situation where we as a larger community can't make up our minds, and we're getting conflicting consensuses each time we try to reach consensus :(14:36
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TheJuliaThe current situation was driven by an explicit desire 1+ years ago to get rid of capabilities, now it seems like we want to keep them, at least from the discussion I've read14:37
* TheJulia wonders if it is too early to drink, then remembers she has a gala of sorts to go to tonight14:37
* TheJulia just wants us to all get along, and reach a happy place14:38
jaypipesTheJulia, dtantsur: please read this.
TheJuliadtantsur: aiui, cinder pulls properties from glance and write an image out14:38
jaypipesTheJulia, dtantsur: along with this:
TheJuliaI seem to remember this came up in discussion and largely the problem that seemed to exist was that the same image may need to be able to deployed to multiple different configurations. Granted, I feel like I've only scratched the surface of those links14:43
madhuri[m]TheJulia: By undeployed, do you mean we need to enroll the node back and make it available?14:43
jaypipesTheJulia: there's nothing preventing a user from specifying different image and "config data" IDs.14:43
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: no, like openstack baremetal node undeploy14:43
TheJuliajaypipes: Interesting, I think the perception was that there was a resulting hard 1-1 mapping14:44
TheJuliaAnyway, we've rabbitholed on raid14:44
jaypipesTheJulia: in fact, I'd love to get out of the flavor and image explosion that occurs because of the (currently very tight) coupling in Ironic and Nova between configuration data and the image bits themselves.14:44
dtantsurwith RAID we anyway need some kind of templates on ironic side14:45
madhuri[m]TheJulia: so why do we verify PXE configuration, DHCP options, check images while adoption?14:45
dtantsurit's simply impractical to make Nova, Glance or whatever the hell also responsible for validating our RAID stuff14:45
TheJuliadtantsur: with the links jay provided, I don't think so14:45
dtantsurTheJulia: even we can it does not necessary mean we should14:45
NobodyCamGood Morning Ironic'ers14:46
dtantsurour RAID template is a complex schema, we'd better maintain it ourself14:46
NobodyCamand ofc...14:46
dtantsurmorning NobodyCam :)14:46
jaypipesdtantsur: you would define a metadef schema that describes a raid configuration. Ironic would be responsible for defining that schema.14:46
NobodyCamMorning dtantsur14:46
TheJuliadtantsur: s/ourselves/examples ourselves/ right?14:46
NobodyCamwow, hey long time no see jaypipes14:46
TheJuliaoperational needs can hugely differ from our initial perceptions14:46
jaypipesNobodyCam: hey there Chris :)14:46
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: because we want to ensure that the node is possible to be managed14:46
dtantsurjaypipes: do you assume ironic talking to glance to provide schemas or an operator preloading them to glance?14:47
jaypipesdtantsur: preloading.14:47
TheJuliajaypipes: I hate to ask this, but could you elaborate a little more, I'm trying to understand your perception of tight coupling so I can better understand your entire prior statement because my context is different14:48
jaypipesdtantsur: both the schema as well as particular metadata *items*. the schema defines the item structure, but the items themselves would describe different, e.g. RAID configs or disk partitioning configs14:48
madhuri[m]TheJulia: what actions do you mean by manage here? We can't provision it so no deployment14:49
dtantsurokay, technically it will work. logically we're making the Image (!) service responsible for things like RAID or BIOS configuration.14:49
dtantsurit does not seem quite right to me14:49
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: but to take over management of the node, which is the purpose of the adoption feature, we need to be able to clean the node and move it to an available state14:50
openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/ironic master: Add automated_clean field to the API
TheJuliadtantsur: standalone deployments would not be super pleased unless we still translated it so it was directly leveragable14:50
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic14:50
TheJuliaand we've already offered itup via our api14:51
TheJuliabecause of all the discussion that a VT trait being required should toggle the VT bios setting if possible14:52
