Monday, 2021-02-08

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openstackgerritJacob Anders proposed openstack/ironic master: Add support for using NVMe specific cleaning
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openstackgerritJacob Anders proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Add support for using NVMe specific cleaning
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Use variable for lsblk columns device info
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-python-agent-builder master: Update version of tgt to 1.0.80
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openstackgerritJacob Anders proposed openstack/ironic master: Use OOB inspection to fetch MACs for IB inspection
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openstackgerritJacob Anders proposed openstack/ironic master: Use OOB inspection to fetch MACs for IB inspection
openstackgerritVerification of a change to openstack/ironic failed: Don't mark an agent as alive if rebooted
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arne_wiebalckGood morning, ironic!07:40
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic master: Prevent redfish-virtual-media from being used with Dell nodes
jandersgood morning arne_wiebalck o/07:49
arne_wiebalckhey janders o/07:51
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rpittau|afkgood morning ironic! o/08:00
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openstackgerritJacob Anders proposed openstack/ironic master: Use OOB inspection to fetch MACs for IB inspection
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic master: Don't mark an agent as alive if rebooted
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost master: Collect firewalld info if present
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost master: docs: explain OS support in terms of two tiers
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dtantsurmorning folks, happy monday!10:48
openstackgerritAija Jaunt─ôva proposed openstack/ironic master: [WIP] Add Redfish RAID interface to idrac HW type
iurygregorygood morning Ironic o/10:51
dtantsurTheJulia, iurygregory, I'm ~ -2 to fail-fast on ironic. makes it impossible to create quick prototypes.10:51
dtantsuralthough I fully understand the reasoning behind it, I think we shouldn't hinder the development functionality10:52
iurygregorydtantsur, well seems like we can't use =)10:52
dtantsurTheJulia, iurygregory, to be clear, my objection only applies to the check pipeline, I think it's a good idea for the gate.10:53
iurygregoryI think the idea of recheck only failed jobs would be something more useful10:53
iurygregoryin case we have mirror failures etc10:54
dtantsuryep, but the resistance is and has been too high10:54
iurygregoryyeah =(10:54
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic stable/victoria: Prevent redfish-virtual-media from being used with Dell nodes
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic stable/victoria: Don't mark an agent as alive if rebooted
dtantsurhow is the weather for everyone? we're covered in snow finally :)10:59
rpittauheh just a little snow yesterday, and then super cold and cloudy :/10:59
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/bifrost stable/victoria: docs: explain OS support in terms of two tiers
dtantsurI'll gradually post photos from our walk yesterday, it's quite impressive11:00
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/bifrost stable/victoria: Collect firewalld info if present
rpittaudtantsur: not sure I mentioned it to you, but with bifrost ussuri on centos8, if I run the same script a second time after the first failure, it succeeds11:04
rpittauI'm truly puzzled by the nginx logs11:04
dtantsurrpittau: what do you find puzzling about them?11:05
dtantsurI think the difference is only because of the failed PXE boot in the first case11:05
rpittauwell, they're basically the same, except the second time it gets to boot.ipxe eventually11:05
dtantsurI mean, I do find it puzzling, that the difference exists :)11:05
rpittauyes, exactly11:05
dtantsurwhat if you capture all possible logs, especially iptables, firewalld, selinux, and compare?11:06
dtantsuranything interesting in the dnsmasq logs? maybe tcpdump DHCP?11:06
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rpittauthat's where I'm heading, locally I have some more info to check11:07
