Monday, 2020-06-01

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iurygregorygood morning Ironic06:10
openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: Remove ironic-grenade-dsvm
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Qianbiaohello ironic09:11
Qianbiaogood morning iurygregory.09:12
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iurygregoryQianbiao, morning o/09:14
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openstackgerritAija Jaunteva proposed openstack/ironic stable/train: Remove iDRAC Redfish boot device known issue
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Qianbiaohi iurygregory, weekly meeting as usual today?09:50
iurygregoryQianbiao, today we won't have our weekly meeting see =)09:52
iurygregorysince this week is the PTG we canceled =)09:52
Qianbiaooh ok.09:53
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openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: Add api-ref for indicators API
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openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: Add api-ref for indicators API
pas-hahi all, it seems this backport broke somewhat drac in train, as now due to how imports work for any drac driver to be loadable sushy is required to be installed10:37
patchbotpatch 727906 - ironic (stable/train) - redfish: handle hardware that is unable to set per... (MERGED) - 6 patch sets10:37
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iurygregoryyeah Dell CI wasn't happy at all with the backport...10:47
pas-hadell ci was failing for other reasons it seems (failed to find some dependencies like oslo.concurrency) but still..10:49
iurygregoryI didn't check the CI results hehe10:50
iurygregoryprobably will need a revert + backport with fixes or just submit a fix and backport10:50
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pas-hathis is solely because the sushy.SOMETHING is used as a default in the top-level function definition as a default for a value, so it spits atttibute error NoneType has no attribute ...10:51
pas-hai'll propose a revert10:51
iurygregoryyeah =(10:51
iurygregorythe bad things is that we won't have many cores available today and tomorrow the PTG starts10:52
iurygregoryso ++ for a revert10:52
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic stable/train: Revert "redfish: handle hardware that is unable to set persistent boot"
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openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/ironic stable/train: Revert "redfish: handle hardware that is unable to set persistent boot"
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rpiosoiurygregory, pas-ha: Please see
patchbotpatch 731644 - ironic - WIP: Fix Redfish handle no continuous override boo... - 3 patch sets11:06
rpiosoTL;DR: The fix is coming11:06
rpiosoGood PTG morning, ironic11:08
iurygregoryrpioso, good morning, good to know o/11:10
pas-hayeah, that's master.. unfortunately some people (like us :-)  ) live off the stable branch continuously. we've caught that in our downstream CI for train. uissuri and master are unaffected, at least re driver loading (they do not have sushy.BOOT_SOURCE_ENABLED_ONCE as a default value for an kwarg in _set_boot_device)11:11
rpiosoiurygregory, pas-ha: Please note the original "redfish: handle ..." which was backported seems to have a deficiency.11:12
pas-haand that's one place that fails driver loading due to how modules are imported and parsed11:12
rpiosopas-ha: It will be backported through stable/train.11:12
rpiosoI understand the issue.11:13
rpiosoNote its import is correct :-)11:13
rpioso_set_boot_device's kwargs do not reference the optional sushy import.11:15
pas-hathat line is already differs in train and in ussuri/master, those have enabled=None11:21
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openstackgerritRichard G. Pioso proposed openstack/ironic master: Fix Redfish handle no continuous override boot src
rpiosoiurygregory, pas-ha: Removed WIP from, because all Dell 3d Party CI tests succeeded.11:39
patchbotpatch 731644 - ironic - Fix Redfish handle no continuous override boot src - 4 patch sets11:39
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TheJuliagood morning12:01
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iurygregorygood morning TheJulia12:02