jaypipesTheJulia: right now, the flavor and the image is the only way the nova user has to indicate both scheduling constraints as well as instance configuration goop to the virt driver. This means that, *especially* for Ironic, deployers end up creating dozens of virtually-identical flavors and images that differ only slightly in things like disk partitioning or RAID setup. So, instead of having the ability to say "launch me a 12 CPU, 128G RAM14:52
jaypipesmachine, and use this disk partitioning schema", instead we have 43 different flavors that are all pretty much the same but with slightly different configuration details. What I'm suggesting is we remove the instance configuration pieces from the flavor and image extra specs and place them into separate "config data" referenceable metadata items so we can reduce the number and complexity of flavors and also allow this structured configuration14:52
jaypipesdata to be sent to the virt driver before launching the instance14:52
madhuri[m]TheJulia: sorry it is bit confusing for me. You said an adopted node is not provisioned or also not made available to Nova. So why an adopted node is made available?14:53
madhuri[m]TheJulia: do you want me to ping later?  I can get back later after the ongoing discussion is over.14:53
dtantsurjaypipes: this sounds good, but why do you think the Image service is the right place for it?14:53
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: An adopted node is _not_ managed by nova14:54
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TheJuliait is managed by ironic, and only made available for use by nova after it is deleted, thus putting it into an available state in ironic.14:54
TheJuliamadhuri[m]: at which time, nova sees the available node, and can schedule resources to it14:54
TheJulias/resources/an instance/14:55
*** gabys has quit IRC14:55
jaypipesdtantsur: it's the "metadata service" in this case. Glance has this API. We should use it, IMHO.14:56
TheJuliajaypipes: oh what the conundrum we've built :(14:56
jaypipesdtantsur: or, you could just rewrite nova to be specific to ironic. but I think you've already started that effort?14:56
dtantsurjaypipes: no, I have not14:57
dtantsurand I'm not sure why you are picking on me. I'm honestly trying to understand your solution and its implication.14:57
dtantsurit is me who will get questions like "I need to put RAID configuration into Glance? Why?"14:57
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TheJuliaso, if we can ignore raid for a minute, it feels like our deploy templates approach, at least from the handling of traits scheduled upon a node to imply what a user desires in terms of overall high level state of the system. (not finely detailed things like... raid configuration)14:58
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madhuri[m]TheJulia: ok it is clear now. Thank you :)14:59
jaypipesTheJulia: I'm parsing that last sentence, hold on...15:00
TheJuliajaypipes: no rush, I've got my team's standup for the next half hour to 45 minutes15:00
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic15:02
jaypipesTheJulia: maybe it's better for me to just write up a competing deploy templates spec that uses Glance metadefs instead of the scheduler/placement traits.15:04
jaypipesTheJulia: my issue is I'm not going to do that if there's just built-in resistance in the Ironic contributor team to using Glance for anything.15:04
jaypipesTheJulia: I know traditionally there's been lots of resistance in Ironic to using really any other component in OpenStack as a dependency.15:05
*** sthussey has joined #openstack-ironic15:05
TheJuliajaypipes: If compelling and makes sense, We would either need to provide compatability for not using glance, but I think we could only kind of figure that out once we have a solid understanding of the mechanism your proposing15:06
*** jaypipes is now known as leakypipes15:06
leakypipesTheJulia: ok. I'll type up an ironic-spec.15:07
dtantsuryep, there must be a way to use it without glance, but an optional dependency is totally fine15:07
TheJuliadtantsur: ++15:07
TheJulialeakypipes: thanks15:07
dtantsurjust to clarify: if without glance means without nova too, this is fine15:07
rlooleakypipes, TheJulia, dtantsur: are you talking about what we discussed in rocky ptg:, line 250ish?15:07
leakypipesdtantsur, TheJulia: see, that's exactly the problem...15:08
leakypipesdtantsur, TheJulia: there's not going to be "a way to use it without glance".15:08
dtantsurleakypipes: you can say, if you want nova, you must use glance. this is fine.15:08
TheJuliathere absolutely has to be, it might just  be slightly painful and I think that is fine15:08
dtantsurleakypipes: what is not fine is: even for standalone ironic you must use glance15:08
rloo(where glare was proposed)15:08