rpittaudnsmasq looks ok11:07
dtantsureven in the first run?11:07
rpittauyes, well of course except the fact that it keeps offering the same options to the node since the node gets rebooting after failing the pxeboot11:08
dtantsurokay, THIS is really puzzling11:09
dtantsurhave you tried looking at the node's console?11:09
rpittaunot live, only the dump11:10
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client master: Remove redundant items from CI jobs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost stable/victoria: docs: explain OS support in terms of two tiers
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jandersgood morning rpittau dtantsur iurygregory11:29
jandersHappy Monday!11:29
iurygregoryhey janders o/11:33
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openstackgerritvinay50muddu proposed openstack/ironic master: Add support to manage certificates in iLO
iurygregoryI think I got some idea on what is happening with privsep, seems like mdns goes crazy (maybe the list of capabilities are wrong) .-.11:57
iurygregoryif anyone has some idea
iurygregorylet me know I'm still investigating11:57
* dtantsur wonders if we should consider the mdns code a failed experiment and remove it12:00
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* dtantsur -> tea, brb12:03
iurygregorythis is where the problem starts hehe12:04
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: Import common keystone configuration from ironic
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: keystone: use os_service_type for service_type defaults
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: [WIP] import json_rpc from ironic
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/python-ironic-inspector-client master: Remove redundant items from CI jobs
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TheJuliagood morning13:04
iurygregorygood morning TheJulia13:14
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TheJuliagood morning folks13:27
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TheJuliaFirst review jam in a few minutes13:59
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TheJuliaDoes anyone else want to join us for the review jam14:02
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rpittauMy laptop crashed \o/14:27
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost stable/victoria: Collect firewalld info if present
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dtantsurTheJulia: wait, it was not after the meeting?14:31
dtantsur(also good morning)14:32
dtantsursorry, I should have double-checked with the email; I based my expectations on our brief exchange the other day..14:32
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dtantsuris it still on?14:35
iurygregorydtantsur, yeah14:35
iurygregorydtantsur, I also thought it would be after the meeting14:35
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dtantsurDIB jobs seem broken with
rloomy other meeting just finished, am in the review jam meeting but don't see anyone so assuming it ended?14:54
dtantsurrloo: it ended, yep14:54
rloook. i'm going to +2 the rbac spec...14:55
openstackgerritPierre Riteau proposed openstack/tenks master: Fix virtualbmc installation after release of cryptography 3.4
dtantsurmay be related ^^14:55
rpittauI'm probably going to +2 it as well, just need another quick read14:56
rloothx rpittau. I didn't know if there were any objections/gotchas that people brought up in the review jam... if so, they need to comment quickly :)14:57
TheJuliaI noticed that was also taking out hpe proliant ci this morning14:57
rpittaurloo: no objections :)14:58
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TheJulia#startmeeting ironic15:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Feb  8 15:00:03 2021 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is TheJulia. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: ironic)"15:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ironic'15:00
TheJuliaGood morning everyone!15:00
TheJuliaIt is time for our weekly meeting of maximum irony!15:00
TheJuliaOur agenda can be found on the wiki, as always.15:01
* TheJulia tries to make a joke about rollercoasters, but *shrugs*15:01
TheJulia#topic Announcements / Reminders15:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements / Reminders (Meeting topic: ironic)"15:01