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* TheJulia sighs w/r/t idrac sushy12:11
* TheJulia needs more coffee first12:13
* TheJulia suspects goign back to bed after current meeting12:17
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TheJuliawell, I'm ready for my ptg outfit tomorrow14:04
* TheJulia has curlers in14:04
iurygregoryholiday failed14:05
iurygregorymy callendar show kids day in CZ14:05
iurygregoryI can't stop laughing XD14:05
TheJuliaactual bank/business closed holdiay?14:05
iurygregorybut Gmail shows as a holiday hehehe14:05
TheJulia#success I think14:06
openstackstatusTheJulia: Added success to Success page (
TheJuliaOh wow, I forgot about that14:06
TheJuliaso I found a bug last week in the redfish virutal media code14:08
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TheJuliatl;dr, what happens is without swift, the file ends up with 500 permissions14:09
TheJuliaat least on my test machine14:09
TheJuliawhich means, nobody or anything could touch the file.14:09
ajyaTheJulia: we have seen this too, patch was pending14:09
TheJuliaajya: got a link?14:09
ajyano, it's internal14:09
ajyarpioso: can shed some light?14:09
TheJuliapity, because this seems logical to push upstream14:10
rpiosoTheJulia: Will push. In PTG now :-)14:10
ajyait was definitely to go upstream, just didn't get time14:10
TheJuliadid you all add a new config parameter?, I ask becaue it seems like it should just chmod the file and the logical thing to do is either force it 755 or user definable... for tftp we do a dir_permission14:12
ajyachanged the permission; There were 2 issues. Another was typo for hex vs oct when trying to set permission14:13
uzumakihello ironic o/14:19
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iurygregoryhey uzumaki14:22
uzumakiHow you doing iurygregory ?14:22
iurygregorydoing good o/ and you?14:22
uzumakiI'm well, thanks, just read about your kids day holiday, that's hilarious xD14:23
TheJuliaajya: 0x755 instead of 0o755?14:24
ajyaTheJulia: need to use oct for mkdir,
TheJuliayup, I was looking at that and thinking "that may not work"14:30
ajyaand the other thing was at this point - rpioso added chmod 644 boot_iso_tmp_file14:31
TheJulialikely reasonable, I am going to get some breakfast really quickly and then likely hack on two quick fixes14:33
* uzumaki reads TheJulia talk of breakfast and remembers the cheese omlette 14:38
TheJuliaI haven't done that in a while14:41
TheJuliaalthough this morning was the first morning in a while that I did the first meeting and then disappeared for a whole hour14:41
TheJuliaof course... curlers in hair.... take a little time when you don't do it often14:41
uzumakihmmm... <insert thoughtful emoji here>14:42
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TheJuliaso looks like the operating umask is what is picking things up and it...14:45
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dtantsurgood whatever it is, ironic :)14:48
iurygregorya wild dtantsur appeared14:49
uzumakiGood $placeholder to you as well dtantsur14:49
iurygregorya holiday dtantsur*14:49
uzumakiiurygregory, haha! I love those pokemon games xD14:49
uzumakiI guess we could try throwing a pokeball at this mysterious and rare species iurygregory14:50
iurygregoryit's not effective14:50
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uzumakiah! master ball?14:50
iurygregorybut you can get reviews if you say you will give whisky, beer, tea, coffee14:50
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uzumakiiurygregory, good strategy! un cafe au lait, s'il vous plait xD14:51
iurygregoryuzumaki, hehehe14:51
iurygregorya human pokemon parody video14:53
uzumakihahaha! OMG this is hilarious xD xD14:53
uzumakikevin comes out of the pokeball and he's like "please help me" xD14:54
iurygregorythe second video is better because it's a family battle14:55
uzumakithat was insane omg14:57
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rpiosodtantsur: Good Monday morning. When time permits, please review
patchbotpatch 731644 - ironic - Fix Redfish handle no continuous override boot src - 4 patch sets14:58
dtantsurrpioso: hey, I'm here solely for the PTG (public holiday), will check tomorrow14:59
rpiosodtantsur: Thank you!14:59
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openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: WIP - Native zuulv3 grenade multinode multitenant
* iurygregory fingers crossed15:23