leakypipesdtantsur, TheJulia: the only thing I can offer is just "if you don't want this functionality, then you don't need to have it, but there is only a Glance implementation for it"15:08
leakypipesdtantsur: if you use nova, you already need to use glance.15:09
TheJulialeakypipes: sounds good to me15:09
leakypipesTheJulia: ok. it sounded like I was being asked to provide some non-Glance implementation for deploy templates.15:09
TheJulialeakypipes: oh absolutely not15:09
TheJuliaif anything, we can help bridge that gap15:10
leakypipesrloo: and yes, exactly.15:10
dtantsurI think not having deploy templates standalone may be fine. In standalone case people can request e.g. RAID directly via the provisioning API (with deploy steps in place)15:10
rlooleakypipes: then we had decided to do that (although you're saying glance, not glare)15:10
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic15:10
rlooglad we all agree :)15:11
leakypipesrloo: there is no more glare, AFAIK. but it's the glance metadefs functionality I was referring to.15:11
TheJuliadtantsur: and through deploy steps, they should be able to epxlicitly state what they want15:11
rlooleakypipes: yup15:11
TheJuliathey just need step visibility15:11
* TheJulia will pickup that spec again today15:11
* TheJulia will run errands first, then come home, get dressed for the gala, and then hack on the spec with something tasty15:12
dhellmanndtantsur : I'll take a look at that job failure after the release team meeting15:12
dtantsurthanks dhellmann15:12
TheJuliaNobodyCam: I'll be getting a lyft there most likely15:12
*** gabys has quit IRC15:15
*** mgoddard has quit IRC15:16
dtantsurTheJulia: btw! congrats (or condolences? ;) on keeping your TC chair!15:18
TheJuliadtantsur: thanks... I think :)15:18
coreywrightany/all: tl;dr are ipa-tempest-dsvm-* tests in zuul known to be unstable/temperamental?  my initially passed, i add a release note, tests start failing, i request a recheck, and now only one test fails.  i've reviewed the test logs, but i'm probably overlooking a log because all i can see is that failing test times out waiting for the node to finish cleaning (though i can see15:20
coreywrightthe custom IPA image with my change being built and being downloaded by the ironic node).15:20
patchbotpatch 600139 - ironic-python-agent - Allow erasing metadata from disk partitions - 2 patch sets15:20
TheJuliacoreywright: CI has been moderately unstable and the CoreOS jobs run kind of long15:20
TheJuliabecause of the size of the ramdisk that has to be decompressed15:21
TheJuliaWe likely need to adjust timings15:21
jrollholy cow it's coreywright \o/15:21
coreywrightyeah, it was coreos (vs tinyipa)15:21
coreywrightjroll: :D15:21
TheJuliacoreywright: I can try to take a look at timings, but I recently (as in with-in the last 3-6 months that I modified the times15:22
coreywrightjroll: your name did not go unnoticed in the channel's membership list, but i didn't figure you wanted to chit-chat on this channel.  (i'll PM you)15:22
TheJuliacoreywright: people are welcome to chat about unrelated things in channel, fwiw15:23
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic15:23
* TheJulia notes that by doing so, you become part of the family :)15:23
jrollbut yeah, for timeouts generally a re-check is fine. though you're changing cleaning and it's cleaning that timed out, so I won't 100% it isn't the patch15:23
jroll++ to both of you :P15:23
TheJuliawe need to try and keep the rechecks down, the gate queue has been huge this week.15:23
jrollTheJulia: we may not want to disparage^W talk about how great our employers are in channel, though :)15:24
TheJuliaoh, so true15:24
coreywrightjroll: i wouldn't know what you are talking about / hinting at ;)15:24
jrollcoreywright: feel free to PM me at your leisure, if that was an ask and not a tell15:25
coreywrightjroll: because of the clean timing out and that being my change, i reviewed the logs, but didn't find anything (eg ipmi console with IPA output), but probably/hopefully just my oversight.15:26
jrollcoreywright: yeah, probably just caught a slow CI node. we do have console logs here:
*** gabys has quit IRC15:27
jrollsince it's blank it likely never got that far15:27
jrollusually there's one per boot, like so:
jroll(passing job)15:27
coreywrightjroll: yeah, i glanced at ironic-bm-logs but didn't hold out much hope because it says: "ironic-bm-logs/: output from the last successful boot of an ironic "bare metal" VM" and it wasn't a successful, so nothing expected15:30
jrollcoreywright: that must be old text, it now captures all boots, up to the point of success or failure15:34