TheJulia#info This week is R-9 on the OpenStack Wallaby release cycle. R-6 is non-client library freeze. R-5 is client/library requirements freeze.15:02
TheJuliaIn other words, if youhave changes that need to go into sushy, ironic-lib, or the clients, it is important to get those moving forward ASAP.15:02
TheJulia#info This week concludes our seconds print of the release cycle, and we *should* be releasing at some point this week.15:03
TheJuliaAs an aside, it looks like the cryptography 3.4 release might cause us some difficulties there. Only time will tell :)15:03
iurygregorymaybe worth - cores can edit hashtags =)15:03
TheJulia#info The team started having two weekly review jams, one EMEA focused time zone wise, and one US->Eastern APAC friendly time zone wise.15:04
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent-builder master: Upgrade pip to at least 19.1.1
TheJuliaDetails are on the wiki15:04
dtantsurtrying this for the CI ^^15:04
TheJulia#info Cores can now edit hash tags on changes15:05
TheJuliaiurygregory: is there some doc or guidelines writen for this yet?15:05
TheJuliaif not, it might help to have something so we try and have consistency15:05
iurygregoryTheJulia, I have an etherpad =)15:05
iurygregoryand a topic so we can discuss what we will use =)15:05
TheJuliaI see it is in discussion now15:06
TheJuliaExcellent, Onward!15:06
TheJuliaDoes anyone have anything else to announce or remind us of this week?!15:06
* TheJulia hears the sounds of crickets and the corgi objecting to the LolCat in the window.15:07
iurygregory++ to move15:08
TheJuliaSadly, I don't think the Corgi can join the OIF and review patches15:08
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dtantsurhmm, why not?15:08
TheJuliaeh, bylaws language15:08
* iurygregory asks the same questions15:08
TheJuliaAnyway, moving on!15:08
iurygregorywe can understand if he is mad or not =)15:09
TheJuliaLooks like we had no action items last week15:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic stable/victoria: Don't mark an agent as alive if rebooted
TheJuliadtantsur: iurygregory: one has to be a person to join the foundation afaik15:09
dtantsurwhat a discrimination!15:09
dtantsurno owls either? did I lie somewhere?15:10
* TheJulia had a feeling this would be the thing15:10
TheJulia#topic Sub-team status reports15:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Sub-team status reports (Meeting topic: ironic)"15:10
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TheJuliaStarting around line 26515:10
TheJuliabdodd: thanks for the update on raid15:12
TheJuliaand my cat has decided I'm not allowed to have an HDMI connection this morning on my other monitor :\15:12
bdoddTheJulia YW!15:12
dtantsurTheJulia: they're definitely plotting something!15:12
TheJulia(This is what happens when you start your day at like 4:30 AM15:12
TheJuliadtantsur: I know right!15:12
TheJuliabdodd: fwiw, I think it is really close if not ready to go. Left a couple comments but aside from that I'm good with it15:13
bdoddTheJulia Yes, I saw your comments. Thanks for those.15:14
TheJuliaajya: Thanks for the update on config molds15:14
TheJuliaI guess kaifeng couldn't join us today. I've updated a few of the items with what I'm aware of15:14
TheJuliaif there are no objections, we can proceed15:15
* TheJulia hears crickets15:15
ajyaTheJulia: yw15:16
TheJulia#topic Deciding on priorities for the coming week15:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Deciding on priorities for the coming week (Meeting topic: ironic)"15:16
TheJuliaStarting at line 12915:16
TheJuliaIt doesn't look like much merged last week :(15:17
TheJuliaI've proposed four new items starting around line 200, if there are no objections we can add them to the list15:19
TheJuliaBut first, does anyone have anything else to add?15:19
rpittaulooks good15:19
TheJuliaokay then15:20
TheJuliaErr, 315:21
TheJuliaMoved those up in the list15:21
TheJuliaEveryone good to proceed?15:21
TheJulia#topic Discussion15:22
*** openstack changes topic to "Discussion (Meeting topic: ironic)"15:22
TheJuliadtantsur: Would you like to start with your topic?15:22
dtantsuryep, thanks15:22
dtantsurtl;dr people start coming up with various in-band deploy steps15:23
dtantsursome of them can be potentially useful for a wider audience15:23
dtantsurso I wonder what we do (and whether we do) about it15:23