* iurygregory wondering why we run metalsmith / bifrost when we change things in api-ref/15:26
TheJuliaseems like it could be excluded15:26
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iurygregoryI assume adding - ^api-ref/.*$ to irrelevant-files would do the job15:45
dtantsurI guess we missed them because bifrost/metalsmith themselves don't have api-ref15:46
iurygregoryand they don't use ironic-base job15:46
iurygregorybecause they don't need for obvious reasons =)15:46
dtantsurnor can they15:47
dtantsurironic-base implies tempest and devstack, bifrost uses neither, metalsmith - only devstack15:47
iurygregoryyeah that was my point with obvious reasons15:49
openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/metalsmith master: Avoid running functional jobs for api-ref changes
openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/bifrost master: Avoid running functional jobs for api-ref changes
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openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/ironic master: Fix redfish-virtual-media file permission
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iurygregoryUpgrading Ironic... /me cross all fingers16:18
* dtantsur wonders how good iurygregory is at crossing toes16:18
iurygregoryHOLY MOLY16:20
iurygregory2020-06-01 16:18:58.381619 | controller | 2020-06-01 16:18:58.381 | Upgrading ironic...16:20
iurygregory2020-06-01 16:19:39.072150 | controller | 2020-06-01 16:19:39.071 | Upgrading networking-generic-switch...16:20
uzumakiyou'll probably have a heart attack before the upgrade finishes xD16:21
iurygregoryRunning upgrade-tempest \o/16:21
iurygregoryonly if it works16:21
iurygregoryironic-grenade-multinode-multitenant green after 1yr 6months...16:22
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uzumakiThen let's hope it doesn't16:22
uzumakiiurygregory, nice!16:22
iurygregoryif it gets green I will drink a beer16:23
iurygregoryThank troublesome apache -.-'16:23
uzumakinow you sound like an Australian/Irish person16:23
iurygregoryuzumaki, lol16:25
iurygregoryI can say that I'm crying because the upgrade finished hehe16:25
uzumakiwait, that wasn't supposed to happen16:26
iurygregoryofc it's16:26
* uzumaki gasps louder than TheJulia 16:26
iurygregorythe feeling you have when you fix something XD16:26
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/ironic master: Fix redfish-virtual-media file permission
uzumakioh yes! I recently fixed the water pump motor at home, so yes, I know the feeling :D16:27
iurygregoryofc tempest will fail \o/16:28
uzumakinow you can drink that beer16:29
iurygregoryonly after tempest runs withou problems16:29
uzumakiofc you can, in situations such as these, the outcome doesn't matter, the propensity to drink beer does xD16:29
iurygregorybut I think I'm using the wrong regex =D16:29
iurygregoryThe specified regex doesn't match with anythingERROR: InvocationError for command /opt/stack/new/tempest/.tox/tempest/bin/tempest run --regex ironic_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario --concurrency=1 --black-regex= (exited with code 1)16:29
uzumakiwell, in that case, I suppose you'll be sober for life xD16:30
iurygregorywell I'm always sober16:30
iurygregoryI don't get drunk =)16:30
JayFanyone else having issues loading
JayFTrying to make sure I've read up on all the topics for this week, but I can't get that to load16:31
iurygregoryJayF, nope fine here16:31
dtantsuropens for me16:31
uzumakiiurygregory, didn't expect anything else from such a sage one as you <bows with hands tied at front>16:31
JayFof course, it works now too. As usual as soon as I ask about something it gets fixed :|16:31
uzumakiJayF, lol16:32
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/ironic master: Iso booting via redfish virtual media
dtantsurJayF: Complaint Driven Development16:32
dtantsurworks for me all the time as well16:32
TheJuliaJayF: I did copy it to the meetpad16:33
iurygregoryTheJulia, FYI we may need to talk with the opendev sysadmins since our meetpad has capital letters16:33
JayFTheJulia: I'm not sure what "the meetpad" is?16:33
TheJuliaiurygregory: clarkb already chimed in and said it shouldn't be an issue16:33
clarkbwell it would be an issue if you have preexisting content16:34
dtantsurdirect etherpad link if someone needs it:
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iurygregoryTheJulia, oh awesome =)16:34