jroll(failure may include a test timeout (hence shutdown) before anything was written to console)15:36
coreywrightjroll: gotcha15:36
TheJulialooks like it never heartbeated which means that either coreos didn't boot or IPA never got started in the time window15:39
TheJuliaThat CoreOS image can take 8-9 minutes to reach the point where services can be started on slow CI nodes15:39
jrollconsole was blank, so I assume we never even made it to coreos trying to boot15:41
TheJulianot even ipxe attempt which is weird15:43
TheJuliayeah, never even booted15:46
TheJuliathe packet counts in the ovs logs are super low15:46
*** lenka has quit IRC15:46
*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic15:47
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic15:48
TheJuliaIt is using virtio15:49
TheJuliaderekh: got a link to the workaround or fix you used?15:49
*** JudeCross has joined #openstack-ironic15:49
TheJuliatl;dr ipxe may have fired up, but the machine never tried to start booting15:50
coreywrightTheJulia: ah; thanks15:51
derekhIn CI last week we had to downdrade the ipxe package15:51
derekhI'm now hoping to remove the downgrade and change to e1000
patchbotpatch 604506 - ironic - Switch grenade nic driver to e1000 - 2 patch sets15:51
*** gabys has quit IRC15:53
derekhbasically ipxe wan't sending out dhcp requests at all15:54
*** S4ren has joined #openstack-ironic16:02
*** dnuka has joined #openstack-ironic16:04
*** S4ren has quit IRC16:08
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openstackgerritDhanuka proposed openstack/sushy master: Author: [dnuka]
*** S4ren has joined #openstack-ironic16:13
*** gabys has quit IRC16:14
*** JudeCross has quit IRC16:14
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Change nic driver to e1000 for CoreOS jobs
TheJuliacoreywright: lets see if ^^^^ works16:15
openstackgerritDhanuka proposed openstack/sushy master: Add product property to the root Sushy object
*** gyee has joined #openstack-ironic16:24
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*** gabys has quit IRC16:33
TheJuliarunning to the store, bbiab16:36
TheJuliaderekh: I'm tempted that we need to re-adjust some of the job timeouts in the ironic repo as well, it just feels like that slight window of variability is hitting a little too often16:37
*** ianychoi has quit IRC16:39
derekhTheJulia: ya, possibly, I wonder could we use logstash to find timeouts, I can take a look monday if you want16:39
TheJuliayeah, that is likely a good idea, but I think a common timeout is the actual nova test timeout, and maybe that should be waiting slightly longer16:40
* TheJulia runs into town16:41
derekhits worth a try16:41
*** gkadam has quit IRC16:42
*** munimeha1 has quit IRC16:43
*** ianychoi has joined #openstack-ironic16:44
dtantsurhave a great weekend folks16:45
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk16:45
*** dnuka has quit IRC16:46
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic16:53
*** priteau has joined #openstack-ironic16:54
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mgoddardleakypipes TheJulia dtantsur|afk: looks like I missed all the fun! I was getting a much needed haircut17:03
mgoddardleakypipes: look forward to reading your spec. In the meantime I'll brush up on glance17:04
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic17:08
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch17:11
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*** baha has joined #openstack-ironic17:18
NobodyCammorning mgoddard17:22
*** jtomasek has joined #openstack-ironic17:24
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic17:26
* TheJulia takes a step back and wonders about starting over on the step visibility17:31
*** gabys has quit IRC17:31
*** tssurya has quit IRC17:31
mgoddardmorning NobodyCam17:33
TheJulia/me starts with a blank spec template17:37
*** S4ren has quit IRC17:38
*** e0ne has quit IRC17:44
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leakypipesmgoddard: well, at least you have hair to get a haircut.18:01
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic18:02
*** TheJulia is now known as needssleep18:02
* needssleep should have slept in18:02
*** e0ne has quit IRC18:05
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic18:06
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/sushy master: Update to use mapped field for Settings Message Severity field
mgoddardleakypipes: for now. All my male relatives are balding so it's just a matter of time18:15
leakypipesmgoddard: :) it's only your Mum's father that matters.18:16
mgoddardleakypipes: oh dear...18:18