dtantsurwe could start a new project with extra deploy steps. or we can add them to IPA with priority==0.15:23
TheJuliaI'm kind of in the put them in ipa with priority=015:23
dtantsuropinions? cc JayF if you're around15:24
TheJuliabeing a separate package seems to cause confusion and pain for folks where as if it is just already there, it is relatively easy15:24
rlooi think to simplify things, put them in ipa.15:24
rloohaving said that, i'm assuming we're talking 'little bit of code'...15:24
dtantsurlemme find an example15:25
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TheJuliaI would imagine some woudl be a little bit, and some would be really almost nothing because the code is already kind of there15:26
*** k_mouza has joined #openstack-ironic15:26
TheJuliaFor me, at least, priority==0 kind of sets the bar15:26
rloothat's fine. just don't want ipa to get fat and cause ramdisk to get fat :D15:26
dtantsurthis is what I'm preparing for my future blog post (spoilers!)15:26
dtantsurwhich also matches something that downstream requested15:27
dtantsurrloo: worry not then, our python code is negligible compared to other stuff there15:27
dtantsurlike firmware15:27
rlooheh. for now. and hopefully forever ;)15:27
dtantsurand unlike binaries compress well15:27
TheJuliaFirmware == root of all hardware evil15:27
rlooputting in a separate package just adds more overhead and confusion.15:28
dtantsurI fully agree15:28
TheJuliarloo: and also getting separate packages into build pipelines downstream and all15:28
TheJuliajust... simple is key in my mind.15:28
iurygregoryyeah, having in another project people will be a bit lost on how to use I think XD15:28
TheJuliaAnyway, seems like we have consensus.15:28
dtantsurI would appreciate if you could comment in the ML thread15:29
rloorfe please :)15:29
dtantsurto have visibility for anyone following15:29
TheJuliadtantsur: remind me about 15 minutes *after* the meeting15:29
dtantsurI'll file an RFE per each item15:29
dtantsurif that's your request :)15:29
* TheJulia readies the "rfe-approved" stamp15:29
* dtantsur wonders if he has a chance to record a demo by tomorrow15:30
TheJuliaseriously though, if it is default disabled, and generally helpful, I'm not sure the bar should be high. It should be "easy"15:30
TheJuliadtantsur: good luck!15:30
TheJuliaAre we good to proceed to Iury's topics?15:30
iurygregoryok o/15:30
TheJuliaiurygregory: your turn :)15:30
iurygregoryfirst topic hashtags =)15:30
iurygregorynow all ironic cores can edit hashtags we can start using it to improve reviews15:31
iurygregorythis was the main goal =)15:31
TheJuliaI like the backport idea15:31
iurygregoryI've started this etherpad so we can add the tags we would like to use15:31
TheJuliaSo I guess we'll shift reviewing priorities to "reviewing the hashtags"?15:32
TheJuliaI think ironic and ironic-backport make sense to start with15:32
iurygregoryif we add a patch to review priorities they need to have a hashtag so we can have a simple query in gerrit =)15:32
iurygregorysomething like ironic-priorities15:33
dtantsurI'd avoid "priorities" as its absence may upset people15:33
dtantsur(and priority today != priority in a week)15:33
iurygregoryany hashtag would work, and we can have more than one ofc15:33
iurygregoryand just define in the search with and or etc =)15:33
iurygregorywe can probably take some time this week and idea more ideas to the etherpad so we can discuss next monday I would say15:34
TheJuliadtantsur: that could work as well15:34
*** sshnaidm has quit IRC15:34
TheJuliaironic does seems a little too generic15:34
iurygregoryso if you have ideas please add to the etherpad \o/15:36
iurygregorywith some explanation about the name so others can give +1 etc =)15:36
rloowho adds (and removes) the tags?15:36
iurygregoryrloo, so, the owner of the patch can add/remove tags15:36
iurygregoryand now the cores can also do this15:36
rloowhat prevents all authors from adding this to their patch. everyone wants their patch reviewed?15:37
iurygregorypeople may forget ? =) and we also need to define a pattern15:38
rloo(is reminded of the patches where an author adds all cores to list of reviewers)15:38
rpittauI geuss we could make clear that certain tags are restricted, not sure if we can configure that in some way15:39
