Wednesday, 2018-03-07

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ktibihi mgoddard10:23
ktibiI use 3.1.0 for my production now. So, do you have idea of the release cycle for kayobe ? when we release 3.1.1 ? 3.2 ?10:24
mgoddard_ktibi: nice. are you hoping to use only numbered releases rather than pulling from the branch?10:28
ktibimgoddard_, it depends on the release frequency10:29
ktibiuse only tag it's more cleaner I think10:30
ktibilike for kolla10:32
mgoddard_it's not difficult to make releases, but takes time running through tests10:34
mgoddard_when we have zuul integration there will be more automated tests, so releasing will be easier10:35
mgoddard_I'm only planning to merge bug fixes for pike now though10:35
mgoddard_if there is a patch you need then just ask and we can look at making a release10:40
ktibiyes of course, no new feature on pike10:41
ktibiso for now, we works for 4.0 (Q) ?10:41
mgoddard_that's the plan10:42
ktibiok you test kolla 6.0.0 rc ?10:43
mgoddard_I've been running some tests against kolla stable/queens10:43
mgoddard_I have a list of bugs :)10:43
mgoddard_ktibi: I'm giving a talk about kayobe in manchester next Monday. Do you mind if I mention you and your company?12:32
ktibimgoddard_, yeah no pb ;)12:50
mgoddard_ktibi: what's the name of your company again?13:55
ktibimgoddard_, devoteam13:59
mgoddard_ah, that's it :) thanks13:59
mgoddard_no kayobe in the list? :)14:01
ktibiyep need to update this sheet !14:03
ktibiHPC have talk for next summit ?14:07
mgoddard_we have proposed some talks, we will see whether they are accepted14:08
mgoddard_has devoteam proposed any?14:08
ktibino ^^14:10
ktibivote close since 25 Feb14:10
mgoddard_yes, but the vote is only a guide for the track chairs who actually make the decision14:13
mgoddard_otherwise only big companys would get talks :)14:13
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ktibimgoddard_, do you want make meeting for kayobe ?17:17
mgoddard_ktibi: do you think it's necessary? we're still quite small17:18
mgoddard_ktibi: if you think it would be useful we could, or we could have 'office hours'17:19
ktibimgoddard_, yes you're right!17:21
ktibiwhen kayobe will move to openstack/kayobe ?17:22
mgoddard_ktibi: done17:22
mgoddard_zuul config is not merged by infra yet though17:23
ktibiok so stackhpc/kayobe is no longer active17:23
mgoddard_ktibi: we can use it for now, until openstack/kayobe is working, but bear in mind we need to push changes to gerrit, and the git history won't be exactly the same17:24
mgoddard_better to wait, if you can17:24
ktibiyour last commit will be review in gerrit to be merge in openstack/kayobe ?17:25
mgoddard_yes, need to repropose it17:26
ktibiwhen infra merge zuul config17:26
ktibiwe win in visibility with that no ?17:26
ktibiwe need a logo !!!17:26
mgoddard_we do :)17:27
mgoddard_have any ideas?17:27
ktibiopenstack logo need to have an animal ?17:27
ktibiok we can't use light saber !17:28
mgoddard_a wookie?17:28
ktibikolla use koala17:29
ktibiewoks ?17:30
mgoddard_if you can draw it...17:30
ktibiI think you are better17:30
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ktibi_mgoddard, If I have time this week end, I'll try ^^17:37
mgoddard_ktibi_: might be worth checking on the scope of 'natural'17:39
dougsz+1 for ewok17:57
ktibi_mgoddard_, ewok live on trees :)17:58
ktibi_it's very natural :D17:58
ktibi_Then a team of professional illustrators worked to create a family of logos that are unique to each team, yet immediately identifiable as part of OpenStack.18:00
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ktibi_we need to contact that team :D18:00
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openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/kayobe master: Add .gitreview file
openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/kayobe master: Fix py35 python tests
openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/kayobe master: Add initial in-repo Zuul jobs
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