dtantsur(note Ironic-PTG vs ironic-ptg)16:34
TheJuliathen again16:34
TheJuliaI could also just create a new lower case one and copy the content and change the urls16:34
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clarkb(we can rename the existing content to the name meetpad will use which is 'ironic-ptg')16:34
TheJuliaclarkb: sounds like maybe we should just in case?16:35
uzumakiI just wonder how many places there will be inconsistencies with this.. broken link fireworks..16:35
clarkbwell has no content yet16:35
clarkbso we don't need to rename the pad in etherpad16:36
clarkbbut ya I would replace any links to with
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clarkbthen meetpad will end up on the same pad16:36
uzumakiprobably drop the final etherpad/meetpad link in all the other links, allowing anyone with the outdated link to navigate to the right one?16:36
TheJuliaumm... hmm16:36
TheJuliabut I put content in the meetpad16:37
dtantsurTheJulia: and it ended up in
dtantsur(not /Ironic-PTG)16:37
clarkbright what dtantsur said16:37
dtantsurwhich seems fine in the end?16:37
TheJuliayeah, that should be fine I think16:37
clarkbjitsi meet (meetpad) is normalizing to all lower case16:37
clarkbso publishing all lower case urls keeps everything nice and consistent16:37
iurygregoryideas for what tempest regex we should use in ironic-grenade-multinode-multitenant?  =)16:38
uzumakinot the wrong one iurygregory16:38
iurygregoryuzumaki, yeah ofc =)16:38
TheJulia works, I'll just change the urls16:38
iurygregoryor no regex LOL16:38
dtantsurI don't remember if we use multitenant or normal tests there16:39
clarkbthis is apparently a limitation of xmpp which jitsi meet is built on. Unfortunately we didn't realize until very recently16:39
uzumakiit's ironic how a complicated lexical language would be called "regular" expressions xD16:39
dtantsurclarkb: TIL it's built on XMPP16:39
iurygregorydtantsur, I was trying ironic_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario, didn't work =)16:39
dtantsuriurygregory: define didn't work?16:40
iurygregorydtantsur, The specified regex doesn't match with anything16:40
dtantsurmmm, the tempest plugin is not installed?16:41
iurygregoryalso wondering that16:47
iurygregoryservice_available.ironic ..... not found16:49
iurygregoryops I have a typo in tempest_plugins D:16:50
iurygregorythat won't help ofc16:50
openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: Native zuulv3 grenade multinode multitenant
iurygregoryfingers crossed again16:54
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* TheJulia wonders where stevebaker is hiding17:30
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iurygregoryfirst time I see "tempest.lib.exceptions.Conflict: Conflict with state of target resource Details: {'type': 'SubnetInUse', 'message': 'Unable to complete operation on subnet aa0e9c7e-1bb2-4565-93c1-0c9d5b0aac36: One or more ports have an IP allocation from this subnet.', 'detail': ''}"18:46
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TheJuliaiurygregory: I would guess the port has not finished deleting?18:57
iurygregoryTheJulia, probably, still waiting for the job to finish so I can look at logs18:57
iurygregoryat least we are running the tests *-*18:57
iurygregoryI'm happy18:57
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dhellmannis there a way to remove introspection data from ironic-inspector's database through the API?19:14
dhellmannI don't see an obvious way to do it from the command line using osc19:14
*** mkowalski has joined #openstack-ironic19:20
iurygregoryI only see delete for introspection rule .-.19:22
*** diurnalist has quit IRC19:29
TheJuliaI'm not sure there really is a mechanism19:38
TheJuliadhellmann: what are you hitting that is sending you down this path?19:38
dhellmannI was thinking we would use inspection data for discovery, but that was before I realized the inspector created nodes in ironic on its own19:39
dhellmannnow I'm worried about filling up my disk, but I expect that would take a lot of nodes19:39
TheJuliayeah, we likely should add a delete mechanism19:40
dhellmannI'm trying to make sure I have the details correct in this metal3 proposal:
TheJuliainternally it does have htem19:40
dhellmannit would be nice if deleting a node cleaned up the inspection, too. but a separate API that just cleaned up the inspection database is good as well19:40
openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/ironic stable/ussuri: Use ussuri ramdisks
TheJulialooks like stable/ussuri is broken, ramdisks boot not realizing they are ramdisks :( I've pushed up ^^ hopefully this is just transitory on master branch, but given branch jobs seem fine, it is a bit weird19:57
*** uzumaki has quit IRC19:58
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iurygregoryouch D:20:02
iurygregoryI can work on adding an API in ironic-inspector for delete introspection data for a node20:03
TheJuliaseems like something worthwhile, eventually20:05
TheJuliaon the list or relative priorites, I wouldn't know where it woudl fall20:05
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openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: Remove ironic-grenade-dsvm
iurygregorylol did a wrong rebase D:20:52
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-lib master: Implement Basic HTTP authentication middleware
*** stevebaker has joined #openstack-ironic21:00
openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: Remove ironic-grenade-dsvm
*** k_mouza has joined #openstack-ironic21:04
dhellmanniurygregory , TheJulia : I'd put it somewhere near the bottom of the priority list :-)21:06
iurygregorydhellmann, ack =)21:06
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openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic master: Native zuulv3 grenade multinode multitenant
openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic-inspector master: Merge jobs
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic master: Enforce autospec in drac tests
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic master: Enforce autospec in ansible tests
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openstackgerritSteve Baker proposed openstack/ironic master: Enable Basic HTTP authentication middleware
TheJuliadhellmann: thanks22:39
TheJuliastevebaker: o/22:39
stevebakerTheJulia: heyya22:39
TheJuliahow goes it?22:39
stevebakerTheJulia: good, I decided not to attend the ptg last night because there is to much family stuff happening today. I'll give tonight a crack though22:42
TheJuliaeek, hope everything is okay22:44
stevebakerTheJulia: its banal things like kids having a day off school and furniture deliveries - not much opportunity for catch-up sleep ;)22:45
*** rcernin has joined #openstack-ironic22:47
*** tkajinam has joined #openstack-ironic22:47
*** diurnalist has joined #openstack-ironic22:56
TheJuliastevebaker: on the wsme patches, a couple files have "All rights reserved" and no other text, that doesn't seem right to me.23:03
stevebakerTheJulia: hmm, that sounds like copypasta I didn't fix, I'll to a refresh on that series23:05
stevebakerTheJulia: do you think an ironic-lib release will be required for unit tests to pass on this?
patchbotpatch 727467 - ironic - Enable Basic HTTP authentication middleware - 6 patch sets23:09
TheJuliavdrok: question for you on when you can context switch over to ti23:15
patchbotpatch 728464 - python-ironicclient - Allow to pass additional arguments into adapter - 1 patch set23:15
TheJuliastevebaker: unit tests, absolutely required23:15
TheJuliaif they invoke the library, they will do all testing based on constraints23:15
stevebakerTheJulia: thats what I figured23:16
TheJuliaso your welcome to submit a release request to openstack/releases, and I'll +1 it23:19
stevebakerTheJulia: ok, thanks23:20
TheJuliastevebaker: btw, how is the basic auth stuff going?23:30
stevebakerTheJulia: ironic, inspector, and keystoneauth changes are complete and ready to land. My focus for actual development is on jsonrpc basic auth23:32
TheJuliastevebaker: any traction on the keystoneauth change?23:33
stevebakerTheJulia: yep a +2 from mordred, I'm just waiting for the py35 job to be fixed
patchbotpatch 727562 - keystoneauth - Implement HTTP Basic client support in keystoneauth1 - 2 patch sets23:34
stevebakerTheJulia: here is an ironic-lib release change
patchbotpatch 732467 - releases - Release 4.3.0 of ironic-lib - 1 patch set23:36
*** diurnalist has quit IRC23:50
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost stable/ussuri: Fix detection of mkisofs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost stable/train: Fix detection of mkisofs

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