TheJuliaI think whatever we settle on, we should keep it as simple as possible so it is single maintained list15:39
TheJuliaso we can spot stuff like that and remove it15:39
TheJuliaBackports being a slightly different mechanism where I think we might welcome peopel suggesting small fixes as backports15:40
TheJuliaIt is hard for us to guess on some things, so it actually can help us15:40
iurygregorynext topic is about backports (+hashtag basically)15:40
rlooI know the hashtag thing was brought up in the midcycle. For myself, I would continue to look at our etherpad, wrt weekly priorities. For folks that want to use the hashtags, how do they envision using it etc.15:40
iurygregoryfor example you can have a dashboard in gerrit with the weekly priorities
iurygregoryand we can define the dashboards in the etherpad to help people =)15:41
TheJulia++ Less need to tend to the state outside of maybe some context15:41
iurygregoryso if you have ideas, please add to the etherpad and next week we will have some results of the hashtags we will use =)15:43
rloojust looked at iurygregory's link. guess whoever approves (or??) should remove the tag after it merges?15:44
TheJuliawe can do things like hashtag:ironic state:open15:44
rloounless we want to review/look at that list weekly in our meetings? in that case, we'd want them there with their hashtag and status.15:44
rpittauor we add the state:open15:44
iurygregorystatus would help, I don't think people will remember to remove the hashtag after it merges (but maybe a bot or some sort of automation to remove tags from merged patches)15:45
rlooso maybe instead of the etherpad, they are listed/available via the hashtag? I'm concerned about too much overhead/duplication (and out of sync) info.15:46
rpittauif we adopt the hashtags, we remove the prios from the etherpad and just leave the link to the filters?15:46
*** hjensas is now known as hjensas|afk15:46
iurygregorythe etherpad is just so we can define things, after we can probably add to the wiki15:46
iurygregoryor our docs15:46
TheJuliaYeah, I'm thinking of moving away from maintaining a list in the etherpad15:47
TheJuliajust keeping the couple canned links there15:47
rloo++ that would work for me.15:47
TheJuliaand maybe earth shattering things that need attention15:47
rlooin weekly meeting, people coudl bring up their PRs, and we could (or not) add hashtag then.15:47
TheJuliaThis sounds reasonable15:47
rloois it possible to only allow cores to add certain hashtag strings?15:48
TheJuliaI don't believe so, but if we keep the list to a reasonable length, then it would be easy to remove improperly tagged things15:48
iurygregorywe can restrict the hashtag usage to cores (not sure if we want)15:48
rpittauideally we'd resitrct only certain hashtags15:49
TheJuliaWe also don't have any controls over the etherpad at present, it is more on the honor system15:49
TheJuliaIf we try to over-complicate it, we're just going to make it more difficultg15:49
rlooright. one could go back and look at history of the etherpad though. and it isn't the PR itself.15:49
rlooso people need to know about the weekly meetings etc.15:49
iurygregorybaby steps =)15:49
rloojust concerned that authors will see the hashtags and maybe think they should add one to their pr.15:49
TheJuliaFirst we learn to walk, then we learn to run15:50
TheJuliarloo: I'm sure some will15:50
TheJuliarloo: and I think that is unavoidable, which is why the list needs to be tended to15:50
rlooi'm good if it can be restricted to cores. we can try this and if people keep accidentally adding it, we can restrict.15:50
TheJuliarloo: It is something I do at least once a week if not twice a week already15:50
iurygregorysounds like a plan rloo =) ++15:51
rloothx TheJulia. I don't want you have to do additional work to all that you do!15:51
TheJuliaThus far, we've really not had a problem outside of where people were asked to "hey, could you go add this to the list"15:51
TheJuliaAt which point, it makes sense as well15:51
* TheJulia shrugs15:51
TheJulia#topic Baremetal SIG15:51
*** openstack changes topic to "Baremetal SIG (Meeting topic: ironic)"15:51
TheJuliaarne_wiebalck: would you like give the update?15:52
arne_wiebalckChannel with videos of previous presentations now available from #link
arne_wiebalckTomorrow: dtantsur on deploy steps!15:52
TheJulia#info Youtube Presentations15:52
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: Add a helper for getting partition path