needssleepmgoddard: there is medication to help retain hair though.  Some side effects exist though.18:19
mgoddardneedssleep: I've accepted it as an inevitability. Would be interested to see solid clinical results of hair loss prevention medication18:23
leakypipesmgoddard: that's the spirit, good man!18:24
leakypipes(accepting the inevitable ;)18:24
mgoddardneedssleep: seems like an easy insecurity for pharma to prey on, but perhaps I'm just cynical18:24
needssleepThere are many studies on the subject of DHT constricting hair follicles.18:25
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic18:25
needssleepmgoddard: cynical is good!18:25
*** gabys has quit IRC18:33
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:37
mgoddardnight all18:42
AJaegerwoot! python3-first done for ironic -
patchbotpatch 605271 - nova (stable/queens) - Skip ServerShowV247Test.test_update_rebuild_list_s... (MERGED) - 1 patch set18:46
AJaegerpatchbot: you're confused ;)18:47
*** mgoddard has quit IRC18:47
needssleeppatchbot is... well... patchbot18:47
AJaegerNo, I was confused - sorry, is the final one that just merged18:47
patchbotpatch 592472 - openstack-infra/project-config - remove job settings for ironic repositories (MERGED) - 3 patch sets18:47
AJaegermy apologies, patchbot18:48
*** AJaeger has left #openstack-ironic18:49
*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic18:49
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*** gabys has joined #openstack-ironic19:12
*** Chaserjim has joined #openstack-ironic19:16
*** tssurya has joined #openstack-ironic19:22
* needssleep wonders if patchbot is actually a cat19:22
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-ironic19:29
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:34
jrollI don't think I've seen patchbot treating people like a tree or yelling for no reason19:42
* needssleep wonders where yelling came from20:01
jrollmy cat yells a lot, dunno about yours :P20:01
needssleepjroll: sanity check needed: which would be better, a list of all steps (cleaning/deploy) or two separate lists?20:02
jrollI AM HUNGRY FEED ME NOW, etc20:02
jrollneedssleep: separate imo20:02
needssleepeven with the eventual cross-over? or were we going to just dupe the decorators?20:02
* needssleep tries to remember20:02
jrollthe latter20:02
needssleepyeah, that sounds right20:03
needssleepyeah, different default priorities in those sorts of cases if present20:03
jrollneedssleep: though another option is one API for both, with options to filter. e.g. /.../steps/[?type=clean|deploy]20:03
needssleepjroll: I was thinking all in one api call just to keep the call count down and simplify the interaction20:03
jrollright, the type would be optional20:04
needssleepBecause we're going to need to sift through it all conductor side20:04
jrollbut if I'm furiously trying to do some manual cleaning, I don't want to filter the steps by hand20:04
jrollso would be nice to be able to get only clean steps20:04
needssleepI'll go ahead and put the type on the endpoint then20:06
needssleepand just default to both20:06
jrollperfect, ty20:06
needssleepI'm putting this all in one spec and trying to be minimalistic, I hope it makes sense20:07
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC20:07
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*** lenka has joined #openstack-ironic20:26
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-ironic20:53
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/ironic-specs master: A fresh way of looking at step retrieval
needssleepjroll: ^^^^20:53
jrollneedssleep: I refuse to read specs this late on a friday though :)20:54
needssleepbut all specs should be written on fridays20:54
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*** mmethot has joined #openstack-ironic21:00
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*** mgoddard has joined #openstack-ironic21:21
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*** dsneddon has joined #openstack-ironic21:23
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JayFneedssleep: jroll: I /really/ like the idea of a dedicated "just boot the agent and leave it" state. Especially if as part of that you make the code smart enough to use the "warm" agent on a holding->clean or holding->active transition.22:31
*** skazi has quit IRC22:43
*** ijw has joined #openstack-ironic22:48
needssleepOh yeah, the state machine will allow us to do that easily, the nova code is also kind of trivial22:54
needssleepI think...22:54
needssleepthat is always a dangerous thing to say22:54
*** lenka has quit IRC23:08
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