arne_wiebalckI think that's it.15:52
TheJulia#success Ironic now has videos posted youtube
openstackstatusTheJulia: Added success to Success page (
arne_wiebalckTheJulia: ++ :-)15:53
TheJuliaAnything else arne_wiebalck ?15:53
arne_wiebalckNo, thanks!15:53
TheJuliaAny volunteeres for March yet?15:53
iurygregoryyep =)15:53
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: Add a helper for getting partition path
arne_wiebalckTheJulia: you want another slot?15:54
arne_wiebalckApril is still available :)15:54
TheJuliaarne_wiebalck: I suspect Talking about Secure RBAC may be good :)15:54
TheJuliaAnyway, sounds like we're done with the SIG updates15:54
TheJuliaMoving to Open Discussion!15:54
TheJulia#topic Open Discussion15:54
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: ironic)"15:54
TheJuliaNow, about that take over the world plan....15:54
ajyaTalked with bdodd about this - there are 2 task monitors in sushy -
ajyaThey are a bit different, used in different flows, but we think there should be only one. We're thinking about keeping taskservice's one as it's exposed in firmware update used by ironic's clean step. However, recently updated volume methods in sushy expose the other task monitor. Any way forward to deprecate that and unify both task monitors?15:54
dtantsurdoes anyone remember how we ended with two of them?15:55
TheJuliaNope :(15:55
ajyaI do :(15:55
TheJuliaWould be easy to miss the other15:55
TheJuliaSeems like that is going to take someone focusing on it for a little time to wrap their head around both task monitors15:56
TheJuliaTo figure out which one to deprecate, etc15:56
ajyaneed to understand what adjustments are necessary to make it work from places where it's used15:57
ajyawe are thinking to keep taskservice's because that's used in ironic already15:57
ajyathe other one is only internal to sushy, except the volume methods15:57
rpittauI also thjink that's the best option15:58
TheJuliaThat does sound reasonable15:58
bdoddI agree15:58
*** sshnaidm has joined #openstack-ironic15:58
TheJuliaSounds good15:58
ajyathe only thing - how to deprecate return type of volume methods?15:58
TheJuliaAnything else for us all to discuss today? Or should we resume our plans to take over the world?15:59
ajyaor deprecate method itself?15:59
TheJuliaajya: Hmmmmm maybe itself, but would need to look at each one first15:59
ajyaok, I'll look at unifying them and then can decide how to deprecate16:00
TheJuliaWell, Thanks everyone!16:01
*** k_mouza_ has joined #openstack-ironic16:01
TheJuliaHave a wonderful week!16:01
rpittauthanks TheJulia , you too16:02
arne_wiebalckThanks, TheJulia !16:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Bare Metal Provisioning | Status: | Docs: | Bugs:!/project_group/75 | Contributors are generally present between 6 AM and 12 AM UTC, If we do not answer, please feel free to pose questions to openstack-discuss mailing list."16:02
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent-builder master: Upgrade pip to at least 19.1.1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tenks master: Fix virtualbmc installation after release of cryptography 3.4
rpittaubye everyone, good night! o/17:05
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JayFTheJulia: dtantsur: rloo: I just now remembered to open my IRC client. I am +1 to them being included in IPA as priority=0.18:12
dtantsurk thanks Jay18:13
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arne_wiebalckbye everyone o/18:40
openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: Add initial privsep structure
iurygregorybye arne_wiebalck o/18:47
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/bifrost master: Update version of doc8
openstackgerritVerification of a change to openstack/bifrost failed: Misplaced variable preventing fast-track after inspection
openstackgerritAija Jaunt─ôva proposed openstack/sushy master: [WIP] Refactor TaskMonitors
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openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/ironic-lib master: [DNM] Test CI
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ironic-tempest-plugin master: Reconfigure tox.ini
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TheJuliadtantsur|afk: replied to your question on the rbac spec20:29
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